Astral Pet Store Chapter 852

Chapter 949: Visit Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Shenfu Academy?"

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment, and said, "Is it the four major Shenfu academies?"

"Yes, only they are qualified to get such a place, other colleges don't have this ability." Xingyue Shen'er's eyes flashed with brilliance, and he stared at Su Ping:

"Since you now know that you are in the Void Cave Realm, don't worry, sister will **** you for your participation this time!"


Su Ping's point of attention is on very strange things. The main reason is that the girl in front of him impressed him too deeply. If such a guy calls his sister in front of him, isn't he the younger brother of the second?

"Dare to ask the leader how old are you this year?" Su Ping asked curiously, without showing disrespect.

Age is one thing, and the opponent's Star Realm cultivation base is still worthy of respect.


Xingyue Shen'er immediately noticed Su Ping's thoughts, and smiled a little bit. She almost took the initiative to act, but she was still disgusted?

"Don't you know, is it impolite to ask about the age of a goddess?" She sternly said: "Anyway, I am a elder sister. Even if you are eight hundred years older than me, I am also a elder sister, waiting for you When the cultivation level surpasses me, come and discuss with me, otherwise you will have to call sister obediently in the future, you know!"

She raised her chin, extremely arrogant.

"Well, all right."

Su Ping had no choice but to admit it.

He suddenly thought of the middle-aged girl in Xianfu. This second girl said that she was in the starry sky realm or the star master realm when she seemed to be in her eighties. Anyway, she should be at least 80 years old, dont say being herself. My sister, you can be a grandmother.

It's just that this little grandma, Zhong Erzhi's spirit is too strong.

Everyone in Xinghai has strange faces. Although the leader acts like a girl, his strength is the strongest among the star leaders. They never call them such a close name, and they dare not climb high. In the end, they came to Su Ping. Here, I was disgusted, but then again, monsters like Su Ping are indeed qualified to talk to the star giants on an equal footing.

Everyone was envious, and sighed, Su Ping's future becoming a star realm is almost ironclad.

With the cultivation base of the Void Hole Realm, it can be comparable to the top of the starry sky. If even a monster like Su Ping can't become a star master, who can do it?

The more people think about it, the more helpless they are. They are also human beings. Why is there such a big gap in being a human being?

You let us starry sky realm, how can you have a face to talk to you?

"When are you going to go?" Seeing Su Ping honestly agreed, Xingyue Shen'er was delighted, somewhat proud and proud. She didn't mind getting closer to Su Ping, let alone the favor she owed Su Ping. It was Su Ping's talent that allowed her to determine that Su Ping's future prospects would not be inferior to hers.

Even if she has the help of that old guy, she will take off again in the future, but Su Ping may also become an existence on an equal footing with her.

This means that they will not be alienated from each other due to the difference in strength in the future, and they can become close friends!

In the hundreds of thousands of years, it is definitely a great blessing to get a great friend!

"Wait after I retreat." Su Ping asked, "Is it too late?"

"It's too late, and you can retreat in my spaceship. I have a first-class star power room, suitable for retreat practice. You can hurry to the Shenfu Academy when you retreat."

Su Ping nodded, looked at the blue ocean below her feet, feeling a little nostalgic, and said: "I just returned home and want to visit my old friends first. If you are bored, you can join me or go around by yourself. My hometown is still very beautiful."


"I went to play with Brother Baitian."

"I wandered around, seeing and seeing the demeanor of the Origin Star."

The others agreed with a smile.

Xingyue Shen'er glanced at the towering sacred tree behind them, and said: "This sacred tree is a bit peculiar. That guy was attracted by this thing before, do you think about what to do? If you continue to stay here, It is estimated that after we leave, someone will come to **** it."

Su Ping raised his head and glanced, a little bit awkward, this sacred tree is so peculiar, he still doesn't know what effect it will have.

However, if you go to ask those old friends on Blue Star, you should know how this sacred tree will come out.

"I'll get to know the situation first, and wait until I leave." Su Ping said.

Xingyue Shen'er nodded.


Next, Su Ping took the Star Moon God and many starry sky realms to the Asian land area.

There are also starry skies of the Star Alliance, and they are flying around, wanting to appreciate the scenery of the Blue Star.

This war has come to an end at this moment. Everyone on the two planets has seen Xingyue Shener and others, knowing that these are the big brothers of the starry sky, especially the deputy leader who smashed the strangely dressed young man. There is no doubt that it is a giant in the star realm!

Standing respectfully by Xingyue Shen'er, he immediately brought out the identity of this girl, which was even more extraordinary.

And these people... seem to be Su Ping's friends!

"It's the lord!"

"Lord Lane is back!"

"He is standing in the crowd, as if he is surrounded by existences like him, tusk..."

The whole Rhea planet is boiling.

When seeing Ren O'Neal, all members of the nervous Ren family were relieved and felt that they had found the backbone.

And on Thunder Island, in the mountains.

Many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have complex expressions.

When they saw Raine O'Neal, they knew that they couldn't take this opportunity to leave the planet. Once they broke the barrier, the lord of the Rain family would definitely rush to them and return them back.


"Just now, that hybrid seemed to kill the human race in the starry sky realm..."

"How can the power of this hybrid be so strong?"

Some Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts turned their heads and looked at the ground before the execution. The snow-white long pythons and the burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were still locked there, entangled with chains and nails, blocking their power.

The reason for their execution was that they were born mixed, which is the shame of the dragon race!

But now...is this really a shame?

The snow-white scaly Thunder Dragon Beast was born in the humble body of this snow-white python, but it has power beyond their imagination!

Is this really an inferior bastard? !


The Snow White Python and the burly Thunder Dragon Beast looked at each other, and they could see the joy and tears in each other's eyes. They were very pleased to see that their children were unharmed and had such a powerful force.

Even if they die, they are at ease.

At least they see that their children have grown up, and under that human hand, they have a unique power!

"The Patriarch..."

An elder of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast couldn't help looking at the towering figure. This was the leader of their clan and the only starry sky Thunder Dragon Beast.

Hearing this call, many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts cast their eyes on that figure.

This towering figure shook slightly, as if awakened from a dream, and as if it could not bear the attention. Its dragon tail flicked slightly, like a human being subconsciously touching the bridge of his nose. For uncomfortable physical reactions.

"Should the execution continue?" The elder whispered for instructions.

be quiet.

The long silence.

There was no sound on the entire mountain. The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast who had previously called for the execution of this despicable python was dumb at the moment. Although they still disliked the long python, they were more afraid of it.

If you really kill them...Will the white guy come back to avenge them?

Their Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are imprisoned here, like pigs, for humans to slaughter and hunt... In such a difficult situation, should they continue to kill each other?

The silence lasted for several minutes, and an old voice sighed a little, and said, "I'll detain them first, and the execution will be suspended."

Hearing this, many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were inexplicably relieved.

The elder was obviously relieved, and immediately agreed.

The snow-white python and the burly thunder dragon beast on the ground looked at each other and couldn't help being surprised. They did not expect that their children would bring such a big deterrent and saved them invisibly!


On the blue star.

In the Longjiang base in the Asian land area.


Su Ping, led by Xingyue Shener and others, galloped in, and under the satellite shooting of the global media, entered the Longjiang base city.

Everyone knows that this is Su Ping, the hometown of the Blue Star Lord, where he was born!

This is also true that Longjiang has become Bluestar's current economic center and the world's number one base city!

After integrating with the federal government, Longjiang also began to expand. The base city was more than ten times larger than before. The slums in the base city have now become high-end areas, and it is hard to find a house.

In the more outer areas, they have also been rebuilt and the economy is developed.

The street where Suping opened the shop has now become one of the most prosperous commercial streets in the base city, and it is a world-renowned location, because everyone knows that the Blue Star Lord once opened a shop and did business here.

This is not only a commercial street, but also a world-famous 5A-level attraction!

"It's Boss Su!"

"Boss Su is back..."

In the city of Longjiang Base, a series of legendary figures galloped out with excitement.

They are the five big families, and there are many surviving legends of peak towers.

The legend of Peak Tower used to complain about Su Ping and treat each other, but then with Nie Huofeng's defeat and Su Ping's feat of saving the world, no one has any more thoughts about Su Ping.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as Yuan Tianchen.

He did not take root in Longjiang base city, but chose another base city.

At this moment, he can only look at Su Ping in the media footage, flying towards Longjiang, and his mood is complicated.

He didn't expect that the guy who had competed with his granddaughter for inheritance had now reached such a height!

The starry sky realm was killed at will, and in the powerful federation, this young man's performance was still domineering and fierce!

"At the beginning... maybe it was a mistake, Lu'er, I don't know if you could catch up with him in that academy..." Yuan Tianchen muttered to himself, feeling complicated and contradictory.

He knew that even if he bowed his head to apologize to Su Ping, it would be of no avail. On the contrary, he tried his best not to show up in front of the other party. Maybe the other party would forget a small person like him.


Su Ping saw Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang.

They flew out from the base and greeted Su Ping quickly.

Xie Jinshui has now stepped into the realm of legend, the realm of the vast sea.

Su Ping felt that his aptitude was good at the beginning, and he was expected to cultivate into a legend by his own ability, but he didn't miss it.

In fact, after getting in line with the Federation and obtaining many training methods from the Federation, many titles in the Blue Star have become legends, including the Qin Shujian of the Qin family.

Moreover, the contemporary young master of the Qin family, Qin Shaotian, also stayed on the Blue Star, ready to inherit the family business.

At this moment, Qin Shaotian was already in the title realm, and rushed to meet Su Ping with his father.

He no longer looks like a teenager, but a young man, his face has matured a lot, and he has become more restrained, as if a lot of edges and corners have been erased.

Su Ping saw many old faces, and soon he was shocked and saw his father and mother.

Father Su Yuanshan came galloping over and rushed over with his mother with star power, both of them were very excited.

But beside them, Su Ping didn't see the guy who made him headache and missed, and wanted to bully, ravage and miss.

His heart sank slightly.

"Dad, mom."

Su Ping greeted him and immediately said, "Where is my younger sister?"

The mother grabbed Su Ping by the shoulders, hugged him directly, and after the hug, she looked at Su Ping carefully, and said, "You've lost weight..."

The father beside him smiled and said, "Your sister said that she wanted to go out for a while. If she wanted to catch up with you, she went to other planets. I can't control her. Young people always go out to exercise, although the world It's dangerous, but it's meaningless to stay in one place for a lifetime."

The corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, and few fathers could say such a thing.

This is your little padded jacket. Although it is leaky, you also see it too openly!

With that guy's ability, going to other planets will probably suffer.

Su Ping sighed in his heart. Although helpless, he has to say that this is no way. No one can protect others forever. Everyone has his own life.

It's not the ability to live for a long time, but to live wonderfully.

"Boss Su."

"Boss Su."

Next to him, Qin Duhuang and the head of the Ye family greeted them respectfully.

Qin Shujian and Qin Shaotian, who stood beside Qin Duhuang, had piercing and mysterious eyes. They could be said to have watched Su Ping grow up all the way, but now they have been left behind by Su Ping a hundred thousand miles.

However, they didn't have any jealousy, but sighed.

Some monsters are like this. You can never catch up. Competing with such monsters will only make yourself miserable.

And Su Ping is such a monster.

Seeing these old faces, Su Ping felt nostalgic for them, and had a very kind feeling, and nodded and said, "It's been a long time since I saw them. During this period of time, I have worked hard for you."

"No hard work, no hard work."

"Fortunately, Boss Su, you will come back in time."

"Boss Su, are these all your friends?"

Everyone was very polite and respectful. There was also Liu Tianzong in it. He had a deeper holiday with Su Ping, but after their Liu family apologized, it has been resolved. He knows that people like Su Ping will not continue to talk to Su Ping. The Liu family cares about them, but they feel that things have changed in the world, and their lives are too strange.

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