Astral Pet Store Chapter 848

Chapter 945: Rout Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Bang bang bang!

The bottles or pill boxes storing the elixir burst open, and the elixir of different colors flew out of it. Su Ping directly inhaled it into his mouth and swallowed them all.


Energy as if the universe exploded in his body, venting like an oven. Su Ping felt that his body seemed to be torn apart. The muscles and bones and cells all over his body were filled with this energy, and the energy leaked into the interstices of the cells. Being stretched, the whole person seemed to be disintegrated immediately, and it was extremely painful.


Su Ping couldn't help roaring, the violent power shook the black shadow away from him, and the regular power surged out. Su Ping turned around and punched, the violent power seemed to be pulling the surrounding world and everything, and slammed into the black shadow.

This black shadow seemed to be spiritual, terrified, and hurriedly shrank, trying to escape.

But Su Ping's fist instantly accelerated and banged, hitting it with a speed and strength that was several times faster.

With a bang, the black shadow burst, and the entire void seemed to be hit by a sledgehammer.

In the distance, the patriarch of the Baroque family suddenly changed his complexion, spouting a mouthful of blood, his face was as pale as paper, and he looked at Su Ping in horror. His secret technique was discovered by his family from the ancient secret realm. Under the star lord, Never missed it!

The starry sky of other Baroque families all knew how powerful this secret technique was. Seeing that Su Ping could break free, they were all stunned, and for a while they forgot to attack.

call! call!

Su Ping felt his body swell and felt extremely uncomfortable. His eye sockets were red and he went straight to the starry sky opposite.

The figure flashed, Su Ping exploded at a terrifying speed, his super-acceleration skills were fully used by him, and under the violent energy, the acceleration accompanying this super-acceleration was far beyond normal.


In the confined space under the tree canopy, Su Ping's figure was almost instantaneous, appearing in front of a starry sky realm woman, and directly blasted out with a punch.

Before this woman could react, she was beaten to pieces on the spot, her body turned into a blood mist.

Nearby, several of its pets just reacted, but the contract in his mind also broke and fell into a brief loss of consciousness.

Su Ping ignored it and turned to the starry sky on the other side.

"not good!"

"So fast, I, we can't stop it!"

These starry sky realms saw Su Ping like a demon descending, and they were terrified. This power was too violent and far exceeded their knowledge of the starry sky realm.



Su Ping's figure sprinted quickly, engulfed in thunder, or punched or knifed, and his battle pets fell, and those starry sky realms were no exception, not Su Ping's enemy!

Even if they used their entire body to resist, it was of no avail. Su Ping's power was too terrifying and could directly affect the rules. Even the deeper rules were directly interrupted in the face of Su Ping's violent force!

In just a short breath, three starry sky realms fell, five-headed battle pets had an accident, some were killed on the spot, and some were punched out of their bodies and fell down.

At the second breath, Su Ping had already killed seven stars!

In the early stage of the starry sky, in front of the Su plane, they were easily killed, and some were directly beheaded in the later stage of the starry sky, and some with the secret treasure, barely resisted Su Ping's attack, but they were also injured and defeated. .

Su Ping at this moment is fierce and unstoppable.

Seeing Su Ping, who was showing great power, everyone on the planet Blue Star or Reya was all stunned.

This power is so terrible, even if Su Ping is the Star Master Realm, some people believe it!

Among the same level, they were killed indiscriminately!

The people on the Blue Star had a more complicated mood and were shocked beyond words. Only they knew that Su Ping broke through to become a legend in the battle of the abyss not long ago!

But now Su Ping's cultivation is only in the virtual cave realm, this...mostly not a disguise!

With the cultivation base of the Void Hole Realm, they slaughtered those high starry sky realms with one block. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would all feel like they were dreaming!

This is no longer able to describe it as an evildoer, it is completely a monster of the past and the present!

And such a monster was bred on their blue star!

"This guy, what did he experience during the time he left Blue Star?"

In the special nursing home, Nie Huofeng looked dull and a little dazed. He could no longer understand Su Ping. Such a monster violated common sense and exceeded his cognition.

The people in Longjiang Base were both shocked and exhilarated. Although ordinary people didn't understand the starry sky and the virtual cave realm, Su Ping swept and slaughtered these strong men who were oppressing the Blue Star. It was enough to see that there was invincible power!

This is the lord of their Blue Star!

I thought that even if Su Ping returned, it would be meaningless. After all, I heard that these powerful people who came to Blue Star were all starry realm bosses who could travel the universe, but they didn't expect that they completely underestimated Su Ping.

"Boss Su really...exaggerated as always."

"I am also in the Void Hole Realm, why am I... so weak?"

"I seem to be ashamed of Destiny."


Not only the five big families, but also the remaining legends of the peak towers are a little dumbfounded and speechless.

"Is this the monster that covers a continent? I don't know what the scene will be when he becomes a starry sky in the future..."

"too frightening."



In the high sky, Su Ping came out like an evil tiger, slaughtering the Starry Sky Realm one after another, dozens of Starry Sky Realms in mid-air, from various forces from nearby planets, some of them were larger, like the Baroque family, there were four or five stars in the sky. Realm, but the loss is also heavy at this moment, the patriarch was seriously injured, and two starry sky realms were beheaded by Su Ping!


Su Ping stepped out and came to the girl Zixuan from the Xuanwu family.

Seeing Su Ping's death, Zi Xuan, who was wearing black armor, suddenly awakened from the shock in her eyes. She had cold hair all over her body, her scalp numb, and she didn't expect the situation would suddenly reverse!

There are so many starry sky realms, among which there are seven or eight at the top of the starry sky, and there is no way to help Suping!

She looked at Su Ping, who was close at hand and slammed her fist. She felt like a golden pillar shrouded in divine light, inevitable!

She has flying hair and fair skin, like a fairy. Although her body is wrapped in black armor, she can still see her figure bulging and curving.

"no no"

Zi Xuan's pupils shrank, and in her ears, the other three starry sky realms from the same family had their faces changed drastically and hurried over.

But their anxious voices seemed to be far away, Zi Xuan felt as if he had been stripped from this world, and only those eyes full of cold killing intent were left in front of him, and the pair of divine fists that descended from the sky!

She seemed to have seen death, but after all, she had experienced countless catastrophes. In an instant, she became sober, clenched her teeth, and several secret treasures flew out of her body. At the same time, her hands quickly formed seals. This is an extremely complicated astrology. The secret seal, she made the seal extremely fast, and it was completed in a blink of an eye.


The vast star power gushes out of her body, forming a mysterious yellow behemoth outside her body.

She burst out in a battle body, urging her to fly from the secret treasure to the back of the giant beast.

boom! !

The divine fist smashed down, as if shaking everything in the world, the entire void shook, and energy rushed wildly.

Under the shadow of the giant beast, Zi Xuan's body shook and spewed a mouthful of blood. She felt that the meridians and bones in her body seemed to be shattered. She gritted her teeth and breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Although it was uncomfortable, she finally Still blocked.

Just as her thoughts surfaced, her face suddenly changed.

boom! !

The second shock sounded again, and the moment it sounded, the third shock sound appeared again.

With a bang, the secret treasure on the phantom of the giant beast cracked one by one.

Immediately afterwards, the fourth loud noise appeared, and the phantom of the giant beast faded away, and the light of the divine fist shone down, reflecting in the horrified pupils raised by Zi Xuan.

Bang! !

The fifth fist fell, drowning his figure.

This time, without any resistance, in the 10,000-meter sea area under Zi Xuan's body, he suddenly sank in and stirred up waves of thousands of feet, which was the strength accompanied by his fist.

But in mid-air, Zi Xuan's figure had disappeared, not even the blood mist, only a few pieces of broken black armor remained, which were the secret treasure armor on his body.

"Zi Xuan!"

Nearby, several members of the Xuanwu family's starry sky realm saw this scene, their expressions changed drastically, and they were so shocked that they could not speak.

The top-notch Zi Xuan in the dignified starry sky realm will be killed!

You know, in terms of defense power alone, Zi Xuan is one of the best in the field!

But at this moment, he couldn't catch Su Ping's five punches, he was beaten to annihilation, and he didn't even leave the body!

Su Ping turned his head, feeling that the power in his body was still violent and full. He saw several starry sky realms beside him, his eyes flickered, and he flew out and trampled on him.

One of the starry sky realms offered a secret treasure to resist, but he connected the secret treasure to himself, and was stepped on by Su Ping and fell into the sea, life and death unknown.

Other forces have long been dumbfounded, Su Ping at this moment is simply invincible!

"The pill he ate before must be a forbidden pill!"

"Taking that pill, his strength has doubled several times, which is too shameful!"

"When the effect of his pill is over, it's not too late for us to come again, first withdraw!"

"Such a pill, there must be very strong side effects, he will not end well!"

Those who have cultivated to the starry sky are basically human spirits, and they immediately inferred that the pill that Su Ping had just taken must have a strong backlash, otherwise it would not bring such a huge improvement to Su Ping.

The world is fair, the more you get, the more you have to bear.

Otherwise, Su Ping will be able to take this pill from the beginning.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One after another starry sky, turned and fled.

Some fled beyond the canopy, tore the void directly, and disappeared instantly.

Seeing that the battle was broken and the hearts of the people in the other starry sky realms were broken, they wanted to continue holding on, but at this moment they could only retreat. The general situation was gone, and no one could face Su Ping's edge.

"Want to run?!"

Su Ping's eyes are full of cold light, I gave you a chance before, but you wanted to kill Xing.

Pretend to be forced, but run away if you can't beat, how can such a good thing happen!


Su Ping broke out with all his strength and chased him away.

Many starry sky realms were frightened and hurried to flee, Su Ping at this moment was like a scourge, everyone was afraid.

"One person...repelled all the stars!"

"This is the fighting power of the master nurturing master? My god, is the master nurturing so exaggerated?"


On the planet Leia, everyone was completely stunned. They couldn't imagine what happened in front of them. These are all big stars in the starry sky, and they are all qualified to buy planets and be the existence of a one-star lord!

At this moment, it was like a group of panic-stricken hot-pot rats, who were killed by Su Ping and abandoned their helmets and armor!

On the Blue Star, bursts of cheers have erupted at this moment.

Previously, those extraterrestrial forces came to Blue Star, arbitrarily divided the sacred tree, and eliminated their Blue Star. Even Nie Huofeng, who was talking first, was severely injured. If Nie Huofeng was not polite, he would be on the spot. Was killed.

During this period of time, they could only watch these external forces behave recklessly on the Blue Star, and now this bad breath has finally come out.

"Long live Boss Su!!"

"Long live Lord Lord!!"

On the Blue Star, shouts burst into the sky in various base cities, even some ordinary people, at this moment, burst out with excitement, venting the depression in their hearts.

Under the canopy.

Su Ping was still pursuing him with all his strength, and seven or eight starry sky realms were killed by him one after another, blood was spilled, and a head of battle pet was beaten through the body and fell into the sea. The blood dyed the sea red. The nearby sea monsters were already scared. Have to hide far away, afraid to approach this sea area.

Soon, only Su Ping was left in the air, and the escape and hiding in other starry sky realms had long since disappeared.

The last starry sky realm that rushed from under Su Pings eyelids to the outside of the canopy, as soon as he escaped into the void, Su Ping directly slammed in. With his mastery of the space rules, he instantly caught it in the third dimension and kicked it. Came out.

This starry sky realm couldn't believe it until he died, he didn't even have the ability to escape in front of Su Pian!

"This is the Blue Star Lord?"

"It's terrible, how can the lord of a fifth-class planet be so exaggerated!"

"This strength, even if you go to a first-class planet to become a lord, you are wronged?"

The alien travelers everywhere in the Blue Star were shocked, and immediately converged their attitude. Originally, they did not treat the primitive people on the Blue Star as a kind of indigenous animals at all, but now they are not. Dare to be so presumptuous again.

High in the sky.

Su Ping kicked this starry sky realm to death, looked at other void fluctuations, his face was slightly gloomy, these starry sky realm escape speed is too fast, can escape to outer space in a second, it is difficult to catch up.

"Hmph, wait until you have cultivated well, and then come to the door one by one!"

Su Ping's eyes were cold, he really regarded Blue Star as a soft persimmon, and he would be okay if he came here and ran away in the wild? He wants people to know that the Blue Star is inviolable, and it will cost him to provoke the Blue Star!

At this time, the side effects of the elixir slowly appeared. Su Ping felt that the star power in his body was rapidly declining, and bursts of emptiness filled his body. He felt throbbing pains everywhere in his body. There was a feeling of emptiness, and there seemed to be a sign of regressive cultivation.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and he had to find a place for recuperation to consolidate his cultivation.

"This is the sacred tree?"

At this moment, a light voice suddenly sounded, with a bit of interest, looking up at the canopy of Su Ping's head.

Su Ping's pupils shrank, and only a few kilometers away from the tree canopy in front of him, a figure appeared at some point. This was a young man in a weird costume, with colorful costumes and various patterns of birds and beasts. It is some kind of ethnic minority clothing.

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