Astral Pet Store Chapter 847

Chapter 944: Starry Sky Invincible Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Seeing that Su Ping noticed their actions, everyone who had already negotiated was sneered to let you know what the plan was, just to get your mentality!

Take care of this and lose the other, try it when you dare to be distracted when fighting!

Su Ping's chest was ups and downs violently, and a wave of anger was beating in his chest, but he did not lose his mind. The more angry he was, the calmer his heart became.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Beside him, two vortexes emerged, accompanied by the dragon's roar, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast stepped out of it. Lulu, feel the extraordinary of these two dragon beasts.

"Block them!"

"Xiao Bai, go to fight as much as you want, let the world see, you are not a waste hybrid, but the Hankong Thunder Dragon King!!"

Following Su Ping's full murderous words, a strong fierce light was emitted from the eyes of the two dragon beasts, and the white-scaled Hankong Thunder dragon beast suddenly felt it and looked up at the sky.

There, a huge planet is suspended, seeming to fall onto the blue star.

Just in the area facing here, you can see the outline of Leiming Chau, where it is its hometown, and it faintly felt that the eyes of the same race were watching itself.

Among them, it seems that there are also its father and mother.

It is not a **** with inferior blood, it is the King of Thunder Dragon! !

Roar! !

The white scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast suddenly uttered a loud roar, and the dragon chant shook the sky. This dragon's roar was reckless and ancient. It was not the voice of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan at all, but was like some kind of more terrifying and older dragon clan!

Hearing this powerful dragon roar in the starry sky, many of the starry's battle pets trembled slightly, and fear instinctively appeared in their hearts.

kill! !

Beside, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast also roared, and the Dragon Roar echoed each other like the Whitescale Thunder Dragon Beast, spreading over this sea area, and then they released their regular power to directly kill the two flying starry sky realms!

"Oh, I just want to keep people with two pets, don't think about it!"

An old man in the late Starry Sky Realm stepped out, and he shot directly, and a purple club suddenly smashed out, containing the terrifying power of breaking the mountains and the sea.

The White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast roared, and its figure flashed suddenly, dodged from under the stick in an extremely strange posture, and then chased the two escaped starry sky realm.

This old man was startled, and the other starry sky realms were also surprised. The dragon body form was a little weird, it seemed to be some kind of disappearing secret skill!

"Leave them alone, now there is no pet around him, we cut him off with all our strength!"

"Yes, it is ridiculous to let Zhan Chong leave him, really want to save other Blue Star people!"

"Haha, this effect is what we want, our plan has been successful!"

Everyone reacted, not angry but happy. When Su Ping's face-to-face discussion, they wanted Su Ping's mentality to explode and distract him. Now Su Ping takes the initiative to send out his pet, which is better than they thought.

As for the starry sky realm where the two went to slaughter the stars... that was just bait.


Everyone exploded in strength and furiously killed Su Ping.

A series of rules and forces are intertwined, a variety of terrifying sword lights, complicated and terrifying astrology, sweeping over Su Ping, several of them in the starry sky, standing still, are brewing powerful tricks.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, who rushed halfway, couldn't help looking back, wanting to return to support Su Ping.

Su Ping noticed the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and directly yelled, "Leave me alone!"

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast hesitated. Under Su Ping's irresistible will, he continued to chase the starry sky ahead, but the bursting power became more and more violent, and the dragon blood all over his body seemed to be burning, and he wanted to fight quickly.

On the other side, the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was equally angry. It attacked extremely fast, and it caught up with the two starry sky realms in a blink of an eye, and its figure happened to escape from the sealed space area under the canopy.


Its figure flashed suddenly and escaped into the void.

"not good!"

Both of these two starry sky realms have slightly changed faces. At a glance, they can see that the scales are somewhat peculiar. It is Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but it is a little different from ordinary Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is the best at it. It is space.


The two starry sky realms quickly merged, calling out their respective battle pets.

A dragon beast, a demon pet with a twisted body, and some rare element pets appeared one after another, surrounding them, releasing various skills.

Increase category, imprisonment category, perception category.

The two of them were surrounded by skill traps, just waiting for the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast to kill.

With a bang, suddenly, an extremely sharp dragon claw suddenly popped out of the void next to one of the demon-type battle pets that was covered in decay, and shot it into its body. Several rules of power erupted, and the thunder rushed to shred its body in an instant!

This demon-type battle pet was cultivated in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. At this moment, there was no resistance to it, and it was instantly killed on the spot!

"Damn it!"

One of the starry sky youths roared and immediately let the other battle pets kill together.

Roar! !

The white-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast roared, greeted with many skills, and furiously killed the dragon beast next to it.

Skills exploded on the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, strangling by various regular forces, tore the scales on its body, spilling blood, but the white-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon beast fought like crazy, becoming more bloodthirsty and brutal. The dragon beast's neck was bitten, and the dragon's teeth were sharp like thousands of swords, piercing deeply into its neck.

This dragon beast screamed, and ice gushed out of its body, trying to freeze the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but its neck was bitten off before the ice on its body spread to the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

The cutting rule was used by the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast on its fangs.

At the same time, on the Leia planet above the blue star, in the middle of the Thunderwood Forest in Leiming Island, on the mountain top where the Hankong Thunder Dragon Clan gathered, when the previous planet drifted, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Clan was shocked. After stopping the execution, after the planet stopped on the blue star, the wars that broke out one after another made them stunned, and they all forgot about the execution for a while.

The white-scaled pythons and the burly Thunder Dragon beasts crawling on the ground were also attracted by the war on the planet in front of them, and they were shocked to speak.

They can feel that the humans in this war are all comparable to Ren O'Neill, the lord of the planet Rhea!

And Raine O'Neill suppressed their Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan for thousands of years, making them unable to resist.

"Here, where did this planet come?"

Many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are shocked.

At this moment, the scene that made all the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts stunned appeared. They saw a familiar figure, a snow-white scale, and the appearance of the body was almost the same as them!

That is, the inferior hybrid born from the young patriarch and the white-scaled python? !

The patriarch of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan standing in front of the Hualong Pond was also stunned.

It recognized at a glance, that was the family humiliation that it pursued and killed not long ago, and wanted to put it to death...and also its bloodline descendant, its grandson!

"Lin, Lin'er..."

On the ground, the white-scaled python and the burly Thunder Dragon Beast were both stunned, their eyes widened, and their eyes were full of weirdness, but soon they were a little frightened.

In front of so many great human figures, their children have come out, how dangerous it is!

But soon, the next scene once again subverted the cognition of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan, and the recognized inferior white scale hybrid unexpectedly broke out with incredible power!

In a blink of an eye, he killed two Star Realm battle pets in a row!

This power has even surpassed the contemporary patriarch of their clan!

Many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, when realizing this, couldn't help but look at the patriarch, but they saw that the patriarch's eyes were also a little sluggish, as if they could not believe what they saw before them.


The White Scale Python and the burly Thunder Dragon Beast were also shocked. Is this really their child?

Previously, he had just stepped into the vast sea realm, but now he can kill the starry sky in a flash? !

This is the family humiliation that their father often said, inferior hybrids? !

Except for the Thunder Dragon and Beasts on Thunder Island, other continents have also seen wars on the Blue Star. Although some continents on the back of the planet cannot be seen directly, their media news is so advanced. In front of the news, some interstate media directly launched a global live broadcast.

Using all channels, live broadcast to every corner of the world, the ratings are bursting.

"Isn't that... Boss Su?"

"Isn't Boss Su nurturing a grandmaster, how can he have such a terrifying combat effectiveness?"

"This should be the top combat power of the starry sky, even the top of the top, it's terrible, can the cultivation master be able to fight like this?!"

Many people on the Rhea planet who have seen Su Ping are dumbfounded.

At the center of this battle, Su Ping turned out to be single-handedly singled out among the heroes. The cultivation master in their eyes turned into a **** of war at this moment, and the burst of power is estimated to be able to easily sweep the entire planet of Leia.

This completely subverted their cognition of nurturing masters!

In the deep sea and sky of Blue Star, Su Ping has already fought with many starry sky realms. The previous many skills and killer moves attacked, he exploded with the power of the Golden Crow divine body, and then unfolded his own witch battle body, killing from a single skill Out, like a **** of anger, he drew his sword when he saw people.


An initial stage of the Starry Sky Realm's body burst open, failing to withstand Su Ping's knife.

"My star and moon clock can cover all the stars!"

"Give me town!"

An old woman in the late stage of the starry sky screamed, and from her sleeve flew out an ancient clock that whirled around, emitting a dazzling light. This secret treasure has its own rules, and it is an extremely complete rule, even the top of the starry sky. Monster beasts can be trapped for a while, this is also her treasure for capturing battle pets!

Su Ping saw the ancient bell rise in the wind, and it has turned into a huge tens of meters. His eyes burst into a terrifying cold light, the thunder pillars gushing from the soles of his feet, his body flashed suddenly, and it slashed on the ancient bell.

There was a terrible shock from the bone knife in his hand, and with a click, the ancient clock broke open.

Su Ping blasted out with a fist, there was a loud bang, the ancient bell fell, and Shenhua was lost.

Su Ping stepped out and killed the old woman.

"My clock..."

The old woman saw that her Xingyue Clock was destroyed by Su Ping, her eyes that seemed to never be opened opened wide, and she let out a stern roar.

Su Ping said loudly: "I'll send you the end!!"

With a bang, he kicked away a dragon beast that flew from the side, ignoring the several rules of power attacked by the other side, resisting with his body, and then slashed out, the sword glows like a rainbow, and enveloped the old woman.

The old woman came over in shock, a little crazy, "I'm fighting with you!"

The battle pet next to her flew out head to head, roaring sadly, a battle pet that looked like a phoenix and a bird burst open, and burned with blood, turned into a cloud of sun, but was cut away by Su Ping's blade.

The rest of the battle pets, like moths into the fire, all greeted them, and finally offset the blades.

Su Ping became more and more furious, and instantly slammed in front of the old woman, slamming his fist at the door.

The old woman was shocked. She didn't expect that Su Ping's power was so wild, and he didn't stop at all. Isn't this star power too long? !

She hurriedly raised her hand to parry, but her arm was broken and split, and she screamed. Su Ping condensed the rules of annihilation and thunder on her fist, and smashed her body through on the spot, turning it into a cloud of blood.

Su Ping did not stop, stepped out of the blood mist, and continued to kill towards the other starry sky realms.

"Well, this guy is a monster!"

"Why is there such a strong power? Isn't his star power inexhaustible?!"

The surrounding starry sky realm was shocked. Su Ping's performance was too terrifying, and he was stronger than the starry sky. This was the limit of the starry sky. If it was one-on-one, no one in the room would ask himself Su Ping's opponent.

Under the star master, invincible!

"Your Baroque family, is this only something, still hiding it now?!"

The Zixuan girl in black armor looked angrily at the other Baroque family members.

Hearing his words, the other starry sky realms also reacted and glared.

The faces of the Baroque family changed slightly and were a little annoyed, but the matter was over, they knew that it would be even more disadvantageous for them if it dragged on, and they had to use these starry sky realms to contain Su Ping.

"I was just brewing a big killer move, and it's all right now, what anxious!"

The patriarch of the Baroque family said coldly.

A black shadow appeared behind him, which suddenly stretched out, and at a speed comparable to light, it instantly connected with Su Ping during the war.

Then, this dark shadow actually wrapped Su Ping, like a string of silk threads, restraining Su Ping.


When other Baroque starry sky realms saw it, they all roared.

This is the extinction of their family, the shadow-binding technique, the secret technique of the star master realm, they can only master the first few levels, the top level cannot be cultivated, but it is enough to deal with the starry sky realm.

If you cultivate to the top, you can even constrain the small world of the Star Realm!

Seeing that Su Ping could not move, the others immediately took advantage of the situation to kill.

Su Ping was bombarded with blood and blood. He had previously endured the skills of everyone. Although his physique was strong, he was already bloodied at this moment, like a madman.

Su Ping exploded with all his strength, but still couldn't get rid of the black shadow on his body. He tried to change the cells everywhere, and his body deformed, but the black shadow on his body was like a ghost, entangled to death, and changed accordingly.

"This guy is really human?"

"Kill, kill him!"

In the surrounding Starry Sky Realm, I saw that his body was constantly distorted and changed so much that he was no longer like a human Su Ping. From anger to fright, this was nothing like what the Starry Sky Realm could do.

"The elixir!"

Su Ping tried his best, but still couldn't break free. Seeing everyone killed again, he had to extend a part of the cells and take out the elixir in the storage space.

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