Astral Pet Store Chapter 874

Chapter 971: Posture Of Conferred God Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Up to the 96th floor in one breath, it is almost close to the limit. Although there are still some cards that can continue to sprint, it is difficult to guarantee that the illusion in this illusion monument will not be peeped."

"After all, this secret realm has fallen into the hands of others, and maybe that secret realm master has absolute control."

"It's better to have a low-key wave. Anyway, it's almost time to rush to the 99th floor. Instead of sprinting up all the time, it's better to divide it a few times and get up easily. It's not in a hurry anyway, just play!"

Su Ping was in a relaxed mood. When he saw the second place in the rankings, he knew that he was a little high-profile. Perhaps he could give up on the 96th floor and come out to rest and rest. There is no need to fight like that.

Seeing Su Ping flying by, the eyes of the whole audience gathered on him, and the geniuses standing in front of the integral monument involuntarily separated a path.

But Su Ping didn't mean to be too close, standing outside the road divided by the crowd, here is enough to see the situation on the score monument.

In the high sky, the seven star masters also flickered, staring at Su Ping.

This is the first time they have observed a young man in the Destiny Realm so seriously. If no surprise, this little guy in the Destiny Realm will definitely become famous in the Sylvie Galaxy!

Once Su Ping becomes the Starland Realm, even their star masters, their attitude towards Su Ping, will not be able to treat him as a junior, but will be equal!

This is the terrifying potential and deterrence of super enchanting!

After reading the integral monument, Su Ping turned around and left. He didn't look at other people anymore and didn't say anything. For him, he didn't know any of the geniuses here, and he didn't have much to say.

Yuan Linglu, the only one who conceded defeat, surprised him by appearing here, but when he saw the opponent at first sight, he felt a very vague murderous aura from the latter.

Obviously, most of this girl hasn't let go of the matter of robbing Longtaishan's inheritance.

If the other party is relieved, Su Ping would not mind saying hello to her, and help as long as he can. After all, they are all from the Blue Star. People who are away from home should help each other when he meets his hometown. Besides, he is still blue now. The star lord always feels more cordial to the people on his own planet.

It's a pity that this guy was so upset about what happened at the beginning, and Su Ping didn't bother to talk to her anymore.


As Su Ping left, the air melted slightly in front of the deadly integral monument, and everyone's tightening and solemn gazes were slightly relaxed.

When he saw Su Ping returning to his seat at Beishan Mountain, the faces of the Wood Sword Boy, the Dragon Emperor, the Qianye Saintess and others were a little ugly and gloomy. After Su Ping came out, he didn't even look at them. Such an attitude. , Completely ignored them.

They are all such brilliant geniuses, who have experienced the feeling of being ignored by others.


Longdi's eyes were cold and his fists were clenched. There was a burst of anger and humiliation in his heart. He thought he would overwhelm everyone and win the top spot, but he was suppressed in the end, and the gap was so big that he even despaired.

The Mujian Boy's lips were slightly tightened, and the soft cheeks that had previously become sharpened at this moment, his eyes were cold, and he turned away.

King Oslong glanced at the Dragon Emperor, snorted, and returned to his seat on the top of the mountain.

The seven star masters saw that everyone was about to disperse, one of the secret realm star masters immediately stood up, glanced at the direction Su Ping was leaving, and said: "In the next practice, you can enter the Illusory God Tablet to challenge at any time. At the beginning of the trials, your combat power can be improved to a higher level, and you can honed deeper insights from the Illusory Monument."

"At that time, we will give you the corresponding training resources according to your points rankings. The higher the ranking, the more benefits you will get. If you are currently ranked first, you can receive five crimson star crystals, five drops every day. Star skeleton Nirvana bone marrow, five high-grade five-element **** grass."

"In addition, there are eight different types of two-star exercises, you can choose any one to practice."

"If you have other needs, you can use your points to redeem them in the Secret Realm Treasury. The redeemed points will be deducted with star points and will not affect your ranking on the scoreboard. Simply put, one point equals one star point. When you redeem in the Secret Realm Treasury, your points will be converted into redemption star points."

After finishing talking about this mystery star master, everyone was shocked by the generous reward.

"Five drops of star skeletal Nirvana bone marrow? This is an extraordinary refinement material, and it is rare in the star realm!"

"There is also a high-level five-element sacred grass. This is something that can enhance the resistance of the five basic elements. Whether it is for yourself or for pets, it is a treasure!"

"I have eaten the bone marrow of the star skeletal Nirvana, but there is no upper limit for this stuff. Unless you get to the main star realm, the more you eat, the stronger the body refining effect. If the person keeps the first place for several months, the accumulation The amount can definitely increase his physical strength by a huge amount!"

"The strong ones are getting stronger and stronger, but the weak ones are being thrown farther and farther..."

Many geniuses are a little jealous, just a drop of the bone marrow of the star skeletal Nirvana is worth half of a fifth-class planet!

Moreover, these things cannot be bought outside with money, they have to have relationships and identity!

The Mujian Boy, Longdi, Qianye Saintess and others heard this, but frowned slightly, but did not respond much.

They are all top geniuses, and the resources they have obtained are beyond the imagination of others. These scarce resources for cultivation can already be obtained from the forces behind them or the academy. They are treasures for others, but for them, the attraction is only It's a pretty good level, and it can't make them amazing.

After all, this Secret Realm Master is only a cooperative relationship with the five colleges, and it is impossible to come up with super rare things that the five colleges can't get.

"Without this secret realm, I can only make it up for the college and family." Longdi's eyes flashed and he let out a cold snort, flying to the top of the mountain, no longer caring about it.

For him, cultivation is the kingly way.

Resources or something are not within his scope of consideration, and he doesn't even bother to think about it.

Now that a guy like Su Ping appears, his pursuit of cultivation has become more passionate, and he has been stimulated with a strong fighting spirit and fighting spirit.

Except for the Dragon Emperor, everyone else is the same. Su Ping's crushing transcendence stimulated their self-esteem.

As the crowd dispersed and practiced separately, it didn't take long for someone to step into the Illusory God Tablet again and continue to challenge and sprint.

Fighting fiercely in the Illusory Monument, will not die, the most spirit will be injured, it is an excellent place for fighting and training.

On the top of the mountain, the Saintess of Qianye, Longdi and the others recovered their bodies to their peak state after not long cultivating. They looked at Su Ping who was still cultivating sitting in the light array, their eyes were sharp, and they once again entered the illusion. God monument.

When they charged again, the ranking on the points tablet changed again.

However, this change is only reflected below the top of the list, from the second to the top ten, there are changes, but only the top of the list, Su Ping, has always been in the first place.

Although Su Ping was sitting in the light formation and did not continue to sprint, the height of his previous challenge and the accumulated points were like a mountain that no one could shake.

"That guy, it is estimated that there is hope to sprint to the 99th floor!"

"99? It's impossible. Although he can rush to the 96th floor in one go, after the 90th floor, the gap between each floor is very large. He has 97 floors of combat power, and he can easily pass the battle in the front, but he meets beyond. Enemies with the limit of their own combat power, no matter how hard they struggle!"

"There is absolutely no problem for him to enter the 97th floor! I bet there is great hope for the 98th floor. If he enters the 99th floor, there is a one-tenth probability!"

"If you can really enter the 99th floor, wouldn't you have the posture of conferring gods!?"

"Who said no, but this kind of monster, it seems that it is not unusual to have the posture of the gods, I guess in the future cosmic genius battle, this guy can kill in the general arena!"

"Perhaps, but the difficulty is very high. This is a cosmic genius battle. The disciples of the conferred gods will come out of the mountain. The evildoers will gather. People like this sword **** descendant are everywhere, even those disciples of the supreme gods. It's possible to go out and fight for it!"

"Anyway, this guy is one of the best geniuses in our Sylvie galaxy, and he will definitely get the attention and wooing of the Conferred Gods."

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