Astral Pet Store Chapter 850

Chapter 947: The Cosmic Genius War Starts Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"In the depths of the fairy house, a group of monsters suddenly burst out."

Xingyue Shen'er looked at Su Ping with a strange look in his eyes, and said: "These monsters are very terrifying and can ignore the power of rules. Some of the powerful monsters can also absorb the power of faith. Even the star masters of us are helpless. Fortunately, After the three confiscated powerhouses are broken, let us people have a chance to escape."


Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, this should be the creature behind the sinkhole that Mu Immortal King would not hesitate to die in battle.

"Fortunately, you reminded us in time, we retreated the first time, otherwise, even if the three Conferred Gods help, it would be a bit thrilling. In the depths of the fairy palace, something extremely terrifying seems to have recovered. A powerful Conferred God can only retreat while fighting, and will block the Void Immortal Mansion."

Xingyue Shen'er's eyes flickered, staring at Su Ping, and said: "How do you know these monsters, did you really get this fairy palace inheritance when you walked through that fairy bridge before?"

Hearing her words, everyone else was shocked and couldn't help looking at Su Ping.

This immortal mansion has a high probability of being an ancient Conferred God Realm Immortal God, or even stronger. If you can get the inheritance of this Immortal Mansion, even those strong in the Conferred God Realm will be jealous?

Su Ping felt everyones eyes and smiled bitterly: "Of course its impossible. The bridge seems to be a test set by the fairy mansion. Its nothing unusual to pass the bridge. The guy who fought with me also passed the bridge. We parted ways. Head to explore."

"Nothing unusual..."

When everyone heard Su Ping's words, the corners of their mouths twitched slightly, so many starry sky realms, including all the star masters, were stopped, and only you two passed through, so you said it was nothing unusual?

If it weren't for Su Ping's normal expression, everyone suspected that he was showing off.

"Then how do you know there will be danger?" Xingyue Shen'er stared at Su Ping closely, as if she could see through Su Ping's heart.

Su Ping didnt panic at all, and calmly said: "I just explored an area where there are living creatures, saying that I would summon the guardian beasts of the fairy house to repel us invaders. I heard the guardian beasts. I just slipped away, and when I returned, I saw you appearing in the square and reminded you."

"Guardian beast?"

Su Ping's words surprised everyone.

This fairy palace has been silent for countless years, and there are guardian beasts in it?

Xingyue Shen'er frowned, staring at Su Ping, and said, "Even if there are guardian beasts, there are still three Conferred God Realm powerhouses, why would you think of running?"

Yes, this is a loophole in Su Ping's rhetoric.

Su Ping had expected that she would ask. He didn't tell the truth about the reason because it had happened. Even if it was the hole that the three conferred powers pierced through, the mysterious sinkhole would not help. , Although it had a great influence on the three Conferred God powerhouses, it was of no benefit to him.

After all, it's really a big trouble. If the three Conferred Gods are investigated by the Supreme God Realm of the Federation, they will probably blame him and come to him for trouble.

He can't stay in the shop for a lifetime, and he can't provoke him.

"It is true that there is a Conferred God powerhouse, but in the Conferred God-level battle, if we young people get involved, we will be killed every minute. Naturally, I have to run out first, and it is not too late to go in and explore after the battle is over. "Su Ping spoke calmly as usual.

Anyway, that's it. As for whether they believe it or not, Su Ping can't control that much.

Let them guess, it's better than provoke the three powerful Conferred Gods.

This world is like this, without strength, it is better not to tell the truth, because there is no capital!

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone looked different, Xingyue Shen'er frowned. Su Ping's remarks sounded fine, but she always felt a little weird. The other party seemed to be hiding something.

However, she also had some speculations in her heart. Although this speculation made her jealous, she was not likely to force Su Ping to confess.

She has her pride. Besides, it is a kindness to remind her when Su Ping escapes.

After thinking about it for a moment, Xingyue Shen'er nodded and said: "If you are smart, the reaction is very fast, otherwise it is not just you, we are afraid that the entire army will be wiped out. I didn't expect those monsters to be the guardian beasts of this fairy house. This fairy mansion is more terrifying than we expected, it is very likely... it is the mansion of the Supreme God Realm!"

Supreme God Realm!

These four words shocked everyone in Xinghai, and their eyes flashed brightly.

Some people glanced at Su Ping vaguely, thoughtfully.

Su Ping ignored it. Sometimes that's the case. As long as you walk in front of others, even if you don't pick up something, others will follow you and pick it up, and you will think that you pick up more in front of you!

However, Su Ping did pick up some bargains, such as Bi Xianzi.

"How did this planet come here?" Xingyue Shen'er looked at the planet Leia above her head, and asked with some curiosity.

It is not possible for Su Ping to make a planet span several small galaxies, hundreds of light-years away.

Ren O'Neal also looked at Su Ping curiously. He also wanted to know how his lair was abducted by Su Ping and how he abducted it.

"Well, there was a disaster in my hometown. I didn't have time to take the spacecraft. It happened that a big man I knew knew about this and helped me propel the planet to fly over." Su Ping said half-truth.

"Too late to take the spaceship?"

"Then just pushed the planet and flew over?"

Everyone in Xinghai was stunned, a little stupefied and dumbfounded. What the **** was this, because it was too late to get on the spaceship, so just sit on the planet? !

Do you guys all act like this!

Xingyue Shen'er was also stunned, and couldn't help but look up at the planet Leia. With her understanding, most of the people who can push the planet's existence are in the Conferred God Realm!

Although it can be done in the Star Master Realm, it is...very difficult, and the speed will never be so fast!

"This is the hometown of Brother Baitian? It feels like a third-class planet, with a relatively ordinary concentration of star power."

"What the **** is this tree, so big!"

"The star master who was beaten up just now seems to be coming from this tree."

"This should be an incredible sacred tree, right?"

The people of Xinghai didn't stay too long on pushing the planet horizontally. Like Su Ping's previous strength, such a proud man of heaven, there are big men and strong men behind them, which was completely in their expectation.

If there is no big boss as the backer, it would be surprising!

Only Ren O'Neal looked tangled and speechless. You are too lazy to take a spaceship and push my planet away. Have you considered my feelings?

It's easy to push, but how can I go back now?

"Yes, this is my hometown, called the Blue Star, and it is also the origin star of mankind. It is currently only a fifth-class planet. I hope you will take a lot of your attention in the future. If you have any business or trade, you can try it on my planet. , I will definitely give you a discount."

Su Ping took this opportunity to sponsor Bluestar.

These are all starry sky realms, with a wide network and many relationships. A little touch can increase the development of Blue Star by dozens of times. If you upgrade to a first-class planet as soon as possible in the future, there will be a lot of benefits. If others come to the Blue Star to make trouble, you have to consider. consider.

"Blue Star?"

"This is the legendary origin star?"

"I heard that the galaxies around Origin Star have long been exhausted. I didn't expect Origin Star to be still..."

"Brother Baitian actually came from Origin Star. Tsk tsk, after so many years, Origin Star still has biological existence. It's incredible..."

Everyone looked surprised and looked around. People in the entire Federation had heard of this Origin Star, but they had never seen it before, and no one would specifically look for it.

Even if some curious explorers want to find and observe, they can't find a place.

Others gave up because of the long distance.

"Brother Baitian is really amazing, he can cultivate to the starry sky in Origin Star, tusk!"

"I heard that Origin Star's energy is exhausted. Looking at it like this, it doesn't seem to be as barren as I thought."

"This is the place where all of us humans originated, so we must take good care of it..."

Everyone admired that Su Ping took the initiative to throw out the olive branch. They were all willing to get closer to Su Ping. After all, Su Pings combat power in the fairy mansion can be described as a strong player in the top of the starry sky, and he will step into the stars in the future. There is great hope in the main environment!

Ren O'Neal is also very polite, but he is always entangled in his heart as to how to return to his planet.

"Since it is your hometown, I have covered this place." Xingyue Shen'er said very chic and domineering, and said to Su Ping: "That guy just wants this sacred tree, what kind of tree is this?"

"I don't know, it just grew up in my hometown." Su Ping said truthfully.

There is no need to lie about this, they will know it immediately by searching the news.

"Just grown?" Xingyue Shen'er couldn't help but raised her head, and looked at the sacred tree curiously. She felt that the area under the canopy was blocked by mysterious power. This tree seemed to have the power of the star master realm, giving her a kind of It feels unshakable, this is definitely a valuable tree, but I dont know what the sacred tree is.

"By the way, when it comes to the sacred tree, the regular Tao tree is still with me."

Xingyue Shen'er suddenly slapped his forehead, flipped his palm, and took out the regular Taoist tree in the small world.

Seeing this regular Tao tree, everyone in Xinghai was shining.

The Tao tree exudes an aura of immortality, surrounding the atmosphere of rules, and there are hundreds of fruits under the leaves. You know, each of these fruits contains a rule!

If you take it for the Destiny Realm, you can immediately cultivate hundreds of Starry Sky Realms!

"I said earlier that the Tao fruit on the top belongs to you, and I want the tree. This time you will seize the regular Tao tree. Your credit will be the most, and you will allocate it."

Xingyue Shen'er said to Su Ping, not at all disappointed.

Su Ping's eyes shone slightly, and he was also waiting for this Taoist tree.

"How many of you three do you want?" Su Ping asked, turning his head to the old man next to him, Shennong Sanquan and others.

If he takes the initiative to distribute, he naturally wants to take all the good things, but it is easy to offend people, so he will throw the problem to others before talking.

"Brother Baitian, just look at the distribution."

"Yes, although we did a little bit of effort, if we weren't there for you, we would have been wiped out, and we would not be able to get one."

"Brother Baitian, please divide it as you like, just give us what you don't need."

The three of them all smiled.

Seeing that they kicked the ball back again, Su Ping thought for a while and said, "Each of you...one?"


The three of them were stunned, staring at each other, and the corners of their mouths twitched slightly.

Although it is for you to watch the distribution, it is too dark for you!

There are hundreds of fruits, but only three for us? !

The three of them were speechless, but they had already spoken, and no one wanted to speak up first, and didn't want to be the villain.

"Since the three agree, so be it." Su Ping was overjoyed when they were silent for a while, and said with a smile: "Then I would like to thank the three of them."


The three of them looked at each other, and they all saw what they meant. Why didn't you speak? !

At this point, the three of them couldnt say anything. They all sighed in their hearts. Although there would be no such ruled Taoist tree without Su Ping, there were hundreds of fruits, and each of them only took one, and there was still quite a bit of disapproval in their hearts. taste.

Su Ping naturally knows that this distribution is a bit jealous, but it is the result of the rules! It is a super rare resource!

Any one is enough to make the destiny to break the head, grab it at all costs!

Even for the Starry Sky Realm, it is a very precious thing. Otherwise, why are so many Starry Sky Realms willing to go all out to fight for the Star Master behind them?

With such important resources, Su Ping could not give in.

When other people saw that Su Ping had been assigned, they all gave these three people a look with sympathy, but they also knew that if it was them, they would feel distressed if they gave one more.

Xingyue Shen'er looked calm and didn't say anything. How to distribute it was Su Ping's freedom. After all, the Taoist tree was robbed back by Su Ping. After all, she could get the Taoist tree, but she still owed Su Ping a favor. Plus that reminder... There are two favors altogether.


At this time, Su Ping had already taken action and quickly removed the rule fruit from the rule road tree, and received the storage space as much as possible, leaving only three medium-sized fruits.

The size and year of the fruit are closely related to the rules inside.

Among them, there are seven of the most mature and huge fruits, and the rules contained in them are all top stars in the starry sky, and they have become a complete road!

The seven fruits alone can create seven starry tops!

Looking at the three lonely fruits on this regular Taoist tree, everyone was a little dry-mouthed and too greedy. They only hated why they didn't have the ability to fight for the leader and grabbed this regular Taoist tree. Otherwise, they will surely jump for a long time, and their strength will skyrocket several times!

Some people turned their eyes and were already considering whether to exchange some rare artifacts with Su Ping.

After all, Su Ping must have taken the fruit that requires so many rules by himself for his relatives.

Even at the top of the starry sky, you dont need the fruits of so many rules to strengthen your own rules. When you understand the rules to the degree close to the Tao, you can only rely on your own perception, and then take or observe the power of other rules, it is difficult to comprehend by analogy.

When everyone was thinking about it, suddenly the whole world was shaken.

To be precise, the entire starry sky is shaking!

"The All-Federal Universe Genius War officially begins on April 1st of the Federal Calendar!"

"Under the stars, any race within our Federation can join the war!"

A vast, ancient voice sounded from the universe, oscillating in the starry sky, making this silent universe shock and silent.

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