Astral Pet Store Chapter 849

Chapter 946: Repel The Star Master Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Star home?!"

At the moment he saw this youth, Su Ping's pupils shrank slightly. With the vision he had cultivated in many nurturing worlds, plus his previous experience of following the Xinghai League in the Void Immortal Mansion, he could tell at a glance that this youth was definitely not a starry sky. territory!

Su Ping did not expect that the ancient trees on the Blue Star attracted all the star owners.

This is the master of a small galaxy!

Just like the lords of the solar system, however, only blue stars in the solar system have life, and it is not unusual to be the lords of the solar system, but in the Federation, many planets in a small galaxy are all planets of life.

Even some planets that were originally uninhabitable will be transformed into habitable planets under the technology of the Federation.

To put it simply, a star master realm, with many starry sky realms under his command, is extremely powerful, which is equivalent to a side overlord!

"You are the Blue Star Lord?"

At this moment, the young man in strange costumes turned his head and looked at Su Ping's eyes. Su Ping suddenly narrowed his eyes, "Void Cave Realm? Ha, there is something about this concealment technique that I can't even see through it."

"Senior laughed, the next is the virtual cave realm." Su Ping's face was slightly gloomy, and he whispered.

Qing Young laughed, and said, "You still want to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger in front of me? You just saw those starry sky realms fleeing away, should it be yours?"

"They violated my planet and acted recklessly. This is what they deserve." Su Ping suppressed his temper and frowned.

Although he can easily kill the Starry Sky Realm now, facing the star master...the gap is still too big!

This is completely another realm, and you can easily kill the top of the starry sky by raising your hand!

"The weak and the strong eats, this is the iron law of the universe. They can't beat you, so they dare to invade. Naturally, they are responsible for themselves." The young man smiled indifferently and said: "I think you are also an individual talent. This combat power is almost the same as some of the top stars in the sky that I know. Are you interested in taking refuge under my command?"

Su Ping's eyes flickered, and said, "If the junior refuses, what will the senior do?"

The young man smiled and said: "Sure enough, if you refuse...it's very simple, what I can't get, then it will be destroyed. This sacred tree is a bit peculiar, I want it, if I keep you alive, you must be sure Will remember hate me, with your ability, perhaps in the future, you may be able to break through into the star realm. It will be quite troublesome for me at that time."

He spoke lightly and whispered, and seemed to make sense.

Su Ping was silent after listening.

He knew that the other party was right, there were only two choices in front of him, refuge or death.

Su Ping raised his head and looked at the sky, wondering if Fairy Jade on the planet Leia could use her power to directly release the young man in the store to repel the young man.

"This planet doesn't belong here. It can fly over. I feel the mysterious power covering it. Do you know the reason?"

The young man followed Su Ping's gaze, his eyes showed a bit of condensed color, his expression still said with ease.

Su Ping did not speak, trying to communicate with Fairy Bi.

At this moment, outside the atmosphere above the blue star, and in the middle of the planet Rhea, a void vortex appeared, and a spaceship that looked like a triangular shuttle sprang out from it.

The spacecraft whizzed out and stopped between the two planets.

The next moment, the spacecraft suddenly turned its direction, broke the blue star's atmosphere, and flew straight toward the sacred tree.


Su Ping and the youth both noticed the spaceship that appeared suddenly, Su Ping's expression changed slightly, could it be that he was another powerful person? But soon, he was a little stunned.

Because of the logo on the spacecraft, Su Ping realized that he even recognized it.

This is... the badge of Xinghaimeng!


The spacecraft circumvented the huge tree canopy, galloped to Su Ping and the youth, scrolled the surrounding clouds and mist, and slowly stopped.

With a shuddering sound, the spacecraft opened, and a large number of figures flew out of it, all in the starry sky!

After the many figures flew out, two figures floated out of the spaceship under the welcoming of them in line, and they were the leader girl and the deputy leader.

Su Ping had anticipated it when he saw the spacecraft, and when he saw all these familiar faces of them appeared, he was relieved. The second girl was not dead, so to speak, his rules, Taoism, and trees are still playing!

"What a big tree!"

The second girl who had just floated out of the spaceship couldn't help but look up at the sacred tree, sighed, then glanced away, saw Su Ping, and then directly landed on the young man next to her.

"you are?"

Her face was not good, Su Ping looked extremely embarrassed at the moment, covered in blood, she thought it might be this guy from the Star Realm who was bullying the small!

When the young man saw the second girl and the deputy leader next to him, his face that had always smiled lightly changed slightly. At this moment, he heard the other's bad tone and frowned, "Your two lords?"

Sylvies large galaxy is very large, and there are many small galaxies. There are naturally many star realms in it, not to mention hundreds, which is not counted as some other galaxies come here to play or explore star realms. They dont know each other. It's normal.

"Hmph, Xinghai League, Xingyue Shener, is down!" The second girl said proudly.

Many people in the Star Sea League, including Su Ping, heard the name of this leader girl for the first time. Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect that the name of the second girl in the middle school also had a bit of utter aura.

"Xinghai League?" The young man frowned slightly, seeming to be thinking, and soon his face changed slightly, and he coldly snorted: "It turns out that it is the war alliance on the Zeruprun galaxy. What are you trying to do here?"


Xingyue Shener sneered and said: "You wounded the people of our war alliance, and you talked to me about your attempts? Let me see, this sacred tree is so peculiar, do you want to compete with my people? Take advantage of this lady Before you go crazy, I will give you three counts and get out of my eyes immediately!"

Everyone in the surrounding Xinghai League was dumb.

They are also looking at the surrounding situation, vaguely able to guess a few points, but they didn't expect that their leader is so arrogant that they would let a giant of the star master realm get out of it right away? !

This is the overlord of one party!

Su Ping raised his brows when he heard the words of the second girl in the middle school, but he was a little relieved. Anyway, the second girl in the middle school is his own.

"what did you say?"

The youth's face turned gloomy, his eyes were cold, and he said, "With more people, do you not deceive me?"

"I don't need this lady to deal with you, two!" Xingyue Shen'er said indifferently, while reporting the number.

The deputy leader next to him has already surging with extremely deep power. From his original existence like a puppet of stone, he suddenly became noticeable. Only the aura that erupted from his body made everyone in Xinghai feel a lot of pressure and couldn't bear it. Lived in shock.

In the sea area below them, there were also waves of thousands of feet, surging, and seemed to be drawn by the momentum of their body.

This scene fell in the eyes of countless people on the two planets, and it was shocked to suffocation.

Su Ping just released his supernatural power and ran away a group of terrifying starry sky realms, but in a blink of an eye some more terrifying guys jumped out!

Just the aura that was released changed the colors of the heavens and the earth, and the sea was surging. What kind of power is this? I can't even think about it!

The young mans face was gloomy, and a strong aura burst out of his body. This aura distorted the surrounding space and faintly tore the void. An extraordinary and unique force diffused from his body. This is the power of faith. With just one strand, you can break the mountains and penetrate the planet!

The faces of the people in Xinghai changed wildly and quickly backed away. Once involved in the battle of this kind of star master giant, they are no different from the ants, and they will be strangled indiscriminately!


The second girl slowly raised a slender finger.

The next moment, the deputy leader next to him suddenly erupted, his eyes widened, and behind him appeared an extremely terrifying giant shadow measuring thousands of meters in size. This giant shadow seemed to emerge in another space, revealing only a horrible shadow. He suddenly shrank into the body of the deputy leader, and then his body changed rapidly, becoming a burly giant with long hair.


He burst out, like a vanity train, rolling thunder in the action, and the sea area 10,000 meters below was also set off by waves, dividing it to both sides!

The young man made the same shot, and a terrifying giant figure appeared behind him, like a long entrenched dragon, quickly merging into one body, and then facing up.

The two collided at the edge of the tree canopy, and then, both of them disappeared at the same time.

Everyone in Su Ping and Xinghai could see that these two giants had directly hit the deep space!

They don't even need to tear it apart, they can escape into the deep space with just one thought.

No one dared to watch the battle, only Star Moon God was qualified to watch the battle.

But she seemed to have great confidence in the deputy leader and stood indifferently on the spot without any action.

Everyone on the two planets was a little dazed, not knowing what happened.

Time is slowly passing by, and Su Ping, relying on the control of space rules, can faintly feel that the surrounding void is ups and downs, dark waves are surging, and it seems that there is an extremely terrible thing running rampant!

Half a minute passed.

Thirty seconds is as if three months have passed.


With a bang, the void suddenly split apart 10,000 meters away from the canopy, and a figure covered with scales flew out from the inside. It was the young man who was fit.

His body flew upside down, his chest was trampled on by a wild ape-like thick foot, and he plunged into the sea below.


The sea surface burst, and white waves splashed in a radius of thousands of meters. With the sound of the blast disappeared, the seabed suddenly seemed to have broken a hole, and the sea water poured in and collapsed in.

Immediately afterwards, in another part of the void, the figure of the leader and the young man shot out from the deep space again. This time one of the young mans arms was missing, and the deputy leader was holding a large axe that shone with divine light, shining brightly. , Like the ancient **** of war, chasing and killing young people.

The young man roared furiously, and his figure escaped into the void again.

"I can't help myself!"

Xingyue Shen'er sneered when he saw this scene, as if he had anticipated the result a long time ago.

They are both in the star main realm, but there is a gap in their strengths.

And she just happened to be the powerhouse in the star realm!

Therefore, she knew at a glance that the young man was not the opponent of the butler, and his background was too different!

Everyone in Xinghai had already been stunned at this moment, but they didn't expect that the sub-leader, who was usually unsmiling and reticent, was so terrible that he would directly crush another star-master giant!

No wonder the leader has such confidence and dared to call it out.

It turned out that the star main giant... the gap between the same tier is so big!

Before long, there was a sudden cracking sound outside the atmosphere. Before everyone could see clearly, the figure disappeared. After two minutes, suddenly a figure stepped out of the void beside Xingyue Shener. The deputy leader of the war.

At this moment, he is burly, like a demon ape brown bear, holding an axe in one hand and a broken arm in the other. While talking, the hair on his body is fading, "That guy ran away."

"Well, the guy in the Star Master Realm still has a lot of ability to escape." Xingyue Shen'er nodded. She didn't make a move. In addition to being arrogant, she also knew that even if she made the move, it would be difficult for the other party to want to escape. Keep.

Although there is a big gap in the strength of the star masters, it is difficult for the other to stay if one party wants to escape, unless there is an absolute, unimaginable crushing force!

Su Ping heard the conversation between the two and he sighed in relief and said, "Thank you for your rescue."

"It's me thanking you." Xingyue Shen'er's gaze fell on Su Ping, the arrogance on his face disappeared, and he smiled sweetly, and said: "If it weren't for you to remind us, we would really be annihilated."


Su Ping smiled, thinking in his heart, I remind you that I am afraid that the Taoist tree of rules is gone.

"Thank you, Brother Baitian for reminding!"

"We all owe our life to Brother Baitian, this is great kindness!"

"Brother Baitian has any needs in the future, just ask me."

Everyone in Xinghai League thanked Su Ping very warmly and politely.

Su Ping's own combat power alone was enough to make them respect, not to mention that this time, they nearly survived. Listening to the leader's statement, relying on Su Ping's prompt reminder is equivalent to Su Ping indirectly saving them.

"How did you find this place?" Su Ping asked curiously.


Among the crowd, Ren O'Neill coughed slightly, and said in embarrassment: "After we escaped from the fairy mansion, the leader wanted to thank you personally, and then let me lead the way, but when I led the way back... found that the planet was missing... "

At this point, his face is extremely weird.

The other people nearby were also suffocating a smile. In this case, they were also the first time they heard that the lord ran out, but his planet was missing and was abducted!

It's like AD went out to steal the tower and found out that his home was gone, even the crystal disappeared...

"I immediately contacted the Leyfa family and found out what forces pushed the planet away. Then we chased it along the trail. Fortunately, the leader's aircraft was too high-end, so we could arrive in time." Ren O'Neill touched. Turning his head, I feel a little silly.

Su Ping suddenly coughed, turned away from the ethereal matter of the planet, and asked, "Well, what was the situation in Xianfu when you came out?"

When it comes to Void Immortal Mansion, everyone looks at each other, their expressions are a bit serious and heavy.

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