Astral Pet Store Chapter 876

Chapter 973: Dengfeng (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"The secret realm training is about to end, and finally a wave of points is accumulated."

After nearly three months of cultivation, the first three star map in Su Ping's body has been sketched. There are a total of nine star maps in the star map. The more complex, the harder it is to condense.

Su Ping's idea is very simple, come out to test the power of the first star map, and by the way, before leaving the secret realm, collect the points that can be obtained, and then apply to the secret realm to exchange the training materials of the Golden Crow God and Demon Body.

There are some rare materials that Xingyue Shen'er can't get, and the master of this secret realm may have them.

"Are you finally ready to sprint?"

The Dragon Emperor flew towards Su Ping, narrowed his eyes, and said coldly.

Su Ping was taken aback and took a look at him. Am I familiar with you?

Irrespective, Su Ping flew straight to the top of the entire series of Illusory God Tablets.


Long Di ate a closed door, almost suffocated, especially when the audience watched, even though he was deep in his mind, he almost didn't breathe to death, his face was flushed, he had to shake his sleeves and snorted, revealing a cold and disdainful expression. The expression is a step for myself.

The students of the Dragon Tomb Academy saw that the Dragon Emperor, who had always been rampant in the Academy, had a day of deflation. They were all stupefied. Strange feelings arose in their hearts. They were angry because of the academys contempt, but also a little inexplicable... ?

The other colleges tightened their gazes and followed Su Ping until they saw Su Ping entering the entire series of Illusory God Tablets.

"Sure enough, it is still a challenge for the whole series of phantom monuments!"

"If you change it to another phantom monument, like a dragon or kendo phantom monument, you probably have already cleared it?"

"That said, it is estimated that on the first day, the customs will be cleared in one breath."

The faces of these students are complicated. The Dragon Emperor and the Wood Sword Boy are considered the top among the students, but after months of hard work, they only hovered around the 90th floor, while Su Ping was able to pass the level in one go. This gap It's too big to be jealous.

"He should be able to connect to at least two floors this time, right?"

"Although it's harder the further you go, but I feel like a monster like this, and I can't handle it with common sense."

"Can't you be bold, I bet he can pass the level today!"


The students who were discussing became quiet for a moment, but strangely, no one refuted it. After all, on the first day of coming here, Su Ping created a miracle. Based on the results of the first day, he suppressed the geniuses of the five major colleges. A few months, and if time permits, even if they practice hard here for a year, they may not be able to surpass Su Ping's results.

After all, even the sprint speed of the Wood Sword Boy and Dragon Emperor has become extremely slow, and the time to break through the number of layers starts to be measured in months.

In the crowd, Yuan Linglu bit her lips tightly.

In these three months of hard work, she has made great progress. From the 35th floor at the beginning to the 47th floor, she has improved her combat power by 12 floors in three months, and the 47th floor can be regarded as close to the 50th floor. As long as it can exceed 50 floors, it belongs to the evildoer who leads the top ten small galaxies.

However, the higher the challenge, the bigger a certain shadow in Yuan Linglu's heart.

She is more and more able to feel the horror coming from the upper level. She has not yet entered the 50th floor, and the enemies she encountered are already exaggerated. Although it is the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, the combat power is already the peak of the Starry Sky Realm's initial stage!

She didn't dare to imagine the concept of the unreachable 90th floor. As others said, behind the 90th floor, there was a level of difficulty and the gap was huge, and it was a level beyond her imagination.

"When the inheritance was robbed, the gap was not so big..."

Yuan Linglu looked at Su Ping's back, with a bit of despair and grievance in the depths of her eyes. While robbing the Longtai Mountain inheritance, although she was also surpassed by Su Ping, she was still a little bit like Su Ping at that time." The ability to "break your head", but now, it is a complete spike.

In the secret realm of the whole series of phantom monuments.

Su Ping entered the 97th floor. The last time he came here, he chose to defeat and exit without much resistance. This time, he planned to pass the customs directly.

The remaining three layers flew in one breath, shouldn't it be too ostentatious, right?

Seeing the random scenes and enemies appearing, Su Ping retracted his mind and called out the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast to merge.

After entering the 95th floor, Su Ping had to use a combination to fight. After all, the enemies after the 95th floor are all the top combat power in the starry sky, and the number of them is three to five at a time. Tigers can't do it.

Change to a normal destiny state, seeing this intensity, it is directly a 360-degree maneuver in the air, kneeling down with both knees buried in the soil, is this a fart?

Even the proud youngsters with strong minds like Dragon Emperor and Wooden Sword Boy will change their colors suddenly. After all, this kind of difficult leap is beyond common sense!

"It's still the last lineup. It seems that this entire series of Illusory Monuments has locked my breath. If you want to randomly assign to another lineup, you must pass this level, trying to switch the enemy card BUG randomly by entering and exiting again and again. What a chance."

Su Ping smiled lightly. He hadn't played the game last time, and it happened to be here to see the gap this time.

Without hesitation, Su Ping immediately opened up, exploding with the power of the first star map in his body.

The three perfectly round stars in the Trinity Star Chart suddenly revolve like dazzling stars, and Su Ping's whole body's power rushes with it, like a mighty Tianhe, rolling and obliquely sweeping.


Su Ping blasted out with a punch, and the starburst exploded on this fist, and there was a strong and sharp killing force. The star power catharsis was extremely sharp, which was the attack and killing force attached to the Three Gods Star Chart.

His star power began to become unique, with the terrifying power of the three gods to kill!

When Su Ping entered the challenge of the Illusory God Monument, a palace in the depths of the Illusory and Mysterious Realm, the palace was carved with white stone and looked simple and simple. The figure who closed his eyes and fell asleep somewhere in the hall suddenly opened his eyes.

In an instant, there seemed to be two rays of lightning shooting out of the hall, penetrating the sky.

"This little guy can really hold it back."

"It should challenge my record this time, I don't know if it can be broken."

The figure muttered to himself, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

A whirlpool appeared in front of him, and a picture was projected inside. It was Su Ping's side. At this moment, he entered the 97th floor, the enemy had appeared, and the war was about to start.


Su Ping suddenly burst into an invincible aura in the illusion. In the internal organs, there are three extremely strong starlights shrinking, even if they are across his body, they can clearly feel it, as if three night pearls are hidden in his body.

As the power exploded, Su Ping brazenly shot out, blasting and killing a phantom with a fist!


The eyes of the figure leaning on this side opened, and suddenly sat up, with a look of surprise in his eyes. With such surging star power, is this little guy really in the Destiny Realm? !

"The exercises he cultivated are very strange..." Soon, the figure saw that Su Ping's exercises were not simple, and they could absorb so many star powers without dying, and also restrained the bottleneck, failed to break through, there is no ordinary exercise. Such a background.

Soon, under the gaze of this figure, Su Ping moved swiftly and swiftly, quickly solving the enemies on the 97th floor and entering the 98th floor.

"I thought I would fight for a while..."

This figure looked at Su Ping's sprint speed, and suddenly the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. The worry at the previous moment, at this moment, he suddenly felt like a joke.

As he expected, on the 98th floor, Su Ping relied on the terrifying star power and the many rules that he displayed to quickly kill the enemy again.

In a blink of an eye, he killed to the 99th floor!

This is already the highest number of layers in the Illusory God Monument, and the enemy combat power encountered is also the highest!

This figure knew that this phantom monument was a test of the master set by the lord of the secret realm. Only when he passed the test that year was he qualified to inherit the secret realm and become the new owner of the secret realm.

And the real benefit of this secret realm is by no means these phantom monuments...

"If it weren't for the early birth, this secret realm would have fallen into this little guy's hands." The figure muttered to himself, and immediately shook his head. Even he was a little bit sigh and sigh.

As a conferred god, his life is close to immortality, and his greatest entertainment is to see countless changes and enchantments that shine in the universe, right?

"His fame should soon reach those guys' ears. It seems that I have to do it right away." The figure muttered to himself, his eyes flashed for a moment, and he stood up and left.

And at this time, in the 99-story phantom monument of the entire system.

The bangs sounded one after another, shaking the heavens and the earth, and the surrounding environment was extremely harsh. In this layer, the illusion changed all the time, and he never stopped when he was fighting. For a while, it was a forest, another was deep in the sea, and another was hundreds of gravity. The surface of the planet is twice the size of the Blue Star, and the enemies fighting him are also changing at any time.

For a while, it was a dragon beast, and then it became a full-member elemental element, and it was a wretched long-range, and some suddenly changed from a crispy assassin to a close attack, and suddenly changed into a defensive monster with a strong back. The shell makes it impossible to start.

"Leave me in this test of responsiveness!"

Su Ping also suffered a few deflations, physically injured, and a little annoyed. The 99th-level enemy is extremely difficult to deal with. It is either a multi-rule enemy with more than a dozen rules, or a single-rule practice approaching perfection. The point of condensing the avenue,

These guys are left out, even those starry top geniuses who are ahead of the same level will be tricky.

"Are you going to force me to double up?"

"I'm not!"

Su Ping became more and more annoyed as he fought, but his stubborn temper came up. He found the gap, untied the combination with the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, put it away, and then called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

In terms of combat power, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is stronger than Xiao Bai.

And the stronger the battle pet that fits together, the greater the increase.

As for calling out the two dogs to assist them... this is no longer present in the face of enemies like the 99th floor.

Although the two dogs are powerful and high-qualified, they have not yet reached the point where they can wrestle with the top of the starry sky, and they will only be a burden.

The flow of group pets of the battle pet masters is only suitable for the general public, and the enchantings who reach the level of their combat power can only rely on themselves.

Even if the battle pet cultivation base that can be signed is one level higher than one's own, it doesn't make much sense in the hands of top geniuses. You still have to rely on yourself on the battlefield, and the battle pet has become an auxiliary in the true sense.

However, the strength of the battle pet division system is that it is suitable for the general public, and in addition, it will show a truly terrible leap in the later stage of the Conferred God Realm!

Once a god-level battle pet is signed, no matter how enchanting the Conferred God, he has to kneel down and call him father.

The more difficult it is to cross the realm in the later stage!


Su Ping quickly merged with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. Soon, a terrifying and powerful aura erupted from his body. This aura was three points stronger than when he merged with Xiaobai before. Su Ping avoided the oncoming attack. He turned around and blasted out with a punch, hitting the attacking figure behind him, forcing it back.

Afterwards, Su Ping condensed the star power like a sword, and the incandescent star power burned outside the sword. Thirty rules were intertwined and merged with each other, and the breath that radiated caused the surrounding space to collapse.


"The 98th floor!"

"Damn, I only went in for 10 minutes, so I rushed to two floors in a row?!"

"I'm still guessing how many times I will be able to enter the 97th floor, this Nima, I will kneel first!"

In front of the integral monument, all geniuses gathered here, staring dumbly at the refreshed integral monument.

Those students who challenged from the Illusory God Monument learned that Su Ping was challenging the entire system of Illusory God Monument, and had no intention of practicing and continuing to sprint, so they all gathered here to watch.

The Dragon Emperor and the Wood Sword Boy did not sit on the top of the mountain to practice, even if they didn't want to pay attention, but...

The young wooden sword pursed his lips, his eyes were a bit sharp, but he was sighing in his heart. Master, it seems that the aspiration of the disciple has not yet been cultivated to the point where you said that the sword breaks the seven emotions and replaces the heart with the sword.

Seeing the changes on the score monument at this moment, although Su Ping is still the top of the list, the number of layers below him has jumped from 96 to 98. Just two jumps have made everyone confused.

too fast!

Ten minutes, two floors in a row!

You know, Dragon Emperor and Wooden Sword Boy, these enchanting evildoers, hovered around the 90th floor, and each challenge lasted for hours before the fierce battle ended.

And it often ends in failure, which can only be regarded as struggling to support it!

A sprint speed like Su Ping... There is no doubt that it is definitely crushing the enemy inside!

"It seems that he can really rush to the 99th floor..."

Someone is sighing, and the voice is unspeakable sadness.

"Actually, there really is a posture of the Conferred God, a Conferred God who has not yet grown up, is right next to us..." Others also have complex expressions, thinking that there is actually a naive Conferred God next to him who has not yet grown up, and He is about to compete on the same stage with the opponent, and this emotion is even more intense.

But in the end, some people developed a kind of pride in their hearts.

It's not a shame to be defeated by such evildoers, right?

Maybe many years later, when Su Ping was really appointed as a god, they would take out this piece of history and brag about it.

Some people's thoughts have drifted away, but the Dragon Emperor, the Wood Sword Boy and others are silent.

But in the end, a touch of pride grew in some people's hearts.

It's not a shame to be defeated by such evildoers, right?

Maybe many years later, when Su Ping was really appointed as a god, they would take out this piece of history and brag about it.

Some people's thoughts have drifted away, but the Dragon Emperor, the Wood Sword Boy and others are silent.

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