Astral Pet Store Chapter 878

Chapter 975: All galaxy live broadcast (subscribe for monthly ticket)

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King Oslong snorted coldly, feeling a little unspeakable. Everyone used to look forward to his horse's head, but now he has changed his dynasty. Standing next to Su Ping, everyone is bleak, including him.

But he restrained himself from rising jealousy, because his pride did not allow himself to be jealous.

Jealousy is a derogatory emotion. Usually the weak will be jealous. Pride is like Greos, and you will never allow yourself to have something that only appears in the weak.

"How soon can we get there?"

Su Ping asked curiously to the gold medal instructor.

The gold medal instructor immediately smiled and said: "Half a day is enough. You can take a break. After all, you have just come out of the secret realm and have gone through so long of hard work. You should also relax appropriately. Once we arrive, we will go to war soon. During this period of time, you Recharge your energy well."

The latter words are also for other people.

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief. If he can be there so soon, Fairy Bi can also relax.

He said goodbye to his mentor, nodded to Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna, and went to the rest area.

When the others saw Su Ping left, they didn't gather again, and went away to rest.

King Osron's face was gloomy, and he entered the rest area without rest, but continued to meditate and practice.

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna found that Su Ping alone had expressed something to them, and they were all delighted, indicating that their previous active visits still left some impressions on Su Ping.

With Su Ping's present talent, if he visits again, it will be flattering.

The universe is extremely vast, and the place where the Federation has set foot is vast and boundless, divided into twelve star regions in total.

There are several large galaxies in each region.

In each large galaxy, there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of small galaxies. These small galaxies are similar to the solar system and the Zeruprun galaxy.

In a small galaxy, there are generally more than a dozen planets, and for larger small galaxies, there are also dozens or hundreds of them.

There are dozens of small galaxies in the Sylvie Galaxy.

With the start of the recruitment of the cosmic genius war, from within each planet, sea elections have begun.

From cities, to states, and then to planet selection, the geniuses selected from the planet represent their own planet and go to the small galaxy selection battle to compete for the spot.

After you stand out in the small galaxy selection, you can enter the large galaxy selection, which is the Sylvie large galaxy selection that Su Ping will participate in.

If you are promoted in this selection battle, Sylvie will go to the Golden Star Zone on behalf of Sylvie.

At this moment, in the "first-class" Oro small galaxy in the Sylvie galaxy, there are three first-class planets surrounding them. These three planets are extremely huge. The economy is prosperous, there are continents for hunting monsters, and there are also various prosperous continents. .

Like the Leia planet and the blue star are thrown in front of these three first-class planets, like the little green beans, the economic difference is thousands of times!

The economic level of one of the continents is not as good as the Rhea planet, let alone the more backward Blue Star.

The advantage of being on a first-class planet is that the various environments and facilities on it are very complete and superior. For example, the concentration of star power on the planet is more than ten times that of an ordinary planet, which means that the speed of cultivation on it is much higher than that of ordinary planets. Planet, this is also the reason why the higher the level of the planet, the higher the ratio of combat power on it.

In addition, some federal new technology equipment is basically available on the first-class planet.

Whether it is the entertainment industry, fashion, technology, combat power, secrets, etc., all walks in the forefront.

At this moment, these three supergiant stars are in a triangular trend, rotating around, and under the mighty power of the Conferred Gods, they bind the gravitational forces of the three planets together. In the central area of their gravitational field, it is an extremely vast void continent!

On the back of this void continent, there is island-like sinking soil, and the surface is a huge energy shield.

However, the Void Continent is divided into ten regional continents. Each regional continent has a separate energy barrier, and each continent is a battlefield!

In the continent, there are many figures active in it at this moment. These are media from various small galaxies, and equipment is constructed here.

This is the selection battle of the Sylvie galaxy, which will be broadcast live to all the small galaxies and all the planets in the galaxy!

"Dear viewers, this continent in front of us is a challenge field for geniuses from all our galaxies!"

"With the entire continent as the battlefield, the ten continents above are ten divisions, and selections will be conducted at the same time!"

"Which galaxy's genius will come to the fore, enter ten thousand names, and leave a name on Shenxing Peak?"

Outside of this void continent, there are many space aircraft carriers, densely packed interstellar warships, and some interstellar cruise ships. The inner and outer three layers surround the void continent.

The above are all media from various galaxies, and there are also some people who come to the scene to watch the battle.

"This time the performance of each galaxy is quite outstanding. In the galaxy sea election, many outstanding geniuses were born. They have not met in a century. Let us first take a look at their wonderful performance on the battlefield."

Before the game started, the official Sylvie Galaxy has broadcast the highlights of each galaxy's audition.

Races with different faces and hair colors appeared one by one, demonstrating extremely strong combat power.

"Using physical power to shake the dragon beast?"

"One sword killed a starry sky realm dragon beast, is this really a destiny realm?"

"As a destiny, please forgive my inferiority..."

"I heard that the top geniuses of the four major Shenfu academies have not yet appeared, and they have all been sent to the S-level cosmic secret realm for training, to the final selection battlefield?"

"Fake it, these are exaggerated enough, they can kill the Starry Sky Realm even higher, I seriously suspect it is cheating!"

"Cheat your sister, this is a cosmic genius battle, an all-cosmic contest held by the Supreme God Realm, who dares to cheat?!"

"Wise speech."

With the live broadcast, Sylvies official video was broadcast on countless planets in the Sylvie galaxy. Seeing the wonderful battles collected from various interstellar sea elections, people on countless planets were full of enthusiasm. Up.

Destiny, behead the battle pet of the starry sky!

In the minds of many people, higher-tier combat only exists before the vast sea realm, let alone the destiny realm and the starry sky realm. This is a big realm gap!

But there are also some people who are more qualified and watch the past genius battles more calmly.

However, this calmness, in the fiery atmosphere around him, also became hot. After all, such a genius is extremely rare, and it is absolutely impossible to see in daily life.

In some relatively backward planets, seeing the highlights in the live broadcast is even more shocking to the heavens and humans. The strong on some planets also sigh.

Far away, Blue Star.

"Damn, it's all in the Destiny Realm, are these too exaggerated?"

"Sure enough, the Federal Universe is too broad. A genius like Boss Su, I thought it was rare in the world, but I didn't expect it to be everywhere."

"It's not that exaggerated. Boss Su can chase some Starry Sky Realms and kill them. There are not too many guys who can kill Starry Sky Realms. How can I say that Boss Su's throwing here is definitely annoying. Prestigious existence!"

"Tsk, Boss Su is really good. He was born and raised on our Blue Star, but he can compete with these evildoers in the starry sky!"

"That's right, these evildoers grew up in the federation environment, and the cultivation techniques and resources are all indispensable. We are like a barren zone behind and disconnected from the Internet. Now we can catch up with the footsteps of other warfare masters of the same rank in the federation. It's already very difficult, let alone surpass them!"

On Bluestar, all base cities are watching live.

In the previous audition stage, Blue Star applied for a signal broadcast with the currently migrating small galaxy, and watched the audition for that galaxy.

Moreover, a selection battle was launched within Blue Star, and several strong players were selected.

Among them, Ji Yuanfeng and Yuan Tianchen are in the Destiny Realm.

The rest of the virtual cave is Qin Duhuang, Dao Zun and others.

The original Tianchen was originally in the Void Cave Realm, but now he has cultivated to the Destiny Realm. After the Blue Star is connected with the Federation, the cultivation speed of everyone on the planet has increased significantly, and the Sword Sovereign has also been promoted from the Vast Sea Realm to the Void Cave Realm, with such a cultivation speed. , Is not weak anymore.

Unfortunately, when they went to the small galaxy to participate in the war, they were eliminated in the first round of the audition. Only Ji Yuanfeng barely made it to the second round.

People like Qin Duhuang, Dao Zun and others were even ridiculed when they went to the competition. After all, the people who went to the small galaxy to be selected were basically in the destiny state.

If he hadn't even reached the Fate Realm, in this genius battle where the strong gathered, he would never even have the chance to come to power.

However, Blue Star was too backward, and there were few destiny states.

After these top powerhouses on Blue Star were eliminated, everyone on Blue Star became more and more aware of the gap between Blue Star and other planets in the Federation!

"Boss Su is really different from ordinary people."

In Longjiang Base City, Ji Yuanfeng, Qin Duhuang and others are all here. Now Longjiang is the world's first city. As the planet lord, it is also the hometown of the planet's first person Su Ping. It is destined to become the heart of the Blue Star.

"Who said no."

Qin Duhuang also sighed, and drank a cup of tea with Ji Yuanfeng beside him.

Nie Huofeng, who was next to him, glanced at the two of them and rolled his eyes. These two guys, drinking tea as if they were drinking, what are they doing!

"In the sea election, I don't seem to see Boss Su!"

Liu Tianzong next to him was puzzled, and now he is also promoted to Legend, and he is qualified to sit at the same table with other people.

"The audition we saw before was limited to our galaxy. How can we see the audition of other galaxies? Boss Su must have passed the audition in other galaxies. Now it is a fragment of the audition of the entire large galaxy. There is Boss Su, but he hasn't come out yet." Qin Shujian said.

He has also been promoted to Legend, and his status is comparable to Liu Tianzong. Their Qin family now has four legends!

And Qin Shaotian, who succeeded the patriarch, is already at the pinnacle of his title, and he is just around the corner to step into the legend!

"makes sense."

The others nodded and watched patiently.

"Boss Su is different from us, he is a real genius!"

Nie Huofeng stared at the highlights of each galaxy on the live broadcast, and suddenly said very emotionally.

His feelings towards Su Ping are extremely complicated. He sealed the star power for thousands of years, but he made a wedding dress for Su Ping, and was looted by Su Ping. However, Su Ping saved the world in the battle of the abyss, and he failed. The resolved disaster collapsed.

And after that battle, Su Ping did not kill him, which is why he surrendered the lord to Su Ping.

So far, he is willing to be behind Su Ping, acting as the planet's agent and managing the planet for Su Ping.

But I didn't expect that after practicing for a thousand years at Blue Star, in the end, under my own eyes, I grew up a stunning wizard!

This wizard not only steps out of the blue star, but also shines brightly in the vast universe of the planet!


When the others heard Nie Huofeng's words, they nodded in sympathy, and then touched a cup of mutual feeling for each other.

While watching live broadcast on Bluestar.

Hundreds of thousands of miles outside the Void Continent, a void vortex suddenly appeared, and a spaceship jumped out, bursting out of the second cosmic speed, and galloping away.

Before long, several more spaceships jumped over and flew to the void continent.

With the arrival of the first spaceship, the many aircraft carriers and people on the cruise ships outside the Void Continent all boiled over.

Someone knew that the logo on the spaceship was the Dragon Tomb Academy among the four major seminaries!

"The people from Dragon Tomb Academy are here!"

"This spaceship seems to be the battleship of the dean of the Dragon Tomb Academy!"

"Are these the top evildoers recommended by the Dragon Tomb Academy, tsk tsk!"

"Look, Xiu Mia Academy is also here."

The five colleges left the secret realm at the same time, and the speed of the spacecraft was about the same. They arrived one after another at this moment, and the atmosphere on the scene reached a climax. Those on the interstellar cruise ship jumped up in place with excitement.

"This is the battlefield?"

The spaceship of the Amir Royal Family Academy also arrived. On the spaceship, the Su Ping people looked at the scene outside, passing directly through the layers of aircraft carriers and battleship cruise ships, and landed on the void continent where they were about to fight.

At a glance, I couldn't see the borders of this continent, I could see how vast it was inside.

Su Ping was a little surprised. This is the handwriting of the big galaxy. For a contest, the arena built is actually a continent that is many times larger than the Blue Star!

Compared with this, the stadium-sized battle halls built on these planets are simply weak.

At this time, with the arrival of Su Ping, the organizer immediately came over, settled the students from the five major colleges, and entered the Void Continent. There was a resting palace in the sky, filled with contestants.

At this moment, most of the contestants have arrived.

This piece of air palace is connected and extremely wide. With the arrival of the spacecraft from the Five Colleges, all the contestants here also cast their eyes on it.

"Five colleges, kind of interesting."

In a square, a four-eyed young man squinted and smiled.

Other geniuses also looked at the spaceships of these five colleges with interest.

They know that they are the top talents recommended by the five colleges. These five colleges are famous for nurturing geniuses, but... the top talents in the Sylvie galaxy are not all from the five colleges.

There are many geniuses who are secretly cultivated in their own family.

Or you can practice hard in your own power and be taught by your master.

There are still some geniuses who even disdain to enter the five major colleges, stand out among the lower-ranked colleges, and are too lazy to pick a place.

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