Astral Pet Store Chapter 871

Chapter 968: The First Echelon Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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When several star masters were discussing, ten minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

The golden light appeared on the points monument again, and the ranking above was reversed. After the golden light passed, a new round of ranking appeared.

This time, the young wooden sword was ranked first!

Challenge the 28th floor of the Kendo Illusion Monument!

Ranked second is the Dragon Emperor, who challenged the 24th floor of the Dragon-type Illusionary Monument. After the dragon-type Illusionary Monuments points bonus, he was only slightly behind the wooden sword boy.

The difficulty of the Dragon Illusory Monument reduced its challenge speed. It used to reach the 16th floor in ten minutes, but now it only rises to the eighth floor after ten minutes. This momentum is completely in the expectations of several star masters.

However, the performance of the young wooden sword is a bit surprising, he still rises twelve levels in ten minutes, and his speed is only slightly behind compared to the previous one. It can be described as a dash all the way!

"I heard that this is the descendant of the North Sea Sword God, a disciple who passed on him personally. Looking at this performance, it should be the true pass of the Sword God!"

"From the perspective of this speed, it is estimated that the battle will end within five rounds of each level. Tsk, if it is an ordinary fate, it is estimated that you will be defeated until the third or fourth level. This is the gap between the evildoer and the mortal!"

"The kendo he practiced does not have that ideal restraint effect on the illusion of kendo. I feel that he should have selected it for the purpose of honing his kendo."

"...Is this little guy tempering himself while earning points by the way, and he also rushed to the top in points by the way?"

Several star masters glanced at each other and they all smiled bitterly. The first evildoer of the five academies should have been released. It is worthy of being the descendant of the sword god. It is estimated that they can have brilliant performances in the stellar challenge of the whole universe. After all, most of those who can be on that stage have good backgrounds.

"The third is the saint king. He is challenging the elemental illusion stele. The points are sprinting very quickly. It seems that he has not exerted his strength before."

"Your Amir's King Osron ranked fourth, and his performance was pretty good."

"The whole system fell to the ninth, stuck on the 18th floor. Sure enough, although the bonus points of the whole system are high, it is the most difficult, and if you accidentally appear dark, it is very random and extremely difficult. It just happens to restrain the enemy against oneself."

"The speed is obviously reduced, too confident, huh!" The Star Master Realm of the Dragon Tomb Academy sneered. He had seen so many arrogant and arrogant geniuses, and he was very disdainful, and none of them had a good ending.


The gold medal instructor snorted coldly and ignored him. He cared more about King Oslongs ranking. He was ranked fourth, and he was quite anxious. Even if he was not as good as the descendant of the sword god, he could at least match that dragon. The emperor competed for high and low, and was surpassed by the holy king at this moment, which was a bit beyond his expectation.

The whole series of Illusory Monuments, nineteen floors.

Su Ping flew across a desert, chasing ten huge monsters behind him, shaking the sand **** and raising yellow dust. They were all rock monsters suitable for living in the desert.

"This illusion really has an end."

"I don't know what will be behind the end of this border."

Su Ping suddenly stopped in a place. There was still a vast desert in front of him, but Su Ping felt that just hundreds of meters in front of him, a barrier blocked his perception.


He raised his hand, a stone condensed from his fingertips and ejected.

The stone hit the void barrier he perceived, and suddenly it smashed into dust.

At the same time, the ten rock monsters behind him roared and killed. Su Ping didn't turn his head. He just raised his hand. The huge palm formed by star power emerged and swept out, and a series of bangs bang sounded.

Ten monster beasts burst in succession, and when only the last one was left, Su Ping ignored it, but continued to look at the blocking barrier. He tried to condense thirty rules of power and punched it. Blasted out.

With a bang, this fist was extremely powerful and shook away all the desert sand and dust in front of him. As he passed along the way, the space collapsed and the dust was annihilated, turning it into a pure black area.


It was like a muffled sound, the terrifying fist suddenly disappeared, the barrier was still intact, the aftermath of the shock spread, and the dust in the surrounding tens of thousands of meters was rolled upside down, like being lifted by a strong wind, blowing out a deep pit.

Su Ping retracted his fist and took a deep breath. It was really difficult to penetrate.

Although he didn't use his full strength to shoot, the barrier actually didn't respond. It can be seen that even if he uses his full strength, it is estimated that he cannot be shaken.

"Maybe if you break through this barrier, you can get rid of the shackles of the Illusory God Tablet, and look at the rules and conditions in the Illusory God Tablet from another level." Su Ping secretly said in his heart, he has this feeling, but unfortunately, he doesn't have this ability. If it is done, maybe this barrier was constructed by that secret realm sealer, or maybe this secret realm itself exists.

He has tested several barriers along the way, but no flaws have been found.

"Forget it, it's better to earn points honestly. If it can be exchanged for the fourth layer of the Golden Crow Divine Demon Body, it would be the best." Su Ping shook his head, and the star power palm behind him suddenly squeezed. The body of the struggling monster suddenly burst.

Soon, Su Ping stepped into the 20th floor.

The 20th floor is a scenic spot with green mountains and green waters, but a figure in green clothes suddenly jumped out of the surroundings. Seeing its appearance, it was a human being.

This human being is a woman, displaying extremely high body skills, instantly approaching Su Ping, drawing a sword like a god, and the sword aura seems to be able to cut Su Ping's eyeballs and vision.

Su Ping looked calm and raised his hand with a punch.


The woman's body burst on the spot, and she was killed before she even used her sword skills.

"Even kendo humans exist. As expected, all enemies of this phantom monument of the whole system can be encountered, and it cannot be judged by common sense." Su Ping secretly said in his heart, his vision changed, and he came to the twenty-first floor.


Su Ping still blasted the enemy with one punch.

Without exploring the boundaries and barriers of this phantom monument, Su Ping's sprint speed soared in an instant, and every level was almost completed with one blow.

Outside, ten minutes passed.

The golden light appeared on the points monument, and the ranking was reversed again. The star master of the Kendo Academy's eyes were slightly bright, and he immediately looked towards the top position. The light in his eyes suddenly disappeared, his eyes widened, and he was a little surprised and unbelievable.

The wooden sword boy who had previously surpassed the Dragon Emperor is no longer the first, and the first position is not the Dragon Emperor, but a somewhat strange figure.

The little guy who challenged the entire series of Illusory Monuments? !

The other star owners also saw this scene, they were all stunned and a little surprised.

"What's the situation? The descendant of the sword **** was squeezed to the second place?"

"Damn, you see, the number of layers this person challenges is actually forty-two?!"



The seven star masters are a little sluggish.

Behind Su Ping's figure, the number on the forty-two floor is extremely eye-catching, and the points at the back are even more exaggerated. After the bonus of the entire system of Illusory Monuments, one-half of the wooden sword boy behind is thrown away!

Previously, he was only a guy on the eighteenth floor, ranked ninth, but now he jumped to the first place, and even rushed to the forty-two floor? !

Doesn't this mean that in just ten minutes, he sprinted directly to the twenty-fourth floor? !

Is this a reverse sprint? The more difficult the Illusion Monument becomes, the more difficult it becomes, especially after reaching the 30th floor, the enemy is already the Fate Realm Phantom that has initially mastered the power of the rules, which is equivalent to fighting an enemy who has just stepped into the Starry Sky Realm!

By the fortieth floor, the rules that Phantom had mastered were already quite proficient.

In this case, can you sprint at high speed? !

"What's wrong?"

"Twenty-four floors in ten minutes? This speed is almost a direct sweep, how can it be!"

"Even if he is strong and has combat power comparable to that of the Starry Sky Realm, he will be challenged in the Illusory God Tablet, and his willpower will be challenged layer by layer, and it will wear out. After the willpower wears out, the strength of the projection will continue to weaken, and it can actually be a one-off. I rushed to more than 40 floors in half an hour. I've seen this kind of thing twice."

"Me too. Those two times seemed to be the evildoers of other galaxies. Later, they became the Star Master Realm early, and there is hope for the Conferred Gods."

Several star masters were a little shocked, and they didn't know what to say.

This situation is too weird.

Previously, he had only rushed from the twelfth floor to the eighteenth floor, but now it has soared to the forty-two floor in ten minutes, which is abnormal!

Could it be that he was playing before?

Everyone is more willing to believe that this whole series of Illusory God Tablets has a problem.

"I'm going to ask Master Illusion Hunter." A mysterious star master came back to his senses, his face changed, and after leaving a word, he quickly left.

The instructors of the five major colleges looked at each other and shook their heads, not knowing what the situation was, but at present, there is a greater possibility of problems.

"The Sword God descendant really stood firmly in the second, rushing from the 28th floor to the 36th floor. The speed slowed down a little, but it still soared at an astonishing speed."

"Yes, it is estimated that next time you swipe the list, you will surely enter the forty floor!"

"The Dragon Emperor is also chasing, the 33rd floor, the difficulty of the Dragon Illusory Monument is indeed much higher."

"The Holy King was actually surpassed by King Osron. It seems that Amir's Greos also has something to do with Gray's surname!"

Apart from the surprise of Su Ping, who was ranked first, the subsequent ranking changes were not right. They all bite each other very tightly. There are occasional ranking changes, but they may come back later.

At present, the overall ranking is basically stable.

It is the wooden sword boy and the Dragon Emperor who are hopeful to compete for the top spot, followed by the second echelon, the Oslong King, the Saint King, the Queen of Bihai, and the Chiba Saintess.

They are all the people who grab a seat on the top of the mountain.

Although their rankings are somewhat different, the difference in points between them is not big, and they are very tight.

Later, there are other geniuses, and the gap with the front is not too obvious. After all, the number of layers in front is relatively easy to solve quickly, and the gap cannot be opened.

If you really want to draw a line, you have to look at the number of layers behind.

After a while, the star master who had left returned, his face was a little complicated, and the first time he glanced at the figure at the top of the list, the emotion in his eyes was shocked.

"How to say?"

The star master instructor of the Kendo Academy asked immediately, a little uncomfortable, although he knew that something went wrong, but being robbed of the first place was still a little uncomfortable.

Others are also curious to see that for so many years, there has never been a problem with the Illusory God Monument, and I don't know why this time.

"Master Magic Hunter said, there is no problem, everything is normal." The mysterious star master considered his words and said in a complicated tone.

At the moment, the words of the phantom hunting **** master still echoed in his mind: the phantom **** monument will not go wrong, everything is real, I have noticed that little guy, it is very interesting.

This word fell in his ears at the time, like five thunders.

This mysterious landlord knows that this phantom hunter has been retreating or wandering all year round, and has never challenged in the secret realm. This secret realm will also receive geniuses from all sides every year, and there will be many outstanding performers, but never People can alarm Master Magic Hunter and attract his attention.

After all, as a conferred god, they are only interested in the supreme and great goal of the Supreme Divine Realm.

As for geniuses, unless they are to keep their descendants, the enchanting geniuses are meaningless to them. Even if they grow up, they will at most become enshrined gods and sit on an equal footing with them. There is no need to take the initiative to please each other. For some, it is extremely difficult to go to the Conferred God, and it is not worthy of attention at all.

"everything is normal?!"

When the words of the mysterious star master came out, everyone was stunned, and their faces were full of surprise.

Sprinting from the eighteenth to the forty-second floor in ten minutes, is this still normal? !

The brains of several people were a little confused, and they felt that they were not enough, but since it was the words of the Lord Fantasy Hunter, it was obvious that these words were true, and no one dared to question a Conferred God!

"This, if this is true... then this guy is too enchanting!"

"Does this mean that this guy has been playing before?"


Several star masters were a little speechless, not knowing what to say.

evildoer? monster? These were enough for the Wooden Sword Boy, Dragon Emperor and others, and this weird guy had completely thrown them off.

Be alone and become the first echelon!

"This person is going to reach the fifty-fifth floor. It's probably a very easy thing, and it's still a whole series of Illusory God Tablets..." The corner of the star master of the Dragon Tomb Secret Realm twitched slightly. He had previously tried to teach that little guy's battle pet. The other party was such an enchanting fellow, and even the descendants of the Sword God were severely suppressed.

A guy like this would never believe it if he said that there was no enlightened person behind him.

No matter how talented you are, no matter how savvy you are, no resources, no mentor, you will be far away!

Otherwise, what is the accumulation of countless resources in the large family that has been passed down from generation to generation?

"It seems that the little guy used to rely solely on the battle pet to make his moves, not because he himself is a pure manipulator, but that the dragon demon is not worth his move!"

"If you rely solely on your battle pet, you can't get to the forty-second floor so quickly."

Several star masters all understood, and looked at each other, but the gold medal instructor of the Amir Royal Family Academy had bright eyes and excited expressions.

Su Ping entered the contest with the quota of Amir Royal Academy. If Su Ping is famous, their academy will be famous too!

And with Su Ping's performance, he will definitely be able to enter the selection of the stars, and even have an excellent performance in the general arena!

This is definitely a baby that fell from the sky and fell in front of their academy!

"Look, the list is refreshed again."

A female star master of Shengying Academy stared at her.

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