Astral Pet Store Chapter 862

Chapter 959: One Punch Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Sorry, there are only nine places left. You lost the selection, but with your talent, you can also stand out from the audition. It is not a problem to advance to the trials. Come on!"

The teacher immediately comforted.

The young man was stunned and couldn't help saying: "Didn't I say that there are ten places? I have been fighting hard. I have just gone through a big battle, and my pets have been injured. You actually told me that there is no place for me?"

The other nine people are also puzzled. There are ten places, but one is inexplicably missing?

The fifth student ranked ninth in the imperial rankings, with sympathy in his eyes, secretly rejoicing, but fortunately, he ranked ninth, otherwise he would be the one who was brushed down at this moment.

"Corot, forget about it." In the distance, a burly star master galloped over and said with a sigh.

"Patriarch, this..." The young man couldn't help looking at the patriarch, a little puzzled, but it was more of suppressed anger, and he felt like he was being teased.

"One of the places has just been picked, and we are only to blame for our bad luck." The patriarch said solemnly. The best genius in the family was eliminated. He didn't feel like he was just as angry, but he was a clan after all. For the longest time, he didn't have the courage to run wild in this Amir Royal Academy.

Even if the fire is big, I can only bear it.

Who makes people call the gods?

"Just picked up by someone?"

The other nine people were also shocked when they heard this. Whoever is such a big name can get a spot directly from the dean. You must know that all of them who come to ask for a spot are seated in the back of the Star Realm.

"Who is it?" Corot suppressed the anger in his eyes, looked up, and soon saw Xingyue Shener and the others next to Dean Ailan, his gaze immediately fixed on Su Ping.

There is no other reason, Su Ping's cultivation is too eye-catching, but he stands beside a group of stars and star masters in a destiny state.

"It's him?"

Corot gritted his teeth, a little angry in his eyes.

This place does not benefit him that much. Just as the teacher said, he still has a way out and can stand out from the competition.

But... he just doesn't like the feeling of failure!

Since childhood, he has everything he wants, and no one has ever been able to grab food from his bowl!

"Don't mess around!"

The burly patriarch frowned. Although he could understand Corot's feelings, the young man could invite Xingyue Shen'er to come forward and get a spot from Dean Ailan. The background is by no means simple, and there is no need to offend him.

"I want to challenge you!"

Corot couldn't bear it, so he jumped into the air. The patriarch's face changed slightly, and he quickly suppressed him, and shouted coldly, "Don't be fooling around!"

"I have been selected, to the place in my hand, why should I give him the things of our family, how can it be so simple, I am not convinced!" Corot gritted his teeth and said to the patriarch who suppressed himself.

The burly patriarch had a dark face and some headaches. Although this little guy has a strong talent, his emotional intelligence is really low!

People can directly get this place, not to mention the strength, it is the background, can we afford it?

Sure enough, the family has been cultivating and protecting too well, and they don't know the world and the wealth of people outside!

He secretly decided in his heart that he must educate him well when he returns, and focus on cultivating his cognition. The vast majority of geniuses are stifled by his arrogance!

Hearing Corot's words, everyone else turned their eyes to the other side and noticed Su Ping beside Ailan.

At the side of Dean Ailan, only Su Ping was in the Destiny Realm, and the others were all starry sky bosses, or gold medal teachers of the Star Master Realm.


The other nine people who got the spot were also looking at them with their heads turned, and some of them looked indifferent, glanced back, and looked back, seemingly uninterested.

"He wants to challenge Boss Su?"

In the audience, Mia was surprised when she saw what happened suddenly.

How did you get involved with Boss Su?

Could it be that Boss Su got the spot?

Offit next to her was also puzzled. She had just been fighting, and she was a little embarrassed at the moment, but she had already put on a black and gold battle suit, lining her figure protruding and curling back, as graceful and exquisite as an elf.


Xingyue Shen'er, who was beside Su Ping, couldn't help but laugh when he saw this scene.

Several tutors next to her couldnt help looking at her. They all knew that the place was indeed robbed by this young man. Its just that you brought this young man. Now being challenged by others, why are you still in the mood to laugh? ?

You know, although Corot is ranked tenth, it is not far behind the previous few people, of course, except for the few monsters inside.

"Sure enough, I'm still young!"

"To challenge Brother Bietian, he is afraid that he has never heard of Brother Bietian."

"I feel that reporting the prestige of Brother Baitian is enough to scare him down."

"Should we gamble?"

"What are you betting on?"

"Betting that Brother Tian will solve the battle in three seconds, or ten seconds."

"This... is too insulting, I'll hold it down for three seconds!"

"I also press for three seconds!"

"Brother Baitian is so low-key, I may not try my best, I think it's still ten seconds to make a steady move."

"Do you look down on Bietian brother? There is no one second. To deal with this kind of same rank, I would like to call Bietian brother the one second man!"


In Xingyue Shen'er's small world, everyone in Xinghai talked a lot and talked happily.

Outside of the small world, Su Ping couldn't hear their conversation, but he saw Xingyue Shen'er smile more exaggeratedly, leaning forward and backward, almost out of breath.

Is it so funny?

Su Ping was speechless.

"Do you dare to fight, bet on that spot!" In the distance, the Corot challenge had been sent out, and seeing Su Ping indifferent, he suddenly felt underestimated and became even more angry.


Su Ping feels like he has been bitten, and you haven't figured it out. Why do you think I got the spot? Well, although your instinct is quite accurate, it is indeed me...

"If you challenge it, isn't it necessary?" Su Ping said helplessly.

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone was stunned, including those students outside the duel, but they were also astonished. Unexpectedly, in this large crowd, Su Ping was challenged, so grandiose... flinched?

Several gold medal mentors next to him frequently looked sideways at Su Ping. This was brought by Xingyue Shen'er, so he was so timid?

Change to Xingyue Shener's temperament, let alone other people looking for her to challenge, just look at her more, she will find someone to fight!

Back in the academy, who didn't know that she was a little demon fighting heaven and earth, fighting from the south to the north of the academy, overwhelming all the geniuses, no one refused!

As a result, what kind of unknown young man's temperament is completely different from that of Xingyue Shen'er.

"Are you scared?" Corot was taken aback, couldn't help but sneered, and said: "Just like that, what's the use of you wanting that place, to show your face in the trials? Instead of embarrassing, it's better to give it to me."

Next to him, the burly patriarch did not stop him, nor did he expect that Su Ping would back down. Seeing Corot screaming at this moment, he sighed in his heart and prepared to go back to give him ideological education. Now the words have been spoken, and it is useless to say anything. It would be great to get that spot by the way.


Before Su Ping could speak, Xingyue Shen'er, who was laughing just now, had a sharp face, and said with a sneer: "With this thing of you, what's terrible? If you don't accept your challenge, you are not worthy. !"

"Who is this person?"

"She, she seems to be the Star Moon God!"

"The star and moon **** who created the emperor's ranking record decades ago? Isn't it, wait, I just checked, it seems that it is really her!"

"She actually came back, there is a small world next to her, she is a star master?"

"Isn't it? How long did she graduate? I heard that she had just graduated that year and became a star realm. In just a few decades, she was promoted from the star realm to the star owner?!"

"It's so arrogant. If you don't accept that people are unworthy, if you are of the same rank, this Corot is already a very strong enchantress, and his combat power is completely comparable to some early stars in the starry sky."

"I have long heard that this imperial leader is extremely arrogant, and the rumors are true."

The students all around were shocked by Xingyue Shen'ers cultivation base. A student who had graduated from them for decades became a star leader. This is like a classmate who walked out of a normal university and will be in society a few years later. The waist becomes like a billionaire, it is simply a fantasy!


Na Ke Luo heard the exclamation of the surroundings, his face changed a few times, and coupled with the small world projection displayed around Xingyue Shen'er, he looked like the star master giant, and his heart was shocked, even if he was reckless, he did not dare to provoke him. This kind of monster, even if it is their patriarch, it is estimated that they will have to bow their heads when they see each other!

It is the same as the main star realm, but they are evil geniuses!

"Hiding behind a woman, what a skill!" Corot gritted his teeth, not daring to confront Xingyue Shen'er, so he turned his anger on Su Ping.

Su Ping is a little speechless, feeling like this is a cultivator fool, stunned. He has to win or lose to be convinced. He does not know that many things in this world do not necessarily have to be about winning or losing. Moreover, the so-called strength is not pure strength. , Even if you are better than others, but others are stronger than you, you still have to kneel and sing to conquer.

"Come on then." Su Ping didn't say more.

As he spoke, his figure had already stepped out, swished, and walked directly in front of Corot.

This sudden teleportation was unexpected by Corot, and the burly patriarch beside him was also slightly startled. Obviously he did not expect Su Ping to be so arrogant that he dared to teleport over to fight in close combat.

"Good come!" Corot was furious, and his star power exploded, but just as he was about to sacrifice his battle pet, Su Ping's figure flashed again from ten feet away, directly in front of him, like a phantom.

This time it was not a teleportation, because Corot had already sealed the space around him. Although Su Ping had the ability to tear apart, he didn't bother to waste that energy.


Raising his hand, Su Ping's movement was as fast as an afterimage, strangling Corot's mouth, and then his body went straight down.

With a bang, the entire duel field shook and the ground shattered, but the next moment, a strong star power and roar erupted from it, and I saw Corot's figure rushing out of the dust, scanning left and right in the air, very He quickly stood up to Su Ping, who was standing quietly in the air, and his eyes immediately turned blood red.

"Huh?" Su Ping frowned slightly, he was already merciful, he still didn't realize the gap?

Among the nine people in the duel, three of them had changed their faces, frowned, and stared at Su Ping.

The remaining six people were stunned and a little shocked. Unexpectedly, Su Ping suppressed this Corot in such an understatement. The methods were so concise that they didn't use the power of the pet!


Corot merged again and summoned a dragon beast. He saw that there was no battle pet around Su Ping, his heart was furious, and he didn't call his other battle pets out, so he roared and killed him.

Su Ping raised his hand, and in an instant, a dazzling golden light burst out from his five fingers.

This golden light is like a star sun, scatters blazing and unmatched energy. With Su Ping's fist, it seems that the entire sun is held in the palm of the palm, the light shrinks, and a strange sensation that makes the heart squirm comes out.


Su Ping suddenly shook his fist. The golden image of the fist swept from the ancient deep void, and moved forward with Su Ping's swing.

Corot, who was rushing towards him, suddenly woke up like cold water, and he woke up suddenly. There was a kind of creepy feeling all over his body. His eyes were full of the dazzling and hot shadows of fists. Only two words appeared in his mind, invincible! Invincible!

His anger has long been left out of the clouds, staying in place, only instinctively raising his hand to defend.

The divine fist passed by Corot's side and penetrated into the void of the duel field behind. There was no sound, but there seemed to be a feeling of shock in the void, passing through the space layer by layer, even in the first real world. Space, you can also feel the subtle vibration of space!


Several gold medal mentors around Dean Ailan changed their colors at the same time. Can they affect the power of the shallow space from the deep space? How violent this should be!

If it falls in the first dimension, it is estimated that half of the academy will be smashed into rubble!

"In that punch, there seemed to be an aura of ten rules..."

The star masters of the various forces who came to ask for a place all had horror in their eyes, and they mastered the ten rules in a destiny realm? And so confident, practice many rules?

With the ten rules, if you can fully understand them, as long as you find an opportunity, you can even step into the star realm!

What kind of monster is this! ?

This punch made no sound, but it made the place silent.

The countless students outside the duel are not ordinary war favorites. They have keen eyes. Although they can't see how much regular power is contained in Su Ping's punch, they can feel the horror of that punch!

The kind of fist that seems to be able to suppress and obliterate everything, makes people like ants, unable to resist.

"Boss Su...?"

Outside the court, Mia was stunned, her mouth opened wide, a little dumbfounded.

Is this really the boss Su she knew?

Suddenly, she thought of Su Ping's repulsion of the three starry sky realms on the planet Leya outside the store, and she was suddenly bewildered.

Su Ping asked for a spot, but was able to repel the Starry Sky Realm... Doesn't that mean that his cultivation has never been hidden?

However, Mia seems to remember that when Su Ping defeated those Starry Sky Realms before, his cultivation was just like the Void Cave Realm...

Thinking of this, Mia felt like goose bumps all over her body, and her scalp was numb. She turned her head and looked at Offiete next to her. Once this genius was the most eye-catching figure in their family and the genius who made her feel terrifying. , But compared with this boss Su... it seems that he can only be regarded as an ordinary person?

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