Astral Pet Store Chapter 867

Chapter 964: First Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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When everyone was discussing, the battle on the island had already been won.

It was less than a quarter of an hour before and after, but every second was wonderful and intense.

Apocalypse displayed the secret skill of the four rules combination, which turned into an element storm lotus, monster and terror, as if to tear the void, exuding an aura of destruction, causing everyone on the mountainside to breathe in cold air.

Even on the top of the mountain, many people's eyes became serious.

On the other side, the Saint King seemed to master some ancient stunt, and a vast phantom appeared behind him, like a projection of gods and demons, surrounded by black and white two qi, hard-shaking apocalyptic attacks.

As the sky shook loudly and energy shocked, Tianqi's body and her battle pet were all pushed to the island's **** array, and the injuries were not light.

Looking at the other side, the Saint King stepped out of the bursting attack and rushed with the supreme killing power, except for the damage of his shirt, no injuries could be seen.

Tianqi saw this scene, his eyes were shocked, a little unwilling, but could only admit defeat.

The attack just now was already one of her stunts. It was reserved for the real arena behind her. Unexpectedly, she would be forced out here, and she hadn't been able to make a final decision and crippled the opponent!


Hearing the words of the apocalypse, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the holy king, but it stopped.

While he stopped, a figure flew across the island, and it was the gold mentor of the Amir Royal Academy.

He was worried that the Holy King would take advantage of the victory and behead the Apocalypse on the spot. It would be too ugly!

There is no restriction on killings in this illusory stele secret realm, but the premise is that it conforms to the rules set by the master of this secret realm, and cannot challenge and slaughter privately!

"So strong!"

"Is this one of Xiumia's twin stars? It's terrible!"

"That Apocalypse is also a monster. He deserves to be ranked second in the Amir Royal Family Academy. Tsk tsk, this kind of strength is only second, so what degree should the first be?"

"Grandma's, if you are not convinced, they are all geniuses, but they are the real geniuses!"

"I'm not targeting anyone, I just want to say, everyone here is a monster, except me!"

Everyone on the mountainside and at the foot of the mountain sighed in shock.

They were also hailed as geniuses by the outside world, and they were also directly promoted, but only after arriving here did they discover that there is still a gap between them, and the gap is not small.


At this time, the Saint King turned around and galloped out of the island, and came to the light array stone seat where the apocalypse was before. In the eyes of everyone, he stepped directly in, sitting down indifferently, seeming to despise everything.

The other people standing on the top of the mountain had no seats yet. Seeing this scene, their eyes flickered slightly, but no one took any action.

Although challenging this holy king at this moment, there is probably hope to grab his position, but they disdain to do this kind of opportunistic thing.

Geniuses have their own pride, even if they defeat this holy king, they are not glorious.

"I knew it, you could."

In a light array seat next to her, a girl in a goddess skirt holding a sea-blue scepter, wearing a bright green crown, tilted her head and said with a chuckle.

Although she is only a student, she is dressed like a queen, with great momentum.

She is graceful and vulgar, and it is difficult for anyone to see it.


Saint King responded indifferently.

There was no sound transmission between the two of them. When this word came out, the faces of several people at the Amir Royal Family Academy changed their faces, and a bit of anger burst into their eyes.

"Too arrogant!"

Sitting on the mountainside, Kleishabai gritted his teeth angrily. Apocalypse was second on the emperor's list, and he was third. The other party didn't put Apocalypse in his eyes at all, and naturally he did not look at him.

King Oslong, who was sitting on a stone seat on the top of the mountain, changed his face slightly, his eyes were cold, and said: "It's just a small victory, don't be too arrogant!"


After hearing the words, the Saint King squinted, and looked at King Osron, then he snorted and said indifferently: "Why, I'm not convinced when I lose? Have the ability to talk to me with my fist!"

A golden cold light flashed in King Oslong's eyes, and he said sternly: "If it weren't for your injury, this king doesn't want to take advantage of others, you are already kneeling and talking to me now!"

"Oh, this little injury is just my carelessness. Even if you are injured, there is nothing wrong with dealing with you!" Sheng Wang sneered.

"Really, do you want to try it?" King Oslong narrowed his eyes and was full of murderous aura.

"Try and try." Sheng Wang smiled contemptuously, his face full of disdain.

The woman dressed as the empress next to her covered her mouth and smiled: "Is the Amir Royal Academy all bullying people like this? I like wheel warfare? If I have the opportunity, I can practice with you."

She is also from Xiu Mia Academy, and she is the other star of one of the Gemini!

"This king does not bother to beat women." King Oslong snorted coldly.

"Then you will die in a woman's arms sooner or later." The Saint King sneered when he heard his sarcasm.

King Oslong glanced at him coldly, and didn't fight anymore.

At this time, Tianqi had been brought back by the gold medal instructor, and she was given medicine, and her injured face recovered a little rosy. Her original gentle and peaceful cheeks were a little low at the moment. She glanced at the holy king, did not say anything, turned her head to the side King Osron nodded, as a thank you for his words.

Then she flew towards the mountainside.

In her current state, continuing to compete for the position of the top of the mountain is somewhat reluctant.

"It's all stinky ladies, don't bother to fight with these stinky ladies, kid, just you, this position belongs to me!"

While Su Ping was watching, suddenly a burly man with a dark complexion flew up to Su Ping and said condescendingly.

Su Ping was taken aback, and looked around. There were really two women on both sides of him, both of whom were outstanding in the world.

"You should find someone else." Su Ping persuaded.

He was a bit lazy and had a cancer, too lazy to get up from his chair.

"What the hell, you are from the Amir Royal Family Academy. I have never heard of your name. It happened that the stinky lady in your academy has left. You should also go to the mountainside with him and stay with him!"

The burly man said impatiently.

When he was speaking, a young man sitting in a seat on the other side said calmly: "How many times have I told you, pay attention to quality, and know how to respect women!"

Sitting on a stone chair, this young man seemed to be sitting on the throne, with a kind of imperial demeanor.

"Dragon Emperor!"

Many people stared at this young man. This is an extremely famous evildoer of the Dragon Tomb Academy in recent years. Its fame has gone out of the Academy, and it has spread throughout Sylvie's youth circle.

Hearing this dragon emperors words, the burly man frowned slightly, obviously disapproving, but strangely he didnt say anything to refute, but said impatiently to Su Ping: "Hurry up, chirp, you are also a Smelly girl?"

When he was speaking, Su Ping clearly felt that the temperature on both sides of his side had dropped a lot, and it seemed that a few cold rays had come.

"Don't you two make a move?" Su Ping turned his head and asked a woman on the left.

He felt the energy contained in this woman's body was extremely surging, although it was hidden very cryptically, it seemed to be slightly stronger than the one on the right.

The face of this woman was frosty, her forehead had accessories, and it was a green leaf. Seeing her dress, many people recognized her. This is the sage of Chiba who has recently become famous in Shengying Academy.

I heard that the Holy Oriole Academy has picked up the treasure this time, this Chiba Saintess is extremely terrifying, a super enchanting rare for hundreds of years!

The Saintess of Chiba obviously did not expect that Su Pingyang would challenge the challenge and did not immediately agree. Instead, she was in the mood to talk to herself. Her face was slightly cold. Although she was extremely disgusted with this burly, dark and uncultivated fellow, she was afraid of such a challenge from Su Ping. Soft egg, also a little contemptuous, actually want to shrink behind the woman?

"Do you want me to help you?" Chiba Saintess asked with a cold face.

Su Ping hasnt spoken yet. King Osron on the other side cant stand it anymore. His face is extremely ugly. Although Su Ping is not a member of the Amir Royal Family Academy, after all, he got the place in the Academy and it also represents the face of the Academy. Even if you dodge the invitation to him, you are still hiding now?

"The dean will give you a place, not for you to be a deserter!" King Oslong said in a cold voice.


Su Ping was a little speechless, okay, I can't explain it clearly. I originally wanted to give the **** the left a chance to take revenge. After all, if someone takes a bite and gives you a chance, then forget it.

"Come on then."

Su Ping stood up from the light array and flew directly to the island without wasting his words.

"This person has some strength, but it's a pity that he seems to be very courageous, so embarrassing!"

On the mountainside, the woman beside Yuan Linglu shook her head and said.

Previously, Su Ping broke out with astonishing speed and was able to take the lead in the position. It was enough to show that his strength was not simple. However, in addition to his talent, his character is more important on the way to practice, and Su Ping's character is obviously a bit too daunting, and he faces challenges. I actually chose to avoid it, and I couldn't stand it for other people sitting on the mountainside.

Even if you can't beat it, at least you have to stand up and lose!

Yuan Linglu frowned slightly, and there was a flash of doubt in her eyes. She remembered that Su Ping she knew she was not a person who knew how to confess.

This is a guy who dared to make trouble in the peak tower without reaching the realm of legend!

On Blue Star, it is no exaggeration to describe Su Ping as lawless!

When Su Ping was vying with her for the Secret Realm of Longtai Mountain, she was very angry with Su Ping. How could such a person actually recognize her?

Could it be that after coming to the Federation, I was hit by the wider world outside, so my mentality changed and I started to keep a low profile?

"That is the Dragon Demon from the Dragon Tomb Academy, right?"

"I don't know if Brother Su can withstand it. If he also loses, it would be a bit ugly."

"Our college can't lose two people in a row, although failure does not affect any ranking, but..."

On the mountainside, several people from the Amir Royal Family Academy frowned, with worried expressions on their faces.

Although Su Ping defeated the Corot with a punch earlier, showing extremely terrifying power, the Sword Soul Madman is also a monster that cannot be underestimated. None of the guys who can grab a seat on the top of the mountain are simple characters.


As Su Ping entered the island, the burly and dark dragon demon also entered the island.

Soon, the divine formations on the island appeared lustrous, chain-like divine patterns entwined, sealing the island.

The people on the top of the mountain sat on the stone chairs and watched quietly, their expressions were very relaxed, only King Oslong had a gloomy face, his eyes fixed on Su Ping.

"I'll give you a chance. Give up and save yourself from injury!"

As soon as he entered the island, the dragon demon said proudly to Su Ping.

His arrogance is shown, without concealment, every expression on his face, every look in his eyes, is arrogant and lofty.

Su Ping: "You snatched my lines."

"Oh, you are looking for death!"

The Dragon Demon suddenly smiled, but his expression soon became cold. Although he was arrogant, he was not careless in the battle, but was very careful.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

He called out his battle pets, dragon beasts, and demon type battle pets appeared, all of which were starry sky realm monsters, exuding extremely violent aura.

These starry sky battle pets seem to be of high quality, far superior to the same level, which shows that a lot of effort has been spent on cultivation.

Su Ping glanced twice and couldn't help nodding.

He found that these genius battle pets were obviously two or three grades better than the pet beasts of the ordinary battle pet masters received in the shops outside.

"You seem to like dragon beasts very much." Su Ping saw that six of the battle pets he summoned were dragon beasts. Although the dragon beasts are the overlord-level battle pets, they might occupy too many battle pets in the overall lineup. Unbalanced, after all, most of the dragons and beasts are balanced battle pets, while the demon type battle pets are more powerful.

"Nonsense, our Dragon Tomb Academy respects the dragon, and the dragon beast is the strongest battle pet. I will also let you see the whole dragon formation if there is a chance in the future!"

The Dragon Demon sneered.

The cost of cultivating dragon beasts is much higher than that of ordinary pet beasts. Even if a genius like him has a lot of resources behind it, it is difficult to draw out all the dragon beasts at a time, unless the rest of the battle pets are low-quality dragon beasts. , But that doesnt make sense.

Su Ping nodded, a whirlpool appeared beside him, and the figure of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stepped out of it.

"Come out for activities." Su Ping smiled lightly, "I'll find you a sparring partner."

A pair of purgatory candle dragon beast's eyes suddenly rose with a strong purgatory fire, its bones creaked, layers of breath gushing from the soles of its feet, and then continued to climb, then suddenly opened its mouth, bursting out a violent roar. !

Roar! !

Longwei, king over the world!

This roaring dragon chant shook the world, spread out of the island, and shook the entire Beishan Mountain. Many students sitting on the Beishan Mountain had their hearts beating, and their muscles couldn't help but contract.

What a big dragon!

Many people were shocked in their eyes, the deterrent power of this dragon beast was terrifying!

The face of the dragon demon in front of the purgatory candle dragon beast changed. The six-headed dragon beast beside him trembled and seemed to be shocked by the pressure of the purgatory candle dragon beast. The rank of the dragon beast was extremely serious. The influence is greater than that of other battle pets!

"This dragon...very good!"

The dragon demon's eyes suddenly burst into light, his eyes fixed on Su Ping's Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, a fanaticism rose in his eyes, and he roared, calling for a dragon beast beside him to fit together.


Su Ping also ordered.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast roared with excitement, and blatantly slammed out, sweeping a sea of purgatory flames along the way, and regular powers emerged from it.

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