Astral Pet Store Chapter 879

Chapter 976: Hai Tuo Conferred God (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"This is the Oro Galaxy!"

"Sylvie's first galaxy, I remember the trajectories of these three planets. It doesn't seem to be like this. Did the Conferred Gods sort them with mighty power?"

"It goes without saying that these three planets are now auditoriums."

Inside the spacecraft, Greos, Kleishabeth and others are all looking at the situation outside.

In the Void Continent, you can clearly see the three super-giant planets around. There is no doubt that these three planets will become the best viewing venues for this continent.

"Next, it's up to you to master it."

The gold medal instructor had already stood in the cabin, looking at Su Ping who was flying over, his eyes rested on Greos and Su Ping, and he said with a smile.

Su Ping nodded with a smile.

Greos looked cold, didn't say anything, and flew straight out of the spaceship.

As the figures of the five colleges came out of the spacecraft, the many figures outside the palace square below were all looking together, and some whispers were heard.

"Look at the guy carrying the wooden sword. I heard that he is the descendant of the Sword God of Beihai!"

"Yes, I bought information from the Comet Organization. This is a very difficult guy. He once killed a starry sky realm powerhouse in a chaotic area of starry sky!"

"Slaying the Starry Sky Realm? I don't know what level the Starry Sky Realm was beheaded, but this ability should be regarded as a first-class level among us people!"

"Over there is the Dragon Emperor, the leader of the Dragon Tomb Academy. I heard that he is a genius who has not been born in the Dragon Tomb Academy for hundreds of years. He is born a very strong demon type battle body, and is a rare battle body close to the 72 demon battle body. !"

"Are you top rare demon warfare? I think I will watch it."

As everyones scrutiny and discussion, people from the five major academies are also looking down at the people below, with their eyes fixed on some of them. On their way, they also know about the sea elections of each galaxy through the data transmitted over them. Some of these outstanding guys have come into their sight.

"All of them here are monsters!"

Behind Su Ping, a young man said with emotion.

He was also a person who went to Amir Academy to ask for a place, but his performance was not as good as Su Ping, and he was much inferior to Ibetta Luna. At this moment, seeing the figure all over the place, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Once, any one of them here was a dazzling existence, even the most dazzling person on the entire planet.

But gathered here, but everywhere, it is not surprising.

On the contrary, guys like Greos, Dragon Emperor, and Su Ping are still top-notch in this place where there are so many geniuses as dogs.

"Dear mentors, this is the area where the contestants are pending, please come back."

At this time, several star masters flew out of the island, and ordered the instructors of the five colleges to chase off guests.

After all, these instructors are all in the Star Master Realm. If they suddenly attacked here and slayed them, the geniuses all over the world would suffer countless deaths and injuries.

You must know that every genius here is an extremely precious existence. For those who can reach this stage, entering the starry sky realm is basically an ironclad thing, and the hope of entering the star main realm has reached 50%!

At least half of the people can enter the star master realm and sit on an equal footing with their star masters, among them, those who perform well will even become strong in the star master realm in the future.

In history, the Star Realm was mixed into the waiting area, massacred and caused great casualties, so the organizers later were more prepared.

"it is good."

"You guys come on!"

The instructors of the five major colleges didnt say much, they walked very simply. The next path can only be taken by the students themselves. These students are billions of geniuses, not infants, and they dont need to see from the beginning to the end. , Everything is covered.

As the tutors left, people from the five major colleges also flew towards the island.


In the crowd below, three figures suddenly flew out and stood in front of the Sword Sovereign Academy.

"I heard that you are the descendant of the North Sea Sword God? It just so happens that I also like kendo, and I have the opportunity to learn from each other."

A purple-armored youth in the lead said to the wooden sword boy with a light smile.

He was handsome and had pierced ears, but there were two small swords hanging from the pierced ears, and his eyes were evil.

The young wooden sword looked up at him and said indifferently: "You are not worthy."

There was a small uproar among the many contestants below. This purple armored youth was the first person selected in a certain galaxy. His performance in the audition was extremely strong, he burst out of four or five rules of power, and his swordsmanship was extremely terrifying. , Every time he wins is very easy, no one knows how much power he hides.

But at this moment, the descendant of the sword **** actually said that he was not worthy to learn from him?

This is the arrogance of genius!

The more top-notch genius, the less arrogance will be easily displayed on the face, only half a bucket of water will sway all day long, but the top-notch genius may be friendly to ordinary people, but to people close to him, he will Shows great arrogance.

"Is it?"

The purple armored youth raised his eyebrows, the chuckle on his face faded, and the corners of his mouth twitched, his tone was a bit teasing and a bit cold: "I want to see if the North Sea Sword God has taken the wrong apprentice!"

"Is the name of my master, you are worthy of mentioning?" The young wooden sword raised his eyes, and two cold lights burst into his indifferent eyes.

The Zijia youth sneered: "I will naturally not offend the Sword God of Beihai, I just hope you don't lose the face of his old man!"

After speaking, he turned around and went straight away: "I hope I can draw you."

The two accompanied by his side also followed and left.

The young Wood Swords eyes were full of cold light, and his body exuded a biting sword force. At this moment, a figure appeared beside him, coldly said: "The waiting area here, if you start here, you will be disqualified directly!"

The young Mu Jian's eyes narrowed, and he glanced coldly at the back of the purple-armored youth, his breath subsided, and he didn't say anything.

"Senior, you don't have to be familiar with this kind of stuff."

"If I meet you later, I'll vent my anger for the senior!"

"This kind of stuff can't even pass the exam in our academy, so it's worth playing with swords?"

The other members of the Sword Sovereign Academy were surrounded by the wooden sword youth, and they were very disdainful of the purple armored youth.

Others have heard the conflict and dialogue here. For a while, the atmosphere of the entire waiting area has become a little hot, and there is a faintly fierce fighting will, flowing among the people.

All of you here are geniuses, who have never really fought, and not many people will convince others.

After all, many people here have hidden their hole cards in the sea selection, just to prepare to break out here and make Sylvie completely famous!

Su Ping, Greos and others saw that the conflict was over, they didn't look any more, and flew towards the temple below.

After everyone landed, two figures suddenly flew up after a short while.

"Oss, long time no see."

The young man in front of him smiled. He has blond hair, red pupils, and his skin is creamy. He is extremely tall, about 2.5 meters tall.

After the Federation entered the interstellar space, after a long period of reproduction and colonization, various races have evolved. The environment of each planet has caused some changes in the bloodline of the race. This young man came from the first-class planet Sylvie. Nilan people.

Greos saw the other person, his face changed slightly, his expression became colder, and he didn't speak.

The young man smiled and said: "I heard that you are the number one in the Amir Academy this year? How does it feel to be the first? I didn't expect that as Amir from the four major colleges, the gold content is not very good. "

Upon hearing this, Kleishabeth and others next to him reacted. The person in front of him and Greos were not friends, but had come to provoke and make trouble.

"What are you talking about, the name of our Amir Academy is something you can question?" Kleishabeth was the first to stand up, his eyes cold.

The blond young man laughed and said, "No, no, no, I dont want to question the name of your academy. I just question you all here. Even my defeated men can get the first place. Im really curious, how about you other people? Have the courage to come and compete?"

The defeated man?

Everyone was shocked and couldn't help looking at Greos.

King Osron, who has absolute power in the academy, is actually the defeat of this person in front of him? !

Who is this person, I have never seen or heard of it, a little-known guy!

"That time it was just your luck." Greos looked a little ugly, and said gloomily: "If it weren't for the spatial fluctuations in the third dimension at that time, I was injured, you have no chance!"

"Haha, luck is also one of the strengths. In that case, I can predict, but you can't. Doesn't this explain the problem?" The blonde youth laughed.

Greos' eyes changed, staring at him without saying anything.

Klassabeth and the others were a little shocked, and they didn't expect Greos to admit it.

"I look forward to meeting you again this time." The blond young man smiled: "It feels good to beat you again in this whole galaxy live broadcast. Step on the head of the first student of Amir Academy, tusk!"

"I also look forward to meeting you." Greos stared at him. He was indeed defeated, so there is no sophistry at this moment. It is just that the shame of the past will be washed with blood. On the contrary, he wants this more than the other party. war.

The blond young man smiled and turned away.

The others looked at Greos, their eyes were different, and their expressions gradually became serious.

Even Greos was defeated in the hands of a guy who had never been known. It can be seen that there are more evildoers in this world than they thought!

Not all geniuses are gathered in the five colleges.

Especially in the realm of fantasy and mystery, I have seen Su Ping, a guy who does not belong to the five major colleges, suppressing everyone, and seeing this blond young man, they have become more and more aware of the four words "the sky is beyond the sky", which is particularly profound.

With the integration of the five colleges, the waiting area outside the hall has become more and more lively. Some people who have met students from the five colleges stepped forward to say hello, and some people who had friction also took the initiative to speak harshly.

Although these people come from various galaxies and span millions of light years, the world seems to be very small. Many of them know each other or have heard of other people's names.

Amidst all kinds of discussions, outside the Void Continent, live broadcasts by various media have also been structured.

At this moment, two figures appeared out of thin air outside the void continent. As soon as they appeared, their figures were like the sun, instantly attracting everyone's attention.

Their bodies are outside the Void Continent, like a grain of dust, which can be ignored, but no one here can ignore it. Even the surrounding three supergiant first-class planets seem to be less dazzling than them.

"It's the Hai Tuo Conferred God!"

"There is also the Shadow Conferred God!"

"They are all here, and sure enough, it has long been officially rumored that they will participate in the selection battle in person!"

"Two Conferred Gods, did they come here to select students?"

"Really, rely on it, it would be great if I was there, even if I was watching the battle there, maybe the two Conferred Gods could see my talents from the crowd at a glance?"

"No wonder it's hard to find a seat to watch the game, I'm crying!"

Following the lens of countless media, the figures of the two Conferred Gods entered the sight of all the galaxies throughout Sylvie, and countless people saw these two great figures in the Federation universe.

Conferred gods have the power to easily destroy the planet, which has surpassed human cognition. The reason why they are called conferred gods is because their power is comparable to the gods in legends and myths!

Destroying the planet, resurrecting the dead, reversing time and space, making rules, etc., all can be done by the Conferred God!

When the two Conferred Gods appeared, countless people watching the live broadcast were all boiling at this moment, and the atmosphere suddenly became hot!

"It's very lively." Hai Tuo said with a smile to an old friend around him.

The shadow of the Conferred God's face was indifferent and noncommittal. He didn't like to talk too much. This time he came over and heard that there were a few good seedlings in it. With the persuasion of the old fellow, the Shanghai Tuo Conferred God, this was the only way to sell him.

Everyone knows that Hai Tuo is the master of the Sylvie galaxy!

The entire Sylvie galaxy is the territory of the Hai Tuo Conferred Gods!

Even the Fengshen Deans of the Five Great Shenfu Colleges must bow their heads in front of the Hai Tuo Fengshen!

In this selection battle, the most outstanding genius in the Sylvie galaxy was selected and sent to the golden star area to participate in the battle, to make a name for Sylvie. In front of such a grand game, he, the Conferred God, also personally ended. In addition to motivating these talented little guys, let's also take a look at whether there is any outstanding performance.

Some conferred gods practice on weekdays, or travel around the universe, and they don't have the mind to go to various planets to dig out students, and come directly to this genius to accept disciples, fast and effortless.

The two flew away and directly entered the Void Continent.

The enchantment that needs to be verified is useless in front of the two. If you change to the Star Master Realm, if you want to break into it forcibly, you will be seriously injured by the rebound.

After all, this is the enchantment laid by the Conferred God, and it is not a problem to kill the star master realm in a flash.

With the arrival of the two Conferred Gods, everyone in the waiting area was also boiling.

Countless gazes of admiration and reverence fell on the two Conferred Gods in the sky. In addition to reverence, some of them had extremely strong hope and strange light in their eyes. They seemed to feel that one day they would be too. So dazzling.

The Hai Tuo God Sealer smiled slightly, said a few words of encouragement over the waiting area, and then went to the unique viewing area over the mainland with the Shadow Sealer.

He is a master of the gods, he doesn't need to speak too much language, just a few simple words of encouragement are enough to play a role in the blood.

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