Astral Pet Store Chapter 851

Chapter 948: Four Theological Academy For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"The cosmic genius war has begun..."

There is a starry sky murmur.

Others looked at the deep universe above their heads in shock.

"This seems to be the voice of the Supreme Mu Shen..."

"Is this time the Master of Faun presided over again? This is the power of the Supreme Divine Realm..." Someone yearned for it infinitely.

Su Ping heard this sudden voice, coupled with the discussions of the people in Xinghai, and couldn't help being startled. Is this a supreme divine realm speaking?

This is comparable to the existence of the four supreme gods of the demigods!

Even Joanna's deity is much inferior!

"The power of the Supreme Divine Realm is really unfathomable, and it can directly speak in the entire universe..." Xingyue Shener muttered to herself, her eyes gleaming, this is what she desires and pursues.

Conferred God Realm?

For her, that is the realm that will be reached sooner or later.

But the Supreme Divine Realm... this is the level that really makes her passionate and dreams of.

But she knew that this realm was too far away. In the entire universe federation, countless geniuses were born, but a supreme **** realm may not be born in a thousand years!

Every Supreme God Realm is the God of War in the Federation and represents the strongest power!

Just like before the Interstellar Age, humans lived on blue stars, and nuclear weapons were the strongest power of humans.

The Supreme Divine Realm is equivalent to the nuclear weapon in the battle pet division, with the power to sweep everything and destroy the universe!

"I don't know which monsters will be born in this year's cosmic genius battle."

"Don't say anything else, it is estimated that the one we saw in Xianfu will definitely participate in the competition and is expected to get a very high ranking."

"It's not necessarily. Those monsters suddenly rushed out of the fairy mansion. It may be possible for that person to fall into it."

"It's hard to say, that kind of evildoer, there must be a life-saving secret treasure in his hand, if the other party does not have a master of the gods behind, I am a hundred unbelievers.

"Unfortunately, I have no part with us. Back then, when the cosmic geniuses fought, I was still in the Destiny Realm, and only got the top 10,000 in the star area." Shennong Sanquan exclaimed.

When the others heard him, they were all taken aback.

"The star area is ten thousand? Senior Three Punch is too strong, right!"

"There are hundreds of galaxies in the entire star area, so many geniuses, able to enter the top ten thousand, it is no wonder that the three-fist seniors can now cultivate to the top of the starry sky and have such terrible strength!"

"In other words, when Brother Baitian participated in the cosmic genius battle, he should have obtained higher nouns?" Next to him, Old Man Shiguang asked curiously.

The others were stunned and looked at Su Ping. Su Ping's previous performance in the Immortal Mansion was completely the top of the starry sky realm. Looking at the entire federation, they were all the starry top leaders.

To say that Su Ping was unknown when he was in the Destiny Realm, they would never believe it.


Su Ping was stunned, seeing the expressions of the people, and suddenly reacted, and said with a wry smile: "I haven't participated in the cosmic genius battle. In other words, what are the benefits of participating in the cosmic genius battle? If you get the championship, what rare rewards are there?"

"Benefits? Rewards?"

Everyone was shocked.

Xingyue Shen'er couldn't help raising her eyebrows and staring at Su Ping.

Judging from Su Ping's appearance, it seems that he really doesn't know about it, otherwise there is no need to play dumb.

A combat power like Su Ping's pretending to be a fool is completely lowering his force.

"Brother Baitian didn't participate in the cosmic genius battle? Could it be that the retreat practice missed it? This..." Everyone was surprised and surprised. They didn't expect Su Ping to be so amazing and brilliant, and he never participated in the genius battle. The grand event of the universe, as for the benefits and rewards mentioned by Su Ping, it goes without saying!

"Brother Baitian is really different from me. I dont even bother to participate in the battle of geniuses. If you want to say this benefit, it is naturally great. First of all, fame. If you can get the top 10,000 in the star area like the three-fist seniors, even At higher rankings, you will also be rewarded and appreciated by the constellation lord..."

"You know, the lords of the star area are all powerhouses in the Conferred God Realm!"

There was a starry sky sigh, and said enviously.

Others are nodding their heads. If they can stand out in the star area and get the appreciation of the Conferred God Realm, they must have a promising future. If they can be accepted as apprentices, the possibility of becoming a star master in the future will be greatly improved!

"The appreciation of the stellar lord?"

Su Ping asked curiously: "What if you get a higher ranking, such as a championship."


Someone looked at Su Ping and took the initiative to answer him: "If you get the champion of the zone, you will basically be abandoned by the lord of the zone and accepted as a disciple, and you will be a direct disciple, and there will be strong people in the sealed gods. Its easy to break into the starry sky, and becoming a star master is just around the corner."


The others nodded.

Su Ping saw that he would be wrong about what he meant, so he had to say: "Then what if you win the championship?"

"The general match?"

Everyone was taken aback, a little surprised, and looked at Su Ping.

Dare to think about this? !

Championship? This is the genius battle of the Federation in the whole universe!

Winning the championship means being the first person under the stars in the universe!

You know, the contestants are basically geniuses, and after layers of screening, the number of top geniuses selected from each star area is very large!

Then stand out from these top talents and win the first place... This is even 100 million times less difficult than winning the lottery!

Xingyue Shen'er raised her eyebrows slightly, but there was a flash of appreciation in her eyes when she looked at Su Ping. This mentality fits her preferences and fits her philosophy very well. It should be the way to be a human being. If you want to be a top-notch, be a top-notch. the first!

As for whether you can get it, that is another matter, but first of all, you have to dare to think!

If you can't even think about it, let alone do it.

If you didn't expect it, but did it by accident, it can only be called **** luck!

"Winning the championship of the general competition, the advantage is great." Xingyue Shen'er said, "First of all, the first advantage is to be able to choose a supreme **** realm powerhouse to enter his sect to practice, and In all likelihood, they will be cultivated as core disciples or even direct disciples!"

"You know, the Supreme Divine Realm will not accept disciples easily. Of course, I am referring to the direct disciple. Once you become a direct disciple of the Supreme Divine Realm, it means that your senior brothers and sisters... are all in the Conferred God Realm!"

"Even the weakest one will be the super strong in the star master realm!"

"This is the network!"

"Secondly, the top ten prizes of the total competition can enter the Federation's SSS-level Shenhai universe secret realm, where you can see the secrets of the Conferred God Realm. This is why, among the top ten cosmic geniuses in the past, at least two or three. Its because of being able to step into the Conferred God Realm!"

"Don't underestimate that only two or three people can enter. You know, the probability is very, very high. The birth of a Conferred God Realm can be said to be one out of billions, and hundreds of galaxies can be born. One exists!"

"And in the top ten of the genius battle, the probability of being born in the Conferred God Realm is at least one-fifth!"

"Of course, the top ten who can enter the general competition are all super enchanting talents selected from countless billions of talents, and they themselves have been screened."

"In addition to these, if you win the top ten in the general competition, you will be invited by countless forces and won by organizations from all sides. Simply put, you have the Supreme God Realm as a master, and the training resources are free to choose, and everything is worry-free. , You just need to fully display your talent and potential and work hard to cultivate."

Su Ping was stunned.

SSS-level Shenhai Universe Secret Realm?

Peep into the secret of Fengshen?

He was a little moved, and the temptation was indeed too great.

Although he is not even in the Destiny Realm now, Su Ping knows that sooner or later he will embark on the road of consecrating the gods!

It is extremely difficult to cultivate to the Conferred God Realm, even if it is a guy like Joanna who has fought in the Demigod Land for so many years, his cultivation is only limited to the Conferred God Realm and cannot go further!

The higher you go, the harder it is to practice.

But now, there is a chance to peek into the secrets of Fengshen Realm, which is definitely a great benefit!

"If you participate in the competition, you just need to be under the stars, right?" Su Ping asked.

Xingyue Shener said without hesitation: "Yes, it must be under the starry sky. In previous cosmic genius battles, there have always been some ignorant forces on the planet, trying to hide their cultivation bases with some strange and weird techniques they have obtained, which is clearly the starry sky. However, he went to the competition under the guise of a starry sky, and the results were all checked out and severely punished!"

Su Ping nodded, he was under the real starry sky, so there was no need to worry about this.

"I'll try it too, maybe I can get a top ten in the total." Su Ping said with a smile.

He knows that there are so many geniuses in the Federation. The purple-robed youth in the Immortal Mansion was an enchanting guy, who is stronger than such an enchanting guy. Su Ping doesn't know how much there is. He is in the top ten of the general competition and Su Ping is not that old. Sure, but in the face of such a great advantage as peeping into the secret of the Conferred God, it is still worth trying.

"You want to participate?"

Everyone was stunned when they heard Su Ping's words, and immediately opened their mouths in surprise.

It took a few seconds before someone reacted and couldnt help saying: "Brother Defeated Heaven, this cosmic genius battle can only be achieved by the cultivation base under the stars. Lord Gang also said that once the cultivation base exceeds, no matter how disguised it is. It's useless, especially when it comes to the general match, the Supreme Divine Realm sits and watches in person, and no one can hide the eyes of the Supreme Divine Realm."

"Yes, Brother Baitian is better not to take risks."

Others hurriedly persuaded that they saw that Su Ping seemed to be very interested in rewards. It is no wonder that anyone can restrain the rewards of this championship, but they can't even think about getting a top ten ranking in the championship. , Even the top ten of the stars are extremely far away, not to mention that their cultivation base has exceeded the standard.

No one dares to cheat under the eyes of the Supreme God Realm, this is impossible!

Xingyue Shen'er also frowned and looked at Su Ping suspiciously.

Su Ping saw their reaction and knew that if he wanted to participate in the competition, he would be exposed sooner or later, and said, "Well, who said I am going to cheat, my cultivation base is totally suitable for participating in this."


Everyone was stunned, and the air fell into silence for several seconds.

A group of people stared wide-eyed, a little confused.

When they reacted to the meaning of Su Pings words, their eye sockets became bigger and bigger, and then a series of deep breaths were heard. At that time, the old man Guang trembled: "Bai, brother Baitian, you say yours The cultivation base... is totally appropriate? Isn't it..."

"You didn't hide your cultivation base?!" Next to him, Xingyue Shen'er also reacted, and instantly thought of the reason. With her concentration, she couldn't help but lose her voice and surprise.

She hasn't perceived that Su Ping's true cultivation level has always stayed in the Void Cave Realm, which made her think of the reason first.

Only when Su Ping's cultivation base is real, she can't perceive Su Ping's hidden cultivation base!

After all, people didn't hide it at all, how can you perceive it to hide? !

Thinking of this, Xingyue Shen'er's expression was a bit sluggish, and the deputy leader beside her also shrank and was a little shocked.

This young man in front of him is actually just a mere virtual cave realm? !

In the previous battle of Xianfu, they could clearly see all the power displayed by Su Ping, that is by no means inferior to the top of the starry sky, and even the top of the starry sky!

The purple-robed youth swept across the starry sky with the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, which was already stunning enough to shock the surroundings.

As a result, Su Ping, who defeated him, was actually cultivated to a level lower than him? !

What kind of evil is this Nima! !

Everyone who reacted, with their mouths opening wider than the other, they all looked at Su Ping dumbfoundedly.

They call the brothers and brothers, and the incomparably awe-inspiring "Brother Defeating Heaven", is actually just a virtual cave...?

This unscientific! !

Among the crowd, Ryan O'Neal was buzzing in his brain, which made his scalp numb.

Void Cave Realm... Void Cave Realm...

These words floated through his mind repeatedly, and at the same time, he flashed a picture of Su Ping's shop. He knew that the boy in front of him was not only a war pet master, but also a nurturing master! !

If Su Ping is a starry sky apex who has lived for an unknown number of years, he can still accept some, but a virtual cave realm... how long can it last?

Moreover, Su Ping's combat power leap is too terrifying, it is incredible!

Under this extraordinary combat power span, Su Ping still has the leisure to become a trainer, and is still a trainer!

I'm afraid I'm dreaming?

Ren O'Neal looked dull as if struck by lightning.

It took a full few minutes before the dead silence was broken. Xingyue Shen'er's eyes were fiery, staring at Su Ping scorchingly, and said: "Are you serious, are you really a virtual cave?"

Although she had judgment in her heart, she still couldn't believe this fact.

The evildoer was like her, and she was far less exaggerated than Su Ping in the Void Hole Realm. At most, she had fought against the mid-Starry Sky Realm. This was enough to make her proud of countless people of the same rank and age.

Don't forget, the person in her family is Fengshen Realm!

With that person's cultivation, she could only do this, but among the juniors of other Conferred God Realms, she was definitely able to handle it.

"Um..." Su Ping was a little helpless, I never concealed it from you, can't you tell?

Seeing Su Ping nodding, everyone fell silent again.

A storm blew in everyone's mind and felt that they needed to slow down. The news was too frightening.

"Well, please look at it, everyone. I am going to retreat. Do you know where to sign up for this cosmic genius battle?" Su Ping coughed lightly when everyone stopped talking.

Xingyue Shen'er recovered and immediately said: "You don't need to sign up, I will take you to the Shenfu Academy, where there are places, which can save you from the preliminary audition."

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