Astral Pet Store Chapter 868

Chapter 965: Admit Defeat Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"This dragon beast is... Destiny Realm?!"

"I don't actually use the dragon beasts in the Starry Sky Realm, what's the situation, is there something wrong with my perception?"

"Seven Dao, Eight Dao... true or false? The Destiny Realm Dragon Beast can comprehend so many rules and powers? Why can't I compare to a pet beast?!"

"I'm rubbing, what kind of dragon beast is this bloodline, I feel that the dragon might completely overshadow the guy from the Dragon Tomb Academy!"

"Without a fit, he wouldn't want to let his favorite fight alone, right?"

With the eruption of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, everyone on the stele mountain was shocked. This dragon beast displayed something too weird. It was clearly a breath of fate, but it inspired the eight rules. This level of enchantment, even if it is present. Most geniuses are ashamed of themselves.

They would rather believe that their perception ability is not enough, and they have not noticed the true realm of this dragon beast.

In other words, this is a top pedigree, so rare that it can be included in the top 100 dragon favorites in the entire Federation!

Otherwise, how could the common dragon beast be so enchanting?

On the island.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the Dragon Demon instantly collided and burst into a black flame soaring into the sky. This sea of flames swept through, containing various rules, such as Thunder God, thunderbolt, melting, cutting and so on.

These rules are under the control of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, which perfectly fits its skills, making the Purgatory Dragon Flame become extremely terrifying, and easily incinerate the Dragon Demon's rule attack.

As the sea of fire swept through, the purgatory candle dragon beast rushed out of the flames. Its body looked petite in front of the starry sky dragon beast, only about two hundred meters, and those starry sky dragon beasts, with a volume of about kilometers, could only reach the opponent's. Dragon knee.

But at this moment, the dragon power released by the purgatory candle dragon beast is hard to ignore. After only one face, the body of the dragon demon was knocked upside down and flew out, and the purgatory candle dragon beast flicked its tail and moved towards its body. Whipped down.

The dragon demon's eyes were shocked. The moment he hit, he felt something wrong. The power from the opposite side was beyond his imagination. His body was like being hit by an interstellar battleship. It was unstoppable. At this moment, the dragon's tail was burning. Flames, lashing from the sky, he hurriedly called for his pet.

In fact, before the dragon demon called, the dragon beast who rushed with him had already rushed out first.


A dragon beast covered in azure scales roared, showing the overbearing dragon might, its eyes were angry, and it broke free from the deterrence of the purgatory candle dragon beast, and saw that it was shocked by a guy whose cultivation level was lower than himself. It became more and more angry, and the same tail whip was pulled out to stop the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

The body of this dragon beast reaches a kilometer, and the dragon's tail is five times that of the purgatory candle dragon beast, like a big stick beating on chopsticks.

But a shocking scene appeared. The tail of the purgatory candle dragon beast was like a sharp knife, and the tail of the dragon beast was cut open!

The sturdy dragon's tail, like tofu, was torn from it.

The wound at the torn part burned with flames, spreading towards his body like a tarsal maggot.

With the remaining strength, the dragon tail drew it on the dragon demon's body.

The dragon demon's pupils contracted, but with the time that the dragon pet could buy for him, he had already defended, and a series of secret skills appeared in front of him, forming a big net, and with a bang, he bounced the dragon's tail away, and his body also plummeted. After several thousand meters, it took a few somersaults to stabilize.

The purgatory candle dragon beast roared out, the power of several rules was concentrated on the dragon's claws, and suddenly a claw was swung out, accompanied by the golden light of the purgatory dragon's claws whizzing out, this blow made the face of the dragon demon who had just breathed a breath changed , His body suddenly burst out with dark light, displaying his battle body.

He is a demon-type combat body. At this moment, in accordance with the combined state of the dragon beast, his combat power has increased sharply, and his eyes are faintly red, roaring to face the battle.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast gave out a dragon howl, a little joyous, and a divine light emerged from its body, and its attack power increased sharply again, suppressing the Dragon Demon who had just excited the battle body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One person and one dragon are inextricably fought on the island. The other battle pets of the Dragon Demon are supported by him, giving him a series of boosting skills, so that his explosive power is not inferior to the starry sky, plus his demon system The battle body, even in the late stage of the ordinary starry sky realm, may not be his opponent at the moment.

But... Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast has become more and more courageous, and with each battle, it displays more and more regular powers!

Later, it had already displayed ten rules, which was already at the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm.

Coupled with a divine power and vast star power, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast suppressed the Dragon Demon from beginning to end.

Every time the Dragon Demon erupts, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast erupts with stronger power. If the enemy is stronger, it will be stronger.

Seeing this weird battle, everyone on the monument was already a little dumbfounded.

No one thought that this genius powerhouse of the Dragon Tomb Academy would be dismissed by Su Ping's battle pet.

And it is completely suppressed!

On the other hand, Su Ping, who was challenged, was just standing on the island, seeming to be out of the way, watching a play.

Is there such an insult?

Many people have weird faces, silently feeling sad for the dragon demon in their hearts.

It's impossible to lose, but it's too ugly to lose to someone else's favorite!

The Dragon Emperor sitting in a light array on the top of the mountain, the calmness on his face disappeared at this moment, and his expression was a little dignified, staring at the dragon beast fighting on the island.

He knew the strength of the Dragon Demon best.

In the academy, the opponent challenged him more than ten times, and repeatedly failed. Although he has been suppressing him, he has to admit that the opponent is very strong. If the Dragon Tomb Academy does not have him, the opponent is the dragon. The contemporary first of the Tomb Academy!

"This dragon beast, it seems that it hasn't shown its full strength yet, this is definitely not a destiny dragon pet..." Long Emperor's eyes flashed slightly, and there were many thoughts in his mind.

For example, certain forbidden techniques can suppress the cultivation base of the starry sky top, even the star master realm's battle pet, to the starry sky realm, so that the destiny realm can sign the contract successfully.

But this kind of forbidden technique is very difficult to do without the Conferred God, and it is quite dangerous.

"This guy's pet..."

On the other stone seat, King Oslongs expression was extremely solemn. Unlike others, the members of the Amir Royal Family Academy had seen the punch that Su Ping used when he was fighting for the spot. Su Pings own power, It is enough to be comparable to this dragon demon, or even stronger, but what he didn't expect is that Su Ping actually has such a terrible battle pet!

If Su Ping fits with this battle pet, his power will definitely increase explosively, and he can easily kill the dragon demon directly!

Thinking of his previous invitation to the battle, he felt a little heavy in his heart. If he was confident of defeating Su Ping before, but now, his confidence has been reduced by at least 30%!

"He seems to be a pure manipulator."

On both sides of Su Ping's seat, the sage of Chiba wearing a green leaf headdress, her eyes flickered, and she glanced at Su Ping who was standing leisurely in the island and whispered.

On the other side, a woman wearing a white robe and holding a soft white cat in her arms had a slightly strange look in her eyes, and said: "But he doesn't seem to intend to help his pet, even if it's a pure manipulator. The various battle pet support skills are also extremely terrifying, especially with such a brutal battle pet."

The Saintess of Chiba said calmly: "No wonder he was unwilling to accept the challenge before. It is estimated that this battle pet is his trump card, so he doesn't want to be exposed easily."

"That dragon demon is also good. Mastering the seven rules and coordinating with the increase of his dragon formation, he can completely face the general late stage of the starry sky. It is a pity that the fighting method is too savage and has no aesthetic feeling." The white robe woman chuckled lightly.

She is also a member of Shengying Academy. By the way, their Shengying Academy only accepts female students. It is precisely because of this that their Academy once fell out of the five great palaces, and later became only four great palace colleges.

During the fierce battle on the island, the two Star Masters in the Secret Territory, as well as several Academy Star Masters instructors, were also watching the battle.

"Do you feel it, this dragon beast really seems to be a destiny state."

"I didn't feel that it had hidden the cultivation base. In such a fierce battle, even if it was hidden, there would definitely be a trace of fluctuations and flaws, but I didn't feel it."

"There is no doubt that this is a destiny realm dragon beast..."

"...You mean, the students of their Dragon Tomb Academy will be defeated by a pet beast with the same cultivation base as you?"


Someone suddenly couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Others also had weird faces. Only the Star Master Realm instructor from the Dragon Tomb Academy had an ugly face, but his eyes were shocked.

A battle pet can actually suppress the genius cultivated in their academy to this extent, the aptitude of this pet beast is a bit against the sky!

You know, the current training system of the Federation's war pet masters is about bullying the less with more!

A battle pet master, coupled with the fit and the support of the battle pet, encounters monsters of the same rank in the wild, and basically suppresses it steadily!

This kind of advantage, the higher the cultivation base, the more obvious it is, especially for some Conferred Gods. If you ask the gods to take a shot and get a gods battle pet for yourself, then you will definitely walk sideways in the sealed gods!

"The Dragon Tomb Academy was actually educated by the Dragon Beast, which is really eye-opening." A tutor from Xiumia Academy said with emotion.

The Star Master Realm of Dragon Tomb Academy was as dark as the bottom of a pot, so gloomy that he didn't say a word.

At this time, the battle on the island came to an end.

The dragon demon performed all kinds of stunts, unable to do anything with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, but emptied himself. Under the pressing of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, he finally failed to resist its attack and was directly pressed by its dragon claws. I took a picture of the ground below the island, smashing a big hole.

The figure of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast descended from the sky like a hill, trampled in the pit with one foot, and raised the sky with dust and fog.

"Admit defeat!"

The star main realm figure of the Dragon Tomb Academy suddenly appeared and came to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. Seeing the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast continue to attack, an angry face appeared in his eyes.

Just being teased by the star masters of other academies, he couldn't fight back. At this moment, seeing that the beast who was embarrassing in their academy couldn't understand the human language, and he wanted to continue to shoot, he directly punched out.

However, he didn't use the power of faith with this punch, the purpose was only to force the beast away and give it a bit of suffering.

But as he blasted his punch, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast seemed to perceive the threat and stopped attacking the Dragon Demon. The cheerful dragon eyes became angry and roared suddenly.


The golden light burst out from it, it is a vast divine power!

The strength of this supernatural power made the entire island glow with golden light, shocking everyone.

With the explosion of divine power, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast waved its dragon power, and a series of regular power appeared on its claws. These regular powers increased rapidly from ten, and in a blink of an eye, twenty regular powers appeared, colliding with that punch. on.

With a bang, the power of a nuclear bomb shook away, and the entire island seemed to tremble.

The body of the purgatory candle dragon beast slid back hundreds of meters, and roared even more furiously.

It can feel the opponent's cultivation level, much higher than it, but the star main realm? It has seen too many!

Even if it is a Conferred God level creature, it has been seen by Su Ping's side, and this kind of pressure on the cultivation base does not constitute a deterrent or influence on it.


The star master was startled, his face suddenly changed slightly, but he didn't expect that his punch would be resisted.

Similarly, what shocked his heart was that the regular power that this dragon beast had just displayed was as many as twenty? !

This is double the previous amount!

This dragon beast actually hides its strength!

"what are you doing!"

Suddenly, an angry shout sounded, and the gold medal instructor of the Amir Royal Family Academy appeared instantly, looking angrily at the Star Master Realm of the Dragon Tomb Academy.

Although Su Ping was not from Amir Academy, he came here in the name of Amir Academy. Now he is being bullied, so he can't just sit back and watch.

The Star Master Realm of Dragon Tomb Academy was slightly speechless when he heard this anger.

At this moment, Su Ping also flew over, the smile on his face was gone, his eyes were cold.

The sudden action of this star master realm made him unexpected. Fortunately, the opponent did not use the power of the star master realm. Otherwise, the purgatory candle dragon beast would have to be injured even if it received the hundreds of rules taught by him!

After all, the star master realm and the starry sky realm are completely two realms, even if Su Ping now masters the power of hundreds of rules, he is not confident that he can compete with the ordinary star master realm!

This is the power of different dimensions. The dimensionality reduction blow has nothing to do with the number of rules mastered!

"Can you not afford to lose in the Dragon Tomb Academy like this?" The gold medal instructor stood in front of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Su Ping's face, and said with a sullen expression.

The star main realm's face changed slightly, and he coldly snorted: "We have all conceded, and we continue to attack. This is the rule that you violated first!"

"Cough! Cough!"

At this time, the figure of the dragon demon crawled out of the big pit. He naturally heard what was happening outside. Although he was beaten by a violent meal earlier, his perception was not confused. At this moment, the mood is extremely complicated, if not He had failed many times, and he didn't even have the courage to raise his head at the moment.

It's a shame and shame to lose to a pet beast!

"What's the ability of the tutor to end, don't come if you can't lose!" The gold medal tutor said coldly.

The star main realm's eyes were slightly cold, and he glanced at him without arguing.

The gold medal instructor snorted coldly, and didn't say more, this kind of thing really needs to be argued, and there is no result, it is nothing more than a word in the mouth that makes the other party unhappy.

"See if your pet is injured." The gold medal instructor turned and said to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded slightly, he had already probed the situation of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, but he was not injured.

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