Astral Pet Store Chapter 869

Chapter 966: Illusory Monument Challenge Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Since there was no way to pursue it, Su Ping didn't say anything. He still couldn't find revenge in the Star Master Realm. As for ruthless words, it would be even more boring. Those who really want to deal with should never let the opponent know his intentions.

Putting away the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping left the island with the gold medal instructor.

When Su Ping returned, the eyes of everyone on the stele mountain focused on him, and they were shocked beyond words.

"The Power of Twenty Rules!"

"Is my perception wrong? This, this, this is already the limit of the starry sky!?"

"This dragon beast actually retained its power before..."

"What the hell? Does the pet know how to play with people?"

Just after the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast dealt with that star master realm instructor's shot, everyone could see clearly, but there was an unreal feeling. A Heavenly Fate Realm Dragon Beast could actually master the power of twenty rules, which is simply better than they are here. All the geniuses are evildoers!

"The qualification of this dragon beast is estimated to be rated SS level!"

"SS-level? How do I think that SSS-level will work, this should be the top enchanting evildoer, provided that its cultivation base is really destiny..."

"This Nima, we are actually not as good as others' pet beasts!"

"I should be at the bottom of the mountain, not here..."

"It's all about petting the beast, what's so great, without the dragon beast, this person is just a chicken."

"Caiji? Didn't you see how people grabbed a seat on the top of the mountain before? Although his pet beast may not be powerful, he can't get along with the cockroach!"

Su Ping and the Candle Dragon Beast of Purgatory caused many people to talk about it. Many people did not hide their envy and jealousy. With such a wicked battle pet, I feel that if they are replaced by them, they are also qualified to compete with those on the top of the mountain!

On the island, the dragon demon clenched his fists and his face was extremely ugly.

"It's a fact that you have lost, so let's take a long lesson. In the next cosmic genius battle, there will be more evildoers. In the next practice, you work hard." The academy's star master realm instructor saw The face of the Dragon Demon said in a deep voice.

The dragon demon gritted his teeth, humiliated in his heart.

Of course he knows that there are countless evildoers in cosmic genius battles, especially those who can reach the star area and the general arena, but he did not expect that he would encounter a thorn here.

Moreover, this way of failure was too insulting, and the opponent didn't make a move, and crushed him with a battle pet!

"If you behave well, the dean will then ask an extraordinary cultivator to help you cultivate a pet beast with the dragon emperor. What you have to do is to improve your own strength." The star master realm instructor continued.

When he heard the extraordinary educator, the dragon demon's pupils shrank, and he quickly said, "Really?"

"Really, but the premise is that your performance must satisfy the dean."

The instructor of the star master nodded his head, he must give some strong medicine to stimulate him, but he is not painting a big cake. If he performs well in this phantom monument secret realm, the dean will definitely help. After all, he will go further in the cosmic genius battle. Far away, the reputation of the academy will skyrocket!

"I see." The Dragon Demon took a deep breath, his eyes calmed down, but his fists were clenched tighter. Today's shame was engraved in his heart.

On the other side, Su Ping had returned to the top of the mountain and sat back in his chair.

Looking at Su Ping, the few people who had no seats next to him didn't mean to challenge.

Previously, Su Ping only used his own battle pet, and he did not participate in the battle. No one knew whether that battle pet was Su Ping's final trump card.

Moreover, the fact that the battle pet was dealing with the twenty rules of power erupted by the star master realm instructor was enough to make them jealous and lack the confidence to overcome.

"Is your battle pet really destiny?"

On the left of Su Ping, who previously thought that Su Ping was a soft-hearted sage of Chiba, his view of Su Ping has changed a bit. Judging from the pressure of Su Pings battle pet, Su Ping is probably just lazy. Not afraid of each other.

Just like her, although the dragon demon is full of feces, she is too lazy to teach her a lesson, and feels that she will dirty her hands instead of being jealous of the dragon demon.


Su Ping nodded, and had no intention of concealing it. Although most people might not confide the cultivation of his pet, he felt that it was a trivial matter, and it was not his own trump card, and it was nothing to expose.


The Saintess of Qianye was slightly silent. Although her perception and judgment were in the Destiny Realm, she heard Su Ping's personal confession that her heart was still greatly impacted.

She believed that Su Ping would not lie. After all, such enchanting people would either shut their mouths or ridicule them on the other hand, and lie...the more proud people are, the more disdainful they are to do such things.

On Su Ping's right side, the woman in the white robe also heard the conversation, her face changed slightly, and she suddenly felt that the stone chair she was sitting on was somewhat responsive.

The battle pet of the Destiny Realm... this enchanting level seems to be even lower than her.

He has practiced hard for many years, and he is known as a wizard that is rare in a hundred years, one in trillions, but he was surpassed by a pet beast?

When the two women were silent, the distant one sitting on the stone chair, like an emperor, spoke up, and looked down at the imposing dragon Emperor. He stared at Su Ping for a while, and said: "Your dragon pet...what kind of breed is it? ?"

This remark attracted a lot of people's attention, and everyone in the other seats looked at Su Ping and was extremely curious about it.

If they are the top **** favorites in the legends that they have heard of their names, then they can still understand.


Su Ping looked like a question mark and said strangely: "Am I familiar with you?"

Su Ping has not forgotten the previous ridicule of the other party, and this guy seems to belong to the same academy as the defeated dragon just now, right?

That's a fart.


The Emperor Long was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly became a little silent, but his hand on the stone chair could not help curling slightly, tending to clenched into a fist, but he still did not make a fist directly, which would make people see him. Anger.

"Heh." Long Di said nothing more with a sneer.

Seeing that Su Ping didnt say anything, other people felt a little regretful, but they werent too surprised. After all, a battle pet is a killer, and they are not obliged to tell you what kind of breed it is. Who would bring out their killer for an exhibition and introduce it to others?

Suppressing the curiosity in my heart, other people's eyes flickered, all thinking about other things.

If the previous battle between the Saint King and Tianqi allowed them to see the terrible genius of other academies, then Su Ping's battle made many of them face the other people on this mountain.

No one who can sit here is weak!

"Amir Royal Academy..."

The Saint King sitting on the other side narrowed his eyes slightly, and took it back from Su Ping. Although he didnt want to admit it, there was a sense of fortune in his heart at this moment. Fortunately, he had chosen the apocalypse before. Su Ping.

At that time, he really wanted to choose Su Ping, only considering the speed with which Su Ping broke out when he robbed the seat, plus the kind of dangerous feeling conveyed from him, made him sensitively aware that the opponent was better than that. The apocalypse is stronger, so he chooses the apocalypse.

It turns out that his sense of smell is correct.

This guy is indeed a monster, even the pet is so terrifying!

On the island, the Dragon Demon had returned. He glanced at Su Ping and said nothing. This time he turned his head and flew to Su Ping's right side, and came to the woman in the white robe.

"Your seat, I want it!"

The same things were the same as before, but this time the dragon demon didn't say the slightest arrogance, but rather gloomy.

The woman in the white robe raised her eyebrows slightly, her face was somewhat unexpected, she raised her head and looked at the Dragon Demon quietly, and smiled: "I admire your courage very much."

After speaking, she got up directly and flew to the island.

With a cold snort, the dragon demon took out a pill and took it. The previous injury healed quickly and his aura returned to its peak.

Soon, another war broke out on the island.

"This guy is clever and knows to challenge Shengying Academy."

"There is no way, only Shengying Academy can be bullied. The others are all top evildoers in each academy."

"Don't lose anymore, then it's really shameless to see people."

When everyone was discussing, the battle on the island became fierce. The woman in the white robe was a top genius in the Holy Oriole Academy, named Goddess of Light. Her battle body was the Holy Light battle body of the element system, which was the tenth light system. One of the big top warfare!

At this moment, she still has the upper hand in the face of the dragon demon's demon body.

But soon, as the battle became anxious, the power that the dragon demon broke out became more and more brutal. Some of the stunts that he could not perform in the previous battle with the purgatory candle dragon beast also appeared in turns, and the light goddess was caught off guard.

Five minutes later, the battle was over.

The Dragon Demon actually won!

In this battle, he showed terrifying power and defeated the opponent steadily. Many people who were expecting to see the Dragon Tomb Academy collapse and kneel down in succession, their expectations fell through, and they were a bit regretful.

The Saintess of Chiba sitting on the left of Su Ping's face was slightly cold. Although she and the Goddess of Light were in the same school in the academy, they were one body after they were out of the academy.


The Dragon Demon returned to the mountain and sat on the right side of Su Ping. When he sat down, he glanced at Su Ping and snorted, meaning that although you have lost the challenge, I am still qualified to sit on this mountain. .

But not long after he took his seat, a person to be determined next to him challenged him.

This is a person from the Sword Sovereign Academy, a man named Sword Soul Madman, carrying a big sword that is as thick as a coffin board, with a disheveled hair, and seems to care about his own image.

Hearing his challenge, the Dragon Demon's face changed a bit. At this moment, he had just finished the battle. Although he won, it was only a narrow victory. The Goddess of Light was not easy to provoke and almost made him roll over.

"Unexpectedly, the Sword Sovereign Academy would also miss it." The Dragon Demon's face was gloomy and sneered.

The sword soul madman said indifferently: "Shall you be allowed to bully women with men? Don't you have the pill, continue to eat, continue to fight!"

"I'm fighting Nima!" The Dragon Demon couldn't help being rude. He was a person who didn't pay attention to civilized words, so he couldn't bear it at this moment.

That pill is very precious, if it weren't for the ugly loss under Su Ping, he wouldn't be willing to take the pill, challenge again, and find his face.

Want to eat more now? You give it to me!

"You want to challenge, why don't you come to challenge me?" At this moment, the Dragon Emperor on the other side spoke and relieved the Dragon Demon.

The sword soul madman frowned slightly, and before he could speak, the young man with a wooden sword sitting next to Dragon Emperor had a smile on his face with red lips and white teeth, and said, "If you are very free, I can play with you."

He looks harmless to humans and animals, and looks like Xiao Zhengtai.

Long Di's face was slightly cold, and said: "I heard that you are a disciple of the Sword God, I really want to see and know, I hope you don't lose the title of your Sword God."

"Is the name of my master's conferred god, which you can mention?" The young wooden sword said with a smile.


Longdi snorted coldly, and did not argue on this issue. The Conferred God powerhouse is indeed not something he can offend now.

"Dare you, if you don't dare to go away." At this time, the Sword Soul Madman had already retracted his gaze, and said to the Dragon Demon in front of him, this time his tone was even worse.

"Come on!"

The Dragon Demon couldn't stand the anger, and gritted his teeth again and took out an elixir that was indistinguishable from the previous one. After swallowing it, he got up and flew to the island with the Sword Soul Madman.

The battle broke out again, and the Dragon Demon performed various stunts, but the Soul Sword Madman on the other side also showed extremely terrifying power, especially the one-handed swordsmanship, superbly transformed, less than five minutes, the Sword Soul Madman defeated the Dragon Demon with a slight advantage. People, grabbed a seat.

"Sure enough, these are all evildoers."

"Dragon Demon: I still have the pill, I can fight again!"

"Bah, even if he still has the pill, he doesn't dare to take it anymore. I don't think the rest are offensive."

"Maybe he can bully another one from the Holy Oriole Academy?"

"What do you mean by this? Are you saying that Dragon Tomb Academy specializes in bullying women?"

"Enough for you Xiumia Academy!"

"The Dragon Tomb Academy is in a hurry, haha!"

"What do you mean? When we really have no one in the Holy Oriole Academy, the Saintess of Chiba is the number one strong in our academy. If he just challenges the Saintess of Chiba, don't even think about his seat!"

Under the top of the mountain, people from all colleges were discussing, and the women of the Holy Orioles Academy joined in the crusade. Although they were squeezed out, the Holy Orioles Academy was not weak this year.

Especially the Saintess of Chiba, a super genius who hasn't come out of their academy for hundreds of years. They have seen the battle of the dragon demon, and they feel that the Saintess of Chiba can definitely suppress them!

Following the Dragon Demon's failure, the Sword Soul Madman got his seat. This time, the Dragon Demon didn't swallow the pill again, and went to the mountainside with gritted teeth.

There were a few people who were waiting next to them, who chose to challenge. Some chose Chiba Saintess, and some chose one of Xiumia's twin stars, the Queen of Bihai.

But the challenge ended in failure. In the end, the seats were fixed. Among the eight people on the mountain, among the five colleges, only the Dragon Tomb College and the Shengying College had only one seat, and the other three colleges all had two seats.

The star main realm of the secret realm stood up and let everyone practice hard, and ten hours later, they began to challenge the Illusory God Tablet.

In this secret realm, the blazing sun is permanent, and there is no sun-moon alternation. After the seats are stable, everyone enters the practice.

On the top of the mountain, Su Ping felt the surging star power in the stone chair, and he was unceremonious, running the chaotic star force diagram, drawing a large amount of the star power inside and condensing it into the cells in his body.

Due to the obstruction of the light array outside the seat, everyone's cultivation techniques could not be leaked, and they could not be peeped out from the outside, and they looked very calm.

"There are divine power and ethereal rules and Taoism..."

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and the seat on the top of the mountain really benefits a lot. The star power is extremely pure and the mixed divine power is also extremely rich. In addition, there are occasional strands of Dao thoughts. These Dao thoughts make people feel ethereal. If you are stuck in a certain bottleneck, or delving into the rules, it is very likely that you will be driven by this thought, and you will have an epiphany in one fell swoop.

Time flies by.

Su Ping is absorbing star power and divine power while integrating his own rules. Now his accumulation of rules is far beyond the ordinary starry sky, and he can try to construct a small world.

However, Su Ping has no way to construct a small world, so he can only find out on his own.

Ten hours passed quickly.

The mysterious star master flew here and brought a huge monument at the same time.

These huge monuments are of different sizes, with bloodshot wounds on them, like some kind of strange formation inscriptions.

"The challenge of the phantom monument has officially begun." The voice of the mysterious star master spread throughout the monument mountain, pulling everyone in the practice back to the world, saying: "You can choose a phantom monument at will, and the enemies you encounter in it are different. The same, but the cultivation base is the same as yours, except that the attack methods you are good at are slightly different. You can perceive this before entering."

"It is recommended that you choose your most restrained opponent. The higher the points you challenge, the more benefits you have."

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