Astral Pet Store Chapter 853

Chapter 950: Ancient Sacred Beast And Tree Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Well, they are all friends."

Su Ping answered briefly.

But this answer caused the surrounding Qin Duhuang, Xie Jinshui and others to feel shocked. These people beside Su Ping, like the "alien tree-grabbers" they had encountered before, gave them extremely terrifying and peaceful Unfathomable feeling, there is no doubt that these are the big guys in the starry sky!

After only a short period of time, Su Ping actually handed so many terrifying starry sky experts to his side?

This is how the strong attract each other?


At this moment, a figure whizzed in from a distance, and then suddenly shuttled, beside everyone, a tall figure walked out of the void, it was Nie Huofeng who was treated in a special nursing home.

He was seriously injured at the moment, but his back seemed to be straight on the surface, and there was no sign of weakness at all.

"Boss Su..."

Seeing Su Ping, Nie Huofengs expression was a bit complicated. For a while, he even thought about Su Pings name, including "Brother Su" and "Lord Lord". In the end, he chose Su Ping to be called. One of the most popular titles.

When he finished calling Su Ping, Nie Huofeng looked at the Xingyue Shener next to Su Ping. At this sight, his heart was shaken, and he quickly saluted him respectfully: "Junior Nie Huofeng, see Senior."


Xingyue Shen'er promised indifferently. At a glance, she could see that the aptitude of the starry sky in the early stage was somewhat ordinary. The concentration of star power in the body was slightly weaker than that of the ordinary starry sky in the early stage. This is probably because the star power concentration on the origin star was too low. , Coupled with its lack of qualifications.

Naturally, Nie Huofeng didn't know. When meeting for the first time, he left a "sloppy aptitude" evaluation in the eyes of the star master realm giant senior. If he knew it, he would most likely vomit blood in his heart.

His aptitude is by no means bad. Now that the Blue Star has unlocked the seal, the concentration of his star power has skyrocketed, and he used to be called really barren!

In that era, he had already cultivated to the Starry Sky Realm, and his talent was evident. If he was born on another planet in the Federation, with his talent and tenacity, he would have achieved some achievements long ago, and it would never be just the beginning of the Starry Sky Realm.

"You are injured." Su Ping looked at Nie Huofeng, and at a glance he could see that the opponent's breath was unstable and his body was injured.

Nie Huofeng's heart was dark, and he felt Su Ping's toughness more and more. At this moment, he couldn't help but think of Su Ping's previous scenes of killing many alien invaders. Ju, the people who came to plunder the sacred tree earlier, I spoke to persuade me and got hurt a little."

He didn't spit out bitterly, but he still took credit for a little bit.

Su Ping nodded, "Thanks, if you have time in the future, give me your pet beast, and I will help you nurture it."

Nie Huofeng had already inquired about Su Ping's details, and knew that his cultivation methods were extremely strong, and that he had far surpassed the level of the Blue Star. Even if he was dropped into the Federation, he would be considered a relatively good level.

"Thank you Boss Su," Nie Huofeng said quickly.

With a flick of his finger, Su Ping flew out an elixir. This is an extra elixir that he can't eat. It can heal injuries and purify the energy in the body. "You take this first."

Nie Huofeng was a little confused, took a look and nodded.

At this time, someone in Xinghai League asked curiously: "Brother Baitian, why do they call you Boss Su? Do you know how to cultivate pet beasts?"

"Understand a little bit." Su Ping nodded.

This is not deliberately humble and pretending, but he has seen the power of the system, knowing his cultivation methods, in the eyes of the system, he was only rated as a junior educator.

It's just a beginner...

"It's a little bit..." Ren O'Neill, who stood at the back of the crowd, said silently in his heart.

Your dignified nurturing masters only speak a little understanding, so why do those nurturing masters feel embarrassed?

"Brother Baitian is really versatile..."

"Unexpectedly, Brother Baitian is only the cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm. Not only does his combat power reach the sky, he also knows how to cultivate pet beasts. This is quite an effort."

"Tsk, say that, if Brother Baitian specializes in cultivation, wouldn't he be stronger?"

Everyone in Xinghai League said with emotion, many people seized the opportunity and quickly praised.

Although Su Ping said that he was a virtual cave realm, they didn't despise it in the slightest. They changed to another virtual cave realm. They didn't even look at it. Ant-like creatures could be killed by raising their hands.

But Su Ping... can defeat them when he raises his hand!

This is by no means a serious virtual cave realm!

Ryan O'Neal didn't flatter him, he just smiled. You don't know anything about this guy's cultivation ability!

But... this is great!

Xingyue Shener glanced at Su Ping strangely, but didn't think deeply. Some geniuses always have strange interests. She knows many such people. For example, some people like to gamble, and some people like to travel around. People like to make movies, and others like to arrange flowers...not that flower.

And these geniuses all have a characteristic, that is, they spend a lot of time doing these things of interest.

On the contrary, fighting and training have become his sideline, but this does not affect his strength in the slightest. The world of genius is always incomprehensible to ordinary people, not to mention Su Ping in front of him is still a monster!

"Brother Baitian?"

Qin Duhuang, Liu Tianzong and others looked at Su Ping suspiciously.

They have learned the Commonwealth in this period of time, but they are quite puzzled by what these people call Su Ping. When did Boss Su have this name?

Seeing their confused expressions, Su Ping's cheeks blushed slightly, and he gave a light cough, and said, "Go back first, Mom, Dad, let's go back too, I want to eat dumplings."

"Okay, okay, I'll do it for you when I go back." Mom heard it, with a smile on her face, her eyes looked at the Xingyue Shener next to her from time to time, as if she was looking and thinking about something.

And this kind of look, Su Yuanshan next to him is very familiar, this is appreciating the daughter-in-law...

Its just that, after all, he is a legendary battle pet master. At a glance, although this girl seems to be young, she is obviously the leader of this group of people. He can make a crowd of stars bow their heads, and let Nie Huofeng call Senior as soon as he arrives. Is a stronger presence.

And those who are higher than the Starry Sky Realm... are all overlords of one party.

Obviously, such a woman could not be regarded as their family. Although he knew that his son was very good, he might still have some difficulty in conquering such an overlord.

But... Come on, son!

Su Yuanshan cheered silently in his heart and smiled.

Su Ping saw the strange smiles of the old couple and felt uncomfortable. Without thinking about it, Su Ping took them back to Longjiang together.

Xingyue Shen'er and many Star Sea Alliance stars also followed Su Ping into this base city. Their thoughts have swept the entire base city long ago, but since this is Su Pings hometown, they didnt show it so straightforwardly. It was only a cryptic detection and found that this city is clearly an emerging economic city.

It seems that the hometown of this brother Baitian is developing rapidly...


Back in Longjiang, Su Ping greeted Nie Huofeng, Qin Duhuang and others, set a banquet and had a drink, which was also considered a celebration of the victory of the previous war.

At the same time, I also expressed my gratitude to Nie Huofeng and the others.

The banquet was divided into two classes. Qin Duhuang and the others were sitting on a few tables under these stars, while everyone in the Xinghai League was sitting at the other two tables. Although Su Ping intentionally asked Qin Duhuang and others to make friends with these starry sky realms and pave the way for them, he didn't go too aggressively and directly let them eat at the same table. I was afraid that Qin Duhuang and the others would be uncomfortable and would not know if they had a drink. How many predecessors have to be called.

The lights were brilliant, and the entire Longjiang and even the entire Blue Star were cheering.

The forces oppressing the blue star were repelled and killed by Su Ping. Their lord returned with an invincible aura, like a king coming, suppressing all disasters!

On this day, the whole world is celebrating, and all bases are cheering.

Even if it is some ordinary people, although they want to continue to work, they feel that they are also energetic at work. The topics they talk to with colleagues are all about this war.

On Blue Star's Planet website, the discussion was even more intense.

Among them, the one with the highest voice and the most recognized by everyone is that Blue Star has stood up!

From now on, Blue Star is no longer a small planet that anyone can knead!

Since Blue Star became integrated with the Federation, many companies and groups have traded with aliens, but this kind of trade is unequal. It is targeted by various parties and sells the best things, but they can only get the lowest price. , Have to please the other party, in order to open up the market, can only swallow, but now, everything will be different!

This battle after Su Ping returned not only defended the sacred tree, but also played out the dignity of the Blue Star!

From now on, no one will dare to despise the Blue Stars, let alone oppress them at will, squeeze and oppress them from all aspects!

Su Ping was so drunk, Su Ping was in a very good mood, and he was drunk. After leaving the banquet, Xingli turned around, released all the alcohol in his body, and recovered his sobriety and calmness.

Occasionally he would be happy with everyone, but when he left the crowd, he knew how to be alone.

"The matter of the sacred tree must be resolved before leaving."

Su Ping was not in a hurry to practice in retreat, he looked into the distance, and there was a divine tree faintly visible there.


Su Ping's figure flashed, and he shuttled directly into the fourth dimension, and then quickly whizzed out. When he stepped out again, he had already reached the sky over the sea, under the sacred tree.

From here, there are many base cities in all regions of Asia and the Mainland, with bright lights and prosperous prosperity.

On the sea, the night breeze was cold, and Su Ping looked at the giant sacred tree and frowned slightly. He suddenly thought of something and took out the two sacred fruits from the storage space.

"Can the system detect what kind of fruit this is?" Su Ping asked in his heart.



"You are too happy!"


Su Ping began to gritted his teeth, "Need energy again?"

"This system never takes the initiative to ask for energy." The system said indifferently, with a superior air of arrogance, "Identifying pet food is a compulsory course for educators. Your pet food appraisal skill level is too low, waiting for you to upgrade to a higher level. When the degree is higher, you will naturally know what it is."

Su Ping was stunned, and said, "But this is a sacred tree, so it's a pet food?"

"Everything is a pet beast, all things can be cultivated, and all things are pet food!" The system is extremely indifferent, but with an indomitable domineering.


Su Ping was a little speechless, and sure enough, the definition of the system always frightened him.

"Okay, then I will now upgrade my pet food appraisal technique."

"Upgrading to intermediate level requires one hundred thousand energy."

"It's easy to say."

Soon, Su Ping felt a lot of information flooding in his mind. The information was extremely complex, including various types, including trees, flowers, mushrooms, spars, and so on.

After four or five minutes, Su Ping slowly digested this large amount of information.

But he found that he still didn't recognize this sacred tree.

"Continue to improve."

"Advanced grain appraisal technique requires 50 million energy." The system said.


Isn't it decimal?

From one hundred thousand to fifty million... What kind of a ghost algorithm is this!

"You can choose to refuse." The system said indifferently.

Su Ping: "..."

Dog system, knowing that I just tasted his sweetness, how could I refuse!

"the first time."


"Ha ha."

This sound was extremely insulting.

Su Ping gritted his teeth and had no choice but to bear it.

Soon, Su Ping felt a wild torrent of information flooding into his mind. In an instant, his sea of consciousness was empty for a while. After a long time, he perceives the information, and then realizes that after this information, there is a vast ocean. To the boundless ocean, it covers countless areas.

"This is advanced food appraisal..." Su Ping muttered to himself, a little dumbfounded.

He didn't know what to say.

Really fragrant? !

Bah, even if you jump from here, you won't be able to bow your head with the system!

"This is... the ancient sacred beast tree?"

Su Ping's gaze fell on the sacred tree in front of him. This time, a large amount of relevant information jumped out of his mind automatically. This is an extremely rare super treasure!

If it's about value, at least it's at the Conferred God level!

What shocked Su Ping was the function of this sacred tree. The sacred fruit condensed on it could directly breed a powerful sacred beast! This sacred beast has a pure sacred bloodline and sacred wood essence, which is equivalent to a natural sacred beast, and has a sacred wood combat body!

This is a rather powerful God-based warfare body, characterized by extremely strong fighting endurance, and extraordinary healing and healing abilities, beyond imagination!

However, this is not the greatest value of this sacred tree.

If this divine fruit is eaten before it has been violent, it can awaken a divine wood combat body and gain a demigod physique!

The more you eat, the stronger the effect!

A complete ancient tree of sacred beasts and sacred trees has only a limited number of fruits, ninety-nine in total!

But if all the ninety-nine are eaten and eaten by the same creature, no matter what kind of cultivation level or species the creature is, it can evolve into an ancient holy beast!

The cultivation base of this ancient sacred beast... is the Conferred God Realm!

"This tree...can nurture the existence of Fengshen Realm!!"

Su Ping was shocked and speechless, too horrible, too incredible!

A sacred tree can actually do this!

No wonder, no wonder the system will say that everything is pet food, which can indeed be regarded as pet food, and it is extremely rare and top-notch existence!

"This kind of sacred tree has been extinct since ancient times. I dont know if someone in the Federation knows. Once the news comes out, it is estimated that the Conferred God Realm will come to **** it. After all, they can use this sacred tree to cultivate another one for themselves. The Conferred God Realm battle pet, even given to the already Conferred God Realm... will continue to strengthen, although it can't break through to the Supreme God Realm, it will also greatly increase its combat power!"

Su Ping's heart suddenly became a little nervous. Such a treasure falling on the Blue Star may not be a good thing. At least with his current strength, he can't hold it in the hands of the Conferred God Realm.

He can only hope that there is no information on this extinct sacred tree in the federation's database!

No one recognizes it!

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