Astral Pet Store Chapter 875

Chapter 972: The final challenge (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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After winning the top spot, Su Ping received several rare training resources every day.

The quality of the crimson star crystal is extremely high, generally the star crystal used by the star master for cultivation, and the hard currency circulating between the star masters, which is smoother than the federal currency.

Crimson Star Crystal mineral veins are extremely rare in the universe, and even the Conferred Gods will grab them. Although the Conferred Gods do not need Crimson Star Crystal, they can be given to their subordinates.

Most of the conferred gods have power, and a very small number are wandering alone. Even these soloists will have their own believers and will plunder their own believers of rare resources.

Cultivation with crimson star crystals also has requirements for cultivators. Under the star master, very strong willpower is required.

When Su Ping got the resource, he followed a mysterious star master and tested his willpower in an illusion **** monument.

In fact, it was just a process. Su Ping was able to rush to the 96th floor of the Illusory God Monument in one breath. In addition to showing his terrifying combat power, it also reflected his extremely strong mental power.

And the result of the test, just as the secret realm star master guessed, in a very short time, Su Ping easily reached the level of the passing line he said.

Su Ping didn't plan to pass the customs, it was enough to pass, after all, this test is not points.

Inhaling the crimson star crystal, in addition to the extremely pure and majestic star power, Su Ping also felt an extremely emptiness and ethereal energy from it. This energy surrounds him. When practicing, it seems that there is a voice guiding him. It made his mind stretched, he became more agile several times, and his perception of the rules was obviously quickened.

"No wonder it is the star crystals used by the Star Master Realm. If you use this practice for a long time, you can understand the rules easily, but for the Star Master Realm, comprehending the new rules will not increase your own combat power much, unless it is accumulated. The quantity changes."

"This nihilistic energy is a bit like the whispers of the ancient gods in the fifth dimension. Those with weak willpower will fall into it. It's no wonder that strong willpower is needed to avoid getting lost in cultivation."

With the provision of five crimson star crystals every day, the energy in Su Ping's body has become more surging and has reached its limit. If he changes to another destiny state, he has to break the bottleneck a long time ago, otherwise he will not absorb it at all.

However, the Chaos Star that Su Ping cultivated tried to show a strong tolerance. The cells in his body were like vortexes, absorbing and storing these star powers. When these cells could not be stored, Su Ping tried to cultivate the third realm. , Star Atlas!

He connected the cells in the body in series and sketched the first star map in the body.

This star map is relatively simple. The three stars are opposed to each other, like a triangle, which checks and balances each other, and a peculiar energy field can be generated in the middle.

Su Ping uses cells to fuse with each other to construct three huge cell bodies and push these cells to outline a star map in the body.

This process is extremely laborious and consumes a lot of star power. Su Pingyuan has already reached its limit and can no longer absorb the star power. However, as the star map is outlined, the majestic star power in these crimson crystals enters his body. Look.

"Sure enough, cultivation in the Star Atlas Realm is even more difficult."

Su Ping was not frustrated either, anyway, Crimson Star Crystal was provided every day, and it accumulated slowly, and sooner or later he could practice.

Su Ping was very much looking forward to how his combat power would change when he finished the first star map.

In addition to the Crimson Star Crystal, Su Ping also absorbed all the Nierlong bone marrow provided every day and melted it into his body.

This is a pure body refining material. Su Ping cultivates the body of the **** and demon. The body is equivalent to a young golden crow. At this moment, absorbing the bone marrow of the star skeletal Nirvana to strengthen the body is equivalent to strengthening the body of the **** and demon, making his body. Becoming more tenacious, Su Ping felt that looking for an ordinary starry sky realm, and letting the opponent attack, he might not be injured.

His physical body alone is scary enough.

You know, his current cultivation is only the destiny realm!

The remaining five-element magic grass is useless to Su Ping. In addition to these five basic elements, his other elemental resistance has reached the special level, and the five-element magic grass can only be promoted to a higher level, and Su Ping cant use it. .

"You can only keep it, turn around to that guy, or other friends on the Blue Star." Su Ping put it into the storage space, and Su Lingyue flashed in his mind.

His battle pets, Little Skeletons, and their resistances are also superb, and they are equally useless.

Time is rushing.

Su Ping has been sitting on the top of the mountain to practice, while the Saintess of Chiba, King Osron and others, after practicing and recovering their spiritual power, they entered the Illusory God Tablet to practice hard.

For them, fighting inside the Illusory Monument is more effective than sitting here and practicing foolishly.

After all, coming to this illusion and mystery realm came from the peculiarities of the illusion **** monument. If it is purely meditation, there are several places in the academy that are stronger than this star power.

With repeated challenges, the number of challenge levels of King Osron, Wood Sword Boy and others has also steadily increased.

On the third day, the Wooden Sword Boy had already broken through to the eighty floor.

The Dragon Emperor is also in front of the 80th floor, looking far away.

On the seventh day, the Wooden Sword Boy entered the 83rd floor.

Dragon Emperor also stepped into the 80th floor, sprinting to the 81st floor.

Others such as the Saintess of Chiba, King Osron, etc., are also around 78, slightly behind by one or two floors.

Su Ping sat on the stone chair at the top of the mountain, a little addicted to practice, absorbing the star power under the stone chair frantically, and outlined his first star map.

As for going to the magic monument?

He has experienced countless life and death exercises in the nurturing world. This special exercise method that only consumes energy without dying is not surprising to him, nor does it have any appeal.

Ranked on the 96th floor, with bonus points for all the magical monuments, Su Ping's figure is still like a mountain, pressing on the heads of a group of geniuses.

Many people who came out of the Illusory God Monument subconsciously looked towards the top of the mountain. When they saw Su Ping sitting there cultivating all the time, they felt a little weird. They felt like they were underestimated, but they felt relieved.

"How come this guy has been cultivating, and he doesn't challenge the Illusory God Tablet anymore."

"Even if you don't challenge, at least you can exercise inside. What a rare opportunity to meditate and practice there...a bit wasted, right?"

The seven star masters also felt weird seeing this scene.

When you come to the illusion and mysterious realm, but dont hurry up to practice in the illusion, what's the point of coming here?

Some people have speculated that when Su Ping sprinted the Illusory God Monument on the first day, he used some kind of secret technique with greater consequences, so he was recovering during this period.

This statement has been recognized by many people, making some people feel less pressured on Su Ping's achievement of the top 96th floor.

A month in the blink of an eye.

The Wood Sword Boy has sprinted to the 88th floor!

The 90th floor is far away, but he stayed on the 88th floor a week ago. This week he went in and out of the Illusory God Tablet every day, but he never sprinted to the higher 89th floor. Obviously, this place is already close to him. The limit is too high.

The Dragon Emperor bit tightly, followed closely behind, and his points were almost the same, only slightly inferior, ranking third.

King Oslong ranked fourth, and it was also the Dragon Illusory Monument, but the number of floors was one level lower than that of the Dragon Emperor.

The others are slightly behind the Osron King, but they are not much different.

"He's still cultivating..."

The Wood Sword Youth came out of the Illusory God Stele and habitually looked towards the mountain top, and saw Su Ping still sitting in the light array cultivating, his figure remained unchanged.

Except that he had just arrived in the Mysterious Realm and rushed to the 96th floor in one breath on the first day, Su Ping had been in retreat all the time.

According to the sayings circulating outside, he was a little unbelievable, but there was another layer of worries in his heart. Could it be that Su Ping realized something in the process of sprinting for the Illusory God Monument. During this time, he was in retreat and sentiment?

After this thought appeared in his heart, it grew unstoppable and made him feel a little heavy.

In the past, he rarely paid attention to and cared about others, and only focused on his own kendo, but here, he couldn't help but pay attention to Su Ping.

"It's been a month, and I haven't caught up with his first day..." The Young Wood Sword took a deep breath, retracted his gaze, and flew to the top of the mountain, preparing to practice and recover.

Soon after, the Dragon Emperor who came out of the Dragon System Illusory God Stele also looked towards the top of the mountain. When he saw Su Ping still sitting there, he snorted in his heart and flew to his seat.

Time flies quickly. As Su Ping meditates and retreats every day, other students gradually no longer pay attention to him. Their eyes are on those active Dragon Emperor, Wood Sword Boys, King Osron and others, and at the same time they are working hard to sprint. Illusory God monument, fighting and tempering in it.

On the points monument, in addition to being at the top of the list, the competition was fierce from second to tenth, this high-profile ranking. During the period, the Dragon Emperor surpassed the Wooden Sword Boy twice, but was overtaken. , For more time, he was always stabilized by the wooden sword boy.

However, with those two overtaking experiences, Dragon Tomb Academy was able to lift her head slightly when it met Sword Sovereign Academy.

"After a while, some people will come to visit the secret realm and practice by the way, but they stay here for a short time, only half a month. You will cultivate separately and don't care about it."

One day, the mysterious star master brought news.

The geniuses were slightly surprised, but didn't care too much. After all, the Mysterious Realm was an S-level universe secret realm. In addition to entertaining them, it would also entertain many geniuses from various forces in the universe.

A few days after this secret star masters notice, interstellar spacecraft came to the secret realm one after another. Among them were the spaceships of the five major academies. The students who carried them were all excellent geniuses in the academy, although they were slightly inferior to the top ones in the academy. Characters, but also top-notch geniuses, coming here is also an experience.

It's just that the intensity of their experience is different from that of Su Ping and others who are preparing for the galaxy trials.

In addition to the five colleges, there are also geniuses sent by various forces in the galaxy.

Some are children of a certain star master family, and some are evildoers cultivated by a certain organization, all gathered here.

"The area over there is the evildoer of the five colleges?"

"I heard that they have been here long ago, they have got the through train quota, and they are here to prepare for the galaxy selection battle in the back!"

"Tsk tsk, I don't know what level they are. It's a pity that I didn't go to the five colleges, otherwise I really want to meet these people."

Many geniuses who have entered the secret realm are quite curious and concerned about the areas where Su Ping people practiced, but there are star masters from the five major colleges guarding them, and no one dares to approach them.

"There seems to be an integral monument!"

"Wow, is it the entire series of Illusory Monuments, or the 96th floor?!"

"Is the 96th floor exaggerated?"

"It's not just an exaggeration, it's impossible! Do you know that the master of the mystery hunting god? He is challenging the 99th floor of the entire system of the Illusory God Tablet. After clearing the level, he has the qualification to control the secret realm and become the master of this secret realm!"

"...Really? So, if this person challenges three more levels, he can be comparable to the Lord Fantasy Hunter?"

Some geniuses who have lived through the fantasy and mysterious realm in the future were all shocked.

The Magic Hunter is a Conferred God!

And not far in front of them, there is someone who is very close to the achievements of a conferred god?

There were still many people who were unconvinced with the enchantments who had been sent to them. At this moment, seeing the scores on the points monument, they were all a little confused. No matter how enchanting and arrogant they were, they didn't dare to think that they might be able to enshrine the gods!

How far away the Conferred God is, and being able to become the Star Master Realm is already a needle in a haystack, its as difficult as reaching the sky!

"It's him"

In the crowd, Corot looked dull, and he was also sent by the academy, but he did not expect that in this mysterious territory, the top one he saw was not King Osron, nor the evildoers of other academies, but the punching general. The guy who was too frightened to fight again.

He is actually capable of suppressing King Oslong, suppressing all the geniuses of the five colleges, and ranking first!

He thought of the action he wanted to do in spite of the patriarch's dissuasion, suddenly a cold sweat broke out on his back, and he wanted to slap himself twice.


On the stele mountain, some cultivating geniuses saw the forces of various parties who had just entered in the distance, pointing and talking here, a little disdainful, too lazy to bother, and too lazy to listen to what they said.

time flies.

These geniuses from all sides who came to the Illusory God Monument halfway did not affect the challenge of the Dragon Emperor and others. Su Ping sat on the top of the mountain and did not come out for a long time to challenge. They gradually stopped paying attention and were all focused on their own challenges and exercises. in.

It was three months in a blink of an eye.

The tiers of selections for the cosmic genius battle have ended, and even the small galaxy trials have been completed, and it has entered the trial stage of the Sylvie galaxy.

And this is also the day when approaching the geniuses to leave the fantasy and mysterious realm.

The various forces who came halfway have already left early, and now there are still only the people from the five colleges in the mysterious territory.

"The 91st floor!"

"As expected to be a descendant of the Sword God, he finally made a breakthrough again. His previous limit should be 89 floors. In just three months, he can rise by two floors. This progress is very exaggerated!"

"Savvy, it's no wonder that the North Sea Sword God was accepted as a direct disciple."

In front of the Kendo Illusory Monument, the Wood Sword Youth walked out of it, his face looked a little pale and seemed to consume a lot.

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

The Dragon Emperor who was sitting on the top of the mountain cultivating, his face sank, and the opponent's points increased with him.

He suddenly got up, ready to sprint inside the Illusory God Monument.

But at this moment, his gaze suddenly changed, turning his head to look at one place, and saw that the young man who had been sitting in the light array for three months unexpectedly walked out.

When Su Ping left the light array, the Wooden Sword Boy also noticed, and following his gaze, everyone else also saw Su Ping. For a time, all the eyes that had originally focused on the Wooden Sword Boy gathered in Su Ping. Body.

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