Astral Pet Store Chapter 854

Chapter 951: Sealing Stars Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Before my participation in the war is over, I can only temporarily block Blue Star!"

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

If more people are allowed to know the news of this sacred tree, in case someone with knowledge and knowledge of some ancient books in secret realms recognizes this long extinct sacred tree, it will be a disaster for Blue Star. .

Unless he is willing to hand over others obediently.

But even if he is willing, those strong will be attracted to compete with each other, and will use Blue Star as the battlefield.

Although he has just returned to Blue Star, killing all the forces, he can take advantage of the situation to increase Blue Stars reputation, attract many powers and top consortia, and make Blue Stars economic leap and transformation, but compared with God Tree, these Can only be abandoned temporarily!

After making the decision, Su Ping quickly had a plan in his mind.

He returned to the banquet and contacted Xie Jinshui and Nie Huofeng who were drinking.

They seized the opportunity and were talking with the two starry sky realms of the Star Alliance. These two early stars were also happy to get in touch with these two extremely powerful people on the blue star, mainly to catch up with Su Ping. line.


Suddenly, when the two received the call, Nie Huofeng looked down, his eyes dimmed, and immediately said goodbye to the starry sky realm in front of him.


The starry sky realm was a little confused. When he heard that it was Su Ping's summons, his face eased, and Nie Huofeng was allowed to leave, and by the way, he asked him to mention himself in front of Su Ping.

After a while, Xie Jinshui and Nie Huofeng came to Su Ping.

"Boss Su, are you looking for us?"

Both of them were drunk, but when they saw Su Ping, they forced out the alcohol drunkenness on their bodies, saluting respectfully and calmly.

Su Ping stood on the top floor of a building in Longjiang, looking down at the bright lights in front of him, and said: "This time I come back. Although these invading forces have been resolved, I am going to take part in the cosmic genius war. I will not be in Blue Star. Staying for a long time, in order to prevent this old tree from attracting more troubles, I am going to seal the stars!"


Both of them were startled, and they were suddenly astonished.

Nie Huofeng hurriedly said: "Boss Su, you showed invincible strength right after you came back, killing all quarters, and being backed by the star master giant senior, even if others know that our Blue Star has this sacred tree, they dont dare to risk it anymore. It's violated, right?"

"Yes, Boss Su, those forces have been beaten back by you, so I must not dare to come again. If the star is sealed, we will lose too much. This is tantamount to returning to the time when the Blue Star was once." Xie Jinshui also quickly persuaded. , I am very reluctant to give up the loss caused by this star.

Once the star is sealed, it is tantamount to returning to the original.

And today's Blue Star is like a high-speed speeding train, which is connecting with the federal government, riding on the east wind of Blue Star.

"People are greedy, and friends from the Star Sea Alliance will leave with me. Even if someone is willing to stay, if they encounter other star masters, they will not dare to show their heads. You will be hurt by that time."

Su Ping didn't tell them the truth about the sacred tree, so as not to leak the news. After all, this was something related to the Conferred God Realm, and Su Ping could not guarantee that it would not provoke the greed of the two of them.

Some people can be good people, but if the temptation is enough, the world is all beasts.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the two looked at each other, Nie Huofeng hesitated and said, "Boss Su, will this matter be too rash, or whether we will discuss it longer..."

"I've decided on this matter. You can just follow the order. All losses will be doubled when I become famous in the genius war. Don't miss the big things because of the small gains in front of me."

Su Ping said without a doubt, showing the lord's tough posture.

The two of them heard a move in their hearts. Indeed, with Su Ping's talent, in this cosmic genius battle... most of them can also be famous! In this case, when Su Ping's name moves into the starry sky, it will naturally attract countless lights. Then it will not be them who will win over other forces to enter the Blue Star, but they will choose which forces to enter the Blue Star!

Thinking of this, the eyes of the two of them became a bit enthusiastic.

Sure enough, standing high and looking far away, the benefits they were impressed by were nothing but petty gains in Su Ping's view!

"I understand." Xie Jinshui nodded.

He can be said to have watched Su Ping grow up, he has great confidence in Su Ping, and now he is in line with the federation. He has already known many public common sense in the federation, such as the realm of the pet master, from legend to starry sky, and beyond. Star Lord and Conferred God, and even the Supreme God Realm known as the God of War of the Frontiers in the Federation.

Su Ping used the Void Hole Realm to kill a lot of stars indiscriminately. It was definitely an eternal evildoer, and it would surely shock many people in the Genius War.


Nie Huofeng also nodded and approved Su Ping's words.

Su Ping gave a detailed explanation, and then let the two leave.

Afterwards, Su Ping found Xingyue Shener again. At this moment, the girl was drinking at the chief of the banquet. Her face was red and her eyes were drunk. She was extremely seductive, and her sheer and vulgar temperament attracted the attention of many people. But no one dared to look blatantly, after all, this is a real powerhouse who can smash the stars by stomping!

"What's up?"

Xingyue Shener saw Su Ping appearing in the teleportation, the drunkenness in his eyes diminished slightly, but there was still a sense of drunken hazyness. In fact, for her cultivation level, it was just a thought to make herself sober. thing.

But the most relaxing moment in the world is the moment of getting drunk.


Su Ping nodded.

Xingyue Shen'er glanced at him, and had no choice but to say, "Okay."

After speaking, the figure flickered, and Su Ping came to the base city tens of thousands meters high in the sky, standing in the clouds.

Under the feet of the two of them, the square base city has shrunk to the size of a matchbox, with bright lights everywhere, like countless sparks, but outside the base, it is dark night.

"Say it."

"Senior, next I am going to retreat and participate in the genius war. This sacred tree in my hometown attracts bees and butterflies, and attracts the attention of many powerful people. I am worried that after I leave, other people will come to **** it. , Causing trauma to my planet, so I am going to seal the stars." Su Ping said very directly and authentically.

Xingyue Shen'er nodded slightly, "Understandably, you don't need to worry about this. I won't let other things annoy you. With your talent, you will surely be able to stand out in the genius battle, and even reach the top ten in the championship. Leave these trivial matters to me, and I will solve them for you!"

"Thank you!"

Su Ping looked sincere and said, "Predecessors should have many channels for your methods. At present, there are many news disseminations on the nearby galaxy network. These news will continue to ferment. I dont know if Senior can help me erase these news. ?"

"no big deal."

Xingyue Shen'er's face was calm, and said: "Since you are sealing the stars, I will contact you to smooth out the news outside, and I will also release the news. Your planet, the goddess, I will cover it. No one dared to provoke him, even those from the Star Master Realm."

"Thank you!"

Su Ping couldn't help being surprised and thanked again.

Xingyue Shen'er raised his eyebrows and said: "There is no need to be so polite. I will pay back the favor I owed you before. This is just a small matter. It is you. Now you should concentrate on trying to reach the Destiny Realm as much as possible. Say, you can maximize your strength. In addition, if you participate in the war, sister, I will follow you all the way. If you get the ranking then, you will be sisters live advertisement..."

"no problem."

Su Ping smiled.

Xingyue Shen'er glanced at him and said: "Also, I am not allowed to call me senior in the future, this goddess is talented and peerless...Although she is not as enchanting as you, she is still very young, okay? I thought I had cultivated for thousands of years, even tens of thousands of years, how could this work?"


"You will call me Sister Shener from now on, you know?"


"What do you call it? If most people dare to call it that way, I just tore his mouth!"


Su Ping smiled bitterly and had to agree.

In any case, Xingyue Shen'er promised to help herself conceal the news about the Blue Star God Tree, and Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and solved his headache for him.

Fortunately, this second-year young lady, who is relatively young and has little experience, could not recognize this extinct sacred tree, otherwise she might not agree to it.


The next day.

Su Ping accompanied his parents for a day.

It's rare to come back. He stayed with his parents, watched TV with his mother, and listened to his mother talking about his parents' shortcomings, such as the loss of a dog in a neighbor's house, such as what kind of stuffing should be mixed with dumplings to make the dumpling more flavorful...

Su Ping enjoys this kind of ordinary life.

Although doing nothing for a day and delaying his cultivation, he has always been either cultivating or cultivating pet beasts. He is cultivating world cultivation, and it feels like he hasn't been so relaxed for a long time.

In this relaxation, Su Ping couldn't help thinking, what is life? Are you immersed in walking to the top and being alone by your side, or just alive and happy?

Su Ping thinks that the latter should be more important and meaningful.

However, if you want to be truly happy, you must reach the pinnacle, or the tragedy will happen sooner or later, and at that time, he will have no ability to resist. He can only cry desperately in the face of the tragedy, regretting that he had been wasteful time.

The third day.

Su Ping bid farewell to his parents and embarked on a journey.

Before leaving, the sacred tree concluded two more sacred fruits, which Su Ping accepted, and he left the purple-green python, and asked Nie Huofeng to help him collect the sacred fruits that were born later.

Su Ping will let Ziqing Gou Python keep these collected divine fruits for him.

Among Su Ping's many battle pets, apart from the Abyssal Star Worm, the Violet Pygmy Python is the weakest. Although its aptitude has reached a special level, its blood is too much.

Being able to cultivate to the present level with the bloodline of Tier VI, with combat power comparable to that of the Starry Sky Realm, is already unthinkable and beyond people's imagination.

Su Ping allowed it to stay here because he felt that the genius battle behind him was too fierce and might not be used. He also felt that it could just suppress Nie Huofeng, and he was not afraid of greed.

After all, if dozens of divine fruits had condensed during this period of time, even if Nie Huofeng was firm in his will, he could not help but try secretly.

And this ancient sacred beast and sacred tree, the trouble is that the number of divine fruits concluded is limited. Once ninety-nine divine fruits are concluded, no more divine fruits will be concluded.

And those who take it must have eaten ninety-nine capsules before they can become the Conferred God Realm, and one less will not work!

Ziqing's python followed Su Ping, and his intelligence was not low. When parting, he followed Nie Huofeng, Xie Jinshui, Qin Dudun, and Su Ping's parents to say goodbye to Su Ping.

Seeing Ziqing's reluctant gaze, Su Ping touched its head to express comfort, and then said goodbye to his parents and the crowd.

When leaving Blue Star, Su Ping first returned to the planet Rhea.

Warfite City on the planet Leia is crowded with people. It has become the largest economic city in Campo, and it has risen to several levels!

"Master Grandmaster is back."

"Who would have thought that Master Cultivation Master is still a top starry sky expert, tusk."

"This is probably the owner of the most powerful animal pet shop in history, right?"

"I don't know if we still have a chance to let Grand Master take the initiative to cultivate pet beasts for us, I am a little ashamed to give my battle pet to this adult..."

Outside the little naughty shop, the crowds were ups and downs, the streets were so crowded that their feet were barely touching the ground, and many people were even squeezed into the air. The city guards who were in charge of maintaining order on the roadside were sweaty and overwhelmed.

Su Ping didn't want to cause commotion anymore, and asked the Star Moon Gods and the others to wait here on the atmosphere of Leia, and go alone.

Afterwards, Su Ping teleported directly to the outside of the store, and when his figure flashed, he entered the store directly.

But his flashing figure caused an uproar outside the store to burst out, and countless people boiled and uttered earth-shattering shouts.

These shouts are a bit messy, because many people find that they don't even know how to call this cultivation master.

"You are back..."

Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping with a look of surprise, and then he looked complicated and called out softly.

Su Ping nodded, and said to her, Fairy Bi and Joanna next to her, "I am going to leave for a while. The cosmic genius war has begun. I want to go to the war."

"Cosmic genius war?" Joanna muttered to herself: "Is it the holy war of the gods in your world? I heard the voice from the universe before, it should be...the Supreme God."

When she learned that Su Pings world had the Supreme God, Joanna was shocked, but she felt relieved. After all, the existence behind the shop where Su Ping was seated was probably more terrifying than the Supreme God. Even though Su Pings world, she I haven't been out to walk and see, but I can imagine that this is a terrifying world far beyond her imagination.

However, she observed these humans who entered the store and found that the cultivation techniques of these humans seemed not so advanced and powerful. This made her a little confused, but she did not ask Su Ping because she felt that she would not answer when she asked Su Ping. In other words, an innocent answer...

Fairy Bi nodded slightly. The latter belonged to the Protoss and had her own name for the Immortal King, but she also felt that the voice was the power that the Immortal King had.

"I want to go too." Fairy Bi said to Su Ping: "I said, I won't let you out of my sight!"


Su Ping dumbly said, "Are you still pushing the planet?"

"Why not?" Bi Xianzi asked rhetorically.


Su Ping's mind suddenly flashed the face of Raine O'Neal, sorry brother, your lair...seems to be bumped again.

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