Astral Pet Store Chapter 864

Chapter 961: Actively Make Friends Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Thank you, these are trivial things." Xingyue Shen'er smiled, quite proud, but then became a little curious, and said: "Are you using these materials for cultivation?"

She was very curious. In her opinion, Su Ping should have reached the limit with the cultivation base of the Fate Realm, so he could still go up? Unless it is a breakthrough in cultivation.

"Well, refining."

Su Ping nodded and didn't hide it. After all, the other party had helped a lot, and there was nothing malicious in it.

"So..." Xingyue Shen'er was suddenly surprised, and Su Ping actually wanted to cultivate to the extreme everywhere? In terms of star power, she felt that Su Ping had reached the limit. The star power in her body was as vast as the sea, which was unfathomable compared to some starry sky realms, and the star power was pure and extremely condensed.

Now, Su Ping still wants to reach the limit in physical training?

Her eyes moved slightly, and she secretly remembered the materials that Su Ping had entrusted. Using her channel, she could investigate what kind of body refining secrets these materials needed.

Although she was not malicious, she was very curious what kind of physical training Su Ping practiced.

"In this way, your combat power still has room for improvement, tut..." Xingyue Shen'er sighed, I don't know what to say, Su Ping is already a monster among the evildoers, so I can improve it? This seems to be the first to go to the championship.

Su Ping nodded slightly, he was thinking about the secret realm of the Illusory God Tablet, and now the third level of the cultivation material of the Golden Crow God and Demon Body is just blind.

Can he look forward to the fourth level of training materials?

You know, the golden crow **** demon body is refined to the second stage, it is already incarnation of the little golden crow, comparable to the young one!

The third level is equivalent to the young Golden Crow, the physical body reaches the strength of the gods and demons in the starry sky.

In the same level, the gods and demons are definitely the top of the pyramid sweeping all creatures, which can be called invincible. With the cultivation system established by humans today, the Starry Sky Realm is estimated to be unable to hurt him half a point.

Unless it is the end of the Star Master Realm, using another level of belief power to attack and kill, it is possible to cause trauma to him.

And the fourth layer of Golden Crow God Demon... This is already comparable to the Star Realm!

The Golden Crow Small Universe was born in the body, and the power of the physical body alone was enough to kill many star masters!

The more Su Ping thought about it, the more heart-stirred he became. On the way, he thought about it again and again, and chose to also talk to the Xingyue Shener with the materials needed for the fourth layer of the Golden Crow God Demon Body.

Seek someone to the end.

Su Ping is not worried that the latter knows the formulas of these materials and learns them secretly, because the materials are only a training aid, only he has the cultivation mentality of the golden crow **** and demon body, and he has not practiced in accordance with the mental law, even if all these materials are used. Taking it hundreds of times is all in vain, but it can cause physical damage.

As for the inference of his cultivation methods from these materials?

Su Ping didn't panic even more. After all, he learned from the system that this was an ancient magic technique that had long been lost, and it may not be recorded in the federal database.

Even if there is, it is probably the top level!

After all, this golden crow **** demon body has cultivated to the seventh stage, but it is beyond the existence of the supreme divine realm!

"Is it necessary for these materials?" Xingyue Shen'er heard Su Ping's report again, a little stunned, but when she thought that Su Ping said it was body training, she quickly relieved, her eyes lighted up, some expectation and surprises :

"Don't worry, leave these to me. I really want to see where you can go in this cosmic genius battle. Back then, I stopped a hundred in the star area, and it was a short-lived moment in the championship. You are a little bit better than me. Qiang's such a miss, it is expected to hit the top ten in the general competition!"

In the small world, everyone in Xinghai was shocked. Unexpectedly, Xingyue Shener could sprint to the top 100 stars and enter the total live broadcast of the universe!

It is a pity that they practiced separately and did not pay attention to these.

No wonder, Xingyue Shen'er has now become a star master realm, and sure enough, every star master giant used to be a powerful existence.

"I will also help Brother Baitian look for it again."

"I said hello to my shop drug club to let them pay attention."

"If Brother Baitian gets these materials, wouldn't it be more exaggerated than now to refine the body? There is hope for the top ten in the championship at that time!"

Everyone in Xinghai said one after another.

Seeing that everyone was willing to help, Su Ping was also very happy, but he denied them a little bit in his heart. If you really want to get the fourth refining materials, it is not just the top ten in the general competition. Su Ping feels that he can. Pick the number one with your eyes closed!

After all, Su Ping thinks that there should be no Destiny Realm, capable of exaggerating the combat power to easily kill the Star Lord, right?

This is beyond common sense!

Of course, in the eyes of ordinary people, a level like Su Ping has long been beyond common sense and is an exaggerated abnormality!


time flies.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

Xingyue Shener took Su Ping and Xinghai people to play around in Pula Tianzhou, and also watched some other sea elections. Although it is sea elections, there are many stages in each city, and the competition is quite good. Fierce, only the players in the sea selection, the level is uneven, and some are just the normal fate level.

Some comprehend the rules, which are beyond the scope of ordinary geniuses.

In the Ailan Manor.

The crowd gathered again, and the other nine people were all here, ready to go.

Su Ping also came here with Xingyue Shen'er. His arrival attracted the attention of many people. The nine people were all impressed with Su Ping, and their eyes were rather solemn.

Although Su Ping had only made one punch, many people present were not sure to withstand Su Ping's punch, let alone Su Ping's other cards.

"Now that everything is ready, let's go."

Dean Ailan saw the crowd, his gaze swept away, without stopping on anyone, he waved his hand and said.

A gold medal instructor immediately went out and led Su Ping to the 10,000-meter high above the manor, where a comb-shaped spaceship was moored with a laser marking of a silver giant sword on it.

"This is the love ship of Dean Ailan. You can ask the crew for the various areas in the spacecraft. If there is nothing wrong, you should not fight in private on the spacecraft or cause damage." The gold medal instructor warned everyone.

Everyone nodded.

Just kidding, this is the spaceship of the Conferred God, who would dare to fool around in it?

"You can go with ease. I will help you pay attention to the cultivation materials. When I find the opportunity, I will visit the secret realm. I should have a way." Xingyue Shen'er stood outside the spaceship, waving and laughing. .

Su Ping nodded.

In the small world, everyone in Xinghai waved their hands... at least they looked extremely reluctant.

"Cultivation materials?"

When the other nine people heard the words of Xingyue Shen'er, they caught these four words from the inside, their eyes condensed, and they couldn't help but glance at Su Ping.

This guy is not at his limit yet?

What are the cultivation materials?

But obviously, it will never be a training material to break through the realm. After all, the quotas are available. With Su Ping's combat power, he will definitely be able to enter the star area and show his head in the universe. How can you not bear this section? Break through in time.

Once you break through, you will be disqualified.

In previous genius battles, it was not that some geniuses had never appeared in the battle, and they wanted to win so much that they temporarily broke the bottleneck and were promoted to the starry sky.

But... I won the battle, but lost the next game.

Once you break through to the starry sky, you will lose the qualifications for the competition and automatically lose!

Soon, everyone filed into the spacecraft.

The spacecraft does not look big on the surface, but the internal space is extremely vast, like a continent!

This is the power of the Conferred God, and the formulation of space rules can already affect the local world!

Soon, the spacecraft took off, tore through the void directly, and jumped into the universe.

As for Su Ping in the spacecraft, he could not feel the turbulence of the spacecraft at all. He just saw the scene outside the spacecraft, transforming from the planet Michel to the dark and vast, starry universe, and knew that he had left the planet.

Everyone didn't care. Under the leadership of the gold medal instructor, they came to the rest area and played around in the spacecraft, wanting to see how the car of the Conferred God was.

"Really luxurious."

Su Ping turned around, feeling a little bit that the space inside the spacecraft was too vast. Just the so-called rest area, there were forests, lakes, various equipment for play, and a large number of service personnel.

Here is the life of a god, who can be an emperor!

Su Ping looked around casually, but didn't go any further, looked for a place, and asked a crew member who served him about the specific time of arrival at his destination.

After learning that it was two days later, Su Ping was slightly surprised. The spacecraft of the Conferred Gods all needed two days of sailing?

Su Ping suddenly thought of Fairy Fairy and others on the planet Leia, and suddenly screamed in her heart. Fairy Fairy felt that her aura was not on planet Michel, so she wouldn't push the planet Leya to chase him over. He kept chasing to the secret realm, right?

After all, it is an S-level secret realm. There are conferred gods who are sitting in town. It is estimated that other conferred gods will visit. If Fairy Bi passes, will there be a risk of exposure?

Su Ping immediately took out the Lords Star Order and contacted Xingyue Shen'er. After the connection was made, he immediately asked her to help go to the planet Leia, explain the situation to the Fairy Bi in his store, and let her stay on the planet Michel. Unharmed.

Xingyue Shener agreed and hung up the communication.

In less than 10 minutes, Xingyue Shen'er's communication came, somewhat at a loss: "The planet Leia has disappeared. Listening to the people on the space station, it seems that the tearing void has disappeared."


Su Ping almost vomited blood. Sure enough, Fairy Bi felt that he was on the spaceship and ran again with the ball.

A girl so persistently followed her with the ball, Su Ping was a little bit unsure of what to say, and she was a little touched in her heart.

"Forget it."

Su Ping sighed and had to give up. As long as the Supreme Divine Realm does not appear, the ordinary Conferred Gods, Fairy Bi, may not be virtual.

Moreover, she can only stay in the store now. Generally, the gods who seek to come to the door, it is estimated that they will have to pass the system first.


"Come on, excuse me, hello."

When Su Ping was resting, suddenly a figure flew over. This was a woman with an exquisite figure, and she was the woman of the Knight King family who had shown great power before.

"Hello there."

Su Ping was slightly surprised, but still replied the same.

"My name is Ibetta Luna." The girl's eyes flickered, like countless stars are contained in her eyes. It is extremely clear and beautiful, making it impossible to look directly at her. Her lips are red and white, and she chuckles: "Knight King family, want to follow You make friends."

Su Ping suddenly came over to make friends.

Indeed, the same genius, if not competing with each other, this is indeed a very strong network.

After all, as long as these geniuses do not fall, they will rise everywhere in the future and become the future powerhouses!

"My name is Su Ping, Su, who is a long-handed man, why is the peace of the world even if my chest is not square." Su Ping didn't mind making friends, and introduced with a smile.


The girl's eyes drooped subconsciously, but she lifted it quickly, her face was quite confident, and she smiled and said, "I don't know where Brother Su comes from, and I have time to visit in the future."

"From Blue Star, um, it's the origin star in your mouth." Su Ping smiled and said, "I can go to my planet to play in the future. The scenery there is good."

"Blue Star?"

Ibetta Luna was stunned, and there was a trace of astonishment in her eyes, apparently she did not expect Su Ping to be born on the origin star that was rumored to be deserted and barren.

Where can such evildoers be born there?

There was some suspicion in her eyes, not because she was suspicious of Su Ping's words, but rather whether the news she had heard was nonsense by the unscrupulous media.


At this time, another figure rushed over. This was a young man with white hair. It was the person who appeared on stage to recover the scene for the academy after Ibetta Luna defeated the imperial leader student.

He ranks third in the top ranking!


Xuefa youth and Ibetta Luna noticed, their eyes met, and a spark was faintly rubbed, but their expressions were calm.

The young man Xuefa turned his head to look at Su Ping, smiled lightly, and said, "In Xia Klaishabai, those guys in the academy like to call me Lord Silver and want to make friends with your Excellency."

Geniuses speak exactly the same directness.

Su Ping was slightly dumb, and then smiled: "My name is Su Ping, and the waves are calm."

Ibetta Luna: "?"

Thats not what you said just now!

"Brother Su's name is so special. Brother Su's previous punch was too powerful. I thought I had mastered the six rules and was already strong enough. I didn't expect that in front of Brother Su, it was a lot worse!" Sighed.

As soon as he said this, Ibetta Luna next to him narrowed his eyes, six rules? How about the depth? It seems that this is another evildoer!

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded honestly.

Klassabeth: "..."

Ibetta Luna next to her was taken aback for a moment, and she couldn't help laughing, saying that there is something weird in the life of a genius, is this considered?

Klassabeth was a little speechless, so I'll be humble. If you answer so seriously, I'm embarrassed, do you know?

He secretly decided in his heart to take advantage of tonight on the spaceship, no matter what, he must quickly understand one more!

Anyway, there is still time, in the mysterious realm of the Illusory God Tablet, he believes that he can catch up with Su Ping.

After all, the higher the limit, the slower the improvement. Compared with Su Ping, he still has a lot of room for improvement!

At this moment, suddenly another figure galloped over.

When they saw this figure, Klassabeth and Ibetta Luna were both shocked, and their pupils shrank slightly.

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