Astral Pet Store Chapter 866

Chapter 963: Challenge Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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At this moment, Su Ping, who was idly looking around, suddenly felt something. When he looked around, he suddenly saw a face that looked familiar.

His gaze rested on the opponent's purple-black hair, slightly recalled, and suddenly stunned.

"The guy who grabbed Longtai Mountain's inheritance?" Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect to be so coincidental that he could see the Blue Star people here, and he had met on the Blue Star.

When Su Ping met Su Ping, Yuan Linglu's heart suddenly burst twice, and he felt flustered inexplicably.

But soon, she realized that she is not the same as she used to be. She was robbed of Longtai Mountain by Su Ping at the beginning, which led to being surpassed by Su Ping in all aspects, but now, the situation has reversed!

She awakened her combat body, received the attention of Xiu Mia Academy, vigorously cultivated her, and broadened her horizons in the Federation, which is far from the same as before.

Even the inheritance of Longtai Mountain, which was robbed by Su Ping, is not worth mentioning to her now.

It's just the inheritance of a mere starry sky realm dragon beast.

If it is from the Star Master Realm, she still has some interest.

"That person is also black-haired, is he on the same planet as you?" A graceful woman next to Yuan Linglu asked softly.

Yuan Linglu nodded, "I am from my hometown."

"Is that right? The tutor who went to your hometown to select students in the first place seemed to have brought out all the geniuses in your hometown. I didn't expect that there would still be fish that slipped through the net." The woman said with a smile on her lips, she couldn't see the thoughts, and said softly.

Yuan Linglu sneered slightly and said, "It's just a lucky guy!"

The woman glanced at her, her eyes moved slightly, she suddenly understood something and smiled silently.

Beside Su Ping, Kleishabeth, Ibetta Luna and others were also looking at the people in other academies. Kleishabeths gaze fell on one of the clusters of people, his eyes narrowed, and said: "I heard that this years In the Sword Sovereign Academy, a kendo wizard that has been rare in thousands of years has emerged, and he has realized the ancient extraordinary swordsmanship. I dont know who it is."

"I've heard the news too, that's our rival!"

Another Huangbang student next to him whispered, his eyes dignified and alert.

King Oslong moved his eyebrows slightly and his eyes were indifferent. He patrolled the crowd of Sword Sovereign Academy, and soon stopped on a young man who looked ordinary with a wooden sword on his back.

His eyes flashed and he frowned slightly.

"The dragon emperor of the Dragon Tomb is also not to be underestimated. I heard that he opened the ancient dragon coffin in the deepest part of the Dragon Tomb Academy and got the power of the ancient dragon, and he is also a dragon body in the demon system."

"The dragon element of the demon element seems to be another monster."

"Nash Mia Academy has heard that there is also a pair of twin stars. We have a lot of opponents this time, and they are not easy to mess with!"

"What are you afraid of? We have King Osron and Sister Tianqi. If we really meet, it is not certain who wins and who wins!"

When the people at the Amir Royal Family Academy were discussing, three figures flew from a distance, all of which were in the Star Realm, exuding extremely powerful power, so that all the students nearby on the court could not help but stop the discussion.

The great coercion of the Star Master Realm was extremely deterrent to everyone who hadn't even reached the Star Realm.

Even some enchanting students became serious.

These three star host realms didn't mean to hide their aura in the slightest, like three rounds of scorching sun in the sky, which was unpredictable, and they gave many students a smashing power.

"Five colleges, take care of your students, conduct identity verification in turn, go to the monument and wait for a seat. Ten hours later, the first round of quizzes will be conducted. The training areas will be divided according to the quizzes and merit points."

The leading star, wearing a gray robe and a hood, covered his face, looking down at the crowd like a gray god, and said indifferently.

The mentors of the five major colleges all looked calm and didn't say anything.

After the star master finished speaking, he turned and left. The other two star masters led the instructors and students of the five colleges to fly to a hill next to the square.

It is said that it is a hill, but it is actually like a monument, bare, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there are light arrays, and each light array has an ancient stone seat.

"Go take a seat and rest, you can also practice there, and recharge your energy."

The gold medal instructor instructed Su Ping.

The tutors from other colleges also urged their students. Soon, the students from the Dragon Tomb Academy rushed out first, toward the light array on the top of the hill.

When the Dragon Tomb Academy flew out, the ten members of the Sword Sovereign Academy followed closely, and suddenly uttered a whistle. Among them, the ordinary looking young man with a wooden sword on his back, but his figure was like a sharp sword, instantly stabbing Breaking through the void, arrived at the top of the hill, stepped into a light array, and took a seat safely.

There were only eight light arrays on this mountain, and as the wooden sword boy entered, there were only seven left.

The trainees of the Dragon Tomb Academy flew out first, but were preempted by others. Their complexion suddenly changed, and they burst out of strength and rushed away quickly.

Among them, two figures roared out like a big Peng, and arrived at the top of the mountain in a blink of an eye, choosing a light array to enter.

"Quick, grab it!"

"In the energy array on the top of the mountain, taking over the divine power of the God Stele Mountain, practicing in it is equivalent to practicing in the Illusory God Stele!"

The people of Amir Academy also set off quickly and rushed out at full speed. King Ossoon snorted and burst out golden star power. This star power was mixed with divine power and was extremely pure, making his explosive power extremely powerful, like a roar. Its like a fighter plane, coming first, whizzing out.

Behind him is the second on the emperor's list. The woman who looks gentle and kind has four elemental fluctuations on her body, namely wind, fire, thunder, and rock, pushing her body like four storms. Rush out quickly.


Su Ping heard the words of the woman named'Apocalypse', and was a little surprised. He didn't expect that every seat was exquisite. He immediately couldn't take care of the laziness. The cells in the body rotate, and the stars within the cells rotate out. , Like a gear driving countless gears, with a thud, a powerful star vortex suddenly burst out of the void beside Su Ping.

The next moment, Su Ping's body image was added with a super propeller, galloping fast, passing by the students in front of him, and catching up with King Osron.


King Oslong was startled, his face slightly changed, golden chills appeared in his eyes, and his body surged again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures reached the top of the mountain at the same time, flying to the remaining light arrays.

Su Ping also successfully grabbed a light array, stepped in, and sat down on the stone seat.

As soon as he sat down, Su Ping felt a deep and strong star power gushing from under the stone constellation, like a fountain, pouring into his body continuously, without needing to absorb it by himself, but automatically transport it!

If you change to a junior battle pet division and stay on this stone seat for a day, it is estimated that you will be able to directly advance to several ranks.

On the other side, King Osron and Apocalypse also took their seats smoothly. In a blink of an eye, the eight light arrays on the top of the mountain were all filled. Some of the people flying from behind turned directly to the seats on the top of the mountain, while others stopped at the top of the mountain. His face was gloomy.

"It looks like we are out of play."

Kleishabeth glanced at the top of the mountain. Their Amir Royal Academy grabbed three positions, and the remaining five positions seemed to be uncomfortable. He hesitated for a moment, but gave up his thoughts of contention and turned to the mountainside.Array.

"There are really many monsters." Ibetta Luna's mouth moved slightly. When Su Ping broke out earlier, she noticed that the people in other academies who had grabbed the seat on the top of the mountain broke out faster than her. The top figures in each academy suddenly felt uncomfortable in their hearts.

Any one of them is a monster if you carry it to the outside alone, but here, all of you are monsters!

"Hmph, I've taken this position well, get out of the way!"

While the other students were looking for seats on the mountainside, at the top of the mountain, a slender young man with an extremely handsome face slowly descended to the Tianqi woman next to Su Ping and said condescendingly.

Tianqi sitting in the stone chair of the light array, the gentleness and peace on his face disappeared, and he said indifferently: "Go away!"

The handsome young man's face was cold, without the slightest change, and said: "Since you are stubborn, come out to fight with me, if you lose, you climb and win, I will give you this position."

The world of genius does not need too many words, and Tianqi did not speak any more, and directly expressed it with actions.

She stepped out of the light array and stood in the air, looking at each other indifferently.

In her body, the fluctuations of the four-color elements emerged. Although she was an elemental battle body, she was an extremely rare multi-element battle body!

The general elemental battle body, some evildoers, will give birth to a double battle body!

But she is very rare... a quadruple elemental battle body!

Although it is a basic element of the universe, it is a quadruple battle body after all. Except for the top demon warfare bodies, other demon warfare bodies have to evade in front of her.

Seeing the quadruple combat body displayed by the apocalypse, many people in the academy were shocked and called out monsters in their hearts.

Sure enough, none of those who can come here are simple guys, they are all existences beyond common sense.


The handsome young man saw this scene, but was not surprised. On the contrary, there was a touch of contempt on his face. Then there were elemental fluctuations on his body. The holy white light and the gloomy cold darkness intertwined behind him, and it was also an elemental warfare body. It's just twofold, but the element is...light and dark!

"One of the twin stars of Xiumia students, Saint King!"

"I've heard the name of this holy king a long time ago, is this going to go to war?"

"Sure enough, no genius will serve anyone."

Many students who had already seated on the mountainside and at the foot of the mountain all looked up at the situation above the top of the mountain, and when they saw the posture of these two people, they were a little excited.

They thought they were a bit inferior and couldn't compete with these monsters, but it was pretty good to be able to see each other's battles, so they were free to observe and learn.

"Which is the second apocalypse in the royal list of Amir Royal Family Academy? Actually want to fight our holy king, she is going to be gone."

On the mountainside, Yuan Linglu and the graceful woman sat in the adjacent light array position. The latter saw the scene on the top of the mountain and said with a chuckle.

Yuan Linglu's expression was a little dazed.

When she was flying to this sacred monument earlier, she saw Su Ping's figure whizzing out, she almost screamed out at that time, the speed was too fast!

It completely exceeded her expectations!

Didn't he rely on the help of noble people to get in?

How can there be such a fast explosive force?

Seeing the battle that was about to erupt at the top of the mountain at this moment, Yuan Linglu suddenly recovered, looked at the woman beside her, and said, "Sister Cerita, are you going to challenge that person?"

"Your fellow villager?"


Cerita couldn't help but glanced at her. As expected, she hadn't made a mistake before. These two people from the same place had had a festival before, and even had a deep hatred.

"Even if I succeed in the challenge, I can't sit still. Look at the side of the dragon tomb and the academy of Sword Sovereign who are waiting. The holy warrior has never heard of it, but it doesn't seem to be weak." Sai Li Ta shook his head and said.

Yuan Linglu's eyes swept away, her eyes relaxed, and she felt relieved.

For some reason, although she came from the same place and saw people from her hometown, she should have been very kind, but this person is Su Ping. At first, under her nose, the Longtai Mountain inheritance was robbed, and now she sees Su again. She has such a powerful explosive force, and she has a bit of uneasiness in her heart to grab a seat on the top of the mountain.

There was some inexplicable irritability in her heart.

When the two of them were talking, the two star masters in the distant secret realm and several college instructors all flew over and saw the situation of the holy king and the Apocalypse. One of the secret realm star master said: "Illusory God Tablet Secret Realm Do not prevent you from dueling and challenging, but you are not allowed to fight at will and destroy the secret realm. If you want to fight, go here."

He raised his hand and flew over an island in the distance.

The surface of the island is bare, with special **** patterns surrounding it, like a **** lock shield.

"The space in the Secret Territory is quite special, and it is difficult for you to tear it apart. This island is a duel field specially built for you. If you want to vent, go here." The star master said.

The star master instructor of Xiumia Academy next to him chuckled softly: "Holy King, don't bully other girls."

The gold medal mentor raised his eyebrows slightly, and said, "This name is good. If he is beaten by a girl, he will cry and look ugly, right?"

The two tutors also had a strong smell of gunpowder, and they were tit-for-tat.

They didn't mean to stop them. Coming to this secret realm is to train students and make the final sprint for the cosmic genius war. Is there any reason to shrink?

Moreover, under the full view of the public, it is related to the honor of the Academy and the people behind the gods, let alone shrink back!


The Saint King smiled lightly and said with grace.

Tianqi's face was indifferent, and he flew into the island first.

The Saint King followed closely, and as the two entered, the battle broke out immediately.

Surrounded by black and white rays of light on the saint king, the battle body was aroused, and his skin was half pure white and half pitch black, which looked extremely strange. He called for a battle pet to fit in. His battle pet was a rare dragon beast in the starry sky, extremely powerful.

This dragon beast alone is enough to suppress many mid-starry sky realms.

Apocalypse also inspires the battle body. The quadruple elemental battle body makes her dominate the surrounding elements extremely easily. In accordance with the rules of the quadruple element she has mastered, she bursts out amazing powers. Coupled with her battle pet, the two can quickly fight. Difficult to solve, a wave of elemental shock waves swept across the island, dazzling.

These two people are both cultivation bases in the Destiny Realm, but the battle scene at this moment is even more intense than some battles in the Starry Sky Realm!

If it were outside, the two would have hit deep space long ago, but here, they cant rely on space teleportation and can only rely on other secret skills to fight hard!

"Sure enough, they are all monsters!"

"Under the prestigious reputation, there are no vacancies, and they are indeed qualified to sit on the top of the mountain."

"I admit defeat in this wave."

On the mountainside, many people were watching the battle with extremely solemn expressions. Compared with themselves, they quickly felt the difference in strength.

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