Astral Pet Store Chapter 881

Chapter 978: Go ahead (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"This guy is so strong!"

"Look at his appearance, he is a sword repairer, the sword is not drawn, the opponent is not wronged!"

"It's not wrong if it's not wronged, it's a shame to lose like this!"

"I heard that this person is the descendant of the North Sea Sword God? Sure enough, I have two hands. I hope I don't meet him. I don't want to expose my hole cards early."

Many geniuses in the third division are a little afraid of the wooden sword boy on the field.

It's better not to encounter such a tricky guy so easily.

Above the Void Continent, like an inverted glazed dome, a palace is suspended here. Two figures are sitting in a pavilion outside the hall. Next to them is a table of delicious dishes, among them there are stewed dragon heads, and some others. The huge chunks of meat, I don't know what kind of creature it is, but the cooking is fragrant.

All the women serving around were slender and extremely beautiful women, dressed in a variety of charming and smiling eyes. At this moment, they were all seduced by the food on the table and swallowed secretly.

This food not only tastes great, but it can also strengthen the body and improve the cultivation level after long-term food.

"This is the little apprentice that Beihai guy recently accepted?"

"Eighty years since I started, this swordsmanship has a little bit of his shadow."

Hai Tuo and You Ying sat at the table and drank together, looking down at the entire continent below. The ten continents spanned a wide area, but the situation inside was in their eyes.

"Why, you didn't let your students try."

Hai Tuo smiled and said after taking a sip of wine.

You Ying rolled his eyes and said, "How long have I confiscated my apprentices. If my students come, are they eligible to participate? If you want, I don't mind letting them come and sweep our galaxy."

Hai Tuo laughed and said: "Confiscate the apprentice, then this time it is right. If there are good seedlings later, as long as you value it, I will never **** it with you."

"Humph!" You Ying snorted, and said: "Whether it can be fancy or not is not certain, at least it has to force the little apprentice of that guy in Beihai to draw the sword. I am too dull to teach, and I am struggling!"

Hai Tuo smiled and said: "That's a bit difficult. There are definitely people who can do this, but most of these people already have famous teachers behind them. It depends on whether they are other conferred gods. If they are not, You still have some hope."

You Ying raised her eyebrows, without comment, rolled her hands, and drank the wine.

as time flows.

The battle situation in each competition area became more and more fierce. Groups of geniuses took the stage to PK, and quite amazing battles broke out occasionally, and some geniuses showed crushing power, which attracted a lot of attention.

"Just watching the live broadcast, I heard that there are a few tricky guys in Division 7 and Division 9."

"There is also the third division, look at the hot list."

"Now on the popular list and the betting list, the rankings have been released. Some of the guys within a thousand have wonderful pictures of the game, which can be analyzed and analyzed."

"Sure enough, the guys in Division 4 that I care about are all on the list, but they don't seem to rank so high. Could it be that the guys above are more perverted?"

The geniuses in each waiting area pay attention to the battles in their own areas while watching the situation in other areas online, and they are quite concerned about the guys on the hot list.

And on countless planets in the galaxy, everyone is also very fond of those who are at the forefront of the hot list. After all, this hot list also has popular votes in addition to official analysis.

However, with the battle of groups, the rankings on the hot list are constantly changing, and more amazing talents will appear in a few minutes, and their rankings will be squeezed down.

However, the changes in the top ten of the list are not big, because their performance is too amazing and show great strength.

In the third division, the wooden sword boy ranked seventh!

The top three people on the list fought extremely simply. The first one was a woman wearing a hood. She didn't say anything when she played, and her opponent fell straight down.

No one saw her make a move!

Strange and mysterious!

This also makes her a super genius sought after by countless people. After all, this kind of performance of "you fell down before I did it" is really too strong.

The battle of the second place is also very domineering, and all the skills and pets released by the opponents are thrown into the air with a punch directly on the field, showing a crushing invincible aura.

The third place was an acquaintance that Su Ping knew, Longdi.

He didn't call for his pet, but with a cold snort, he made his opponent kneel down, trembling.

This kind of method can be compared to the first one in the list, which is daunting.

For the rest of the people, the battle is also extremely simple, either with a palm or a roar, almost all of them kill their opponents in seconds.

Moreover, among the opponents who were killed by them, there were also outstanding performances in the sea elections.

For example, on the list, the opponent she defeated was extremely good in the sea selection, mastered the power of the five rules, four-headed starry sky battle favorite, and her combat power was almost in the middle of the starry sky.

As a result, in front of this woman, she lost without even humming.

"It seems that there are still a lot of geniuses, and the five colleges have not exhausted them all."

Su Ping was also surfing the Internet, and saw that in the top ten on the list, there were no people from the five major academies except for the third dragon Emperor and the seventh wooden sword boy. The rest were ranked behind a dozen.

However, the candidates for the **** in the fantasy and mysterious realm are still very good overall, and many of them have been seen in the first Baili.

"This is just the beginning. After the ten rounds are over, the top 10,000 can be truly selected to see the level of the others." Su Ping squeezed the bridge of his nose, sighed lightly, leaning in the air, waiting for his own battle.

He didn't pay attention to that ranking anymore. The current rankings are subject to change at any time and have no reference value.

Before long, it was Su Ping's turn to play.

Su Pings opponent was a Rhine, with a green complexion and green hair.

"You admit defeat, you can't beat me."

The Rhineman looked at Su Ping coldly and said, "I don't want to waste my strength on you. There are nine rounds of battle waiting for me. My goal is to enter the Golden Star Zone!"


Su Ping was speechless for a while, and after a few seconds, he said, "My goal is to win the championship."


The Rhine sneered suddenly, taking Sylvie's champion? This is more difficult than entering the Golden Star Zone. After all, it only takes the top one hundred to enter the Golden Star Zone and represent the Star Zone to play, and he can't even think about winning the championship!

"Since you haven't figured out the situation, I have to send you to sober up."

The Lion sneered, twisted his neck, began to move his muscles and bones, and at the same time called out his pet.

Su Ping saw him chirping, and was silent for two seconds again, before blasting a punch.


The golden shadow of the fist whizzed out, slamming like a big mountain in an instant, plundering the aura of heaven and earth.

The sneer on the Rhine's face suddenly froze, and his pupils shrank.

Without suspense, Su Ping won.

The Rhine was spit out blood, his armor was torn apart, and he fell to the ground, his hips pressed, his posture a bit ambiguous.

Su Ping shook his head and turned to leave.

You dont even have a name, why are you doing so many roles here?

Outside the competition area, many geniuses cast their eyes on Su Ping, with a serious expression. The Lane was not an unknown person, and he performed extremely tough in the galaxy selection in his hometown.

Moreover, the Rhine is also a genetically excellent race, a natural warrior, who was so defeated at this moment so helpless to fight back. The power contained in Su Ping's punch made them jealous.

"Another tricky guy."

"As tricky as those guys before, I hope I don't meet them."

"I just want to get into ten thousand names and leave a name on Xingfeng. Why do I want to see these?"

"Is it also using boxing? Interesting, I hope I can meet."

Under everyone's attention, Su Ping returned to the waiting area, leaned in the air, closed his eyes and calmed down, too lazy to care about the surrounding views.

Anyway, there are nine rounds of battle behind, which are just appetizers at the moment, and the real drama is yet to come.

Blue Star, Longjiang Base City.

"It's Boss Su!"

"Boss Su really entered the competition, he is actually in the fifth division!"

"Where is it, in Division 5? Damn, I'm watching Division 7, and I'll switch over immediately!"

"Boss Su is still as aggressive as ever, even in the genius battle of so many monsters, he can easily knock out his opponent!"

"I've seen that the Rhine is not weak. I didn't expect to be so weak in front of Boss Su!"

"Our lord has won!"

The entire Longjiang and even the entire Blue Star, with Su Ping's appearance, immediately set off a wave of cheers.

Many people who knew Su Ping were a little excited, but they had seen Su Ping chasing and killing the Starry Sky Realm in front of the sacred tree before, and it was not too surprising for him to behave like this.

And those others respected Su Ping, the lord even more.

"Unexpectedly, the little guy back then came to this point..." Ji Yuanfeng's expression was complicated. He was able to compete with Su Ping at the beginning and was even sure to defeat Su Ping, but now, he may not even be able to stop Su Ping with a single finger. live!

The Qin family, Qin Shaotian was by Qin Duhuangs side, and the expression at this moment was also unspeakable. It was complicated, bitter, and a little emotional. He said: "Longjiang, there is such a person unexpectedly, and the entire Blue Stars luck gathers him alone. You can't cultivate such a character in your body, right?"

Qin Duhuang smiled slightly and said: "Don't talk about the entire planet, even a galaxy, it may not be possible. Look at his power, the genius who was stepped on by him, they are all top-notch in the galaxy, but I think those geniuses are probably not opponents in front of Boss Su, after all, he can hunt down the latter stage of the Starry Sky Realm!"

Qin Shaotian sighed and sighed and couldn't say any words of admiration.

On a certain planet.

A giant peak pierced the sky like a sharp sword, and there are many figures on the peak. This is a holy place for the cultivation of pet masters on the planet. At this moment, all the people who are cultivating on the peak are gathered at the gate of the mountain to watch the contest on the projection.

The projection is the same screen in ten divisions.

"Brother..." In the crowd, one of the young girls suddenly trembled, her pupils shrank slightly, a little shocked.

She didn't expect that she actually saw Su Ping's figure.

He actually participated in the competition, and he won so easily?

"What are you talking about?" A woman next to her was a little curious, and said: "Someone on the top is your brother? Really?"

The girl came back to her senses, her eyes flickered twice, and she shook her head slightly, saying, "It's nothing."

She avoided the question and did not answer.

She wants to rely on her own strength to catch up with Su Ping's footsteps!

When Blue Star competed, in addition to Blue Star, on some other planets, many people who came out of Blue Star saw Su Ping and were a little shocked.

They didn't expect that Su Ping, as the lord of the Blue Star, could have such a dazzling light after being integrated into this vast and vast federal universe!

And in the Void Continent.

With the competition of the groups, the first round of the game is over. Everyone who went to the fantasy and mysterious realm has basically been promoted. Only a few of the more unlucky ones encountered the extremely top talents outside and lost the battle. , But there are still opportunities to advance later, you only need to accumulate to ten wins!

Soon, the second round of random matching began.

Su Ping drew another person he didn't know, and he didn't bother to check if the other party was on the hot list. Anyway, he was done.

With the start of the second set of competitions, this time is obviously much more intense than before.

The original hot list has also changed. The Wooden Sword Boy has risen from the seventh to the fifth. His opponent is very strong this time, he has a good audition battle, and won in the first round of the battle, but he In front of him, he was still easily defeated, and he did not draw his sword either.

In addition, the rankings of the Saint King, Queen Bihai, and others, ranked outside a dozen, have also continued to rise. Their own combat power is not bad, but the opponents they have encountered before are not worth their full shot, so their performance is relatively low-key.

But in fact, in the eyes of others, they are already extremely eye-catching tricky characters.

High in the sky, outside the palace.

You Ying leaned on the back of the chair, and the food around him was finished early. After all, the competition was not short. At this moment, he stroked a little black snake in his hand. The scales of this little black snake were crystal clear like gems. Hitomi is also extremely beautiful, wrapped around his wrist very docilely, rubbing lightly with snake scales.

Hai Tuo glanced at the little snake in his hand from time to time, smiled, and said, "How about it, do you have any fancy?"

"Not yet, these little guys are quite capable of hiding."

You Ying said calmly.

"It's okay, there's still something to watch behind, it's early." Hai Tuo smiled and said.

The competition continues.

The time of the competition is indeed very long. Ten thousand people must be selected from the geniuses of each galaxy. The first ten rounds of winning the sea election will take seven or eight days, and there is no rest in between.

Endurance is also a competition.

After 10,000 were selected, the real selection battle began. One hundred from a hundred were selected, and a hundred people were selected to represent the Sylvie Galaxy and go to the Golden Star Zone to take the place of the Star Zone.

At the same time of the competition, pet experts and starry experts from various planets and galaxies jumped out to make professional analysis of the people on the hot list, win eyeballs, and guide bets.

And Su Ping and Longdi, who came out of the fantasy and mysterious realm, almost all passed the competition in ten rounds of victory over the sea.

Su Ping's performance in one-fighting against the enemy also made him on the hot list, ranking ninth.

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