Astral Pet Store Chapter 855

Chapter 952: Go To Michelle Star Seeking Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Su Ping disappeared from the store, teleported into the sky tens of thousands of meters, and saw Xingyue Shener and others waiting for him here.

"Let's go."

Seeing Su Ping, Xingyue Shen'er said, "On my spaceship, you can retreat in peace, and I will call you when I get to the Amir Royal Family Academy."

"This..." Su Ping coughed lightly and said, "Or, let's take the planet to the past. Is it convenient?"

"Yeah." Xingyue Shen'er nodded subconsciously, but reacted abruptly, and said in a daze, "Riding on the planet?"

Suddenly she thought of this planet appearing here, and the planet was still in a static state, completely uncomfortable with the normal operation of the stars, she was astonished: "You mean... the old home behind you... the big man, want to promote this. A planet, **** you there?"

She subconsciously wanted to call the old guy, but realized that the constrained gods outside were not her own elders, so it was a bit offensive to call it that way.

Ren O'Neill next to him was also wide-eyed, that Conferred God powerhouse is still on this planet? And...your planet is going to be pushed away again? !


He was a little dumbfounded and wanted to cry without tears. If this big guy wants to send you there, he can just send you there. Why do you want to push my planet away!

"Well, she... prefers this planet."

Su Ping also knew there was no way to explain, he said with a light cough.

"Quite like it"

Hearing this, Ren ONeal didnt know whether he should cry or laugh. Its definitely a great honor to manage his own planet so that the Conferred God can exercise, but this Conferred God seems to have loved it a little too much. In this case, wouldn't it mean that Su Ping will go wherever he goes, and where will his planet follow?

This is the rhythm of wandering planet...

When everyone heard Su Pings words, they were all speechless. Someone glanced at Ren ONeal sympathetically. The nominal lord actually accompanies him...

"Okay." Xingyue Shen'er also didn't know what to say. Some Conferred God powerhouses had some quirks, such as the old man of his own family. Anyway, it was not his own planet, besides, it was just a planet.

"In this case, the journey will probably be a bit long," Xingyue Shen'er said.

Su Ping asked, "Can you catch up?"

"Catch up is to be able to catch up, okay, let's take this planet too, and visit the big man behind you by the way." Xingyue Shen'er said.

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's good."

Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered something, searched for Ren O'Neill, and asked: "Brother Zeus, are you okay?"


I have it!

But do I dare to mention it!

Ren O'Neill was crying in his heart, but he couldn't see it at all on the surface. On the contrary, he was very humble and said with a smile: "It is my honor to be loved by the powerful."

"That's good." Su Ping nodded.

Subsequently, Su Ping led them back to Warfite City.

With the advent of a group of powerful people, the countless customers who lined up on the street were silent. Previously, they saw these powerful people appearing on the blue planet, especially the deputy leader, who beat and repulsed a star leader. Terrifying.

In this group of people, everyone also saw the lord of their planet Rhea, but at this moment, the lord, who has erected monuments all over the world, is respectful and very humbly following the girl and the others.

Among a group of people, the standing position can often see their status, but the Lord Ren in their minds is obviously only standing in a relatively back position, and the aura of other people around is not inferior to Lord Lord.

"A lot of big guys, they are all in the Starry Sky Realm!"

"Don't talk nonsense, those two are obviously leaders, maybe giants!"

"It's simply the arrival of the gods, and there are so many big people here on the planet of Rein, He De He Neng..."

The eyes of the whole world are converging on this street. There is no doubt that the economy of Warfite City will surely leap rapidly in the future, and it is expected to become the first city on the planet Rhea.

"This is your shop?" Xingyue Shen'er looked at the little naughty shop, glanced at the two sculptures at the door, stared slightly, and then glanced at the fat figure lying under one of the sculptures. Rats with lower levels don't emit a strong aura, not even a legend.

But Xingyue Shen'er could see at a glance that the blood of the mouse itself was low, but the energy in its body was completely incomparable with this blood, and the difference was a bit exaggerated!


Su Ping leads the way. These Star Alliance people are also expected to become his customers in the future. After his shop unlocks the Starry Realm battle pet cultivation, he can pick up big orders like them.

With his current shops ability to make money, it will soon be unlocked.

When everyone entered the store, they soon saw Joanna, Tang Ruyan, and the most eye-catching Bi fairy.

If you just look at the appearance, Bi Fairy and Joanna are both perfect and flawless, and they are two styles of painting, both of them are extremely beautiful, like carefully carved figures, no flaws can be found.

But Fairy Bi was in the Conferred God Realm, and the added aura made her the most eye-catching.

And Joanna is just a clone, it is inevitable to be much inferior in momentum.

"This is..."

Xingyue Shen'er saw Bi Fairy, his eyes condensed, and he was amazed by the latter's face. At the same time, he felt that the feeling on this young girl was exactly the same as the old man in her family, which was daunting.

"Meet Senior." Xingyue Shen'er bowed his head and saluted immediately.

She can be no big or small in front of her father, but in front of other Conferred God Realms, she still has to maintain basic politeness, after all, people are not used to you.

Seeing Xingyue Shen'er's actions, other people were also shocked and hurriedly bowed in salute.

Fairy Bi saw that these people were people who had helped Su Ping before, and now turned to look at Su Ping and said, "They are?"

"All friends, come to say hello to you." Su Ping smiled.

Hearing Su Pings casual attitude, everyone, including Xingyue Shener, was shocked and a little shocked. They guessed that this conferred **** might be the big man behind Su Ping, but they didnt expect Su Ping. The feeling of Ping talking to the other party does not seem to be the superior or superior, so casual, is it because there is a closer relationship such as blood?

"Oh." Fairy Bi nodded to Xingyue Shen'er and the others, without saying anything.

Once following Immortal King Mu, she has seen nine heavens and ten places, countless people with style, even those whose cultivation bases are the same as hers, she is not fake, let alone these cultivation bases are "low".

"Everyone, I am going to close my business and retreat, don't you want to play anywhere?" Su Ping said, he was ready to hurry up to practice.

Xingyue Shen'er raised his head, glanced at Bi Xianzi, and then nodded to Su Ping: "Okay, you are busy with you first. If you have any needs, just ask me. I'm on this planet. You don't seem to have me yet. Yes, Ill give it to you. If you have anything, please feel free to contact me, if you need any help..."

Speaking of this, she glanced at Fairy Bi, and immediately thought that with this Conferred God power around, Su Ping probably didn't need her to help.


Su Ping nodded and immediately exchanged communications with Xingyue Shener.

Before they left, Su Ping suddenly thought of something that everyone in the Star Alliance could be regarded as his network resource. He immediately asked, "Well, there is really something to trouble you."

"what's up?"

Everyone is refreshed, and being able to help Su Ping is actually an opportunity for them!

The weak seek help, and most people disdain it, while the strong say that they need help, but it is an opportunity for everyone, an opportunity to get closer to each other!

"I need some training materials. I don't know if you have any channels to help me find them. I will thank you again in the future."

Su Ping is going to ask them to help find the training materials for the third layer of the Golden Crow God Demon Body. Now it is in line with the Federation, and the information is developed and exchanged. It is much easier to find materials.

"It's easy to say, what does Brother Baitian need, even if you tell me, I run a medicinal material shop with some channels."

"I also have friends who I know, so I can help Baitian brother to inquire about it."

"What do you need?" Xingyue Shen'er asked directly, her expression was a little dignified, and she didn't directly say that she was wrapped in her body, because she felt that Su Ping was surrounded by Fengshen level powerhouses, and Su Ping was not short of general materials. It is something extremely rare and tricky.

Seeing that everyone was so enthusiastic, Su Ping wrote down this favor. This is the benefit of having many friends.

"that's it"

Su Ping immediately listed the materials for the third layer of the Golden Crow God Demon Body, using star power to evolve the pattern, and using star power to compile characters, and present them in front of everyone like a projection.

A row of materials is shown.

Everyone took a look, quickly took notes, and promised to help Su Ping try their best to find it.

"Then thank you everyone." Su Ping clasped his fists to thank everyone.

"Brother Baitian is polite."

"I will try my best. Brother Baitian doesn't need to be so polite."

"The favor we owe to Brother Tian hasn't been repaid yet. What a little favor is this."

Everyone smiled politely.


After bidding farewell to everyone, Su Ping began to retreat.

As usual, the shop was closed and the planet's trajectory was closed. Su Ping confirmed with Xingyue Shen'er that he was going to the planet Michelle where the Amir Royal Academy is located.

This is a very high-ranking first-class planet, far from being comparable to the Reya planet, and it's all crushed in terms of economy and all aspects.

After setting the coordinates, Su Ping handed the lord Xing Ling to Bi Xianzi and asked her to follow the route.

Su Ping chose to take Joanna to the Demigod Land.

If he wants to retreat, Su Ping still chooses to nurture the world, and in case of a dysfunction in his cultivation, he can be resurrected, and when the demigod is shone by Joanna, Su Ping can also retreat with peace of mind.


Seeing the space channel Su Ping called out, Fairy Bi was a bit stunned. She faintly felt that the opposite side of this channel was connected to another world, but to break through this barrier, extremely strong power was required, even with her ability. It may not be easy to do.

However, seeing Su Ping open this channel, it seemed easy, she didn't even feel the energy fluctuations.

Is it the power of that terrifying will?

Fairy Bi had a solemn gaze. When she signed the contract earlier, she felt awe and fear for the ancient will behind that contract. Sure enough, behind Su Ping, there was a real great figure sitting here, maybe the fairy king, or even... a stronger existence!

Thinking of this, Fairy Bi felt more and more that there was nothing wrong with following Su Ping's choice. Maybe Su Ping really had a way to enter the chaos and undead world that had already been cut off.

Next to him, Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping entering the world of nurturing for the first time. She was a little dumbfounded. She had only seen Su Ping disappear in the store before, and she could not enter those stores, except that Su Ping was in retreat. Su Ping seems to have entered other places through this kind of power that she can't understand.

No wonder, those pet beasts can cultivate to such a strong level only in this store...With the area of this store, how can there be any space for pet beasts to exercise and fight?

After thinking about this, Tang Ruyans expression was a bit complicated, and the more he felt that he couldnt see through Su Ping, and that the distance between them was even more distant...


After arriving at the demigod, Su Ping and Joanna shuttled all the way back to the shrine where she lived.

Many gods and generals on the sacred mountain were ordered by Joanna to block the sacred mountain, establish a sacred formation, and cooperate with Su Ping to retreat, and no one should be disturbed.

In the following days, Su Ping sat in a clearing on the top of the mountain and began to practice.

He took out the regular Tao fruit given to him by Xingyue Shen'er, took out one by one, chewed and swallowed it down, wrapped it with star power and regular power, quickly decomposed and absorbed it.

If it's an ordinary destiny, it would be as difficult and time-consuming to absorb this regular Dao fruit, just like digesting a pine cone, but for Su Ping, it can be refined in half an hour, and then absorbed and merged.

Soon after the first rule was absorbed, Su Ping fell into an ethereal state and realized a rule called "dominance".

This rule is extremely powerful, belongs to the rule of the gods, can control other rules, of course, once other rules are stronger, it can only play a role of containment and interference.

Su Ping then swallowed the second rule Dao Guo.

What the second path brings is the rule of "premonition", which is the rule of time. Although it is impossible to directly grasp the rule of "time", if you cultivate to the extreme and complete it, you may be able to touch the realm of time.

Premonition rules can predict some dangers in advance, as well as the enemy's attack trajectory. It is a powerful rule force in close combat, and it can play a role even in the face of a starry sky that is stronger than its own rules.

It is not like other rules, such as Su Ping's thunderbolt, which is a purely offensive rule. In the face of a stronger rule force, it can only be crushed.

Then, Su Ping took the third one, and the fourth one...

The regular Dao Fruits are absorbed by Su Ping, and various rules are integrated into Su Pings body as Dao Guo is digested. There are some rules contained in the regular Dao Fruits, which are repeated, but they are being eaten repeatedly. After the download, the understanding of the rules has become more profound, and more power and magical effects in the rules have been unearthed.

When Su Ping was practicing retreat, the outside world.

Fairy Bi has pushed the planet Rhea, and whizzed towards the planet Michel according to the positioning star chart on the lord's star order. In the dark and silent universe, the planet dragged the blue luminous star tail and shuttled and disappeared.

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