Astral Pet Store Chapter 860

Chapter 957: Duel The First One Is For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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The space in the middle of this duel is a deep space where one party has collapsed!

Dark and dangerous, this is the third deep space!

You have to be cautious in the Fate Realm. The place that will fall at any time can only be in the Starry Sky Realm, and the deep fourth dimension is somewhat dangerous to the Starry Sky Realm!

The most weird thing is that this space is incompatible with the surrounding worldly space, like a black screen outlined in the void.

In the entire Amir Royal Academy, being qualified and courageous to enter the Suha Goddess duel is a very strong performance. Only those outstanding in the academy have this courage and ability.

Ordinary students, who didn't even have the qualifications to step into this duel, were strangled instantly!

At this moment, in this third-space duel arena, two figures are fighting each other, surrounded by their pets, of various types, and dragons and beasts are a must.

The dragon beast is not only a popular pet, but also a very comprehensive pet. It has strong compatibility and can easily deal with a variety of elemental pets. It has excellent defense and explosive power, and is almost immune to deterrent skills, and its pedigree Rare dragons and beasts have powerful deterrent skills.

In addition, a dragon beast with a higher pedigree is a collective blow to the group deterrence of the enemy's pet beast.

It is precisely these advantages that make dragon beasts always the first choice of the pet master.

As for the ultimate explosion, it is still a demon-type battle pet! Some demon elements are auxiliary types, some are extreme explosive types, and some are extreme assassin types. The explosion is so strong that even dragon beasts will be killed by a single blow!

In addition to these two categories, the remaining are the most numerous elemental battle pets, which are diverse, but most of them are used as auxiliary pets.

The duel in this third space at this moment is almost evenly matched.

Therefore, we can see the pros and cons of the collocation of the two pets. One side is a three-headed dragon pet, two demon pets, and the remaining four are elemental pets.

The attack formation also uses the three-headed dragon beast as a sharp knife. Two demon beasts, one of which is an interference type, can inflict fear and mental interference in groups, and the other is like a ghost. Assassin-type pet beast.

The remaining four-headed battle pets, applying various elemental boosts, shields, and group skills, the dazzling elements fluctuate like gorgeous oil paintings, dyeing the battlefield extremely gorgeous.

On the other side of the lineup is two dragon beasts, three demon pets, three elemental pets and one combat pet.

The combat pet beast is the most common and common pet beast. In addition to its high speed and power, it has no other advantages. Simply put, it has a thick skin and thick skin. But what is surprising is that this combat pet beast has no other advantages. At this moment, a dragon beast was actually restrained, without fear of the dragon's intimidation, and the scales of his body were terribly hard, comparable to a dragon pet!

"I have long heard that Jill has a battle-type pet beast. It is a variant of the head. It is extremely special. I didn't expect it to be so!"

"It's too exaggerated, a battle-type pet beast can be tough with the dragon beast!"

"This battle-type pet beast was not produced by a certain dragon beast, right?"

"Dragon Beast: Let's not have promiscuity!"

"Battle-type pet beast: you see how I can get better!"

The students of the appearance battle in the duel field talked a lot, and they were all surprised. Although there is a saying among the pet masters, there is no weakest pet, but only a waste pet master.

But... just listen to this, whoever is serious is a fool.

Battle pets of different races have great advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, what would they learn when they came to the academy? Is it just an attack skill?

You must know that in most battles, there is little difference in strength. Crushing rounds is rare. After all, crushing rounds is usually the brain damage of one of the players and provokes people who he cant afford, but such brain damage, How much can there be in this world?

Therefore, in general combat, the strength will not be much worse. At this time, the comparison is the characteristics of the battle pet, its own secret skills, and the matching of the pet beast!

This is their required course.

Some elemental pets, with another elemental pet, can even crush dragons and beasts of the same level. This is a feature bonus!

"Jill's dragon beasts are all weird!"

Outside the court, Offits eyes were shining, and he could see that the weirdness, such as the two dragon beasts, did not follow the routine, not balanced development, but the ultimate flesh!

One is the inflammation type and the other is the wind type. They are both explosive dragon pets. As a result, the skills mastered by the two dragon beasts are all defensive types, and some of their own elemental resistances are scary, and they are occasionally swept by some attacks. , And also like a okay dragon.

But what is really terrifying is that the three demon beasts are all of the assassin type!

Wandering outside of the battle circle, it is up to the dragon beast to withstand the pressure of the battle-type pet beast, waiting for an opportunity to attack nearby, putting great pressure on the opponent.

One of the elemental pet beasts has been hit by these three wretched demon pet beasts and almost killed it!

Three demon pets attack one elemental pet at the same time. This is absolutely shameless to dismiss!

"How do I feel, Senior Jill will win?" Next to him, Mia couldn't help but stare at the ever-changing duel field.

There is no obvious pros and cons at the moment, but she has a woman's intuition.

Offit nodded slightly, "There is hope of winning. The educator Jill sought should be a master. He has made certain targeted training and adjustments to his battle pet. Moreover, Jill's own performance is also good. It seems that he I usually hide a lot of power."

When the two were talking, the situation on the duel field suddenly changed.

The three demon-type pet beasts suddenly shot, and surrounded the other side's magical demon-type pet beast, and they were about to be killed. The demon-type pet beast suddenly disappeared and was recalled.

The reaction of the three-headed demon beast was also very fast, and it shot out in an instant, while the opponent was attrition, quickly slammed in front of the three-headed dragon beast, knocked it back, and the formation instantly collapsed.

"Jill won."

In the crowd, someone smiled indifferently.

In less than ten seconds, the result was divided, and the green-haired youth with only two dragon pets won.


"Senior Jill!!"

"The combat system is invincible!!"

Cheers broke out from the crowd. This Jill is a fourth-year student who is about to graduate and is quite prestigious in his department.

As the two retired, someone soon went to a duel.

This second duel was more intense. Not only was it a battle pet, but the ability of the two themselves shocked many students.

"I actually touched the rules!!"

"It's a foul, that guy has two starry sky dragon beasts!!"

"Which giant is this, I'm making a fool of myself, and my status is reduced by one."

"Wrong, minus two!"

"I've never seen it before. I heard that these two people came to our academy and wanted a place for geniuses."

As the battle in the deep space became more intense, the duel field in the third space showed signs of being torn apart, which made the outside of the field boil for a while, and many people wanted to see what the fourth space was. I heard that there are rules. The space of power is chaotic, and the force of strangulation is extremely terrible, even the dragon beast will be killed instantly!

"These guys..." Offfit's eyes narrowed, his eyes a little serious.

Next to me, Mia's face changed several times and she was shocked. Then she looked at Offiete beside her worriedly. This time she was hopeless to compete for this place. She had already signed up for the cosmic genius battle audition, ready to be an experience. , But she knew that the sister Offit next to her was a genius in the family and a genius in the academy!

Even on the battlefield of cosmic genius battles, which gather all cosmic geniuses, they can release an eye-catching light.

However, the strength of the two people who appeared out of nowhere was already qualified to hit the academy's imperial rankings, and could threaten Offfitt.

Amidst bursts of exclamations, the battle was quickly divided between the winners and the losers. Both sides merged with the starry sky warfare and displayed regular power to fight, which made many students both shocked and silent.

The students present, even if they are the bottom, are geniuses thrown outside, and geniuses have a proud heart.

Proud people will always only compare with the strong, and will not find psychological comfort from the weak.

At this moment, these two unfamiliar fighters made them deeply feel that there is a sky outside the sky.

In the crowd, many outstanding figures were silent, their eyes flickering.

"Something, but just like this, dare you come to our academy to ask for a place?" Somewhere in the crowd, a young man with white long hair smiled. He was handsome and had an extraordinary temperament, like a god, although his lips and face were all With a smile, there is a kind of aloof contempt between the brow bones.

A young man holding an orange cat in his hand smiled and said: "It's already pretty good. You treat everyone as a monster like you. Before you reach the starry sky, you have mastered the five rules, which is absolutely abnormal!"

The young man Xuefa said calmly: "Who said there are five items? Recently, I accidentally realized one more. If you have a chance, let you see it."

"I knock!"

The young man holding the orange cat couldn't help but stare, and cried out strangely: "Accidental? Reliable! How could I be friends with a monster like you, I am not worthy!"

"You deserve it." Xuefa youth said seriously.

Orange Cat Youth: "..."

On the duel arena, suddenly a figure flew out, a golden robe, a battle crown on his head, extraordinary bearing, and a feeling of an ancient emperor. Standing in the third dimension, the star power fluctuated around him, easily resisting the undercurrents from around him. .

"Under Yuwenfeng, I heard that the geniuses on the emperor list are all extraordinary and peerless. I want to challenge it. Who dares to come up for a fight?"

The young man said calmly and calmly.

Numerous students outside the field suddenly boiled over and talked a lot.

"This guy is so arrogant, he dares to directly challenge the emperor ranking!"

"Where's the guy, I've never heard of it, but he feels something."

"Yuwenfeng? I seem to have heard of a Yuwen family. I heard that it is an ancient family, occupying three planets and claiming to be an emperor."

"It's another one who came to grab a spot. Tsk tsk, it feels like we are watching the genius battle in advance."


Amidst the discussion, a figure suddenly stepped out and shot into the deep space of the duel field like a sharp arrow.

This is a burly young man with tiger-eyed eyes, piercing eyes and full body muscles. He tore open the space under his feet, and stepped out a blood lion from inside, roaring and roaring, full of murderous air.

"He is the ninth blood lion king of this year's emperor's list!"

"Tsk tusk, it's ninth on the list, and the Yuwen family is going to be broken!"

"Yuwenfeng: Is it too late for me to refund now?"

"Blood Lion King: Prepare to tremble, mortal!"

The students outside the field were all talking and booing, and some people had already roared the reputation of the lion king to cheer him.

"It's your classmate..." Outside the field, Mia was startled and suddenly looked at Offit next to her.

The corner of Offit's mouth curled up and said, "This guy is always impatient, I want to see if he improves."

Amidst the roar of cheers, a big battle broke out on the duel field, and at the same time, several figures came slowly from a distance. They were the Dean Ailan and Su Ping.

"That is the goddess duel field."

"It seems that everyone has already arrived. These guys can't bear it anymore."

Xingyue Shen'er introduced Su Ping and Xinghai's people, but the instructor next to Ailan gathered his eyes and couldn't help but smile.

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