Astral Pet Store Chapter 870

Chapter 967: Ninety Nine Floor The First One Is For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Hearing the words of the mysterious star master, everyone on the monument suddenly became agitated.

"It's finally started."

"Hurry up, my pet is already hungry and thirsty!"

"If you are hungry and thirsty, go to breed, come here and mix with you."

"Hmph, this time our Sword Sovereign Academy will still become the No. 1 in comprehensive points, so you can see the foundation of the No. 1 Academy!"

"I would call you fart!"

"When will the Sword Sovereign Academy dare to be the number one, and the Dragon Tomb will not come out, and Sword Sovereign will dare to speak?"

"Don't fight between the two clowns, our Xiumia Academy is truly the number one!"

"Holy Oriole College: Are you dead when you think of our academy? Yes, we are dead."

It hasn't started yet, everyone on the stele mountain is already gearing up, mocking each other.

The four theological colleges are not ranked in order, but the four colleges always like to compete with each other. In the usual college exchange battles, they always compete everywhere.

This kind of competition also continued into the mysterious realm of the phantom monument.

On the top of the mountain, Su Ping and the other seven people recovered from the practice, quietly listening to the secret realm star master reading the rules.

Su Ping still reminisces about his practice just now, feeling that after a while, he seems to be able to touch a new rule.

He now comprehends hundreds of rules and understands them by analogy. From the grasp of various rules, he has gradually developed some wonderful understandings of the "rules" themselves.

But this kind of understanding is still very vague. Su Ping feels that when he completely breaks through the vague barrier and understands the rules itself, perhaps his own combat power will enter a new level.

"Go and choose."

After the mysterious star master said the rules, with a wave of his hand, he sent a large number of huge monuments to the sky above the mountain of monuments.


In that light array, the dragon emperor's figure stood up directly, his shoulders were like propping up a place of heaven and earth, with a strong aura, his eyes were full, and the Dragon Tomb Academy lost its prestige when competing for the seat on the mountain. At this moment, he took the lead. Stepping into the void, came to a huge monument of Illusory God.

The idea penetrated, and soon the simple information of the enemy in the Illusory God Monument emerged. Knowing that he had found it right, he raised his foot and stepped in.

Strangely, the rough surface of this phantom **** monument instantly rippled like water waves, allowing the Dragon Emperor to step into it, and his figure disappeared inside the monument.

After hearing the rules described by the previous secret realm star master, although everyone was amazed, they already understood it.

Each phantom monument can be selected repeatedly, and the people behind will not encounter the previous people when entering the monument, they will be teleported to different spatial regions.

The situation in each Illusory Monument is different. Some enemies are good at mind attacks, some are good at petting beasts, some are all dragon beasts, some are all elemental, and some are mixed.

"The Dragon Tomb Academy really picked the Dragon Illusory Stele."

"It is full of dragons and beasts. This dragon-type illusion monument is extremely difficult, second only to all the illusion monuments!"

"I'm confident enough, I don't know if I will be slapped in the face."

"What are you kidding? The Dragon Emperor will be slapped in the face? You clowns are afraid that you don't know how powerful the Dragon Emperor is. Tell you, the Dragon Emperor's battle pet is the entire dragon formation! And it is an extremely high-quality, extremely powerful dragon formation! "

Hearing some of the "science popularization" of the Dragon Tomb Academy, people in other academies have changed their faces. The cultivation of the whole dragon formation is very costly, unless it is a group of ordinary dragon beasts, but such a whole dragon formation is meaningless.

The dragon emperor could become the first person in the Dragon Tomb Academy, and some well-informed people had heard of some of his rumors and were very jealous.

After the Dragon Emperor entered the Dragon System Illusory God Monument, the wooden sword youth not far away from him also got up, and he walked towards a Illusory God Monument.

"It's the phantom stele of the sword system of physique, is this you want to hone your swordsmanship in it?"

"Sword Sovereign Academy should all choose this."

Soon, other people on the top of the mountain also acted.

"Where are you going?"

The Saintess of Chiba, who was sitting on the left of Su Ping, took the initiative to speak to the man, and looked at Su Ping with a hint of curiosity.

Su Ping looked at the many Illusory Monuments, and said casually: "All departments, the bonus points there are higher."

Each phantom stele has different bonus points. The difficulty of the whole series of phantom steles is the highest, and the bonus points are correspondingly the highest. For Su Ping, he doesn't choose any type, anyway, what kind of world he is cultivating. Monsters have been encountered before, and soldiers will come to block them.

"Full line?"

The Saintess of Chiba was startled, her face was slightly weird, she glanced at Su Ping, and said: "Although the points bonus of the entire system of Illusory Monuments is high, you will encounter all kinds of enemies in it. Some are swords and some are mental attacks. Type, your pet beast is so strong, I suggest you go to the dragon or elemental fantasy monument."

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded.

The Saintess of Qianye breathed a sigh of relief, but the next moment he was shocked to find that Su Ping flew straight to the whole series of Illusory God Tablets.

This guy, didn't he hear what he said?

When Su Ping stood on the Illusory God Tablet of the whole system, everyone else also cast their eyes. King Oslong was about to step into the Illusory God Tablet in front of him. Hearing the exclamation, his eyes narrowed, and he immediately saw Su Ping. s Choice.

The entire series of Illusory God Monuments is at the top of many Illusory God Monuments, extremely majestic, and at this moment, in front of this Illusory God Monument, there is only a tiny figure of Su Ping standing.

"This guy"

King Oslong's face changed slightly, and he saw that Su Ping had stepped into the Illusory God Tablet.

"He really went in!"

"You're not a woman, why do you say so loudly?"

"Damn, he actually entered the entire series of Illusory God Tablets? How confident is this guy!"

"What kind of self-confidence, I think it is stupid. Although the point bonus of the entire system of Illusory Tablets is high, the probability of overturning is 99%. Even the Dragon Emperor and the descendants of the Sword God dare not choose."

"That's right, if you want to maximize your points, you have to choose the most restrained and most suitable phantom monument. That bonus is a temptation for people to come up!"

Saintess of Chiba was also speechless when she saw this scene. Although Su Ping nodded, she obviously didn't listen to her words. She sneered slightly. For the first time in her life, she took the initiative to ask someone to talk to someone, kindly give advice, and was ignored, she thought. Look, after a while, I will come out of the Illusory God Tablet and see Su Ping's face overturning the car.

Without thinking about it anymore, the Saintess of Chiba found the Illusory Monument that suits her and flew in directly.

As the people on the top of the mountain entered the Illusory God Stele one after another, everyone on the mountainside took off one by one and entered the Illusive God Stele.

Most of the people in the Sword Sovereign Academy chose the kendo fantasy monument chosen by the wooden sword boy.

The Dragon Tomb Academy is a selected dragon phantom monument.

The rest of the Xiu Mia Academy and the Amir Royal Family Academy have different phantom monuments selected.

"Lulu, come on, the academy gives you a place for you to come here to experience, you take the opportunity!" The pompous woman exclaimed to Yuan Linglu beside her.

She came here to take care of Yuan Linglu, who was a Thunder-type battle body, and the quality of the inspection department was one of the Thunder King's battle body, one of the ten thunder-type battle bodies.

This combat body is extremely domineering, and if it is fully stimulated, you can directly comprehend the rules of the Thunder System, and becoming a starry sky realm is almost a solid matter.

And because of the battle body, the understanding of the rules of the Thunder System will also make rapid progress and make rapid progress!

Simply put, the current Yuan Linglu, in a few years, may be the next goddess of light in Shengying Academy!

The Goddess of Light ranks second in the Holy Oriole Academy, and will never fall out of the top three when thrown into Xiumia Academy. Although it is an elemental battle body, it can stand out from the tens of thousands of elemental battle bodies in the Federation and is listed as The ten battle body, its terrifying is completely comparable to some powerful gods battle body!

"Well, I will."

Yuan Linglu nodded vigorously. She knew that she had high hopes from the academy. She came here to hone and increase her knowledge. As for the genius warfare in the universe? She hadn't thought about it, it was just a trial ground for her.

She heard from those seniors in the academy that the guys who can make a name for themselves in the cosmic genius battle are all evildoers that the entire universe has focused on. They are the best products that cant be found on thousands of planets, and most of them have backgrounds or strong The teacher.

"Let's go in too," said the polite woman.

Yuan Linglu glanced at the entire series of Illusory God Tablets that Su Ping entered, and there was a sense of war in his eyes. Su Ping defeated the Dragon Demon and became famous in the first battle. She was extremely unwilling to be cultivated by the Xiu Mia Academy. The strength is advancing by leaps and bounds. I thought that with my current strength, I could easily crush Su Ping again.

But the latter's growth rate exceeded her expectations.

"Get points, exchange for opportunities to cultivate battle pets!" Yuan Linglu secretly set a goal for herself and flew firmly to the Illusory Monument.

In the whole series of phantoms.

As soon as Su Ping shuttled through it, he felt his body had entered a void-like place, floating in the universe. Soon, he felt something pulling his consciousness, and a whirlpool-like thing appeared in front of him.

He remembered the rules taught by the Secret Realm Star Master, did not restrain himself, and let his mind fly into the whirlpool.


After waiting for the thoughts to shuttle, Su Ping felt his body come to an empty plain.

He knew that this was the spiritual illusion within the Illusory God Monument.

If you die here, your mind will be damaged at most, and you won't really die.

"The star master said that every phantom monument is ninety-nine floors. The Conferred Gods who got this secret realm back then challenged to the top level and gained control of this secret realm."

"Unfortunately, if you challenge to the ninety-ninth floor, it's just a basic challenge, and you won't get a secret realm."

"Has it started..."

When Su Ping muttered to himself, several black fogs appeared on the surrounding plains, a total of three groups, transformed into three giant wolves, 40 to 50 meters in length, strong hair, and claws the size of a tank, which can be easily torn apart. Diamond.

"It's really all destiny..."

"Sure enough, the phantom monument is an illusion copied based on the challenger's own cultivation."

Su Ping sensed the cultivation base of these three giant wolves, and smiled lightly. Once they came up, they were three destiny monsters. If they were to change to the normal destiny state, they would have to summon their pets to fight with all their strength.

This first level is not difficult.

The vast majority of normal people can pass.


The three giant wolves roared and rushed, releasing a series of tearing skills.

Su Ping stood still and waited for them to approach, flicking his fingers, banging and banging several times, and three extremely compressed stars shot out like sharp cones, directly hitting their heads.

Three giant wolves fell.

The star power that Su Ping expended was less than one-tenth of the ordinary fate. This was a fighting technique.

The surrounding scenes turned around and appeared in a jungle.

At the same time, six destiny monsters appeared around, this time six poisonous jungle python lizards.

Su Ping still raised his hand to kill.

Then comes the third layer, the fourth layer... the scenes of each layer have changed, sometimes the difference is huge, sometimes the change is small, but the enemies encountered are strange, including combat monsters, elemental monsters, and Some humanoid monsters.

Continue to challenge to the tenth floor.

When entering the eleventh floor, the monster Su Ping encountered turned into one. This is a demon-type battle pet with four black wings on his back, like a huge birdman, with sharp claws and articulated chests. Sharp hook, the repair base is still the destiny realm.

But as soon as it shot, this monster showed an extremely extraordinary speed, which was faster than the response of an ordinary fate.


Su Ping directly threw his fist, hammering and killing a mosquito.

Although it was very strong, it was still within the scope of the Destiny Realm, which was not enough for Su Ping.

Even if he stood still, this monster couldn't hurt his body. After all, his current body is comparable to some top starry sky monsters!

Scene transition, then twelve layers...

On the stele mountain, as many colleges entered the Illusory God stele, the star master instructors of the five major colleges stood with the two secret star masters, quietly watching and waiting.

"Did the points come out?"

"Refresh every ten minutes, not ten minutes yet."


One of the Secret Realm Star Master raised his hand, and a giant monument flew straight forward. This giant monument is slightly different from the other Illusory God Steles. It is the current controller of the Secret Realm. The Conferred God used a special method to create it. Connect to other phantom monuments to explore the situation inside.


I saw a golden light suddenly appeared on this huge monument, and there appeared a row of projections and rankings on it.

This huge monument is extremely high, even if the ranking name is replaced by a projection, it will not affect it.

I saw that the number one projection was the Dragon Emperor!

The number of layers he challenged is sixteen!

The points are 4290!

And ranked second is the wooden sword boy, he is also on the sixteenth floor, with a score of 3820!

The kendo phantom stele is slightly weaker than the dragon phantom stele, and the bonus points are not high, but anyway, they can sprint to the sixteenth floor in such a short time, these two people are monsters.

"It's only ten minutes, and it's actually sixteen floors."

"The third one, fourteen."

"Everything else looks like twelve or thirteen, tsk tsk."

"Is this a one-minute challenge? This speed is a bit scary!"

"It seems that the seedlings sent by the five major colleges this year are pretty good, and they seem to be a little bit better than the previous ones."

The two Secret Star Masters were a little bit emotional.

The star master instructors of the five major colleges are all looking at the students in their respective colleges, and they are a little excited.

They know the data of previous sessions, and this year's overall performance seems to be slightly better than previous sessions.

"The one who challenged the entire series of Illusory God Tablets actually ranked sixth, which is pretty good."

"Challenge to the twelfth floor. This speed is quite fast. I remember that he entered a little later than the others?"

"Although it is on the twelfth floor, his points are almost catching up to third."

"Looking at their speed, it is estimated that several little monsters with more than fifty layers should be born this year?"

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