Astral Pet Store Chapter 845

Chapter 942: Anger Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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In the distance, at this moment, the global media focused their lens on this red flame figure.

Everywhere in Blue Star, whether it is live broadcast on TV or mobile phone, or on the big screen of the square, a focused face is reflected at this moment.

"It's him?!"

"It's Lord Lord!!"

"It's Boss Su, Boss Su is back!!"

"Lord Lord is back, he leaped back from the starry sky!"

"Ahhhhh... we are saved!"

Everywhere in the world, especially the most densely populated sub-continent area, all bases are boiling at this moment!

Countless people stood up from their seats with shock and excitement on their faces.

In the previous battle of the abyss, Su Ping ruled against the lord of the abyss, fighting against the lord of the abyss, saving the world with a stance of turning the tide, and becoming the new lord of Blue Star.

Countless people have seen Su Ping's face. After Su Ping became the lord, there are portraits and sculptures of Su Ping in every base.

After all, the great achievement of saving the world is worth remembering forever!

When I saw Su Ping on the camera, some legends and titles from all over the world were all shocked, and then wept with joy. Although the Blue Star was in line with the Federation during this period, it was not doing well.

Compared with these planets in the Federation, the Blue Star's power is too weak, and there are not many legends!

Coupled with the battle of the abyss, the vitality is greatly injured, and other planets can easily pick up hundreds of destiny realms, and Blue Star is struggling to pick out ten!

This has also led to the fact that Blue Star's diplomacy has always been at a disadvantage, and weak countries have no diplomacy!

Thousands of miles high in the sky.

While Su Ping grasped this divine fruit, numerous figures galloped toward him, surging with powerful power, as terrifying as an angry beast.

"Let go of the divine fruit!"

"Who are you, dare to **** our divine fruit, let go and spare you not to die!"

"Black hair and black eyes, this seems to be a characteristic of a blue star person."

The figures chasing by all parties stopped, their faces gloomy and cold, staring at Su Ping.

When someone perceives Su Ping's cultivation base, his eyes suddenly show contempt and murderous intent. The little ghost in the virtual cave realm, dare to step in and **** it? !

The stupid primitive blue star man, really does not live or die!

Don't even know what to be greedy!

Su Ping heard what they were talking about in the Commonwealth, and immediately knew what he was holding. His face was cold, and he put the divine fruit directly into the storage space, and then looked at everyone coldly, "This is My Blue Star's thing, waiting for my Blue Star to **** it will be too deceitful!"

"Sure enough, it is a Blue Star person!"

"What nonsense, what blue star thing do you think is yours when it grows on your planet? Such a treasure can also be owned by you uncivilized primitive people?!"

"Give you three numbers and hand them over immediately!"

Seeing everyone put away the divine fruit, everyone's complexion changed, and they shouted coldly.

"The mere virtual cave realm, let me teach you a lesson!"

In the crowd, a burly middle-aged man walked out. He exuded the aura of the top of the fate realm, with gray hair, strode towards Su Ping, flashing step by step to kill Su Ping!

Su Ping's eyes opened and closed, and there was a sudden cold light.


Bang! !

The middle-aged man who strode forward suddenly trembled, with an incredible color in his eyes. He wanted to struggle and asked for mercy, but when his mouth was slightly opened, his body suddenly burst open.

It burst into a cloud of blood out of thin air!

This scene caused many people to narrow their eyes slightly, revealing a bit of seriousness.

But more people looked at this young man with horror.

This is the virtual cave realm? !

I didn't even see the move, a word of power actually shook a man of Destiny to death!

"The lord is mighty!!"

"This... Boss Su is too strong!"

"He has become stronger again, even more terrifying than when he killed the Lord of the Abyss!"

Everyone in the world was shocked and excited to see this scene. Some of the people who had bred pet beasts in the Suping store were shocked. With just a roar, they bombarded the Destiny Realm. This power is at least the starry sky. Right? !

"This guy"

Somewhere in a special nursing home, Nie Huofeng sat on the hospital bed and was stunned.

He is in the Starry Sky Realm, and at this moment, I can't see what means Su Ping used to kill this Fate Realm, but there is no doubt that this is definitely the power of the Starry Sky Realm!

Even in the starry sky, it is extremely powerful!

In Longjiang base.

The Qin family, Liu family, Mu family and other major families are all eagerly looking forward to the past, their expressions shocked and excited.

Su Ping suddenly disappeared with his shop at the beginning. It was so magical, but now he is back again. I didn't expect that when he returned, he would have become so powerful!

"Master Nie Feng said that above the destiny is the Starry Sky Realm. The Lord of the Abyss just entered the Starry Sky Realm for the first time and has just mastered the power of the rules. Boss Su was able to kill him as soon as he became a legend. Becoming a virtual cave realm, the combat power should be stronger..."

"Boss Su is really a monster. With the cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm, he shook his destiny with a roar!"

"It's horrible, the gap between people and people is so big!"

"What are you talking nonsense, are you sure Boss Su is human?"

"Don't be happy too early. There are many starry sky realms among these forces. Previously, Fengzhu Nie was injured by these starry sky realms. Some of the masters in the starry sky realm, even Fengzhu Nie, are not the enemy of one. Although boss Su is strong , But after all, it is only the Void Hole Realm, even if it can match the starry sky, I am afraid it will be outnumbered..."

Hearing this, everyone was stunned, and the excitement rushed to their heads, and they immediately calmed down.


Although Su Ping is strong, he is only one person after all. Even if he has the power to fight against the starry sky, his fists are hard to fight with four hands...

"Damn it, if only I waited to be stronger."

"In the original Battle of the Abyss, I couldn't help, but I didn't expect that now, we still can't help anything!"

"I really want to be strong, I really want to..."

"Hey, this sacred tree is still not able to be kept. Otherwise, let's find a way to inform Boss Xia Su. This time we will accept the plant. With Boss Su's talent, we will definitely have a place in the Federation in the future. "

"How to tell? There are all big stars in the Starry Sky Realm, and the weakest one is also at the top of the Destiny Realm. We were probably killed directly before we got close."

In the Longjiang base, Qin Duhuang and Liu Tianzong were all familiar faces, all with worries at the moment.

When everyone was discussing, the various forces in front of Su Ping were already impatient. One of the eagle-shaped women stepped on a starry sky dragon beast and said to Su Ping: "I heard that the blue star has a lord, and you are the lord of the blue star. Well, the dignified starry sky, but hiding the cultivation base in the virtual cave realm, and sneaking on my subordinates, is simply the shame of the starry sky!"

"Lord Blue Star? Humph, it would be too naive to want to monopolize the sacred tree!"

"It seems that the Blue Star wants to change the lord!"

The others looked at Su Ping coldly, and while they were talking, they were also paying attention to each other. If it hadn't been for each other's defense, they would have already taken the initiative to **** the divine fruit in Su Ping's hands.

Su Ping stood in the void, looking like an abyss, sweeping across everyone's faces, and said one word: "Give you a breath time, get out of the blue star, otherwise, kill without mercy!"



"What do you mean, you want to use planetary privileges to drive us away? Haha, it's really immature, most people are afraid of your planetary privileges, I'm not afraid of it."

"For the starry sky, this thing is useless, unless you are a first-class planet with giants covering it!"

Everyone sneered contemptuously, and didn't take Su Ping's threat seriously.

Let them go?

Even if you are sued for assaulting the planet and wait until the interstellar court trial is opened and then convicted, it will be a matter of unknown time. When the time comes, they will have a relationship, and this matter will not be over.

At this moment, the Heavenly God Tree not far away suddenly shook.


Thousands of waves surging in the sea below.

This shock is the same as the previous feeling.

I saw the energy in the surrounding heaven and earth surging up again, adsorbing from a farther direction, gathering under the canopy of the sacred tree, and gathering on one branch.

"It's going to condense again!"


Seeing this scene, the powerhouses of all parties were all refreshed, and they didn't care about wasting their tongues with Su Ping, so they turned around and rushed towards the sacred tree.

Su Ping looked at the figures flying away one after another, with violent killing intent in his eyes.


The thunder light on the soles of Su Ping's feet burst, the cells in his body surged, and countless star powers rushed in his body. In an instant, the void under his feet oscillated without teleportation. Su Ping turned into a pillar of thunder at a terrifying speed and galloped forward. Booming directly behind the crowd, he stepped on the backbone of a starry dragon beast on the spot, breaking it!


The dragon beast screamed, spurted blood, and screamed and fell to the sea below.

The face of the dragon beast's master suddenly changed, and he turned around hurriedly, and when he saw the appearance of his battle pet, he became furious and killed Su Ping head-on.

As soon as he shot it, it was an extremely strong regular force, contained in a star spell, like a falling meteor, burning the void, and blasting towards Su Ping.

This is a deeper understanding of the burning rules, which can burn everything, including other relatively superficial rules.

Su Ping, who was bathed in thunder light, didnt stop, and rammed directly into the fire. With a bang, the fire burst, Su Pings figure burst out from the flames, stepping on the thunder, and instantly came to this starry sky. In front of the young man, he slammed down with a punch in the head.

Before the fist arrived, the force of the fist had fallen like a mountain, traversing the sky, covering the starry sky.


This starry sky realm widened his eyes and lost his voice in shock. Su Ping's attack on his rules was actually blocked by Su Ping's body? Is it the flesh or the force of rules? It happened so quickly that he didn't even see it clearly!

Seeing the fist smashed down, a series of defensive treasures flew out of his head. At the same time, he quickly released an ancient astrology, and a bird-like crystal shield appeared above his head, spreading his wings to greet him.

Bang! !

During the entire void battle, the defensive secret treasures burst instantly, and the energy rules above were dim. The secret treasures were crushed and shattered and scattered everywhere.

And Su Ping's fist pierced down, cooperating with the giant mountain-like fist shadow to suppress, with a bang, the starry sky realm's flying bird secret technique was punched through, his head was hit, and it burst on the spot!

Blood splattered, the starry sky fell on the spot, the upper half of the chest burst, flesh and blood splashed, and the body flew toward the bottom of the sea like a cannonball, crashing into the seabed, shaking the nearby sea area of 100 meters!


Nearby, the two Starry Sky Realms were shocked when they saw this scene.

This mid-Starry Sky Realm powerhouse was killed by Su Ping with a punch? !

When they were shocked, the starry sky realm in the front had flashed and rushed under the canopy.

There is a mysterious force field under the tree canopy, blocking the space, so that they can't tear them apart, they can only rush to them by physical strength.

Su Ping noticed, his icy eyes had no emotion, he raised his head and glanced up, stepped into the void with one foot, and flashed directly under the canopy of the tree.

The space in front of him was solid, and Su Ping did not try to tear it apart, wasting time.

Thor, thunder!


Two lightning rules erupted, and Su Ping's whole body's star power was mobilized, his figure was as fast as a shocking rainbow, and he bypassed several starry sky realms in the first moment and appeared under the condensed divine fruit.

At this moment, the energy swirling bucket on the divine fruit has dissipated, revealing the divine fruit inside, just like before.

Su Ping stood in front of the divine fruit and took it off directly and put it in the storage space.


"Asshole, what are you doing!"

"Get it out!"

The few starry sky realms who rushed to the back saw that the divine fruit that was close at hand was robbed by Su Ping. They were all furious, and their eyes were a little red.

Su Ping turned around, looked at them coldly, and said, "It's time for a breath, you...damn it!"

"Arrogant! Don't you want to single out all of us alone?"

"What a big tone, is this the Lord of the Blue Star? I'm going to come to see and see!"

"Don't think that if you are fast, you can run away. Everyone, let's solve this kid first, so that he won't be robbed of the divine fruit behind!"


Soon, the various forces reached an agreement, and the starry sky realms that came afterwards also agreed, looking at Su Ping coldly, with contempt and killing intent.


An old man in the starry sky realm was full of anger and drew a knife directly at Su Ping.

The blade light is like a galaxy, and it is extremely bright. This hand sword technique is amazing. Many people under the starry sky are shocked by this beautiful blade light and forget to speak.

Is this the art of the starry sky?

I don't know how many billions of knives must be swung to perform such an ultimate sword technique!

Su Ping's eyes suddenly opened and closed, and two fierce lights burst out. He was also really angry. These people unscrupulously looted the divine fruit on the blue star, and wanted to take the divine tree as their own, and saw him as the lord. , Dare to do it, it's lawless!

Is it true that the Blue Star has no one!


Su Ping directly called out the little skeleton to fit together, and in an instant, his whole body soared, he pulled out the bone knife and cut it out, and the same sword light shot out.

The power of the rules is contained in the blade. Under the rules of fusion, these rules fit perfectly with the blade, forming an invincible force.

With a bang, the sky vibrated, and the blade light shattered. Su Ping strode out of the broken blade light, lifted a punch, and blasted away directly.

The star power in his body is like the abyss of the sea, inexhaustible, and hundreds of millions of cells are condensed. At this moment, with a punch, it is like pushing a continent across, pushing out the air, energy, and all in the entire sky, forming a piece of The ultimate fierce punch.

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