Astral Pet Store Chapter 844

Chapter 941: Jump From The Stars Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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As the forces on the other side waited and watched, the abnormal changes rose sharply.

The sacred tree suddenly shook, and in the sea below the sacred tree, thousands of feet high waves were surging up, and there seemed to be sea beasts roaring and stirring on the seabed.

On the canopy of the sacred tree, a golden divine light was glowing. This divine light contained aquamarine energy. Then, from the branches of the canopy, there was a sudden gathering of energy, which rolled and pulled the energy in all directions around it. Coming over, an extremely huge vortex was formed.

This vortex is like a whale playing in the water, forming a storm vortex.

"what's the situation?!"

"Could it be that the sacred tree has awakened? This is the rhythm of something to be born!"

"I feel that the energy of the world around me is all attracted away!"

All the forces were shocked, and their eyes burst into bright light. This ancient tree was extremely extraordinary, but no one knew what effect this mysterious ancient tree had. This was the first time that such an abnormality had occurred!

In the distance below the tree canopy, many media on the Blue Star took a fighter plane to shoot here from a distance, and broadcast live worldwide.

The things that this ancient tree pulled out attracted the attention of Bluestar people all over the world, and countless people felt unwilling, but they felt aggrieved and powerless.

Many of the battle pet masters who have just entered the academy are still young, and at this moment they can only watch this scene.

They are full of blood and blood, and they are all angry, but they can only watch people take this treasure away.

Countless young people have already made vows in their hearts that they will become stronger and incomparably powerful in the future, defending their hometown, and no longer suffer this shame!

Under the canopy of the sacred tree, where the energy converges, the light and energy neon gradually disappeared, revealing a crystal-clear, two-foot-high fruit.

This fruit is extremely peculiar, with emerald green leaves entwined on it, only the tip of the fruit is exposed.

"The sacred tree is fruitful!"

"It turned out to be a direct result. This fruit has attracted thousands of miles of energy and condensed, plus the essence of the sacred tree itself, it must be extremely special!"

"This divine fruit, my Baroque family wants it!"

"Fuck, the divine fruit is ours!"

"What nonsense!"


Soon someone galloped out and rushed towards the **** fruit.

The space under the tree canopy is blocked. No one can break through the second space. They can only rely on their body skills to approach. At this moment, they all show strong body skills. Although they can't teleport, they are as fast as thunder, and they rushed to the gods in a blink of an eye. Under the tree.


Someone took action and blocked the person who rushed to the sacred tree first, and wanted to **** it.

But soon, another person shot, and shot at the second person who rushed to the past, forcing the other party to parry and resist, otherwise the body would be seriously injured and the divine fruit would not be able to be saved.

The war is on the verge, and the strong from all sides call out their own battle pets, a rule of power traverses the world, countless gorgeous skills appear, blossoming gods and giant swords appear, interweaving attacks in the void, and gorgeous energy erupts under the entire canopy. , Like the explosion of thousands of big Ivans, this shocking force is enough to make the continents pass!

The fierce attack obscured the figures of these powerful men and their battle pets, and some of the Blue Stars who had just stepped into the legend in the distance were frightened, unable to approach, and could only resist the shocking energy with all their strength.

This energy alone made them difficult to resist and had to retreat.

"Damn it!"

"This divine fruit must be terrible, and it's going to be snatched away by them!"

A group of Blue Star Legends standing somewhere, all with ugly faces, joined forces to resist this shock force.

"Get out!"

At this moment, a sudden shout sounded behind them, and several figures galloped over, shouting at the Blue Star crowd in front of them.

The complexion of everyone at Blue Star changed slightly. Before they had time to escape, they saw a giant purple palm slapped away and pushed them away. Many legends who couldn't escape vomited blood on the spot. Among them, there were two titled realms. Directly protruding his eyes, he died on the spot, and even his body was shattered and cracked.

"Blue star people? Huh, ant-like things dare to come here to watch. Is this something you primitive natives can remember?" Behind the huge purple palm, a young man in silver armor sneered.

He galloped out, leading several people behind him towards the melee circle at full speed.

"Qin Yumu!"

"Liu Jian!!"

Several roars sounded, and several injured legends rushed to the two bursts of blood mist, but it was difficult to recover, and they could only watch the title in the family fall, and there was no whole body.

They all shuddered with anger, saying that the federation is the world of law and pays attention to the rules of the law, but who would have thought that the weak and the strong will still be the main theme. When the strength is strong enough, others can ignore the law, or that the law is also biased towards it. People, defend the rights of the strong!

This sacred tree belongs to the Blue Star. Not only do they have no share, but even a glance is a sin.

Weakness is the ultimate sin!

Many legends dare to be angry but dare not to speak, and their faces are stern.

boom! !

The battle ahead became more and more fierce. The rules of force burst in the battle, and the scattered and scattered rules of force were enough to easily obliterate the fate. Many legends who came to wait and see were so scared that they were forced to retreat, for fear of being involved.


At this moment, the divine fruit that had just condensed on the canopy, whether it was caused by energy fluctuations or other reasons, suddenly broke away from the branches, drawn a golden divine light, and flew towards a certain place.

"No, Shen Guo wants to escape!"

"So fast, what kind of fruit is this? I feel spiritual!"

"Hurry up!"

Many strong men couldn't take care of fighting, and hurried to catch up.

While chasing, while attacking each other, blocking each other from chasing.

In the fight and fight of the various forces, somewhere in the starry sky outside the atmosphere, a light spot suddenly appeared, like a dazzling starlight, flashing a cross light, and then, the light spot gradually became larger, from the initial It is invisible, and the whole picture is revealed in the back. It is a planet that is galloping fast in this dark universe!

The planet is like an imposing cannonball, whizzing in quickly.

"It's here, the Blue Star is in front of you!"

In the shop of Rhea Planet, Su Ping stood outside the shop door. At this moment, he no longer needed a locator. As soon as he raised his head, he could see a beautiful blue planet in front of him, rapidly growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The distance is shortening rapidly!

Blue Star!

Finally rushed back!

Su Ping's heart was surging, and Fairy Bi was pushing the planet too fast, dozens of times faster than when he took a spaceship!

"Senior, help me slow down and get closer to the past." Su Ping said to Fairy Bi in the store.


Fairy Bi agreed, and then, the fast-moving planet decelerated quickly, and the traction driven by the rapid brakes acted on this planet, but Fairy Bi's power was offset by the power of the gods, making the people on the planet just Feeling the body shaking, I saw the star-shifting sky in front of me, gradually slowing down.

"what is that?"

"It's such a big planet, our speed seems to have slowed down!"

"In other words, is our planet still in the Zeruprun galaxy? Is it really drifting along the way?!"

"Is it an illusion or is it real, my God, it's about to hit that planet!"

"It's so big, what kind of planet is this, I've never seen it before, it doesn't seem to be a planet in our Zeruprun galaxy."

Everyone on the planet Leia was shocked and talked a lot.

Seeing the beautiful and blue planet getting bigger and bigger, many people are startled with horror. If the planets collide, this force is enough to kill all in the Destiny Realm, and only those who are strong in the Starry Sky Realm can escape from the planet in advance. Avoid the huge explosive power of this planet's impact.

But soon, the blue planet in the sky stopped and didn't move anymore, which also means that the planet Rhea stopped and didn't hit it!

This made everyone in the world breathe a sigh of relief. Many senior members of the Wren family, when they mentioned a heart in their throats, finally fell back. They all breathed out a long breath, even though they felt a cold sweat on their backs, they were scared. Not light.


At this moment, Su Ping was standing at the door of the store, and suddenly saw a huge energy cloud appearing in a sea area on the blue star. This energy cloud was colorful and extremely large!

Due to the close distance, the outlines of some terrestrial mountains on the Blue Star can even be seen.

"That is"

Su Ping stared at him, and his face suddenly became cold.

He saw that in the atmosphere of the blue star, a group of figures were speeding, chasing a golden light!

In another place, surrounded by clouds and mist, an incredible canopy appeared faintly. This is mostly the old tree mentioned in the news!

Su Ping could no longer marvel at the size of this ancient tree at this moment. When he saw those chasing figures, he knew that a war had begun on the Blue Star.

I just don't know if there is Nie Huofeng among these chasing people.

"You are waiting here, I'll go home!"

Inside the store, Fairy Bis celestial power converged, and she calmly said to Su Ping, "Go, if its dangerous, Ill take you over as soon as possible. I can still control the distance to a planet. In addition, you take these few pills. These two pills are forbidden. They can increase your combat power to the extreme in a short period of time. They are used to save your life. Not only should you not take them at critical times, the sequelae will be greater!"

After speaking, she flicked her palm and several pills flew towards Su Ping.

Two of them are packed in a red medicine box, sealed with immortality, which is extremely extraordinary at first glance.

Su Ping was not polite and accepted it directly.

"wait for me!"

"Why are you going to call the spaceship?" Tang Ruyan next to her looked worried and wanted to take the spaceship home with Su Ping.

"No need to!"

Su Ping stepped out, a terrible murderous intent flashed in his eyes.


His figure suddenly disappeared outside the store, teleporting away.

Su Ping's disappeared suddenly, and many people in the line outside the store noticed, a little surprised, not knowing where Su Ping would go at this time.

The next moment, Su Ping's figure appeared at an altitude of tens of thousands of meters and came outside the atmosphere of Rhea planet.

Then, he tore the void again, teleporting and disappearing.

Appear again, outside the atmosphere, in a vacuum.

The radiation, low temperature, and pressure in the icy universe are all transmitted, and there is no oxygen.

Su Ping didn't need to breathe either. The cells in his body were like hundreds of millions of engines, exploding at the same time, suddenly jumping towards the blue star!

Jump down from the stars!


Su Ping directly smashed into the atmosphere of the Blue Star, and his body was falling rapidly while jumping, rubbing against the atmosphere to produce firelight, like a burning meteorite!

At the same time, everyone on the Blue Star was also shocked.

They noticed that a planet suddenly appeared in the sky overhead!

This planet is extremely huge, larger than the blue star. Some people with astronomical telescopes can even see countless buildings, cities, seas and land on this planet, and even people walking on it!

Where is this planet that emerged? !

Moreover, this planet is outside the blue star, and they are very close to each other. At such a close distance, it is reasonable to say that the planet's gravitational force will work, but at this moment the two planets are quietly facing each other.

"This, what planet is this?!"

"My God is so big, I seem to be able to see the mountains and the city above!"

"There are people on this planet, so many people!"

"Where did this planet appear? It seems to have just rushed over, but it suddenly stopped!"

On the entire Blue Star, except for the Blue Star people, all the travelers who came to the Blue Star for exploration were also shocked by this scene.

A planet suddenly appeared, which is incredible!

It's like someone is coming to control this planet!

However, using a planet as a spacecraft can propel the planet. What kind of power is this? !

Unimaginable! !

"Look, it looks like someone is showing up!"

"A meteorite fell from outside the atmosphere!"

"No, that's a person, a person who burns all over!"

"God, did that man jump directly from the starry sky? He seems to have also headed for the mysterious old tree!"

At this moment, countless people noticed Su Ping who jumped down from the starry sky and entered the Blue Star.

When Su Ping's figure approached the ancient tree, it also entered the shots of various media in the distance. With the ultimate capture of these shots, everyone in the world could see this swiftly falling figure clearly at this moment. , He is a person, like a **** of fire bathing in flames!

"That, that's..."

Somewhere in Blue Stars base, Nie Huofeng, who was healing, looked at the footage shot on the screen, and suddenly sat up from the convalescence bed, his eyes opened wide, his eyes wide-open!

His eyesight is extremely strong, in that pixel, the face of the burning figure is vaguely captured.

It's him? !

Is it an illusion? ! !

All this happened in a blink of an eye. The next moment, Su Ping, who jumped straight down, changed his trajectory in the void, like a meteor, flying towards the golden light that everyone was chasing.


Perhaps it was the gravitational acceleration of the fall, coupled with his own impetus, Su Ping's speed was so fast as a short light that instantly pierced the sky!


Stop suddenly!

Su Ping's feet landed high in the air, as if stepping on the ground, the violent shocking force caused a nuclear bomb to burst out in the clear sky with a thunderous sound!

And this shocking force was also transmitted layer by layer to the sea area 10,000 meters below, the entire sea area was shocked, and waves of thousands of feet high erupted!

Su Ping landed in the void, and he raised his head.

The golden light rushed in in front of him, he quickly shot, and the golden palm of energy transformed directly grabbed the golden light!

After holding it tightly, Su Ping removed the violent impact from the golden light, only to see that it was a divine fruit a bit like corn, surrounded by green leaves, but the divine fruit was not granules, and the exposed part was extremely smooth. .

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