Astral Pet Store Chapter 856

Chapter 953: Destiny Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Michelle planet.

Located in the outer ring of the Hera Galaxy, the second galaxy of the Sylvie Galaxy.

This is a first-class planet with an extremely high economic ranking. In the entire Sylvie galaxy, it can be ranked among the top ten. The commercial tax of Michelle planet alone can be comparable to the overall GDP of some small galaxies!

The Michelle planet is very huge, capable of accommodating several trillions of people, and it has a vast area with 22 continents. The area of one continent is equivalent to seven Reya planets and hundreds of blue stars!

And it's the Blue Star whose seal has been unlocked and the region has expanded!

With the voice of the Supreme Faun spreading throughout the universe, all galaxies boiled, and on the warlike planet Michelle, they were even caught in a carnival.

The Michelle people have always been combative and combative, and the number of people participating in the cosmic genius battle each time is the largest in the Sylvie galaxy. The most frightening thing is that the number of promotions is also the largest!

The Amir Royal Academy, one of the four major seminaries, is located on the first continent of the planet Michel, Pula Tianzhou.

At this moment, during the carnival on Michelle Planet, in the depths of the universe, in the pitch darkness, a blue light and shadow suddenly jumped out and galloped over.

The camera looks down below the planet's atmosphere, inside a shop in a crowded city.

The clouds and mist covering the eyes suddenly dissipated, on the top of a majestic mountain.

boom! boom!

A series of buzzing noises rang out from the sacred mountain. The source of this sound came from a young man. It seemed that there was thunder rushing in his body and thunder frogs were croaking.

The young man is Su Ping.

His upper body is naked, and his lower body is the shorts of King Kong bestowed by the Great Crab God. He has a strong body, well-proportioned muscles but no feeling of bulging, full of a deep and restrained sense of strength.

Between the tips of his hair, lightning and flames jumped, and his whole body was enveloped in a strange energy field.

In the distance, several figures stood on a palace, looking at Su Ping's figure.

"His Royal Highness, is Master Su really just preparing to be promoted to the Destiny Realm?" One of the gods couldn't help asking, with horror in his eyes.

Not only him, but the other gods also looked at the girl in the middle, Joanna.

The battle power of these gods in the starry sky realm is comparable to the main gods of the star realm.

But at this moment, they felt a sense of horror threat from this Highness, who had not yet reached the realm of the gods, and the pressure made them, the gods of the starry sky realm, feel the creeps.


Joanna made an unconscious voice from the tip of her nose, her eyes were very dignified, let alone the **** next to her, even if she had been fighting for a demigod for many years, she felt a little scalp tingling at this moment. She felt that after Su Ping was promoted. , His reincarnation may not be Su Ping's opponent.

Unless, she broke out some top-secret forbidden techniques, but such a forbidden technique would make her reincarnation collapse to death!

"This foundation, even my Titan Divine Body can't bear it..." Joanna's eyes swayed slightly, and the energy in Su Ping's body is too terrifying. Generally speaking, not to mention the Void Hole Realm, even the Starry Sky Realm is very difficult to bear. But Su Ping just took it, and his energy was condensed to the extreme!

Joanna felt that this should have something to do with Su Ping's practice and his ancient physical exercises.

Joanna was deeply impressed by Su Pings ancient golden crow aura. This is a battle body that has long since disappeared. I dont know where Su Ping got it. It is this battle body that brought Su Ping a great deal. capacity.

In addition, Su Ping's cultivation technique was somewhat unintelligible to her, and she felt that it was more mysterious than the cultivation technique she had cultivated.

"Understanding hundreds of rules, it's just the virtual cave realm..."

"My supreme god, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that I would kill him."

"As expected, someone who can stand with His Royal Highness..."

Several gods and generals have complex expressions, shock and emotion. As for jealousy, they will not be so self-confident and boring, and compared with such monsters, they will add to their hearts.

They seriously suspected that this Master Su was also a cultivation clone of a certain order god, or even the supreme god.

At this time, there was a sudden movement on the sacred mountain.

With a bang, the force field next to Su Ping suddenly became violent, surrounded by a series of regular forces. These regular forces have primitive rules characteristics, including decay, flame, thunder, ice and other elemental rules, making Su Ping The surrounding space is distorted, chaotic and disorderly like the Big Bang.

"Going to be promoted!"

When several people saw this place, they were all refreshed.

In the next moment, all the regular powers shrank to Su Ping, entwining like a thread. At the same time, behind Su Ping, a blazing golden crow **** bird phantom appeared, flapping its wings and roaring and screaming in the sky.

This Golden Crow phantom spread its wings and whizzed out, coiling all the energy of the surrounding world into a violent energy column, rolling upside down and engulfing Su Ping violently.

"He can still absorb..."


All of them were speechless, and Joanna was also stunned.

Under the majestic energy, Su Pings body began to metamorphose. The cells throughout his body were trembling, and the regular characteristics poured into each cell. Su Ping's body suddenly split into primitive flesh and bones, which looked like Torn by energy, the bones, flesh and blood, and meridians are stripped extremely clean.

The bones are white, without any flesh and blood.

The meridians are also floating one by one, like a **** lock.

In the next moment, these scattered flesh and bones suddenly reorganized. This reorganization, like a seal, compressed all the surrounding energy and sucked it into the body.

All the energy around him disappeared. After the reorganization, Su Ping revealed his body. The figure was much more upright than before. He was about two meters tall. His body was well-proportioned. His body proportions were golden, flawless, and his skin was white, as fair as a girl. , But it is powerful and contains divine luster.

Su Ping opened his eyes, and there seemed to be thousands of stars flashing in his eyes, with the light mixed with thunder and fire, making his eyes extremely bright and bright, and the whole person had a breath of detachment from the dust, as if he was independent of the world, not Fairies in the duny world!


Su Ping let out a sigh of relief, feeling the full and solid energy in his body, and couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth. He slowly raised his hand, clenched his five fingers, and slammed his fist towards the sky in front of him.

A golden divine fist suddenly pushed out horizontally. After traveling thousands of meters in the void, the sky suddenly shook, and the formation that blocked the divine mountain was shaken and cracked!

In this scene, several gods beside Joanna in the distance were stunned.

This is how many of their gods and generals unite all the gods of the entire sacred mountain, including Joanna also participated. Combining the formation of the top gods, even if the ten top gods make a move, it takes a lot of effort to open. Su Ping at this moment It broke with one punch?

Is this just a destiny state? !


Joanna was also speechless, her eyes retracted from the cracked divine formation, she looked at Su Ping, her tightly clenched fingers relaxed, and she secretly comforted herself that she was the **** of order, waiting for Su Ping to finish Promise, if she can go to the Primordial God Realm, she is expected to step into the Supreme God Realm.

She walked too far in front of Su Ping for too long, this guy...can't catch up for a while, right?

"Opening up bridges, connecting heaven and earth, this feeling..."

On the top of the mountain, Su Ping looked at the broken **** array with a smile on his face. He felt that he was getting closer to the world. This feeling was very different from before.

He now seems to be able to enter the deep space at will, as simple as lifting a curtain.

As soon as he entered the Destiny Realm, Su Ping was already at the top of the Destiny Realm, the most extreme realm.

It can even be called a half-step starry sky!

Many destiny realms, once vaguely comprehended the power of rules, can be called half-step starry sky.

Most of these destiny realms depend on the integration of the destiny realm with the heavens and the earth, and the increase in perceptivity, the vague sense of the rules, when they first stepped into the destiny realm, they had not yet so deeply integrated and felt.

"I feel that I can enter the starry sky at any time. With my understanding of the rules, it is easy." Su Ping smiled, and over a hundred rules Tao fruit convinced him. These numerous rules power made him think about the "rule power". It has also changed.

What is the power of rules?

Rule is order, the line of operation of everything between heaven and earth!

This rule is like the path that the existence of the heaven and the earth is constructed in the dark.

All things must follow their own paths. Everything in the world has its own line of action. For example, plants must absorb sunlight and humans must eat and drink. These are the most basic rules.

Su Ping has long heard that the Star Realm can create a small world, accumulate the power of faith, kill the enemy with the faith of all things, and go beyond the rules.

But when he swallowed these Dao Fruits, Su Ping couldn't help but come up with some strange thoughts, some rules, if they are used in reverse, what will happen? Is it destruction, or does it appear in another form?

Su Ping wanted to try it right away, but sensing the breath from afar, he turned to look at Joanna, his figure flickered, and he came to Joanna.

As for the gods around Joanna, Su Ping could feel that although their strength was restrained, they had a very weak feeling, as if they could pinch to death by raising their hands.

When he first entered the Demigod Fallen Land before, the God General was still unattainable to Su Ping, and he needed to look up.

"How long have I been in retreat?"

"Two months."

Joanna came back to her senses, expressionless and authentic.

"so long?"

Su Ping was stunned and spent two months in the nurturing world. This seemed to be the longest time he stayed.

"I don't know if I arrived at the destination outside..." Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and he was about to go out and have a look before talking, and immediately said to Joanna: "Let's go back to the store first."


Joanna agreed.


A spaceship galloped from the universe to Michelle planet.

With the start of the cosmic genius war, all forces have poured into the planet Michel, and they must sign up here to participate.

"It's finally started!"

"I can't wait to wait, if only I could meet the people from the Amir Royal Family Academy."

"Hey, I want to meet too. When I was brushed down by the Amir Royal Family Academy, I wanted them to see. It's not that I can't, but they can't see!"


On a spaceship, seven or eight young people were talking and laughing. They were wearing uniform uniforms and were students of a higher education institution on a nearby planet. Although this institution is not as good as the four major seminaries, the threshold is also very high. People pick one, and there are all talented elites.

"Look, what's that stuff?"

"I wipe it?!"

Soon, someone noticed that a huge light and shadow expanded rapidly beyond the ship's side of the spacecraft.

As they approached, everyone's eyes widened.

This is a... planet! ! ?

Is it a planet or a meteorite?

Some people suspected that they were mistaken and blinked their eyes vigorously, but they soon realized that this was a planet with most of the sea area on it, and the outlines of some majestic cities could be seen.

But how did the planet become a meteorite?

And... you're going to bump into it? !

The people on the spaceship were all shocked, especially seeing that the planet did not slow down and rushed straight over.

The faces of the instructors on the spaceship changed. One of the middle-aged instructors hurriedly shouted: "Quick, turn around, go to the space battle of Michelle Star. If it rushes to Michelle Star, there will be a strong one. Come out and crush it!"

The pilot of the spacecraft was a little panicked and hurriedly operated.

Soon, the spacecraft's engine erupted and turned quickly, but as they evaded in a panic, the planet suddenly slowed down and approached the space station near Michelle Planet at a low speed.

After that, the planet was completely still, did not rotate, and did not continue to approach the planet Michel.

The planet does not seem to be bound by the gravitational pull of Michelle planet, instead it slowly follows the planet Michelle's revolution.

"What's the situation?"

In the nearby space, many spacecraft were frightened, and the personnel on those space stations were also stunned. They had never seen this kind of vision.


On the planet Rhea, countless people around the world have seen a huge planet above their heads.

The planet is so vast that everyone will be stunned.

This time, where did the planet drift?

Soon, a powerful idea came out of the planet Michelle flying, covering the entire planet Rhea.

Everyone on the planet Leia felt this vast idea, like a giant looking down, and couldn't help feeling panic and trembling, as if they had become as small as an ant.

At the same time, in Su Ping's shop, Bi Xianzi raised her eyebrows and sent a thoughtful response.

That idea was asking indifferently.

Fairy Bi's thoughts also responded indifferently.

After feeling Fairy Bi's thoughts, the thoughts were silent for a while, and then they withdrew.

A Conferred God Realm wants to push the planet to play like this...It's really uncontrollable.

This is the freedom and privilege of Fengshen Realm.

If it's a star realm, then you have to educate the other party, what are the laws and regulations!

In the next few days, everyone who rushed to the planet Michele noticed that the planet that was docked outside the planet was a bit peculiar, and didn't know what was going on.

Some people speculate whether it will be a small celestial body created by the lord on the planet Michelle.

However, these speculations and curiosities were soon attracted by the enrollment of the next genius war, and no one had the mind to pay attention to the strange things on this planet.

On this day, Su Ping also returned from the demigod and returned to the store.

"I'm back." Fairy Bi's gaze narrowed slightly, and he looked at Su Ping's eyes, and a look of surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes.

In a short period of time, Su Ping felt like a reborn.

Originally, Su Ping was already an evildoer. She had seen the guy whose combat strength did not match the cultivation base the most, but now, this guy seems to be even more monster.

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