Astral Pet Store Chapter 857

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"Are you there?"

Su Ping immediately asked Fairy Bi.

Fairy Bi's eyes faded, looking at Su Ping's naked upper body, turning a blind eye, calmly said: "It's already here."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "You haven't encountered any trouble, right?"

After all, its a running with a ball. I dont know how many meteorites will be encountered along the way, and even some void disaster areas in the universe, and the Michelle planet is a first-class planet, and it is estimated that you will not just watch this planet close, which is too dangerous. Up.

A touch of porcelain can cause a large-scale disaster.


Fairy Bi said succinctly, without going into details, the will of the Conferred Gods on that planet was pushed back by her, and she didn't come to trouble again, and it was not important to mention it.

Su Ping glanced at her and felt that he hadn't deceived him, and then nodded, then took out the lord Xing Ling and contacted Xingyue Shen'er.

The communication was quickly connected, and Su Ping informed the other party that he had left the customs.

"Okay, I'll come right away."

When the communication was hung up, Su Ping found a new set of clothes in the store to change, and then came outside the store, only to see that the line outside the store was still overcrowded, blocking the street. It is estimated that even if it is open every day, it will last for several years. It may not be able to be cultivated, after all, Little Naughty is already the most famous shop on Rhea Planet.

Countless people come here admiringly, and the business will never be finished.

Looking up, Su Ping saw an extremely huge planet. It was said to be a planet, but it was actually like a piece of void land. Standing on the planet Leia, he could only see one part of the planet, but couldn't see the whole picture!

Compared with this planet, the Rhea planet is like a green bean placed next to an egg.


A light flashed in the void, and Xingyue Shener appeared, causing many exclamations.


When Xingyue Shen'er saw Su Ping just about to speak, she was stunned. Her eyes widened slightly. Although Su Ping's aura was restrained at this moment, she clearly felt that this man was different from the previous one, and the change was earth-shaking!

The previous Su Ping was already the ultimate combat power of the starry sky.

Now, it seems that this limit is about to be broken!

It's just... Is it possible to use the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm to be comparable to the enemy Star Realm?

This is a big difference of two super realms! !

Xingyue Shener was stunned for a moment, and suddenly recovered, and shook his head. It should be an illusion. It is impossible to do it. Even if Su Ping is no evil, the cosmic genius has fought so many times. This kind of thing has never been done. It happened, if anyone could do it, it would definitely be called the first wizard in ancient and modern times!

"Has the game started?" Su Ping asked immediately.

Xingyue Shen'er nodded and said: "The audition has already begun. It doesn't matter. I have a place in the Amir Royal Family Academy. I will recommend it to you later and let them make a place."


"Shall we pass now?"


Even if Xingyue Shen'er was about to leave, just at this moment, several figures whizzed out, all from the Xinghai League, and Ren O'Neill was among them.

When several people saw Su Ping, their eyes were shocked. They all felt that Su Ping had changed a lot, and his temperament was more restrained and detached.

"Brother Baitian..."

Ren O'Neal reacted and coughed softly: "You missed the pet match before, but I have seen your pet's previous match. With the pet you participated in, winning the championship is nothing suspenseful. These are three super gods. If you accept it, please."

Su Ping then realized that he had forgotten about the pet match. The main reason was that Blue Stars encounter made him so angry that he left it behind. At this moment, he did not humbly accept the three black boxes. , Said: "I remember this favor. I will help you cultivate a pet beast if I have a chance in the future. You can also find me for other things."

Ren ONeills eyes lit up. He knew that Su Ping was a master of nurturing, and he could nurture star battle pets. Although Su Ping opened a shop here, he cultivated pets under the starry sky. It was purely leisure and a little joke. The effort required to cultivate a star battle pet is very troublesome for the cultivation of the master, but it is not easy to make an appointment.

"Thank you for defeating brother!" Ren O'Neal repressed his excitement and said seriously.

Su Ping nodded.

Xingyue Shen'er and others next to Ren ONeal looked strangely at Ren ONeill. The super-god spirit fruit is so precious. They all knew that this guy was willing to give three Su Pings at once. Even if it was for a relationship, he was too willing. It's a waste of money.

"Are you very good at cultivating pet beasts? Have you passed the cultivator certificate?" Xingyue Shen'er asked curiously.

Earlier on Su Pings hometown, Origin Star, she contacted those close to Su Ping and heard them call Su Ping the Sus boss. Now I heard Ren ONeal mention Su Pings cultivating pet beasts twice. , I cant help but feel weird, if its just for fun, but Raine ONeals reaction seems quite agitated?

"I've taken an eighth certificate before, it's not a good idea, it's just a preliminary stage." Su Ping said truthfully.

When Xingyue Shen'er and the others were stunned, he thought for a while and added: "But there should be no problem cultivating your starry sky realm battle pets."


Several people are dumb, a little speechless.

You said that you are only in the initial stage, you need to nurture our pet beasts?

Isn't this taking us as a test subject?

No one pays attention to Su Ping, and others play tickets. They can't bear to be used by Su Ping to practice their precious pet beasts.

"It's not early, let's go to Michelle Star first." Xingyue Shener said, skipping Su Ping's words directly.


Before leaving, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan, Bi Xianzi and others to continue to look at the store and start business. Without him, they would still be able to receive some ordinary nurturing businesses.

Although ordinary cultivation does not make so much money, it wins in efficiency and small profits but quick turnover.

"Sit on my spaceship."

Xingyue Shener took out his spaceship and called everyone to board.

Almost everyone from the Star Alliance came here, and some people had already entered the planet Michele first, and there were acquaintances there, and they went to meet.


The spacecraft rushed directly out of the atmosphere of Rhea, and after being examined by the space station, it entered the planet Michel.

After entering Michelle Planet, Su Ping immediately felt the difference. The concentration of star power on this planet was too high, about three times that of Rhea, and more than ten times that of Blue Star!

Don't underestimate it, it's just three times the gap. If you cultivate in the same way, you can spend three years here!

Moreover, under the legend, if the cultivation reaches the bottleneck, the environment of the concentration of star power is required to be suitable for breakthrough. This means that on this planet, as long as the talent is excellent, you can easily pass all the way and cultivate to the legendary realm, and then to the vast sea realm. Later, the required star power began to expand. At this time, the cultivation speed would be delayed, and talent and hard work would gradually become more important.

"This environment is good." Su Ping couldn't help but sigh.

He felt that after he was successful in his cultivation, he would consider transforming Blue Star.

"Michelle is the top ten planet in the Sylvie galaxy." Xingyue Shen'er said calmly.

Su Ping yearned more and more.

This is just the Sylvie galaxy, if it is dropped in the entire star area, and even the entire federal universe, I am afraid that it will not be ranked!

How vast are those planets that can be ranked among the best in the Federation? It is estimated that all of them are sacred places for cultivation, and if you want to enter them, you have to line up!

After entering the planet, Xingyue Shener took the take-off ship, took the lead with the deputy leader, and led the crowd to fly to one of the continents.

"The planet Michelle has 22 continents, and the Amir Royal Academy is located in Pula Tianzhou."

Xingyue Shen'er said, tearing through the deep space channel, flying through the channel for just half a minute, and after reappearing, everyone came to the sky over a continent.

This continent is extremely vast, like a super-land. In the sea area near the continent, huge ships are moored in the coastal area. In the farther sea area, there are huge waves and surging. In the deeper sea area, there are a series of hideous giant shadows. Floating under the water.

"Miss, you are back again."

Beside, the deputy leader smiled softly.

A touch of nostalgia also appeared in Xingyue Shen'er's eyes, and then smiled and proudly said: "This lady is back again, huh, look at the record that this lady left back then, have those little boys broken!"

Everyone was stunned when they heard what the two said. This leader also graduated from the Amir Royal Family Academy?

Except for Su Ping, everyone knows that this Amir Royal Academy only recruits talented students with backgrounds. These students are at least at the planet lord level. Backgrounds like Ren ONeal belong to the middle and lower Amir Royal Academy. Wait, most of the other students are star masters.

And the outstanding one is the darling of the academy like Xingyue Shen'er, with the Conferred God Realm behind him.


To return to his alma mater, Xingyue Shen'er arrogantly dried up, became lively and jubilant, and quickly drove around everyone, and soon came to the first city of Pula Zhongzhou.

This city is located in the center of Pula Central State. It is said to be a city, but the actual area is half the size of a blue star, and the Amir Royal Academy is in the center of the city.

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