Astral Pet Store Chapter 882

Chapter 979: Ten battles and ten wins (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Who is this guy who beats the enemy with one punch, I have never seen it before!"

"Looking at the information above, it seems that Amir Academy was sent in directly."

"As expected of Shenfu Academy, as expected, monsters have appeared in large numbers."

"My husband is amazing!"

"The orangutan above, don't try to trick you into peeing here."

To be on the ninth hot list is extremely horrible, let alone ninth. Even the top 100 on the hot list is extremely eye-catching, and can attract tens of billions of attention in an instant.

And the top ten, all of them can attract the attention of tens of trillions of people.

After all, this is a galaxy live broadcast, and the entire Sylvie galaxy is extremely vast, extending to the south of the peaks and stars, north to the sea and starry sky, there are hundreds of small stars in the territory, and there are more than tens of thousands of economically prosperous planets.

As for the backward, desolate planets that have not yet been connected to the interstellar, although they are also inhabited, they are extremely backward in technology. They don't even have the technology to watch live broadcasts and are regarded as primitive planets.

On the blue star, it was boiling.

"Boss Su is on fire!"

"Oh my God, it was ninth on the hot list. This is ninth!"

"Competing with the geniuses of the entire galaxy, Boss Su is actually unstoppable. It's too scary. What kind of existence has our planet bred?"

"It's an honor for me to be on the same planet as Boss Su!"

"Could it be that we, the Blue Stars, actually have Super Sairen blood in our bodies?"

"Boss Su is bubbling strongly. Have you seen him? He hasn't really exerted his strength yet. The opponents he encountered were solved with one punch, and he has accumulated to seven victories!"

"Matching seven rounds, seven matches and seven wins, this winning percentage remains in the first line!"

Not only has Longjiang boiled, but countless people in Blue Star's other base cities have also fallen into a carnival. This is the collective honor of the entire planet!

Once, Blue Star had just got in line with the Federation, and seeing the advanced technology displayed in the Federation, the extraordinary secrets of war pets, and a powerful star in the starry sky, many Blue Star people felt a great sense of oppression.

This sense of oppression slowly turned into an inferiority complex. Facing other planets in the Federation, the Blue Star people realized in their hearts that Blue Star was too backward!

This backwardness is in all aspects, such as technology, secrets, combat power, living facilities, and so on.

But now, on this barren and backward planet, Su Ping soared into the sky, reaching the forefront of the entire galaxy!

How proud this is!

"The blood of our Blue Star people is not bad!"

"Boss Su can do it. Even if we can't do it as well as him, we can catch up to one in ten thousand, which is enough to be proud!"

Seeing Su Ping's record, the entire Blue Star people were greatly encouraged and excited.

In the audition stage on the Void Continent, each person has 15 chances to play.

After winning ten rounds, you can advance.

In other words, the winning rate only needs to reach about 67%.

But it's easier said than done. The people gathered here are all geniuses. It is already very difficult to maintain half of the winning rate, let alone 67%.

Su Ping is in the fifth division and the game has been going on for a long time.

In Su Ping's concept of time, it is estimated that there are about seven or eight days for the Blue Star.

But outside this void continent, the stars are bright and there is no day or night.

After each round of comparison, it will be matched again, and then continue a new round, fighting can be described as tragic.

Many people were still energetic at the beginning, but the later they became weaker. Although these geniuses are rich in cultivation resources, they all have their own recovery artifacts, but if they are worn out in battle, they will not be able to recover by relying on some artifacts alone. .

In the sixth round, Su Ping's matched opponent was already seriously injured, and the pets were all injured, so they could barely fight.

Su Ping was not polite, and solved it easily.

"These people are generally the combat power in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and the top of the Fate Realm are rare, but they all have some peculiar secrets. This is only a sea election. When the top 100 battles are reached, it is estimated that the competition will be the Starry Sky Realm. Mid-term combat power."

Su Ping is watching the game these days and is also recording big data.

This made him feel some pressure.

It's not the pressure on the immediate game, but the finals after the space battle and winning the championship.

If you want to be in the Sylvie galaxy, you have to have the mid-to-late starry sky combat power, and in the golden star region, don't you need the starry sky top combat power?

Then in the genius battle general match...maybe there will be the ultimate evil in the starry sky!

This is the entire human universe after all.

Numerous civilizations have been bred, and the population base is too large to give birth to all kinds of strange things.

Although he has a unique system, the other geniuses also have unique resources behind them, and some are blessed by the Supreme Divine Realm at birth, which is even more terrifying than Joanna.

"Anyway, sooner or later, you will hit the Conferred God Realm. Even if you can't win the championship, you must grab the top ten spots in the total competition and enter the SSS-level Shenhai universe secret realm." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

The game continues.

In a blink of an eye, the tenth round of matching is reached.

Fighting to the tenth round, the battle situation became more fierce, some previously low-key geniuses, by this stage, have exploded with all their strength, using methods that have not been used before, and the battle has become more violent.

With the escalation of the ten divisions, the winners and losers of a group are decided. At the same time, in the virtual world, the first place to advance appears!

The appearance of this person has aroused the attention of the whole galaxy.

Ten wins and ten wins, one hundred percent win rate, and today, at this moment, has completed the audition promotion!

But there is no doubt that this kind of combat power is behind, and if you want to compete for the top 100, there is absolutely great hope.

"It is the eighth on the previous hot list, the holy king from Xiumia Academy!"

"Holy King? What a domineering title!"

"It's actually him. I didn't read it wrong. I have been paying attention since his first battle. He was airborne, but he definitely has the level of airborne. I think he will definitely win this championship!"

"Ten wins and ten victories, it's too scary. Others will continue to fight for five rounds. He has been qualified for promotion today."

"I don't know if he can challenge the chance of a complete victory in 15 games."

"It shouldn't be a sprint, it won't do any good, on the contrary, it will expose one's abilities, which will give opponents behind them a chance."

The whole network is boiling, all talking about this genius named Shengwang.

At the same time, Xiumia Academy was also pushed to the peak, causing countless people to worship, and was called the first academy.

In a distant galaxy, Xiumia Academy is seated here. At this moment, the entire galaxy and Xiumia Academy are cheering and excited.

All the teachers and students in the college were trembling with excitement. What a focus this is!

The first person to win a full victory and advance to the ranks is actually the Holy King of their Academy!

As the instructor of the Saint King, a star lord, his face is about to split with a smile at this moment. It is completely different from the concentration that a star lord should have. After all, the star lord is strong, but this honor is difficult even for the star lord. achieve!

"That guy actually got the first place."

"Damn, why isn't it my turn yet!"

"What kind of luck? Isn't it because I played early? If I play in the first group today, I can win ten victories too!"

At the same moment, in all competition areas of the Void Continent, those who had won nine wins were a little uncomfortable. No one was worse than anyone. It was just because the matching battle was relatively late, which made people take the lead.

Because of this, I missed the first place, and when the second person behind to win the ten victories came out, the attention was not so strong.

So angry!


In a certain competition area, a burly man snorted coldly. He was third in the hot list, ahead of the holy king. In his spare time, he watched the top fifty battles of the holy king. There are some impressions, but in his opinion, it is nothing great. If he meets himself, he will definitely let the other person taste the taste of being terminated.

"Anyway, let them get ahead."

The other four colleges are angry.

In their respective academies, there are students who have won nine victories, but it is not their turn to fight at this moment.

People like Dragon Emperor, Wooden Sword Boy, Chiba Saintess, Goddess of Light, etc., all won nine battles and nine wins!

Including the slightly weaker Kleishabeth and others, there are also nine wins!

The dragon demon who was defeated by Su Ping had only eight victories. He had poor luck in one of the battles, and the mysterious woman who was matched to the top of the hot list was easily defeated by the opponent.

In the fifth division, Su Ping also saw the online carnival, but he didn't feel much. It was nothing more than fame. Although he could turn into countless wealth, this kind of money that could not be consumed in the store had limited appeal to him.

After the Saint King became the first ten-winner to advance, other divisions also successively appeared second and third ten-winners.

Soon, there were more and more ten winners, and a special list appeared, all of which were ten winners.

Even if they all abandon the game later, they will definitely advance.

Before long, it was Su Ping's turn to play.

His opponent is relatively "normal", being the top five selected by Zhonghai in a certain small galaxy. This record is quite good, and he also has the mid-Starry Sky Realm's combat power.

But Su Ping's current power can burst out of the late stage power of the Starry Sky Realm with the Demon Suppression Fist alone, easily suppressing it.

The star power in his body is like a deep sea, and with the powerful rule force, it can directly destroy and suppress the opponent's rule, and then directly crush it with the brute force of the star.

It just doesn't make sense.

Still easily solved with one punch, Su Ping returned to the waiting area.

It was the same punch, but this time Su Ping's punch was even more fierce, and it also attracted the attention and fear of many people around him.

Soon, Su Ping also made the top ten list on the Internet.

But because of the late fighting, the rankings are sorted by time, and the ranking is relatively low, in more than 30.

"Sure enough, he was also promoted."

In a waiting area, a young man noticed the name on the top ten list and shook his head and exclaimed.

The Wooden Sword boy next to him glanced at him and said indifferently: "With his ability, there is no suspense in the promotion. It is also very hopeful to win the championship of this galaxy."

The young man was a student from the Kendo Academy. He was assigned to the same competition area as the Wooden Sword Youth. He naturally gathered around him. He sighed and said, "If there were no such guys, the champion of our galaxy this year would not be You are none other than you, the reward for the championship is very generous..."

The young wooden sword said indifferently: "The skill is not as good as humans, there is no regret."

The young man's eyelids twitched, and a flash of shock flashed in his heart. It was the first time he saw this seemingly calm but extremely proud young man. Before he had yet to fight, he admitted defeat.

However, thinking of Su Ping's performance in the mysterious territory, he suddenly became a little silent.

The sky above the Void Continent.

Hai Tuo and You Ying sat in the garden outside the temple, sipping tea, admiring flowers, and watching the game by the way.

"It seems that Tokachi's name is still somewhat attractive, some little guys are beginning to exert their strength, using their real skills."

"There are indeed a few good seedlings."

Both Hai Tuo and You Ying are watching the game with ease. Although the game of these little guys is very simple and naive in their eyes, they have to admit that they can do this at such a realm, which is quite good. Up.

"Why, are you interested in accepting disciples?" Hai Tuo joked with a smile.

You Ying said calmly: "Look again, I hope there is something new."

"I think the Asian goddess who used the forbidden mystery technique is quite good. It seems that the family finally does not intend to remain silent?" Hai Tuo said with a smile, but his eyes flashed with unspeakable light.

You Ying glanced at him and said, "I can't teach people from that family, and they can't let outsiders teach."

"Yes, after all, it is a family that inherits the ancients. The ancestors are born gods and have the pride of gods." Hai Tuo smiled.

"The little apprentice of that guy in Beihai, his performance was okay, quite satisfactory, and he didn't lose Beihai's face too much." You Ying said.

"You don't know how picky this guy Beihai is when he accepts his disciple. This little guy obviously hasn't moved his true character yet. He hasn't drawn his sword before, just don't know. He has done a little bit now." Hai Tuo She was also very interested and said, "Are you interested in the little guy from the Gray family? It's pretty good."

"Xingli is too shallow, half the comparison." You Ying shook his head.

"What about that little guy from Dragon Tomb Academy?"

"Although Xingli is deep, the way of fighting is too rough and he has no brains."

"...This can be tuned, what about the little guy who just won the first ten wins?"

"Although the skills are good, but the hard power is too bad."

"...Where is the little guy who uses boxing?"

"His boxing technique is quite good. It seems to be some kind of ancient boxing technique that has been lost, with the shadow of the secret technique of the Protoss, but at first glance, it is the people of Tianquan Mountain.

"That's not necessarily true, you can ask, I heard it was recommended by Amir, and it's not that Tianquan Mountain has no recommended places."

"Never mind. I don't like dealing with rough guys who use boxing. Fighting is an art. It requires violent power and fine control like carving art."

"...You are too picky."

Hai Tuo is a bit speechless, this is more picky than the guy in Beihai, and he is lonely!

You Ying said indifferently: "I only like carved rough jade. I don't have the habit of carving rotten wood."


Hai Tuo couldn't discuss this issue with him anymore. Suddenly, he moved his gaze and turned to look at the starry sky above his head. There was a bit of surprise in his eyes, "A friend is here."

"Huh?" You Ying narrowed her eyes and looked at the starry sky.

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