Astral Pet Store Chapter 873

Chapter 970: Suppression Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Outside the kendo illusion monument, there was a sudden ripple shaking, and a figure stepped out of it, it was the wooden sword boy.

At this moment, he was still carrying a wooden sword, his lips were red and his teeth were white, and his expression looked quite relaxed, harmless to humans and animals. When he stepped out of the phantom monument, he immediately sensed the seven star masters to cast and perceive it.

His face is indifferent, from childhood to adulthood, he is a presence that has been noticed everywhere.

He is used to it.


At this moment, in front of another phantom monument obliquely above, a figure also stepped out, tall and tall, with the courage to look down on the world, it was the Dragon Emperor.

There was a bit of tiredness in his eyes, but he was hidden the moment he stepped out of the Illusory God Stele. The king never showed his fragile side. His face was indifferent, his brows were cold and determined, and his eyes were swept away, and he saw the sword. The wooden sword boy in front of the Illusory God stele raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes revealed a touch of relief.

Come out with yourself?

In that case, the number of layers they challenged may be similar.

However, the difficulty of the Dragon Illusory Monument is higher, and the bonus points are higher!

This means that the latter will be crushed by him!

Sword God descended from people, but that's just the case.

The Wood Sword Youth also saw the Dragon Emperor, his brows frowned slightly. At this moment, he had the same thoughts in his heart as the Dragon Emperor, which made him suspicious of himself. Could it be that this guy is better than himself?

He had just tried his best in the Illusory God Monument.

Anyway, if the cards are all out there, it will not be exposed.

He did not believe this result.

When the two of them looked at each other, there were several people stepping out of the phantom monuments next to them. It was the Saint King, the Saintess of Chiba, the Empress Bihai and others who entered the other phantom monuments.

"Step aside."

An indifferent voice appeared and sounded behind the dragon emperor.

Immediately after the ripples on the Dragon System Illusory God monument, King Oslong stepped out, his hair was scattered at will, his eyes were indifferent and sullen, and he looked down on the audience with the domineering attitude that was not lost to the Dragon Emperor.

Seeing King Osron stepping out last, everyone glanced slightly, and no one would despise this first person in the Amir Royal Family Academy.

Hearing the indifferent words, Emperor Long squinted slightly, and looked slantingly, a dangerous light appeared in his eyes.

When they all walked out of the Illusory God Monument, the people in front of the integral monument suddenly noticed the movement here, they were all shocked, but they were not as excited as they had imagined, but they were a bit disappointed and regretful.

This feeling of loss and regret was clearly captured by the Wood Sword Boy, Dragon Emperor and others. A trace of strangeness and doubt arose in their hearts, but they didn't ask much, and each flew straight to the integral monument.

They want to see who can win the top spot.

In the five colleges, no one agrees with each other. They are all geniuses on the top of the mountain. Naturally, they do not agree with each other, but it is impossible to fight with all strength here. After all, the next cosmic genius battle is their final stage.

But through the test of this phantom monument, the gap between each other can also be tested.

"This number one, I'm going to make it!"

The Saint King smiled lightly, his eyes were empty, and he flew away with an invincible aura.

The boy Mu Jian looked calm and flew straight away.

Hearing the words of the holy king, the dragon emperor sneered, as if he didn't bother to say anything, but the disdain and contempt on his face was not hidden.

"It's all out."

"Hey, it seems really hopeless."

"It's incomparable with that monster, but our hospital is definitely second!"

"Huh, Xiumia's twin stars are clamoring so much. Now that the first-round sprint is ranked, keep calling me!"

The geniuses standing in front of the Illusory God monument had complex expressions. Although regretted that they had lost the possibility of competing for the first place, they could still compete for the top spot despite the fact that they were ranked first.


The young wooden sword flew close, and heard the whispers of the crowd, frowned slightly, with a touch of surprise in his eyes.

At this time, his gaze condensed and he saw the towering points monument, his gaze pointed to the top of the list, but there, he did not see himself, nor was it the Dragon Emperor and the Osron King, but the others. A figure that surprised him.

It's him?

The next moment, the young wooden sword boy's body stopped abruptly. As if he was struck by lightning, his calm face suddenly changed color, his pupils contracted, and his eyes revealed incredible amazement.

The 95th floor? !

He was stunned on the spot, especially seeing the terror points bonus behind that and the type of phantom stele he challenged. With his concentration, his mind was a little blank on the spot.

The whole series of phantom monument challenges, 95 floors!

Is something wrong?

When the Wooden Sword Boy stopped, the Dragon Emperor, King Osron, and the Saintess of Chiba also saw the situation on the score monument one after another. All of them were the first time to look at the top of the list.

They all thought that they had hope to win the first place, but when they saw the first figure, everyone was stunned.

When they saw the number of challenge levels and points below, everyone was dumbfounded, with a dumbfounded look.

This is a number beyond their knowledge!

If they have been cultivating in the Secret Realm of the Illusory God Monument for a few months, they think they may still have hope to reach this ranking, but now, someone has rushed to the 95th floor in one breath? !

And it's the most difficult phantom monument of the whole system? !

"Yes, he...?"

King Oslong saw that figure and was dumbfounded on the spot. With his city mansion, he also lost his expression management at this moment, and his face was dull.

The figure occupying the top spot turned out to be Su Ping who had previously travelled with him on the spaceship.

Is that guy so strong? !

He suddenly thought of his invitation to Su Ping, but Su Ping refused at the time, feeling that it was unnecessary...

The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch, and he felt that Su Ping was a little timid at the time. Now it seems that people clearly regard him as Corot, and they feel that the strength gap is too large, and there is no need to compare them.

But, can he compete with Corobie?

He asked Corot to sling him with one hand!

But in the eyes of others, there seems to be no difference, which is too insulting!

Corot:? ? ?


Suddenly, an angry cold shout sounded.

Long Di's eyes widened, showing cold light and anger, and flew to the front of the integral monument. His eyes moved down, and he quickly found his name. He was ranked third, under the descendant of the sword god, and he felt his heart again. There was a crit and a bit of tingling, he turned his head to look at the seven star masters, and said, "Is there something wrong with this integral monument?"

The faces of the seven star masters were calm, only the star master of the Dragon Tomb Academy was a little ugly. The Dragon Emperor had always been arrogant, but he had always been able to hold his breath. At this moment, he was a little gaffe.

"The integral monument can't go wrong." Amir's gold medal instructor said indifferently, with a bit of joking in his tone. When the other party questioned the integral monument, he questioned Su Ping, and Su Ping was brought by their academy. There is no reason to help.

"Yes, we have already verified with Master Fantasy Hunter, there is no problem with the integral monument." The star master of the Dragon Tomb Academy also hurriedly said, not wanting the Dragon Emperor to say more, the more he questioned, the more embarrassed he seemed to lose. And he happened to know that all of this was true, the guy at the top of the list was the one among the evildoers, and even the Magic Hunter became interested in him!


The Emperor Long wanted to say something more, but when he saw the tutors in his own academy were all speaking out, and he also moved out of the phantom Hunting Lord, he stopped talking, but his pupils were slightly enlarged again, and the shock in his heart could not be added.

He challenged to more than 70 floors, struggling to walk, and knew the difficulty of the magic monument.

It's hard for him to go to the 80th floor at a stretch. Someone reaches the 95th floor at this moment? !

Doesn't this mean that the opponent's strength can easily crush him? !

They are all in the Destiny Realm, so why can the gap be so big!

The Dragon Emperor is a little hard to accept. He feels that he should have touched the ceiling of the Destiny Realm. The only ones who can compete with him are those super alternative monsters. But now, he has not participated in the cosmic genius battle, and the arrogance in his heart has been lost. The basin of cold water was extinguished, and there was an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling.

The questioning voice of the Dragon Emperor and the star master's response were heard by everyone else. The wooden sword boy, the Chiba Saintess and others who came afterwards were all silent, but their eyes became extremely complicated.

It's actually true.

The guy who relied on his battle pet to solve the Dragon Demon actually hides such a terrifying power.

Fortunately, they previously believed that they were pure manipulators, and their main power came from the pets.

And now this result, it is obvious that people's own combat power is even more terrifying, and a pure manipulator can never reach the 95th floor!

"This guy, he hides so deeply!" The face of Saint Chiba is complicated. She still remembers the expressions and words of Su Ping when the Dragon Demon challenged Su Ping before. She felt that people were soft-hearted at the time, but later thought it was. Too much trouble, now it seems that the other party is treating the dragon demon as a bug.

Facing the challenge of bugs, I didn't even bother to pay attention.

Therefore, in full view, if you want to let yourself play, you are too lazy to do it. It seems to be avoiding the fight, but in fact, people don't have the shame of avoiding and retreating at all.

After all, to him, the dragon demon is an ant that can be crushed by raising his hand!

The same is in the Destiny Realm, and the gap is so big.

Saintess Chibas heart was shaken a bit. She was the first person in the Holy Oriole Academy and was placed high hopes. This time the Academy also plans to rely on her outbreak to let the world see the strength of the Holy Oriole Academy and bring the Academy back to life. Five colleges.

And now, deep doubts arose in her heart.

Is he really like the instructors in the academy said, unparalleled in the world, very good?

If you are considered a wizard that has been rare in hundreds of years, then...what is this guy?

Not far from the Chiba Saintess, the young man with the wooden sword on his back listened to the words of the Dragon Tomb Academy instructor, his eyes fell on the figure at the top of the list and fell silent.

It's just that the hands in his sleeves slowly clenched, and the harmless smile on his face also converged, becoming indifferent and stiff, like a stone.

On the other side, the Saint King and Queen Bihai, the twin stars of the Xiu Mia Academy, looked at each other and were silent. The pride of the whole body faded at this moment.

Who would have thought that among their enchanting evildoers, there was a super terrifying monster!

"Is this the guy who came to participate in the cosmic genius war..." There was a confused look in the eyes of the goddess of light. The instructor in the academy told her that compared to the previous cosmic genius war data, her strength has entered the constellation challenge. Great hope, and she could still get a good ranking. At the time, she was still a little uncomfortable and felt that the college underestimated herself.

But now, she really felt the vastness of the universe, and there was a sky outside the sky.

It turns out that in this boundless federal universe, a guy beyond common sense can really be born!

In the crowd, a figure remained silent.

It was Yuan Linglu.

She came out early and only challenged to the 35th floor. This battle power ranked among the bottom of the rankings, which made her a little discouraged. Although the college said that it was for her to come here to exercise, compared with other geniuses of the same rank, she was still a bit discouraged. Very immature.

She also agrees with the academy's statement. After all, in the academy, she has seen the terrible Gemini. She is also in the Destiny Realm. The gap between them in the same realm impressed her extremely deeply. She also realized that, There are so many geniuses in this universe. Although I am lucky to be one of the Thunder's ten great bodies, there are still many geniuses stronger than her.

For example, the guys who got the ten great body of the gods are the real top evildoers.

However, she did not expect that the guy who was born on the same planet as herself, who robbed her of her inheritance before, and challenged the peak tower on the blue star, was famous all over the world, after coming to this starry sky, he would still be so dazzling!

In this wider world, the other party's performance is actually more terrifying than it was on the Blue Star.

Even evildoers like Gemini were suppressed at their feet!

Practise hard, get revenge on Blue Star... is this still possible?

Yuan Linglu felt that a certain goal in her heart had collapsed and had become an impossible thing.

In the silence, when the time came for the integral monument, the cash flowed again and refreshed.

The geniuses who were still immersed in the atmosphere of sadness couldn't help but stare at it. The sadness in the heart broke a bit. I saw that the guy at the top of the list had a sharp increase in points, and the number of challenges also increased. Reached the 96th floor!

Is this the rhythm of going up to the 99th floor in one breath? !

Some people hug their heads with their hands and feel their scalp numb. This world is crazy.

Long Di and the others also became more silent, their expressions more ugly.

At this moment, in front of the most majestic Illusory God Stele of the entire system at the top, ripples suddenly swayed, and a figure stepped out, it was Su Ping.

At this moment, countless eyes raised their heads and shot away like ten thousand arrows, landing on that figure.

He is out!

For some reason, many people were relieved at this moment.

The expressions of the Dragon Emperor, the Mujia Boy and the others obviously relaxed a little, but their eyes became extremely solemn. This time, only the young man was left in their eyes.


As soon as Su Ping walked out of the Illusory God Tablet, he felt the attention of everyone. Some surprises. He swept his eyes and found that all the students on the previous Tablet Mountain seemed to be present. So, he was the last one to walk out?

Su Ping suddenly understood, he flew down, and took a look in front of the integral monument. The top of the list was his figure.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, and suddenly felt that he was too ostentatious?

This result did not surprise him too much.

However, Su Ping was a little surprised when he saw the rankings of the other mountain geniuses, such as the Wood Sword Boy and Dragon Emperor.

These guys seem to be a little weaker than I thought.

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