Astral Pet Store Chapter 846

Chapter 943: Tu Xing Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The old man was horrified. He had studied swordsmanship all his life, but at this moment he was defeated by Su Ping's swordsmanship?

He could feel that there are many rules in Su Pings sword light, but these rules are only shallow rules. Even if they are condensed together, the power that erupts is very limited, and what is really terrifying is the vast energy in Su Pings body. !

This young man is almost like a humanoid monster. The blood in his body is as strong as a furnace, and it is terribly strong!


When the Shenquan suppression came, he hurriedly broke out and raised his hand to block it.

Crystallized scales appeared on his combined animalized arm. This was a chromium crystal battle body of the rock system, not so rare. He could cultivate to the top of the starry sky, relying on tens of thousands of years of hard training and accumulation.

There was a big shock in the void, and the old man's arm hit a dazzling divine light, and his body fell straight like a cannonball, and he was beaten to the ground, spurting blood!

The other starry sky realms around him were horrified. This old man was regarded as a famous starry sky apex, known as the Ancient Moon Blade God, who was defeated by this Blue Star Lord at this moment? !

"This guy is also at the top of the starry sky, he has hidden his cultivation base!"

"This shabby primitive planet has a top star lord sitting on the ground. This is at least the specifications of a second-class planet. This is too outrageous!"

"Everyone, work together to kill him, no matter what his cultivation base, so many of us, can we not beat a starry sky top?!"

Someone in the crowd urged, but everyone else was in the Starry Sky Realm, and they weren't easily moved. However, the situation at the moment really needed to be united.

If the Blue Star Lord didn't solve it, it was almost impossible for them to get this magical ancient tree.

Moreover, the lord is extremely fast, and it is difficult to **** the divine fruit from him.



Many starry sky realms have been shot, no one directly rushed to Su Ping to fight in close combat, but released a series of regular attacks, contained in some of the powerful astrology skills practiced, and erupted with terrible power.

"Two dogs!"

Su Ping opened his eyes angrily, calling out the two dogs, and directly joined the body.


Under the dual combination, Su Ping's body strength increased again by a notch, the star power in his body swelled to catharsis. Holding a bone knife, he was surrounded by bones, and strode towards those starry sky realms.

A series of astrology attacks came, and there were various rules and powers contained in it. The power was comparable to the explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs, which was enough to level a continent.

With a bang, Su Ping rushed out of these astrology, bathed in divine light and flames, shining like a god, shocking the world.

"Die to me!!"

Su Ping swung his knife suddenly, and slashed towards the nearest starry sky realm. The light of the knife turned across the sky, as if it was about to split the world.

The starry sky youth was shocked, feeling that all his energy was locked, and he felt inevitable. Even the oxygen around his body seemed to be drained, and he felt suffocated.

He hurriedly displayed his combat body, using various defensive methods.

Bang bang bang!

Secret treasures came out one after another, and they were torn apart by the blade light as soon as they flew out.

With a bang, Dao Mang blasted open an ancient defensive secret technique displayed by the starry sky youth, directly tore it, cut off his arms, and splashed blood.

Su Ping, like the God of War stepped out in anger, swung his sword again and again.

A burst of sword light bursts, and each sword contains all the rules he masters. The star power in his body rushes out like money. If other people use such a powerful means, the star power has long been exhausted, but Su Ping Vigorous, the more courageous the war!

"So strong!"

"This guy is taking a multi-rule route!"


A horrified roar in the early stage of the starry sky, burning blood and fighting body, and adding its own rules to a river-like secret technique, but the surrounding river was instantly torn by the sword, and its body was also cut off!

The severed parts, the rules were arbitrarily broken, and it invaded into its body instantly, destroying the internal organs, and even the consciousness was strangled!

More and more starry sky realms were injured, and some were killed on the spot. Su Ping kept striding forward, actually forcing many starry sky realms to retreat one after another!

Seeing this horrible scene, the entire planet was a little silent.

Countless people around the world are confused and unbelievable. Although they have seen Su Ping's terrible performance in the Battle of the Abyss, they did not expect to see Su Ping in a short time, and Su Ping has grown to an even more exaggerated point!

You know, in these starry sky realms, anyone can easily kill the Lord of the Abyss at that time!

But now, they are not the enemy of Su Ping Yihe!

Including the top swordsman in the Starry Sky Realm, who was also defeated by Su Ping. At this moment, he stopped in the distance to adjust his breath, did not step forward, and seemed to be waiting for the opportunity.

"This guy, is it... invincible under the stars?!"

In this special nursing home, Nie Huofeng stared at this scene blankly. There was such a frenzied battle that he couldn't even think about how long it had passed before Su Ping had changed so much. If Su Ping were to encounter the abyss Lord, it is estimated that a single blow can kill it, right? !

"Boss Su actually..."

In Longjiang City, Qin Duhuang and Liu Tianzong were all dumbfounded. They were still thinking about how to inform Su Ping to avoid the edge, but the scene in front of them made their eyes bulging. Come out, this is the boss Su?

It seems...this kind of thing can only be done by Boss Su, right?

Several people looked at each other, all shocked and speechless.

Those alien visitors on the planet who came to the Blue Star for tourism were also shocked by this battle. They dare not look down upon this primitive Blue Star any more.

"Die to me!!"

Su Pings body burned with raging flames. This was the Golden Crow Divine Fire, which enveloped his body. Some weaker astrological and regular powers were burned by this Golden Crow Divine Fire. The power was greatly reduced. Hard resistance.

His body is already extremely powerful. The golden crow **** and demon body reached the second level, with a physique close to that of a beast in the starry sky, and coupled with the large amount of body tempering elixir given to him by Fairy Jie, his physique was in the starry sky. Superior!

In addition, there are the resistance of various elements, which makes the power of many astrology attenuation a lot. In addition, the combination of the small skeleton and the two dogs gives Su Ping the defensive power. Ping can almost ignore it!

Face the sky full of stars in the realm of the virtual hole!

Su Ping was doing something terrifying, but at the moment there was only a terrible rage in his heart. With a thunderous sound, Su Ping's feet floated with thunder, stepping out, as if shrinking into an inch, he instantly approached a starry sky realm, raising his feet and heads up. Step on his head!

This starry sky realm looked horrified. He didn't expect Su Ping to aim at him. He hurriedly parryed his hands. The bones of his hands suddenly broke, and his cheeks were stepped on. It was like a big mountain thumping down, causing his head to hum with severe pain. It made him feel his skull split and his body plummeted.


There were two dragon beasts flying by suddenly, and there was a golden chain in their mouths. I don't know what material it was, but at first glance they were extremely extraordinary treasures.

The two dragon beasts are both at the top of the Starry Sky Realm. At this moment, they used their bloodline skills to explode with exaggerated speed, and instantly surrounded Su Ping. The chain seemed to be induced, and it swiftly jumped around Su Ping's arms.

"Being trapped by my **** **** lock, even a **** can't escape!"

In the crowd, a woman in black armor sneered.

There was a bit of contempt in her eyes, no matter how strong Su Ping was, it would be futile in front of this ancient secret treasure.

The starry sky realm can't get rid of it, unless the star main realm comes!

Others are pleasantly surprised when they see this black-clad woman taking action.

"The Xuanwu tribe is really extraordinary, and they have such a secret treasure!"

"I have long heard that the Xuanwu family of the Mythical Beast Star is extremely terrifying, and I really cannot provoke it!"

"Everyone, quickly kill this barbarian!"


The other starry sky realms immediately roared and shot them. They were slashed by Su Ping a series of swords. Many of them could barely parry and were beaten to vomit blood. Now they can finally take revenge.

Roar! !

The two dragon beasts roared and surrounded Su Ping. Not only did they want to wrap Su Ping's hands, but they also tied Su Ping's five flowers, completely bound!

Su Ping's eyes widened in anger, and the blue veins on his arms bulged, the divine power in his body exploded at this moment, and countless cells began to rotate.


The violent force propelled out of him, Su Ping screamed from the sky, "Uh ah ah ah!!!"

The two dragons flying around, the dragon body suddenly stopped, and then was dragged to fly in the direction of Su Ping.

Both dragon beasts were horrified, hurriedly waving their wings, bursting out with all their strength, trying to stabilize their bodies.

Su Ping's arms trembled suddenly, flipped his palms, and grabbed the chain.

"Get me here!!!"

Roar! !

Su Ping erupted with a dragon roar, which shook the bodies of two dragon beasts, and then they were dragged over by Su Ping as if their bodies were out of control!

This scene shocked all forces, everyone in the world stared, and was so shocked that they couldn't speak.

"How can it be!"

The black-clad woman saw this scene, her contemptuous expression suddenly changed, and she lost her voice in shock.

With a human body, it can pull two dragons and beasts? !

Even if Su Ping is at the top of the starry sky, these two dragon beasts are also at the top of the starry sky!


Under Su Ping's drag, the two dragon beasts burst out roars of grief and indignation, flying at full speed in the opposite direction, but despite their energy use, they still waved their wings, but their bodies did not advance and retreated, and Su Ping dragged them over.


Su Ping roared out.

He violently stirred his arms and swung forward. At both ends of the chain, the two struggling dragon beasts were dragged out of control by the chain. They swept toward Su Ping and then slammed into each other!

At the moment they collided, the pulling force disappeared, and Su Ping did not retreat but moved forward, suddenly flying towards them.

Bang! !

A punch was blasted out, and the bright divine light exploded, and the head of one of the dragon beasts was blown apart.

Su Ping stepped on one foot, and the spine of the other dragon beast was stomped off. It screamed, spitting blood from mid-air, loosened the chain, and fell towards the sea below.

Without the two dragons and beasts, Su Ping shook his arm, holding the golden chain in his palm, his eyes were cold, and he looked at the people in front of him like a demon.

The forces from all sides were shocked, and the two top-notch dragon beasts in the starry sky, coupled with a super secret treasure, failed to restrain Su Ping.

Now that one is dead and one injured, is this Blue Star Lord invincible under the stars? !


The black-clad woman saw her dragon beast being beaten to the head by Su Ping. She stepped on her spine and her eyes were cracked. She was frightened and angry. Her chest was violently up and down, her eyes flashed with hatred, and she stared at Su Ping. .

Su Ping felt his gaze and looked at her. Those eyes that were so cold that they didn't contain the slightest emotion left only the extremely cold killing intent.

It seems that everything has no vitality, ignores everything, but hates everything!

The black armored woman shrank her eyes, as if she had been bitten by a poisonous snake, her eyes retracted instinctively, she didn't even dare to look at Su Ping.

When she realized this, her heart became more shocked. She was also at the top of the starry sky, experienced countless lives and deaths, and decisively killed. At this moment, she did not dare to look at Su Ping's eyes?

Is this the Star Realm, or the Star Master Giant? !

"Miss Zixuan, join forces with our Baroque family. If we don't take it seriously anymore, I'm afraid we really can't help this barbarian!"

Beside, a brawny man said.

The black-clad woman looked at the other person, and after only a second, she nodded and said, "Okay!"

She wants revenge, the two dragon beasts are her treasures, even if they are not the sacred tree, she will fight Su Ping to the death!

"He is the Blue Star Lord, and he has a heart for the planet. This is his planet and his weakness. Now that the trouble has been reached this point, I don't think there is any problem with Tuxing!"

Beside, another purple pupil youth stepped out and said coldly.

Hearing the word "Tu Xing" he said, everyone else's complexion changed slightly. As the name suggests, Tu Xing is to slaughter a planet!

This is quite a big crime in the Federation, unless a big person comes out to guarantee it, otherwise it is impossible to escape the death penalty!

"There are so many of us, even if you kill the star, it's nothing. As long as you don't destroy this ancient planet, it is the place of origin of our humanity after all. As for the primitive people on this, if you kill it, you will kill it!"


"It's best to catch some Blue Star people over and force this lord to catch it, or let him be distracted!"

"On this blue star, I don't know if there are any relatives of this barbarian. It's best to catch his heirs!"

More and more Starry Sky Realms agree with Tu Xing's plan, defending the sacred tree on the one hand, and countless creatures of the Blue Star on the other. It depends on how you, the lord, decides!

"Seniors, you are here to contain this person, the two of us are going to catch some Blue Star people over here!" said a star in the early stage.

Everyone frowned when they looked at them, but they didn't say anything.

These two are both in the early stage of the starry sky, so staying here does not make much sense.

Other Starry Sky Realms were a little regretful in the early stage, and knew that they had spoken first, and if they were to fight now, the temporary alliance that had just been formed would have cracks, and obviously they would not be allowed.



The two stars flew away immediately.

"you guys"

Su Ping saw the two Starry Sky Realms that were about to leave, and his eyes were blood red. These Starry Sky Realm talks were not transmitted at all, but directly communicated. I don't know if they were deliberately speaking to him, or he was confident!

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