Astral Pet Store Chapter 865

Chapter 962: Colleges Gather Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"King Osron!"

Kleishabai's eyes condensed, and his expression was a bit solemn. In this year's Amir Royal Family Academy, this is the undisputed number one on the royal list!

He once challenged, but lost in seven battles!

This should be the only guy in the academy who convinced him.

Ibetaluna, who was next to him, also knew about the deeds of King Osron, her body was slightly tight, like being invaded by some kind of monster into the territory, her body instinctively defended.

"Are you too?"

A strong figure, almost perfect proportions, King Osron, who is full of strength and beauty, is a youth, with long golden hair, soft and elegant, his eyes are like stars, and his brows are like swords. He glanced at Kleisha indifferently. White, with a slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

Kleisha gave a white cough and said, "No, come over and make a friend...you too?"

King Oslong glanced at Ibetta Luna next to him and ignored him. Then his eyes fell on Su Ping, his eyes were warm but with an all-encompassing arrogance, and he smiled and said: "I don't know where your excellency came from. If you have a chance in the future, I want to discuss one or two with your Excellency."

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna were shocked, but they didn't expect that this one was here to write the battle.

"There is no need to learn from each other, right?" Su Ping was taken aback, then said helplessly.


Klassabeth was a little stunned, but Su Ping refused so easily.

Although there is no rule that you cannot refuse, as an evildoer, who is not arrogant and invited to fight, how can there be any reason to shrink?

King Oslong was also surprised. He narrowed his eyes and said, "With your abilities, it should not be difficult to enter the star area through selection. In the following star area battles, we will not have much chance to fight. If we are in the selection battle. Encountered on the previous day, I hope I can have a good fight with your Excellency."

Su Ping is a bit speechless, are they all so warlike? If you want to fight, go to those star masters, and you will cry for your father and mother if you are sure to be abused.

"All right." Su Ping was too lazy to say, anyway, he would just have a meal and finish it, wasting his lips and tongue, and may not be able to persuade him, and if he did, he had to decide the outcome.

Seeing Su Ping reluctantly agreed, the smile at the corner of King Oslong's mouth slowly faded, and he took a deep look at him, without saying anything, and turned to leave.

After King Osron left, Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna next to them felt that their breathing became much smoother, and it seemed that a large mountain had just pressed on the two of them.

"Brother Su, you have offended King Osron now."

Klassabeth smiled bitterly.

Su Ping was taken aback, "offend?"

Kleisabeth saw Su Ping's ignorant appearance, and thought of his sincere words to him earlier, and was a little confused, and for a while, he didn't know how to explain it.

The face of Ibetta Luna next to her was a bit cold, and she had no affection for the Osron King. She could feel that she had just been ignored and the other party was too arrogant!

Although she heard the deeds of the other party and was not sure to defeat the latter, this feeling of being ignored made her very angry and upset.

"If you offend you offend, Brother Su may not be afraid of him!" Ibetta Luna snorted coldly.

Kleishabeth glanced at her, and immediately understood her anger, and smiled bitterly. Before he repeatedly challenged the guy, he was once ignored. Later, the reason why he could enter the opponent's field of vision was due to his seven defeats and seven defeats. The opponent remembered him and admitted that he was a good opponent.

Not so much an opponent, but he feels like he has become a sandbag for sparring.

He shook his head and said: "He has this temperament, Brother Su, if you really meet him in the selection battle, you have to do your best, and he can come over. It means that he has regarded you as an opponent, but you have refused. He slapped his face a bit."

Su Ping err, and had to say: "Well, I will try my best."

Klassabeth smiled bitterly, not knowing what to say.

The two stayed here for a while, chatted a few more words with Su Ping, and then left to practice.

Being able to lead the same level so much, in addition to their talents, they are also inseparable from their acquired efforts. Geniuses are all weird and lonely, and they are not good at making greetings.

Su Ping had nothing to do, and didn't wander around anymore, looking for a place to sit and practice.

As he turned the Chaos Star Force Map, the surrounding star power suddenly pulled in, forming a storm funnel, frightening the nearby crew members, thinking that something major had happened.

After discovering that it was caused by Su Ping's practice, he breathed a sigh of relief, but soon he was dumbfounded.

When Su Ping was in the third-order battle pet division, he could plunder the star power within hundreds of meters by relying on the Chaos Star Force Tu. Now the dominance of the Chaos Star Force Tu is even more apparent. The star power is in one-half of the entire rest area. Frantically, leaning towards Su Ping's direction to plunder, forming a huge star power funnel.

In the center of the funnel is Su Ping, star power vents from the top of his head, pouring into his body, and after being refined and compressed, it becomes a strand of extremely pure star power.

These pure star forces are compressed again and become like water droplets.

The water droplets are compressed again and become substantive stellar crystals.

These broken crystals are integrated into the cells, making the solid-like cells become stronger and thicker!

You know, the star power of ordinary war favorites is a mist.

The condensed ones are more pure and thread-like, and even further, reaching the drop-like shape is the ultimate.

Su Ping's star power has been refined and refined again and again, so that his star power can't even be compared to the ordinary starry sky realm.

"what's the situation?"

"The star power near me seems to be dragged away by some force."

Su Ping's practice quickly alarmed several people in the rest area near him. They flew in the direction of Xingli, and suddenly saw Su Ping who was sitting in the middle of Xingli Storm cultivating, and they couldn't help being a little dumbfounded.

Is this guy practicing?

What kind of exercise is this, too domineering and evil!

"Damn, I thought my cultivation technique was cruel enough, compared to this, it's a little sheep!"

"If it's in the outside world, it can plunder the star power of half a continent!"

"This is cultivation, it's looting!"

More and more people rushed to stand outside the star power storm caused by Su Ping's practice, and they were all shocked.

And in the east of the rest area, King Ossoon, who returned from Su Ping, sat on a mountain top and was also cultivating at the moment. Suddenly, he felt that the star power was passing by on the outer edge of the star power he cultivated, like It was sucked away by others.

How dare to **** his things?

King Osron opened slightly, a flash of golden cold electricity shot out, he did not get up, his perception swept and covered like a hurricane, and extended along the star power. Soon, he saw the scene of a whale sucking water, and his face changed slightly. Changed.

Is that guy?

His face became cold, thinking of his previous invitation to fight, did he want to fight back in this way?

He closed his eyes again and ran the technique with all his strength. Soon, the star power around him became boiling, plundering it violently, and venting into his body.

With the training of King Osron, the star power in the rest area was divided into two, forming two storms, surrounding Su Ping and King Osron.

People in other areas have stopped practicing and gathered outside the training areas of Su Ping and King Osron, their perceptions covering the entire rest area, all a little dumbfounded.

"The star power here has been divided by the two of them!"

"Too overbearing, this King Osron is also a lunatic!"

"How can I practice this? I can only go to other areas."

"Unexpectedly, there are such two monsters in our group."

"I have long heard that Amir is number one on the imperial list. He is a guy who is hard to come out in a hundred years. I didn't expect that this one who punches ten times is also a monster."

The other eight people saw this scene and had some discussions, so they had to choose to go to another area.

Staying here, although they can continue to practice, their practice is not weak, but they will eventually be affected.

After discussing for a while, the eight people left and did not continue to watch the excitement.

In the rest area, Su Ping and King Ossoon are both practicing, and the star power is distinguished from them. Gradually, as time goes by, the star power gradually tilts in the direction of Su Ping, from five to five to four to six.

On the top of the mountain, King Oslong opened his eyes slightly, and his golden eyes were like electricity, with a bit of chill.

The star power in his body broke out again, and this time he did not hesitate to consume the star power, and he also had to run the technique to looting!

On the other side, Su Ping sits in the middle of the Star Force Storm, frowning at times. After he enters the cultivation state, he allows his body to practice on his own. His thoughts have entered a state of selflessness, and he can understand the rules in a deeper spiritual realm.

For others, it is quite difficult to enter a state of selflessness, but Su Ping has experienced countless battles in the nurturing world, and has long been able to achieve this step as he pleases.

Even in extremely dangerous areas, he can easily enter a state of ecstasy.

This is a great test of the mind.

When the Osron King looted vigorously, the star power in the rest area once again became five to five points. The gold medal instructor in charge of the team leader in the spacecraft, saw this scene when he came out to observe, but was also taken aback. After he sensed the situation in the rest area , His face suddenly became weird.

"It doesn't matter if this guy Greos is a monster, where did this monster pop up? Sure enough, the monsters are with the monsters. I don't know if these two people can reach the height of the little witch back then."


time flies.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

On this day, as the gold medal instructor's voice reminded, all ten people in the practice were awake, including Su Ping, who was in a state of ecstasy and comprehending the rules.

"S-level secret realm, the secret realm of the Illusory God Monument is here!"

As the instructor reminded, the other eight people returned from other areas and gathered in the rest area. As Su Ping and King Osron stopped practicing, the star power in the rest area has been restored, but it is obviously much thinner than before. , The star crystal energy device under the spacecraft has not had time to replenish it.

Everyone looked out of the spaceship, and through the external sensing device, the spaceship seemed to disappear. Everyone seemed to be in the starry sky. Only the stars were shining brightly. In the distance of the universe, we could see some speckled nebulae and huge rotating galaxies.

And in the starry sky ahead, an extremely huge, black hole-like vortex was spinning silently.

This is the Secret Realm of the Illusory God Tablet.

Around the secret realm, there is a space station impressively, and the strong star master sits and guards this place.

The signal released from the spacecraft, connected to the space station, passed the review.

As the spacecraft rushed into the secret realm, everyone saw that in the dark vortex overhead, colorful, streamer-like starlight appeared, seeming to span tens of millions of galaxies in an instant.

Then all the light and shadow were collected, and the light in front of him was suddenly bright, appearing in a world with a group of monuments.

Many great monuments are suspended everywhere in this place, layered on top of each other, faintly showing the appearance of a pyramid.

In the distance, there is a void square, and some islands and palaces in the sky.

"There is a residential area."

An alluring woman, who looked gentle and quiet, said softly.

Her words attracted a few people's attention. This woman did not look aloof, but no one would take it lightly. She ranked second in the royal list, second only to King Osron!

King Oslong turned his head and glanced at her, and said, "Have you been here?"

"I've been here once." The woman said softly.

King Oslong nodded, did not say anything, turned his gaze, glanced at a person in the distance, and saw that the other person hadn't sensed his gaze at all, his eyes were slightly cold, and he withdrew his gaze.

At this time, the spacecraft flew towards the distant square.

Said it was a square, but as the spacecraft approached, the square grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it was a continent suspended in the void!

"Look, it looks like a spaceship from Xiumia Academy!"

"There is the Dragon Tomb Academy, and they are here too. The symbol of the dragon seems to be the mount of their Dean Tex-sama!"

"Holy Oriole Academy is here too. It seems that they don't give up. They used to be one of Sylvie's five colleges, the lowest ranking, but they were left behind. Now they still want to return to the glory of the five colleges."

When everyone was communicating, the spacecraft also boarded a corner of this square.

After flying out of the place where the spaceship was anchored, under the leadership of the gold medal instructor, everyone came outside and met with people from several other colleges.

"You came late enough."

A burly man with gray hair, seeing the gold medal instructor, seemed to know him, and said with a chuckle.

Although the colleges are in a competitive relationship with each other, they can be regarded as leading many sessions of students, and the instructors are already familiar with each other.

"It's useless to come early, so I'm just waiting." The gold medal instructor said calmly.

The other colleges also have ten places. With the arrival of the Amir Royal Family Academy, the students from the other colleges turned their heads and looked over.

"It's him?"

Suddenly, a young girl in Xiu Mia Academy trembled suddenly, her eyes widened, revealing an incredible look of consternation.

Another woman with a more mature dress next to her was a little surprised and confused: "Why, is there someone you know?"


The girl stared at the young man in the distance, she didn't hear the woman next to her, her mind was already a little muddy, she didn't expect to see him here!

She originally thought that with the status and treatment she received in Xiumia, she would definitely be able to get rid of this person, and when she returned to Blue Star in the future, she would return to her hometown and become the first person in the world.

At that time, she will also wash away the stigma of being looted and her grandfather being bullied.

But she didn't expect...Here, she actually saw each other!

This girl is no one else, it is Yuan Linglu who was selected from Blue Star!

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