Astral Pet Store Chapter 872

Chapter 969: Stay Stable Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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When the actress was speaking, golden light appeared on the integral monument, and many figures were distorted. After everything was restored to order, a new order was revealed.

The top of the list is still Su Ping, and the number of layers displayed behind it is...58!

The star masters were silent for a while, stunned.

Sprint from 42 to 58 in just ten minutes and jump 16 floors!

After surpassing forty floors, it is still possible to maintain a high-speed sprint, which is simply terrifying!

On the other hand, the second place is still the wooden sword boy, challenged to the 48th floor!

Only two tiers away, you will be able to reach the fifty-fifth level. I believe that the next time the list is refreshed, you will definitely be able to reach the fifty-fifth level. This is only the fourth time to refresh the list, that is to say, only forty minute!

There are very few guys who can rush to the fifty-fifth floor in an hour in the entire history of the Secret Realm of the Illusory God Tablet!

Behind the Wooden Sword Boy is still the Dragon Emperor, holding the third place, the 44th floor of the Dragon Illusory Monument, 4 floors behind the Wooden Sword Boy!

Although four tiers behind, the difference in points between each other is not large, and there is still the possibility of overtaking. After all, the Dragon System Illusion Monument is more difficult, and the points bonus is higher!

Afterwards, the Oslong King, the Saint King, the Chiba Saintess, the Bihai Empress, and the Sword Soul Madman are in order.

"Ten more than the second place!"

"Moreover, it is the most difficult challenge for the entire series of Illusory Monuments!"

"His points bonus has almost doubled after getting rid of the second place!"

"This guy... won't he be able to sprint to the 90th floor, right?!"


After the star owners swept the list, they all stayed at the top of the list. Before Su Ping fought on the island and competed for seats, no one cared about him, except for the star owner of the Dragon Tomb Academy. .

But now, all star owners can see that this young man will be a rising star, and with the upcoming cosmic genius battle, he will shine and become famous in the starry universe!

"It feels like it's not of the same level at all. The descendant of the sword **** is already considered a monster, and it turned out to be crushed by someone!"

"It is estimated that next time it is refreshed, he must enter the sixtieth floor!"

"Other speeds have obviously begun to slow down. After all, challenging to such multiple levels in one breath, the mental projection constructed in the Illusory Monument will wear out and the strength will decay."

"It seems that there is nothing wrong with this phantom monument..."

The refresh of the list this time can be regarded as a confirmation of the secret star master's words, after all, if there is an error, there will be no two mistakes in a row.

time flies.

On the sixty-fifth floor of the entire series of Illusory God Steles, Su Ping looked at the five monsters in front of him. The five monsters were the dragon, the demon, the two elemental elements, and there was also a sub-divine!

The reason why it is judged to be a sub-divine race is because Su Ping has seen many sub-divine blood descendants in the demigod land.

These inferior races have some of the physical characteristics of the Protoss, but the other part of the body is the human race or the orc...

It can be seen that the appetite of the Protoss is also quite unrestrained.

"The further behind, the stranger the enemies that appear. There are sub-divine tribes. Will there be real divine tribes behind? This guy is not low in wisdom and skilled in fighting style."

Su Ping was observing while avoiding their attacks.

During the continuous sprint, he felt that his body's consumption was continuing, and the star power in his body could not be replenished. Once the enemy was killed, he would enter the next level, and then the battle would immediately come, and there was no time to rest at all.

Moreover, there is no star power to absorb in the surrounding environment.

In other words, the consumption is continuous, his power will become weaker and weaker, and the enemy will become stronger and stronger!

Unless you leave the Illusory Monument halfway to restore your spirit, when you enter again, the body of this mental structure will return to its full state.

"Star power has to be used sparingly, otherwise it may not be able to reach the end, and I don't know what level of combat power the enemies behind will reach, it can't be the star master realm..."

On this 65th floor, the enemies Su Ping encountered had mastered the four or five rules, and they were generally in the mid-to-late stage of the Starry Sky Realm!

And the races are different, and the skills they are good at are also different. Some are good at swordsmanship, some are good at assassination, and some have extremely strong bodies that are difficult to hack.

The farther behind, the more these tricky enemies are, and they are matched with each other into a small team, like an iron bucket, without any flaws, and it is extremely difficult to deal with.

If it hadn't been for Su Ping to have seen all kinds of weird enemies in the cultivation world, facing these different kinds of enemies, he would really suffer a lot.

When they were replaced by other phantom monuments, they were all the same enemies, but the intensity was constantly increasing, and some stronger abilities were extended. As long as you delve deep enough on the road, you can sprint to a higher number of layers.


While thinking about it, Su Ping suddenly saw the flaw and quickly approached the Naya Protoss. A ray of divine power in his palm burst out like a needle, and he shot out with a palm, rotating several rules on the divine needle, piercing a diamond-shaped shield that it was resisting. , The above rules were strangled, and then the needle penetrated through his shoulder and burst open.

This sub-Protoss was killed on the spot, without his command, Su Ping quickly flew to the two elemental monsters and cut them down.

Soon, the 65th floor was over, and Su Ping came to the depths of the sea, surrounded by deep ocean, with extremely strong water pressure.

Su Ping was caught off guard and almost filled the water. Fortunately, he held it in time. He instinctively wanted to hold on to the star power and avoid the surrounding sea water, but thinking of the heavy water pressure, he still reduced the star power and let his body resist.

Star power will continue to be consumed, but his body can resist this water pressure.

At this time, a few giant shadows appeared in the deep sea, moving from a distance, like a few large seabed mountains, as they approached, the black shadows scattered with their limbs became hideous...

The seventh time the list is refreshed!

The seven star masters gathered in front of the integral monument, only to see that the top of the list is still Su Ping, his position has always been stable, far surpassing the second place, even if it stops moving, it is estimated that the second place will have to refresh the list several times. It is possible to catch up.

"The 81st floor..."

"I rushed to the 80th floor in one breath. This is only 70 minutes, and each floor only takes less than a minute!"

"Except for what he was playing in front, the sprint speed behind is a bit scary. Doesn't this guy have the top combat power in the starry sky?!"

"A Destiny Realm, the combat power is comparable to the top of the stars?"

"I remember that little witch of Amir back then was not so exaggerated."

"Although the little witch was strong back then, leading in the same year, it was not like this kind of crushing nature. After all, a monster appeared in the Dragon Tomb Academy that year."

"The Legend of the Sword God is only 65 floors. I actually said'cai', it's really swollen."

"The Dragon Emperor has just reached the 60th floor..."

"Aside from the comparison with this monster, there are still a lot of evildoers this year. Seven of them can rush to the 50th floor at once! The others behind are a little bit behind. The last one is only 32 floors. It is estimated that it will come. Mix it up."

Several star owners all smiled bitterly. Compared with Su Ping, the other evildoers of this year looked "ordinary".

As usual, the Sword God's Heir could rush to the 65th floor in one breath, enough to shock the eye, but now there is nothing new to compare with the big mountain above.

At this time, in front of a certain Illusory God monument, the light shook, and a figure stepped out.

This was a young man from Xiu Mia College. His face was pale and he shook his head. After a while, he was relieved. When he looked up, he immediately saw the seven star masters, and there were no others around.

That said, he was the first person who couldn't hold on.

The young man was slightly embarrassed, smiled bitterly in his heart, and flew towards the integral monument silently, wanting to see his ranking.

Hope not to be the bottom, he prayed in his heart.

While he was flying by, a light suddenly appeared in front of the Illusory Monument somewhere nearby, and another figure appeared.

The young man saw that someone came out again, his eyes were slightly bright, he was just a little earlier, so it was not too embarrassing to say that.

Otherwise, if he stayed here with the seven star master instructors for dozens of minutes, that would be really embarrassing.

As the second person appeared, soon, someone from other illusion monuments came out one after another.

These people who came out looked around each other, and when they saw someone else came out, they felt a little better, but when they saw that the guys on the mountain seats didn't show up, they suddenly felt unwilling.

Soon, these people gathered in front of the integral monument.

Su Ping, who was ranked first in the integral monument, immediately caught everyone's eyes.

When he saw the huge number of points and the number of challenge layers behind him, the body that sucked in cold air was affected, followed by bursts of out-of-control exclamations.

"How can it be!"

"Floor 81? Did I read it wrong, or was it the wrong way, should it go from right to left?"

"I'm only on the 41st floor, this person is actually on the 81st floor?!"

"How is it possible that the Linghu Sword God of our academy ranks second?!"

"Dragon Emperor ranked third? Impossible!"

"Is there a problem?"

All the students were shocked and speechless, and couldn't accept this result. The top powerhouses of their academies had strong impressions deeply rooted in their minds, but at this moment on this list, they did not get the first place in their minds.

On the other hand, the first place was actually Su Ping, who had previously relied on battle pets to win.

The most terrifying thing is that he challenged the Illusory God Monument and the ranking, and he was able to challenge the entire system of Illusory God Monument, and even rushed to the 81st floor. This is simply against common sense!

Even the descendants of the sword **** who challenged the kendo magic monument only sprinted to the 65th floor, while the difficulty of the whole system of the illusion monument is higher. The difficulty of rushing to the 81st floor is estimated to be enough to rush to the 90th floor in the kendo magic monument!

Doesn't this mean that the opponent is at least 25 levels ahead of the sword **** descendant? !

Hearing the exclamation of the students around, the seven star masters' faces were light and bland, and their expressions seemed to reveal a little bit of disdain, as if they were saying that you little guys have never seen the world?

As more and more students came out of the Illusory God Monument, there were exclamations from time to time.

Before long, the list was refreshed for the eighth time, and Su Ping still ranked first, who had already reached the 88th floor!

The unreachable 90-story height is already imminent, and even the seven star masters are a little moved at this moment!

The 90th floor is a watershed. The guy who can go up to the 90th floor is extremely rare. He is a genius among geniuses and can be ranked in the entire history of the secret realm of the Illusory God Tablet!

"At this speed, if you go up to the 90th floor, it's basically stable!"

"And I rushed up in one breath, never came out halfway!"

"This background is too terrifying."

"His combat power is definitely at the top of the Starry Sky Realm!"

The expressions of the seven star masters are a bit solemn, so enchanting, if they break through to the starry sky, it is estimated that their combat power will surge again, sweeping invincible in the same tier!

The students around him fell into silence again.

Previously, some people thought that the list was wrong, but this time it was refreshed.

The wooden sword boy ranked second, has already stepped through the 70th level. In previous years, this result can definitely surprise the audience, but now it is a bit weak compared to the 88 number...

Next, the list is refreshed for the ninth time.

This time, as expected, Su Ping reached the 90th floor, which happened to be 90!

The second wooden sword boy reached the 73rd floor and rushed to the third floor in 10 minutes. This progress is considered very good.

The seven star masters were a little silent, and occasionally raised their heads to look at the top of the many illusion monuments, the most majestic illusion monument, I don't know when this young man, who is firmly at the top of the list, will come out.

time flies.

Every ten minutes, the list is refreshed.

And every time it is refreshed, Su Ping's challenge level rises layer by layer.

After reaching the 90th floor, Su Ping's ascent speed was significantly reduced, and each time he refreshed, he only rose by one floor.

This is the case, this speed also made the outsiders startled. After all, the difficulty of the 90th floor is beyond their imagination. Whether ordinary people can persist for ten minutes inside is a problem, let alone defeating the enemy!

The wooden sword boy, the dragon emperor and others in the back also noticeably slowed their ascent. Like Su Ping, they only climbed one step each time.

Comparing this progress with Su Ping, the five colleges were a bit silent.

They are on the 90th floor, one step at a time, while the Dragon Emperor and the Wooden Sword Boy are on the 70th floor, one step at a time.

The gap in the middle 20 levels of difficulty, as everyone present knows, is desperate!

Suddenly, light appeared in one of the phantom monuments.

The burly Dragon Demon appeared. He looked tired and looked up. When he saw that there were many people around, all gathered in front of the integral monument, his face looked slightly better.

Soon after he came out, the figure of the goddess of light also appeared in a phantom monument next to him.

She glanced at the Dragon Demon, her tired face suddenly chilled, and with a cold snort, she flew towards the integral monument.

When the two of them came to the integral monument, they immediately saw the situation above. After a while, their eyes widened at the same time, and they looked incredible.

In the 78-story kendo phantom monument.

Two ferocious demon beasts with arms like scythes flashed quickly, and there was also a white-haired swordweng holding a long sword, but this swordweng's face was an eagle face and a strange beast!

He held the sword in his claws and wielded sword lights.

In front of him, a young figure flashed quickly, it was the wooden sword young man.

But at this moment, the wooden sword on his back is no longer there, and he is holding a divinely shining, golden-boiled divine sword. This divine sword glows with a strong divine brilliance and strong sword aura surrounding it!

The young man was wounded all over, and his face was no longer a relaxed smile. A pair of sword eyebrows were sharp, staring at the white-haired sword urn, his figure flickered from side to side, and his extraordinary sword skills were cut out.


The white-haired swordweng's figure is erratic, like a ghost, like a phantom, with the two sharp-armed monsters, defeating the young man steadily.


The White-haired Sword Weng suddenly turned his sword light, and displayed an extremely brilliant sword skill, instantly covering all the offensives of the world, condensing like one, and slashing towards the young man.

The boy's pupils shrank, and he hurriedly swung his sword to kill, using the sword to break the sword, but the next moment, his figure and swordsmanship were completely submerged.

Consciousness breaks.

The young man opened suddenly, as if awakened, and found himself in the void, which was inside the Illusory God Tablet.

There was still that wonderful sword before his eyes, and that sword swept all killings, very sharp.

"Unfortunately, too much power was consumed..." The young man glanced down at his arm, with a slight regret in his eyes. Although the sword was extremely wonderful, he was not irresistible, but he had more than one heart and lacked strength.

He thought for a while, and suddenly the corner of his mouth curled slightly, "78, it's not bad..."

In the previous battle, his mind was all in the battle, and he didn't pay much attention to the number of layers. He loved swordsmanship, he loved swordsmanship, and challenged the illusion of swordsmanship. He was also in order to hone his sword intent and immersed himself in it. .

What fame and fortune are second, only swordsmanship is eternal!

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