Astral Pet Store Chapter 880

Chapter 977: The fifth competition area (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Soon after the arrival of Su Ping, another spacecraft sent some contestants selected by the small galaxies.

Some of the outstanding performances have attracted the attention of many people when they first arrived here.

In the square outside this temple, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered, densely packed, not to mention the number of people, there is a single one out, and outside are all powerful people of the same rank who sweep the side!

The reason why so many people can be selected is mainly because Sylvie's territory is too large, with many small galaxies and countless planets. Even if each small galaxy selects 10,000 people, a lot of them can be selected.

Through the Lord's Star Order, Su Ping can see the countdown to the game.

On the Federal Universe Virtual Network, there are already countless interstellar netizens waiting for the game to start.

In the official live broadcast platform of Sylvie's virtual network, the battle clips of the outstanding players of the small galaxies are being broadcast, and the countdown above is also counting down, not long before the start of the game.

Interstellar netizens from all planets and galaxies have been arguing fiercely under the official live broadcast platform, and they are all charging for the geniuses in their hometowns.

On a very hot platform somewhere, there are open bets.

In addition, in addition to betting activities, there are many other brands that Su Ping has never heard of, launching various advertisements in the name of a certain contestant.

There are also many related entertainment activities, and even specially developed synchronous virtual games, which are also actively participating.

Su Ping wandered around at random, and finally found that the hot news that can be seen everywhere is basically about this genius war. All the planets of Sylvie are actively participating, and countless capitals are also rushing. Hu, join this trend of hot watches, frantically making money in it.

This is a great event for the whole people!

"No wonder so many people want to participate and become famous here!"

"Once you become famous, even if you don't fight for the rest of your life and don't do anything, you can make money and make money!"

"The Destiny Realm, which is famous here, is worth soaring beyond the reach of the Starry Sky Realm, and its ability to make money is even more exaggerated than a hundred Starry Sky Realms combined!"

Su Ping sighed with emotion.

It's not that the higher the cultivation level, the stronger the ability to make money.

Many people in this world are not war favorites, but they can still make a lot of money by catching the capital express.

Although some business geniuses are ordinary people, they can hire Starland to work for them. After all, although the pet masters are strong, the economic system is operated by business intelligence. The world is dominated by the pet masters, and ordinary people cannot ignore them. It's like rivets, connecting and consolidating the entire federal universe!

"The money earned from here is enough to buy countless rare training resources, and here will make the strong stronger!"

"The strong never fear any challenge!"

"Unless it's shit."

When Su Ping was playing in the virtual universe, more and more contestants came to the Void Continent, and these geniuses who came were either lone rangers or in groups, all of the same force.

These people are also observing other contestants, and those audition clips have become a reference for some people.

time flies.

at last.

The federation genius war in the Sylvie galaxy has begun!

When the countdown in the virtual world was about to end, several star masters stepped out and flew over the heads of the geniuses, saying a lot of encouragement and defining words for this genius selection battle.

After all, this is a competition called by the Supreme Divine Realm. It is inevitable to praise how extraordinary the meaning of this kind of competition is, such as advocating the cultivation of the whole people and selecting the pillars of the future of mankind.

When the extraordinary opening chapter is finished, it is the lottery.

Ten competition areas will be held at the same time, and everyone has priority in the first round of draws.

From high in the sky, a star master turned out a huge metal ball in the palm of his hand. The metal ball flew over the hall, shooting a blue light curtain, radiating to the area outside the hall, and everyone was enveloped in it. Afterwards, everyone's iris and genetic data were all scanned and interpreted.

The identities of the people were all registered in an instant, and then the lottery was drawn.

This lottery is also handed over to technological intelligence. Some regions like to use some unpredictable battle pets as the lottery to show fairness and at the same time.

But these war pets have the possibility of being tamed or implanting certain ideas, and they cannot be absolutely fair.

As for intelligent random matching, although there is a possibility of being hacked, it has been prevented early, and no hacker has the guts and has the ability to invade this encrypted top matching system.

I saw an area radiating from the metal ball, which was a square, with figures and names rolling on it, flashing quickly like codes, matching randomly.

At this moment, the Void Continent, and even the entire galaxy, were holding their breath.

Soon, the first round of matching is over.

The countless names in the projection are all frozen, and the names and figures are queued as the first round of PK objects.

The geniuses who were present swept their eyes, and quickly found their names and figures inside.

In the live virtual universe, there is also a platform that quickly counts a detailed list. In this list, you can directly search for the name to find the game area where the name is randomly assigned, and the opponent to challenge.

This is convenient for people in the hometown of some contestants to quickly find information by name.

"A Rhine?"

Su Ping saw that his opponent was a Rhine with a brown complexion and a skinny figure. The Rhine people generally have long hands and feet, like bamboo poles, and like some kind of extremely long arthropod.

"Everyone, please go to the pending area of your competition area and wait, and come on stage after hearing the name."

The host star said loudly.

"I'm in the seventh division, I'm leaving first." King Osron also found his name, said indifferently, and left directly after speaking, ignoring the others.

Kleishabeth shrugged and said, "I'm in the second division. By the way, why is it second?"

"My fourth division, I'm leaving too." Tianqi said, her expression was a little flat. Since losing in the fantasy and mysterious realm, she no longer smiles as usual.

"I'm in Division 5, goodbye." Su Ping smiled and said goodbye to these people.

After all, they get along well together.

Outside the hall, there are ten star masters lined up.

The ten star masters stood in front of ten dark vortices, the vortexes were like black holes, and there were numbers outlined by star power on the vortices. This was a craft controlled by the ten star masters.

Ten vortexes correspond to the ten major competition areas.

This Void Continent is too vast. With the ability of the Destiny Realm, even if it is constantly teleporting, it will take some time to get to the arena. Moreover, teleporting in deep space will also consume star power. The competition area far away from the palace, rush The more it consumes, it will naturally appear a bit unfair.

The people who have been selected in each competition area are now taking off one after another to come to these ten black holes and enter the waiting area of their respective competition area.

Su Ping also flew into the fifth black hole, and there were a lot of people walking beside him, like a group of moths rushing into the dark abyss.

The familiar sense of shuttle disappeared, and Su Ping came to the fifth division. In front of him was a vast continent with forests, lakes, plateaus, stone forests, and some areas with special magnetic fields.

This continent is extremely vast, bigger than the world of Reya, and you can chase and fight as much as you like here.

The waiting area is a palace in the sky, and contestants in the fifth competition area are coming one after another.

Here there is a star master and a starry sky realm entertaining.

Star masters that were rare in the past can be seen here at any time. Star masters are also considered small galaxy rulers in the universe, and they belong to one party.

"It's the Azure Sword Mad!"

"It's actually him. I checked the information. He seems to be the top 100 in the last big galaxy selection. He once represented the Golden Star Zone!"

"Unexpectedly, he is already in the Starry Sky Realm now, and he is on an equal footing with the Star Master Realm!"

Among the geniuses who came here, some people were surprised when they recognized the starry sky youth who hosted with the star master. The latter was very famous and was a contestant in the previous year. I didnt expect that he would be here in this year. A star master collectively supervises their situation in the fifth division.

Seeing the other party talking and laughing with the star master, many people's eyes flashed strangely.

Maybe in the near future, they can do the same!

"I heard that there are a lot of evildoers this year, even stronger than you were in the previous year."

The star host who received him chuckled lightly.

The Azure Sword next to him smiled madly and said: "Perhaps, but every time it was held, it was preaching that it was even more enchanting than the previous one."


The star master laughed and said: "I heard that your junior brother is also out of the mountain, but unfortunately it seems to be assigned to the seventh division, otherwise I can take a look."

Tianqing Jian Kuang narrowed his eyes and said: "There is nothing to look at, just the selection in our galaxy. If you want to see his true ability, you can naturally see it when you arrive in the golden star area."


The star master was very interested, and said: "You mean, your little junior can't show real ability here?"

"It's not that I can't play, it's that no one can let him really draw his sword." Tianqingjian smiled madly: "My little brother is a rare wizard in my life. The talent for kendo is so high that I can't imagine it. It is estimated that I can only hold on to him for five minutes when I meet him!"

The star master was startled, his eyes gleamed slightly, and said: "It has long been heard that the North Sea Sword God can cut the stars, break the moon, and break the sky with his swordsmanship. I don't know how much your little brother has learned."

"Not much, not much, one point is enough." Tianqingjian said with a chuckle, with a trace of reverence in his eyes.

When the two were talking, the people in the fifth division also came to the full.

Upon seeing this, the star master was prompted by the starry sky realm next to him in charge of communications, and immediately stepped forward, calling out the first group of contestants according to the randomly assigned list.

Soon, the two figures rushed out, looked at each other at a distance, and flew towards the continent ahead.

The enchantment on the continent was closed.

With the sound of the cue to spread the continent, the battle in the fifth division broke out.

On other continents, the competition also started at the same time.

Ten venues are broadcast live at the same time, and broadcast to various places. There are direct live broadcasts in ten competition areas and split-screen live broadcasts. You can choose to watch on the big screen in any competition area.

The performance on the ten arenas immediately ignited the atmosphere, and people across the galaxy and countless planets were watching the battles in these ten competition areas.

When I saw the contestants in the competition area summoning a bunch of rare battle pets, they were all excited.

Some of the contestants even called out a few starry realm battle pets, making many of the destiny realm watching the game envy and jealous.

"Is this the genius in the universe?"

"Our planet is really a frog at the bottom of the well!"

"It's no wonder that the first day on our planet was eliminated. Compared with these monsters, it is simply incomparable. A destiny realm is a starry sky realm. How can this be beaten?"

"Those guys, is it so easy to tear the deep space?"

People on many planets are all shocked and attracted by the fierce battle in this arena, which is far from the fate that they usually see.

Various ancient secret techniques and extremely rare advanced techniques are reflected one by one, and some evenly matched battles show ingenuity, environmental use, and matching of battle pets, which are really enjoyable.

"This is just an audition."

"Everyone has to overcome ten rounds and enter the ten thousand names to become famous for the entire galaxy!"

"A real good show, this is just an appetizer in the battle for the next hundred people."

In the waiting area, the expressions of many geniuses are very relaxed. Obviously, they are very clear about the process of this trial. The battle in front of them is just the highlight, and it does not necessarily require full effort.

Of course, if you use your full strength at the beginning, it can only show that you are not strong enough, and it is probably a bit difficult to get into ten thousand names.

Su Ping was sitting in the air. He frowned when he heard the conversation around him. He also checked the process on the Internet. It was indeed the case. He had to win ten rounds before he could qualify for promotion.

"This is a long and fierce battle."

Su Ping sighed with emotion.

He watched the battle in the continent. At this moment, the two inside had already hit the third space, but the scene inside was still clearly communicated and was broadcast live.

In that deep second and third space, the equipment has already been arranged to transmit the images inside.

As for the scientific and technological principles of this device, Su Ping didn't understand.

It didn't take long for the fifth division to win.

Many people in the waiting area have a little dignified expression, because these two are not weak in strength, and both have combat power comparable to the Starry Sky Realm.

As the first group came out, the second group followed.

There are about 20,000 people in the entire fifth division, which means that there are tens of thousands of teams to compete!

Su Ping knew that he was in the back, and he was not in a hurry. He waited slowly. At the same time, he used the lord's star order to enter the virtual universe and watched the situation in other competition areas under Sylvie's official website.

In other divisions, group battles are also played in turns, which is very exciting, but occasionally there are more ordinary players, which force the audience ratings of this division to be lowered.

But occasionally there will be some extremely exciting duels. Outside of the game, various activities surrounding the battle of geniuses are also unfolding.

"Your little brother, really good."

The star master in charge of the fifth division is also watching other competitions in the virtual universe at this moment. At this moment, he saw the third division, a wooden sword boy came on the field, did not make a sword, and defeated the enemy only by the sword intent of his fingers. .

Such a clean and straightforward battle set off a small climax in the third division. After all, all the geniuses were present, and most of the battles were fierce, and such a crushing game was extremely rare.

And this performance also made the Wooden Sword Youth quickly noticed and entered the hot list of the selection battle.

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