Astral Pet Store Chapter 861

Chapter 958: Nine People The Second One Is For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"It's Dean Ailan!"

"Dean Ailan is here."

"The legendary Master of Conferred God..."

Outside the duel of Goddess Suha, many people with extraordinary aura noticed Ailan and the others flying in the distance. They all had their gazes staring, some eager, some admired, and others solemn.

With the attention of these big figures, many students have also keenly noticed, and when they saw Dean Ailan's figure, they suddenly screamed.

"Dean Ailan!!"

"It's our Lord Ailan!"

With the exclamation, more and more students turned their heads and looked away, not even paying attention to the wonderful battles in the duel arena.

Even the students of the Amir Royal Family Academy can hardly see the master of the gods, this is a legendary character!

"The Dean?"

"Unexpectedly, the dean also came in person."

In the crowd, some figures and eyes were in awe but a little bit fierce. For some geniuses, the starry sky was not the goal, but the only way to go. The Star Lord and the Conferred God Realm were their pursuit!

Offiete raised her head, her eyes full of infinite yearning. Conferring the gods is the most desired goal in her heart. She didn't say anything about it, because even with her current talents, she wanted to become a conferred god. Hard things are a kind of extravagant hope!

If you say it, you will be ridiculed.

But if she said that her goal was the Star Realm, people would not think so, because she had hope!

But... it's just the star main realm, this is not what she wants.

The patriarch of their Laifa family is a powerhouse in the star realm. Although she is a member of the Laifa family, she has long been tired of such a life, and the star realm is not her pursuit.


Suddenly, a shock came from the side.

Offit couldn't help turning his head to look, but saw Mia next to her with a look of astonishment, rubbing her eyes, seeming to suspect that there was something wrong with her eyes.

"What?" Offit was puzzled, seeing Dean Ailan's reaction, a little disrespectful.

"The one next to Dean Ailan... seems familiar. Isn't he Boss Su?" Mia blinked her eyes vigorously. At first she suspected that she was wrong, but then she felt familiar. Later, she finally saw that the other party was that one. The owner of the shop, his hair color, height, and breath are exactly the same!

Even the expression was exactly the same as she remembered.

There can be no such similar people, right?

Soon, she thought of Su Ping's identity and cultivated a master!

This is a cultivator that all experts in the star realm have to be politely received. Could it be that he was invited by the academy to help their students cultivate pet beasts as a cultivating master?

This thought flashed through Mia's mind, and she suddenly became a little excited. She had seen Su Ping's cultivation ability. It is no exaggeration to say that she has seen the fastest cultivation speed and the most exaggerated trainer. According to normal circumstances, With her identity and financial resources, she is not worthy to let the cultivation master take the initiative, even if the cultivation master, please don't move!

"What's Boss Su?" Offit was puzzled.

Mia returned to her senses and said excitedly: "Sister Offit, look at the black-haired one, he is the cultivation master I told you about. He reminded us of the Void Immortal Palace. I didnt expect him. I was actually invited here by the dean. Its great. The dean must have specially invited you who are on the imperial rankings. Blessed are you!"

Offit was stunned, his eyes moved, and immediately saw Su Ping next to Ailan, and... was it her?

She suddenly looked stagnant, Xingyue Shen'er?

The number one on the emperor's list for hundreds of years? !

"He's the nurturing master you said? Looks very young." Offit's gaze retracted from Xingyue Shen'er, his fingers were slightly clenched, and he said to Mia next to him.

Mia said excitedly: "Yes, but Boss Su should have adjusted his physical appearance, but in any case, Boss Su is the master of nurturing!"

Offit's eyes were solemn, and he nodded and said, "That's true."

Cultivating the status of a master is enough to make the ordinary starry sky realm flatter, and she dare not disrespect.

It's just...what did the Star Moon God do when he came back?

Didn't she graduate long ago?

Offits eyes flickered slightly, and he couldnt help but look at the girl. At the turn of the hundreds of years of imperial rankings, most of them were male students vying for the top spot, but no matter who they were, they couldnt shake the girls record. !

A woman overpowers a group of men!

This is also her goal!


"Dean Ailan!"

"Yuwenxue has seen Dean Ailan, the legendary name of Master Jiuyang..."

A group of figures galloped out, and they came to Dean Ailan to pay a courtesy visit. Most of these were powerful stars in the star realm, and the general starry sky... wasn't even qualified to come and see him.

Dean Ailan smiled and said, "How is the communication, have you been selected?"

"Return to the dean, we are in the decisive battle selection. There are a total of ten places. Those who are in the top ten of this year's emperor's list can get it. At present, the top five of the emperor's list have no challenge, and they are basically owned by our college." Said respectfully.

People from other forces have changed their faces slightly. It is true that no one has challenged the top five geniuses. Those geniuses also have backgrounds. If you suppress them, you will offend the people behind them, and... Easy, this is the emperor's list. The list of names filled in by fighting and blood is completely devoid of water.

The top five are super geniuses selected from hundreds of billions of people!

Dozens of planets may not be able to draw out one, how rare!

"So, you are fighting for the next four places?" Dean Ailan nodded and looked at everyone around him.

"Four places?" A star master realm elder was slightly taken aback, and said in doubt: "Aren't they five?"

Dean Ailan smiled and said, "Originally there were ten places, but now there is one place for this guy, and there are nine remaining places. You can allocate them again."

Everyone looked at Su Ping next to him, and was stunned.

How can someone book a place directly from the dean?

What status?

They didn't dare to perceive it blatantly, but after a little veiled investigation, they found that Su Ping was indeed under the stars, only the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm.

"I asked the dean for the quota." Xingyue Shen'er suddenly stood up and blocked Su Ping's eyes, blocking the surrounding eyes, "You are all people with hands and eyes, even if you miss the audition, you can sign up again. If you jump in the queue, it's just to speak with your ability. It's better to let your juniors exercise more in the audition."

Seeing Xingyue Shen'er, many people were stunned. A few of them frowned and obviously didn't know each other, but more people recognized it at a glance, and they were all stunned.

This genius, who was famous at Amir Academy decades ago, is already a star owner?

This Nima...what is it for?

It is rumored that the Conferred God family is behind it... Thinking of this, many people suddenly put away the dissatisfaction in their hearts and smiled bitterly.

If you want to exercise, why don't you let the juniors around you go to the audition for exercise?

Isn't that a waste of time!

How precious is the time of geniuses, it is meaningless to compare with those garbage in the audition!

Several people who didn't know Xingyue Shener frowned slightly, but saw that Dean Ailan was smiling and restrained his anger. If Dean Ailan was able to lay down his place, he must have a background and it was unnecessary to provoke him.

At this time, there was a burst of noise in the duel arena.

Soon, the previous battle was won.

Dean Ailan took a look and said with a smile: "Let's go and see the growth of these children."

Everyone had no objection and followed behind him.

Just thinking of ten places and one being snatched by Ping Bai, many people looked at Su Ping with unkind eyes.

With the presence of Dean Ailan and others, the students in the square boiled even more, and in the duel arena, the instructor who presided over the duel continued to take charge of the general.

"I come!"

Among the crowd, a student suddenly rushed out and stepped directly into the duel arena, showing arrogance.

"It's the Golden Dragon Fighter!"

"It's Black Scranton!!"

"Sixth on the emperor's list, he is here, he is here, he is coming to show his power!"

"Let the guys who come to grab the spot take a good look at what kind of monsters those who rise from our academy are!!"

The audience cheered.

And somewhere on the sidelines, there were more than a dozen people standing, four or five of them had changed color on their faces and frowned.

The remaining seven or eight people looked calm.

"Hehe, I will meet." One of the exquisite and graceful women said indifferently. She was wearing the armor of a female knight, her **** and hips lined up extremely round, and a saber around her waist, as she stepped into the duel. The summoning space opened under its feet, and a unicorn beast rushed out to be its mount.

"It's the Knight King Family!"

"I heard that this is the eldest daughter of the Knight King family. She has been cultivating secretly in the secret realm of the family. She has not joined any academy, and her combat power is unfathomable!"

"Huh, in front of the Golden Dragon Warrior, it's all scum!"

Countless students outside the court shouted the name of the Golden Dragon Fighter, and their morale was like a rainbow.

The female knight in the court looked calm.

With a shout, the battle began, and the two sides immediately summoned their many pets to fight violently.

What is shocking is that these two have mastered the power of rules!

Although they are all in the Destiny Realm, they have already mastered the power of extremely strong rules. They are constantly fighting in the third dimension, and their battle pets are also only in the starry sky realm, and their combat power is extremely strong!

This is clearly a decisive battle in the starry sky!

"Is this the top ten monster in our college..." Mia looked dazed and said to herself in a daze.

Offfitt frowned, his expression extremely solemn.

It is worth mentioning that she is also on the emperor's list, and she is seventh!

This is already an extremely top level among the tens of thousands of Amir Royal Academy, countless people look up!

Even her ranking on the imperial list has affected their Leyfa family's status as a small galaxy in the Sylvie galaxy!

This potential has caused many forces that border their families to pay attention and care!

But before the moment, the battle was too fierce, and Offfit suddenly felt that this was not a battle for quotas, but a selection battle for the Sylvie Galaxy!

You know, from the sea election to the large galaxy selection battle, the number of people eliminated is more than 100 billion? !

A few minutes later, following a sensation, the third space was torn apart, and the two were killed in the fourth space of the duel, where the battle lasted for half a minute before the winner was determined.

Unexpectedly, it was the female knight who won!

The sixth golden dragon fighter on the emperor's list... was fought off, his golden armor was beaten to pieces, his pet was seriously injured, and he was dying!

Seeing the heroic female knight return triumphantly, the student who had cheered suddenly became mute, and the scene was silent for a while.

Many mentors looked at Dean Ailan and were a little embarrassed. After all, they were being bullied by outsiders in their home court. It was too ugly.

Dean Ailan was smiling and didn't care at all. He was already in the Conferred God Realm. These things would not cause any waves in his heart. His vision and pattern could not tolerate these.

"Huh, useless things."

In the crowd, the young Xuefa gave a cold snort, his figure flashed, flew out of the crowd and came to the duel arena.

With his appearance, the scene became frenzied again.

"The third silver lord on the emperor's list!"

"It's the King of Silver, my favorite!"

"God, I've fallen, so handsome!"

"I'm wet!!"

The students at the scene screamed, if they were geniuses, then this silver king is the evildoer among geniuses, the third monster in the emperor's list!

Seeing the third appearance of the imperial list, the star masters of all forces have changed their faces slightly and are slightly ugly.

Outside the court, two or three of the seven or eight people standing there were already frowning.

"Who will fight me?"

Standing in the duel arena, Xuefa youth said indifferently, looking down at the audience, as if a king is over the world.

Although it is a destiny realm, this kind of evildoer has shown the posture of the king of the future!

Following his words, countless students looked at the outsiders who came to compete for places. There was a moment of silence, and no one came to the stage.

"Huh, is there no one?" Xuefa's youth sneered.

In the audience, the frowning figures remained silent.

After a while, no one was on the court, and the next instructor had to let Xuefa Youth step down and count him as the winner.

The Golden Dragon Fighter was defeated before, and now the Silver King appeared on the stage to deter everyone, and it was also regarded as a face to the academy.

Next, geniuses other than the top ten on the emperor's list will appear in succession to compete with each other.

Some compete with outsiders.

After battle after battle, it didn't take long for ten places to be finally determined.

Among the top five colleges in the imperial ranking, only the fifth ranked college was squeezed out, and the other top four were all recommended.

The fifth person was squeezed to ninth and almost didn't qualify for the spot.

And behind are those outsiders, including the female knight.

Ten people in total!

Offiete also played, but he was helpless. The outsider who defeated him was extremely powerful and extremely confident. He practiced a multi-rule system. He had mastered four rules and caught Offiet by surprise.

At this time, the instructor who was about to announce the recommended quota suddenly received an idea. After hearing it clearly, he was stunned, turned his head and looked at Dean Ailan, his eyes fell on his side, and he immediately noticed the Star Moon God. Er, can't help but stay for a while, I didn't expect this super evildoer who famously played Michelle planet back then.

The instructor resisted the surprise and announced the quota soon.

"The nine of you will get the number of places recommended by this hospital and will directly advance to the Sylvie galaxy selection battle of the cosmic genius battle!"

The young man on the leftmost side of the ten was stunned. He couldn't help looking at the gold medal instructor, "Teacher, did you read it wrong, what about me?"

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