Astral Pet Store Chapter 863

Chapter 960: S Class Secret Realm Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"This is the cultivation master you are talking about?"

Offit looked at this scene in shock, turned his head in astonishment and asked Mia next to him.

Mia smiled bitterly, and said: "I didn't expect it, probably... cultivation is his sideline, right?"

"You mean sideline?" Offit's eyes stared slightly, somewhat dumbfounded.

What kind of status is the cultivation of a master? Many people can't pursue it in their entire life, and it is just a sideline of others?

However, no matter which aspect is the main business, this person is an extremely terrifying monster.

The cultivation base under the starry sky is so terrifying that it can also take care of being a trainer, and the trainer's level has reached the master level... The more he thinks about it, the more exaggerated Offit.

On the goddess duel arena, all the faces of the nine people changed slightly. Even the two or three of them were slightly changed in color. They turned to look at the void in the duel arena behind, and only saw those in the fourth space inside. The crack is healing...

A punch directly tore through the space, hitting the fourth space, and there was such a strong aftermath, this force was enough to make the Starry Sky Realm unbearable!

The duel field, which was still full of lively discussions, suddenly became silent.

Su Ping put away his fists, looked at Corot with a shocked and dull face, shook his head slightly, and turned back to Xingyue Shen'er.

As Su Ping left, Corot felt the huge shadow in front of him moved away like a mountain, and the pressure on his body suddenly eased. He shook his spirits and recovered, his mouth opened slightly, and finally found that a word was lost. I can't tell, only shock and horror are left in my heart. Is this really a destiny?

Su Ping's punch shocked many instructors present. At this moment, everyone finally understood why the other party could get a place directly from the dean.

With this strength, if you have just participated in the decisive struggle to win, it will be easy to get the spot.

Even King Osron, who is the number one on the king's list, may overturn!

"Brother Baitian is still as aggressive as ever..."

"Sure enough, after getting those rules and Dao fruits, Brother Baitian's power has gone further, at least one-third of the previous one. If you encounter the evildoer in Xianfu again, it is estimated that you can easily suppress it!"

"Tsk tsk, I didn't expect to be lucky enough to be in the same war alliance with Brother Baitian. When Brother Baitian will become the star master in the future, I can't stop anyone!"

"It's too strong. I feel that I have seen a monster that shook the starry sky. It is rising, and it is bound to shine in this cosmic genius battle!"

"I feel that I'm almost sure to defeat Brother Tian to the Federal Finals!"

In the small world, everyone in the Star Sea Alliance had their eyes shining, both shock and excitement, without any jealousy, because what Su Ping showed was no longer the same level as them.

When others are still in the virtual cave realm, they can suppress almost all of them.

Now it is the Destiny Realm, and the combat power is much stronger. This kind of monster can only be dealt with by the super wizards born under the power of the Conferred Gods in the Federation Genius War.

There are countless starry sky realms in the Federation, no one will remember their names, but Su Ping is different, even if it is a flash in the pan, this is a genius who will be famous in the starry sky!

Xingyue Shen'er's eyes lighted, and he felt that he had found the right person. The power that Su Ping had just demonstrated was comparable to the latter stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and Su Ping's punch lightly underlined it, showing that he still retained his power.

With the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, it can be comparable to the top of the Starry Sky Realm, which has surpassed her record of the year!

If Su Ping is allowed to challenge the records of the previous emperor rankings, he is definitely expected to break the record and reach the top!

However, she didn't think it was necessary, anyway, as long as Su Ping became famous in the cosmic genius battle, its gold content was far more representative than the royal list of the Amir Royal Family Academy!

"The person you found is really good."

Next to him, Dean Ailan, who had always been smiling, said with a smile to the Xingyue Shener beside him when Su Ping returned.

The gold medal mentors next to him were all shocked, and there was a wave of waves in their hearts, allowing the Conferred God to say this in person, which shows that Su Ping's evildoer!

Their faces were complicated. They were a little uncomfortable with Xingyue Shen'er asking for a spot for this person. Now it seems that they are fully qualified!

Moreover, they have not been teachers in the academy for decades. They have seen countless geniuses for hundreds of short years and thousands of years. In their teaching career, they have never seen a monster like Su Ping.

If this is a person in their academy, it must be another super monster after Xingyue Shener!

There is almost no suspense in the future to become a strong star in the main realm!

After all, with Su Pings ability, he will surely be able to reach a very high ranking in the Sylvie galaxy, and is expected to be appreciated by the galaxy lord. If he is accepted as a disciple, Su Ping will be promoted to the star lord with the teachings of the gods. Easy things will be smooth sailing in the future.

If you can sprint to the finals, there is still a glimmer of hope in the future!

"Where is the monster, I have never seen it before."

"In our nearby galaxies, it seems that we have never heard of this person."

"Could it be a family, secretly cultivated?"

"I don't know. Seeing that he came with that star and moon god, is it the heir of that adult?"

Other forces who came to ask for a place were all looking at Su Ping, remembering his appearance, such a genius, they would be added to the family's database when they turned back to avoid the family members of the industry from provoking such a guy.

"Hurry up and apologize. I told you that there is a day out of the sky, this time you lose the spot, so you can go to the audition to hone it for me!" The burly patriarch flew in front of Corot and said sternly. Somewhat scared, Su Ping's potential made him feel scared.

Corot woke up, gritted his teeth slightly, and asked him to apologize to others in public?

After struggling for a while, he lowered his head and flew to Su Ping, with the most pious manners of his family, bending over and saying: "I lost, I apologize to you for my recklessness and offense."

reckless? Su Ping's heart moved and said, "You have a younger sister named Lu Yu, right?"


Corot was at a loss.

Su Ping smiled and said, "It's nothing."

Corot gritted his teeth slightly and wanted to say, I will catch up with you, but he stopped when he spoke, feeling a little bit depressed in his heart, and felt a great sense of frustration for the first time in his life.

With the end of this episode, the final quota was confirmed, and Su Ping became one of the ten.

Su Ping and the other nine people, accompanied by several gold medal instructors, returned to the manor where the dean lived, along with Dean Ailan and Xingyue Shener.

"The sea selection of the cosmic genius battle has been launched in various galaxies and planets, and the selection is fierce."

"The quota for each planet is different. From the selection of each planet, to the selection of small galaxies, to the selection of our Sylvie galaxy, a total of three federal months!"

"Ten of you, skip the previous selections now and go directly to the final large galaxy trials. At the beginning of the trials, you will participate in the battle with other people who have passed the sea selection and win 10,000!"

"Among these 10,000 people, only those ranked in the top 100 are eligible to represent our Sylvie Galaxy and go to the Golden Zone to participate in the Challenge! If they can be among the top 100 in the Golden Zone, they will represent the Golden Zone. , Will be on the battlefield of the Federation Finals, and will be broadcast live on all galaxies and planets throughout the universe!"

"Our expectation of you is to pass the challenge of our galaxy, enter the golden zone, and then set out for our golden zone to defeat the evildoers in other zones!"

"All your performances will be watched by the Conferred Gods. When you enter the golden zone challenge, if you are good enough, you will even get the attention of the Supreme Divine Realm!"

"So, during this time, you must work hard, adjust your state, and don't affect your game for any reason. This is the future of your life!"

In the hall, a gold medal instructor stood in front of the crowd, his eyes were cold, and he said with a serious expression.

His gaze scanned everyone's face, sharp, but when he moved to Su Ping, his gaze was slightly loosened. Su Ping's previous punch gave him a great impression and shock. He has watched so many cosmic genius battles. As long as Su Pings performance does not make a mistake, entering the golden zone shouldnt be a big problem.

However, this is a big problem for others.

Regardless of the fact that there are all geniuses among the geniuses, no top enchanting evildoer can be found among hundreds of planets, but there are too many geniuses in the universe, and the population base is too large, even if it stands out from hundreds of billions of people, it is still Will be buried, because there are even more terrifying guys!

Hearing the words of the gold medal mentor, everyone's expressions were solemn, and Su Ping also looked thoughtful.

To be honest, Su Ping came to the competition, but he has not had time to understand the rules of this cosmic genius battle.

But at this moment, listening to the words of the gold medal mentor, Su Ping vaguely had an outline and concept in his mind.

It turned out that they got the push of the Amir Royal Academy and will directly enter the selection battle of the Sylvie galaxy, but this is only the first level. Then they must rely on themselves and pass the selection battle before they are expected to be recommended by the Sylvie galaxy. Into the golden star area.

The golden sector is one of the nine major sectors of the Federation Universe!

There are dozens of galaxies like Sylvie in each region, and there are as many as hundreds of large galaxies!

As for the small galaxies, there are thousands, tens of thousands, and countless planets!

"In the two and a half months of each planet and small galaxy sea selection, we will send you to a place for further training. This is your last opportunity to practice and sprint!"

The gold medal instructor said with solemn eyes: "There is an S-level secret realm, and the people recommended by other academies will also pass by at that time. I hope you will seize the last opportunity there to make the final precipitation and accumulation!"

"S-Class Secret Realm!"

Many people have different colors in their eyes.

Su Ping was a little surprised when he heard this. The S-level secret realm is an extremely precious cosmic secret realm, which can be rated as S-rank, most of which are secret realms dominated by the Conferred Gods!

As for the SS-level secret realm, the general gods will fight and fight, but they may not get it, because they are all in the hands of the Supreme God Realm!

As for the rarest SSS-level secret realm, this is the secret realm that the Supreme Divine Realm has not completely cracked, and it contains infinite secrets and treasures!

"No wonder so many people come to ask for a place. It turns out that this place can not only omit the process of sea elections, but also enter this S-level secret realm to exercise..." Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly, and he understood.

No wonder that Lu Yu's elder brother would look for himself to compete.

"Now, what do you want to ask, what you want to say, you can ask questions, and then go to say goodbye to your family, gather here in three days, and send you to the secret realm." The gold medal instructor said.

"Teacher, what kind of secret is this S-level secret realm? I want to check relevant information." A young man standing in the middle asked immediately.

The gold medal instructor said: "It's called the Secret Realm of the Magical God Tablet. You should have heard it. If it is rumored that you can crack all the illusion tablets, you can inherit the mystery! However, the illusionary tablet there has long been cracked by the Conferred God. There is already a master, if you go in to challenge, you will only have the qualification to challenge, not the qualification to inherit."

"It turns out to be the Secret Realm of the Illusory God Tablet..."

The others were all stunned, with anticipation in their eyes.

Su Ping was a little puzzled, but didn't ask much. When he turned around, he would check it again.

"Teacher, if you are cultivating there, will the academy provide you with training resources?" a student on the imperial ranking asked, this is a woman, she looks all over the country, but she does not seem to be arrogant and arrogant, but smiles. Soft, very approachable appearance.

The gold medal instructors expression softened, and he smiled and said, "Of course, the basic resources for cultivation will be provided by the academy, and they are of the highest standard! As for other special resources, you can exchange them through your performance inside. The better the performance, the better you can exchange for. The more resources!"


Next, several people asked about cultivation and challenges, and the gold medal instructors answered them one by one.

For the remaining things, the gold medal instructor asked everyone to talk to the secret realm, and everything has their own answers.

"You are recommended by our college and represent the honor of our college. I hope you will work hard."

At the end of the concluding remarks, Dean Ailan stood up and smiled and encouraged: "Everyone, come on!"


"Follow the dean's instructions!"

In just a few words, everyone was a little bit enthusiastic, much more enthusiastic than facing the gold medal mentor just now.

Even some unruly geniuses put away their pride and submissiveness in front of the conferred gods.

After all, a genius who has reached this point has the potential to see the Star Master Realm, but whether it can become a Conferred God Realm is unknown, and even said that the probability is not high!

In the entire Federation universe, the Envelopes belonged to big figures, standing at the top of the pyramid.

After the encouragement was completed, at the command of Dean Ailan, everyone left and went back to their homes.

Su Ping also found Xingyue Shener, said goodbye from the manor of the Master of the Conferred God, and galloped through the academy.

"I have basically found all the materials you asked me to find, but there is still one material missing. I am still searching for it. If I spend more time, I should be able to find it too." Xingyue Shen'er said to Su Ping.

Su Ping was taken aback, with some surprises, and said, "Thank you so much!"

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