Astral Pet Store Chapter 877

Chapter 974: Fengshen and Kaisai (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Before long, in front of the entire series of Illusory God Tablets, Su Ping's figure stepped out of it, with a slight sweat on his face, but it did not seem to be haggard and strenuous as everyone imagined.

Everyone was stunned. They came out so soon. Could it be that they failed to challenge the 99th floor?

At this time, the refresh time on the integral monument happened, and the golden light appeared. When it dissipated, Su Ping challenged the number of layers below the record and jumped from 98 to 99!

For a time, the entire integral monument fell into dead silence.

In just two refreshes, within 20 minutes, Su Ping has even surpassed the third floor and rushed to the 99th floor!

This is already the posture of the gods on the iron plate!

Everyone looked at the young man, and suddenly, a terrifying thought popped up in their minds, so crisp and neat, could it be...this guy still has enough energy to make it? !

This thought emerged. The faces of the Wood Sword Boy, Long Di and others became complicated and difficult to look at. Before, they had the thought of competing with Su Ping. After all, they were all in the Destiny Realm, and they were all geniuses without a single chance. Why? Can you make such a big gap? But now, they suddenly felt a sense of frustration that was almost desperate.

It is not a dimension at all, the height of 99 floors is beyond their imagination.

If a person can easily grasp things that he did not have any extravagant expectations, then only despair is left.

Su Ping adjusted his breath and saw that everyone was staring straight at him. He was a little speechless. He was not a little white, and he knew the meaning of challenging the 99th floor. After all, he stayed here for three months and saw five. The gap between the top group of students in the graduate school and their own will be able to know the difficulty in the middle.

Don't want to be high-profile, but there is no way, he needs points.

"Sure enough, the points increase in the next three levels is the most. The points earned on each level are equal to the sum of the first forty or fifty levels, which is a double increase!"

Su Ping glanced at the record on the integral tablet, and was quite satisfied, and all that was left was to find the secret realm star master to exchange for the cultivation resources in this secret treasure house.

Just as Su Ping was about to leave, suddenly, the wind around the sky and the earth seemed to be still, and then a silver-white figure with a soft brilliance stepped out of the void.

When he stood up, the whole world seemed to surround him, centered on him.

The restricted air flowed slowly again.

High in the sky, the seven star masters who were feeling emotional, all their pupils shrank when they saw this figure appearing. The two mysterious star masters reacted the fastest and quickly flew over and said respectfully: "Master."

The star masters of the five major academies also hurriedly flew to salute, shaking their hearts. Some people's gazes were already looking at Su Ping in the distance, and the only reason they could think of was that the lord of the secret realm, the hunter god, could come. It's related to Su Ping.

The Wood Sword Boy, Dragon Emperor, Chiba Saintess and others in front of the integral monument were all stunned when they saw this stalwart figure.

They are all top geniuses, it is not the first time that they have seen a Conferred God, but every time they see a Conferred God, the frightening and awe from the inside out is hard to erase.

This is the coercion of the Conferred Gods, even an extraordinary creature like the Star Master will instinctively feel fear.

"Little guy, I am the master of this secret realm. Are you interested, worship me as a teacher and become a disciple under my seat?" Magic Hunter smiled, without saying anything else, and directly sent out an invitation.

Such a good seedling, he is really reluctant to let go.

Since it was unearthed in his turf, he would be really stupid if he didn't start.

As for being a conferred god, would you lose face if you actively invite? He didn't feel it at all.

Those present, who would dare to think that he lost his face? No one dares to act freely as a conferred god, and does not need to consider the feelings of others too much.


Su Ping was stunned for a moment, looking at the figure that suddenly appeared, the familiar aura on the opponent's body was extremely similar to Fairy Bi, and it was also similar to the three Conferred Gods he had seen in the Void Immortal Mansion.

"This is a powerful person at the same level as Joanna's deity..."

Su Ping passed this thought in his mind and asked, "What are the benefits of being your apprentice?"


The seven star masters nearby almost swallowed the roots of their tongues in shock, suspecting that their eardrums were broken and there was a problem.

The wooden sword boy and Long Di and other students in the back also looked at Su Ping in amazement. When faced with an invitation from a conferred god, Su Ping was not grateful, so he talked about the benefits first? !

The illusion hunting **** in a silver robe was also taken aback, but soon he burst into laughter and said, "Interesting, interesting, and good. Naturally, there are many things. For example, in this illusion and mystery, you can cultivate and want to be here. Stay as long as you want. You have passed the 99th floor test, and you have my style back then. If you have a good chance later, you are also expected to become a conferred god."

"In addition to cultivating in this magical and mysterious territory, I will personally teach you that you will become the seventh personal disciple under my seat!"

"With my teaching, I dare not say anything else, at least it can make your combat power even better than now!"

The phantom hunter looked expectant, and said: "You think about it, I'm accepting direct disciples, not ordinary students."

Su Ping suddenly hesitated, not whether he should agree or not, but how to refuse.

The benefits offered by the magic hunting god's invitation obviously did not satisfy Su Ping.

Practice arbitrarily in this fantasy and mysterious realm? Isn't it good for me to cultivate in the nurturing world?

Let me go further? Such vague words have no practical meaning. Besides, by relying on your own ability, as long as you obtain the training materials of the Golden Crow God Demon Body, you can go further. Why do you need you?

The only thing the other party attracted to Su Ping was the title of the conferred god.

After all, there is a master of Conferred God, who can make his crotch swing bigger even when he walks outside, which is awesome.

But in the same way, the benefits are always accompanied by the disadvantages. Once you apprehend the teacher, your details will inevitably be exposed, and there is no way to explain Fairy Bi's matter.

Su Ping felt that Fairy Bi should be more reliable than this one if she only guided and practiced.

"Sorry, senior, I want to think about it." Su Ping said euphemistically, without directly rejecting it, so as not to prevent a man of the gods from coming to the stage, and he could not find a reason to refuse, unless he said he already had a master of the gods. , But in this case, in the future, if the Supreme Divine Realm would like him, and he would directly betray his teacher, it would be a bit of an exposure to his character.

As for why Su Ping thinks there will be a supreme divine realm that can look at him?

The reason is simpler, just relying on your own face, isn't it that everyone loves it?

Hearing Su Ping's words, Magic Hunter frowned slightly. Is this trying to shirk? He didn't plan to let it go so easily, saying: "Do you have a master, or do you still want to consult the elders in the family?"

In his opinion, the natural talent of Su Ping is not enough for the enchanting talents. There must be strong cultivation behind him, and it is not surprising that he was born in a family of conferred gods.

It's just that I haven't heard that there is such an excellent baby among the descendants of the Conferred God of Sylvie.

If there were any, those guys would have pulled out to show off.

The seven star masters and many students next to him were all a little dazed. Su Ping actually refused the initiative to accept a disciple by a conferred god? This is the opportunity that so many people dream of!

The Saintess of Qianye, King Osron, Dragon Emperor and others also showed some envy in their eyes.

The Saints of Light and the Queen of Bihai, the Sword Soul Madmen, the Dragon Demon and others, even showed jealousy in their eyes. These are the Conferred Gods. They are supernatural beings that are difficult to meet. They belong to the golden light in the entire vast universe. Shining big man, Su Ping has such a precious opportunity before his eyes, why is he still thinking about it?

"Both..." Su Ping said hesitantly, not too obvious.

The Magic Hunter stared at Su Ping for a moment, and then said: "That's okay, then you can think about it. I am always welcome to you. Before that, I will give you a small gift first, which can be regarded as my heart. "

He raised his hand a little, and strands of extremely rich golden light emerged, spinning strands in mid-air, surrounding them into a golden sphere.

"This is the war pattern I painted with the power of the Conferred God, which can strengthen your physique." Magic Hunter said: "I originally planned to help you reshape your body and wash your bones, but I think your body seems to be very transparent. , There are no impurities, and the star power is very pure. It seems that someone should have refined it for you."

"Heavenly Tribulation Gang." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

Looking at the war pattern of the gods, but didn't refuse, he was a little curious.

Su Ping is still a little ignorant of the power of this deity. Although he has been in contact with creatures of the same level in the nurturing world, and even more advanced creatures, he is only limited to observing the surface. The power of their level operates. Su Ping doesn't understand at all, only knowing that he has transcended the rules and the world!

"Thank you senior."

Seeing that Su Ping was willing to accept, the Magic Hunter smiled on his face and pushed his palm, the golden war pattern immediately flew towards Su Ping and sank into his body.

In an instant, Su Ping felt an extremely special force in his body, like a thin green gauze soft mist, permeating into the body, faintly a kind of extremely powerful energy, which can burst out from this special war pattern at any time.

The others all looked at Su Ping with envy, it was absolutely extraordinary that they could get the power bestowed by the conferred god.

Seeing this scene, the boy Mu Jian narrowed his eyes slightly.

After the Magic Hunting God bestowed the Conferred God War Pattern, he didn't wait any longer and said goodbye to Su Ping and left.

Although he is extremely optimistic about Su Ping and is willing to take the initiative to accept him, he will not degrade his identity too much. After all, the qualifications of the gods are just qualifications!

Before transforming into real power, aptitude is only a reference. It is hard to tell the future. Some characters with great aptitude eventually died early and ended disastrously, no one remembers.

Such things are not uncommon in the universe.

After the hunting **** departed, Su Ping also returned to the top of the mountain to continue practicing.

In the next few days, Su Ping occasionally went to the 99th Floor Illusory God Monument to continue to challenge and test the power of the Conferred God War Pattern inside.

After testing, Su Ping discovered that this was a power attached to him, capable of erupting extremely powerful power. This did not seem to belong to a simple star power or a certain kind of energy, but it felt like a belief that was detached from the starry sky.

Originally, he needed to be combined with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to solve the 99th floor, but after inspiring this **** war pattern, he and Xiao Bai can easily solve it!

"I can have this Conferred God war pattern, and the Conferred God behind those geniuses should also bestow this thing on their disciples..."

Su Ping didn't feel happy, but he was a little heavy. He had personally felt this power, but he was a little bit jealous.

It didn't take long for the practice of the fantasy and mysterious realm to end.

One day, someone suddenly announced that the selection of the outer universe genius battle was over, and the Sylvie galaxy entered the stage of the selection of the big galaxy, and Su Ping, who was directly promoted to the selection of the big galaxy, was about to leave. This secret realm, go to the competition.

Those who stand out from the selection battle will represent the Golden Star Zone, fight against other zones, and finally rank in the top 100 in their respective zones and enter the finals.

"I'm leaving so soon."

"I don't feel like I'm ready yet, fucking, I thought I was fully prepared, but seeing these monsters here, I'm far from the limit of the Destiny Realm!"

"It shouldn't be a problem for our Dragon Tomb Academy to enter the Golden Star Zone?"

"The descendant of the sword **** is really good, aside from the monster above, it actually really suppressed the dragon emperor."

The people in all the colleges were a little bit reluctant to leave this secret realm, but they were a little excited and looking forward to the next battle.

As the star masters of each academy convened, everyone boarded the spacecraft of their academy and left directly from the secret realm to the battlefield of the galaxy trials.

Before Su Ping left, the Magic Hunter appeared again and said to Su Ping: "When you play, I will go to the arena to watch the game and perform well."

Seeing the Magic Hunter personally sent him off, everyone was shocked and envious. Even if Su Ping was eliminated in the trials, he would never lose sight of the Magic Hunter.

"Thank you, senior." Su Ping replied quite politely.

After getting on the spaceship, Su Ping suddenly thought of Fairy Bi outside the secret, she should still be waiting for herself with the ball...

But this time, she seemed to run with the ball again.

Su Ping thought for a while. The Sylvie galaxy does not have the Supreme God Realm. At most, a few Conferred Gods can go to watch the game. With the power of Fairy Bi, showing the breath of Conferred God, it should be enough to make the same rank not dare to go too far. Offend.

After all, as long as she doesn't go too far.

"Let's go directly to the general venue of the trial." On the spacecraft, the gold medal instructor waved and said, urging the spacecraft to start.

The spaceships of the five colleges successively set off from the secret realm, and when they got outside, they directly erupted with a hot beam of light, flew hundreds of thousands of miles away, and then jumped directly.

When he left the secret realm, Su Ping also saw the planet Rhea, and Fairy Bi was indeed following with the ball.

"What's the emerging planet."

"It's estimated that Lord Fantasy Hunter got it."

"Is it the same stadium as before?"

"Our Amir will surely become famous this time!"

On the spaceship, everyone began to get excited, looking forward to the next battle.

"This time is a newly built battlefield in the void. I heard that the area is very broad and you can let you play. Although you are strong, don't be careless. Remember that there is a sky outside the sky." The gold medal instructor said to everyone with heartfelt words.

Everyone glanced at Su Ping subconsciously.

This guy is the other day.

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