Astral Pet Store Chapter 883

Chapter 980: Fengshenxian (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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The starry sky beyond the continent.

A whirlpool appeared, and no attention was drawn in the vast starry sky, but after stepping out of a figure, it instantly attracted the attention of many battleships and interstellar cruise ships in the surrounding space.

After seeing the figure clearly, countless people couldn't help but exclaim.

Magic Hunter!

Another conferred **** appeared!

Some keen media nearby have already switched the shots for the first time and broadcast them to their own galaxies and planets.


In an instant, a sensation broke out on the virtual network of the entire galaxy.

Although the successive matches were exciting, it was numb after watching for a long time, but the figure that suddenly appeared, like a nuclear bomb, set off the climax of the match.

Conferred gods are rarely seen on weekdays. They are the real big figures in the universe. Except for the top war gods in the Federation such as the Supreme God Realm, the conferred gods are the frontier officials!

"This guy is actually willing to come out there, didn't he sleep there?" Hai Tuo saw the Magic Hunter, his eyes moved slightly, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The shadow next to him coldly snorted and said nothing.

At this moment, after the Hunter God walked out, he glanced at the mainland, then his figure flickered and disappeared, and then he appeared next to Hai Tuo in the mainland.

"Lord, long time no see." Magic Hunter said hello indifferently.

Hai Tuo smiled and said, "Sit down, why are you interested in coming over and taking a look?"

"Just take a look." The magic hunter's face was indifferent, and he didn't elaborate, so as to save the two guys from vying with themselves.

Hai Tuo seemed to see through something, and there were some deep meanings in his eyes, and said, "Did you notice the performance of which little guy?"

The Magic Hunter sneered and said: "How is it possible."

Hai Tuo glanced at him, smiled softly, and didn't ask any more questions.

The shadow on the side frowned slightly. He was not familiar with the Hunter, and he was even a little unhappy. He was too lazy to say anything, but he had some guesses from the bottom of his heart. This guy knew that he was here and was willing to come over. There must be someone who attracted him. , In other words, his students have also come to compete.

At the same time, with the emergence of the Magic Hunter, the atmosphere in the ten competition areas has become more heated.

Those geniuses also knew the news of the magic hunting **** coming through the online broadcast, this is also a very strong **** conferred, master of the S-level fantasy mystery realm.

But the people in the five academies, after learning about the visit of the Magic Hunter, had a strange expression, and at the same time thought of a figure, Su Ping.

Master Magic Hunter came here, maybe it was from Su Ping, right?

Thinking that the Magic Hunter wanted to accept Su Ping as a disciple in the secret realm, Su Ping tactfully refused, and their hearts twitched. If such an opportunity fell on them, they would definitely agree without hesitation.

After all, this is a conferred god!

No matter how arrogant they are, their ultimate goal is nothing more than the extravagant desire to become a great existence like this.

"The Magic Hunter is here, I feel I have hope again!"

"One more conferred god, there is more hope that two billions of them will be fetched. Tsk tsk, I can do it again."

"I want to sprint to the top 100! In front of the three Conferred Gods, I must not be so easy to lead!"

The competition became more intense.

Soon, the tenth round of the audition was over, and 639 people won ten victories!

In the selection of hundreds of thousands of talents, so many people won the first ten victories, which is quite good.

"Top 100 players, most of them will come from these 639 people."

"Fault tolerance will not exceed 10!"

"500 people will be eliminated here, which is equivalent to one-sixth of the probability. Sure enough, those who can enter the top 100 are geniuses among the geniuses!"

"I don't know if anyone will sprint to a 15-game victory this time."

"It's meaningless to sprint. Lord Lord didn't give relevant rewards, just don't encourage this. After all, sprint 15 wins, the difficulty is dozens of times higher than ten wins!"

"For every additional win, the difficulty doubles!"

"If you sprint for 15 wins, it is meaningless. It will only expose your hole cards and you may lose later!"

With the end of the ten rounds of sea elections, discussions are everywhere on the Internet.

And those star warfare masters, domestication experts, etc. have emerged one after another. Among these 639 people, the ranking is calculated. There is already a virtual list of the top 100 based on various data.

"Dragon Emperor, do you still participate in the next game?"

In a certain competition area, two Dragon Tomb Academy students gathered next to Dragon Emperor. They happened to be assigned to the same competition area as Dragon Emperor.

Long Di snorted coldly and said, "Of course not, it doesn't make sense. In previous years, I would consider sprinting for 15 consecutive victories, but this time is different. If I hit that guy, it would be too difficult!"

Both students' eyes stunned, and a figure appeared in their minds.

Indeed, with that person's ability, he was worthy of the fear of Dragon Emperor.

The fifth division.

After Su Ping finished his ten victories, he rested in the waiting area. He didn't bother to participate in the following competitions. Anyway, there was no extra reward. At most, he could earn some famous gimmicks. With this strength, he might as well go to practice.

"Bi Fairy seems to be coming soon."

At this moment, Su Ping suddenly felt it and looked up into space.

In the distant space, a whistling sound suddenly galloped in. It was a blue, huge planet. At this moment, the planet was galloping like a meteorite at a speed comparable to that of a battleship, supporting the whistling star tail.

Such a momentum immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Above the Void Continent, Hai Tuo and the three people also noticed. They were all startled. They looked up, somewhat surprised.

"Isn't it an unbalanced planet? It's not right, there is Conferred God power on it." You Ying's gaze suddenly moved, his perception was extremely keen, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Hai Tuo also raised his brow slightly, and the Conferred God pushed a planet over? Which friend is it?

The Magic Hunter looked at it calmly. Such an attention-grabbing mode of action was not very similar to those Conferred Gods he knew. The old boxer had such a hobby, but he only carried Tianquan Mountain to surf in the universe. That's it.


Hai Tuo's figure suddenly disappeared, and then appeared outside the Void Continent. Although he knew that the opponent might stop, he was still just in case.

Soon, the howling planet entered the field of vision of all the media, and then its speed dropped sharply, and finally stopped slowly on the top of the void continent. A powerful force spread from above, sending the surrounding warships and aircraft carriers that were surrounding the continent. They all fiddled and pushed, squeezing out a passage abruptly.

This huge planet stopped in this passage and stopped in front of Hai Tuo.

"Which friend is it from a long way?" Hai Tuo looked at the planet with great interest, and quickly focused his eyes on a certain continent on the planet, to be precise, in a shop in that continent.

The entire planet was infiltrated under his thoughts, and even the dust and a bug on it were clearly seen by him. Only the shop building was the place where his thoughts could not penetrate.

The one who wanted to come to live in it.

"Come for a friend, it has nothing to do with your Excellency." An indifferent thought came out of Fairy Bi's will.

Hai Tuo raised his eyebrows slightly, came for a friend? Which friend? Is it a magic hunter or a ghost?

He turned his head and looked, but saw that You Ying and the Hunter Illusion were still outside the temple, indifferent. He was a little puzzled. If they were friends, they would not be able to come out to meet them.

Is it another friend?

Suddenly, he was taken aback, thinking of the little guys competing in the mainland.

Could it be that the friend in the mouth of this conferred **** is some little guy in there? !

He was a little surprised. A Destiny, when their students had climbed high, let alone call them friends, could it be said that there were people with terrifying backgrounds, so they became friends with this consecrated person?

Or is it that their friendship surpasses cultivation base and class?

This situation is not uncommon. When some conferred gods travel around the planets, they will also know some ordinary people as friends, or even close friends.

"Your Excellency does not seem to be the Conferred God of our galaxy?" Hai Tuo asked curiously.

He knows all the conferred gods rooted in his Sylvie system, and they are basically his friends.

If it weren't for his friend, people wouldn't be stationed here. Wouldn't it be fragrant to be consecrated by another galaxy?

"Why, it's not your galaxy, can't you come over and take a look?" Fairy Bi's voice said, her tone was a little rusty and cold, but the voice of her will was an extremely ethereal female voice. Although indifferent, it was like a heavenly voice, more than the world. The most beautiful performance is also beautiful.

Following the fairy king to experience the ancient world, she didn't care much about the conferred gods of the same level. These people were once kneeling and bowing in front of the fairy king.

However, nowadays, the world is different, these conferred gods have mastered the battle pet, one person is equivalent to a group, this is the only place that makes her jealous.

But if she really wants to leave, she wont be unavoidable. Besides, she is not afraid of being sheltered by Su Pings weird shop. After all, this shop can be restricted by her, and other Conferred Gods may not be able to get in. .

She even faintly felt that if she forcibly left the store, she would die.

Will be obliterated by a power beyond her understanding!

In the same way, if someone forcibly enters this store, they will also be obliterated!

So she didn't care about these conferred gods.

"That's not true." Hai Tuo's eyes narrowed, but he didn't get angry. As the lord of the galaxy, he naturally has the arrogance of a conqueror, but he also has a heart to make friends. If he is an enemy because of his bad tone, then He, the galaxy lord, don't even think of being peaceful.

"Since your Excellency is here for a friend, it is better to come here and watch it up close, and you can also have a drink with me." Hai Tuo invited with a smile.

"No need." Fairy Bi bluntly refused.

Hai Tuo raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling that the other party was a bit too arrogant. There were three Conferred Gods, including him, but the other party was not willing to sell face. Could it be that he felt that he was sure to defeat them three at the same time?

Or is it just that the other person has a natural temper?

Or is it from another galaxy, under a certain supreme family?

Regardless of the possibility, Hai Tuo didn't want to go into it anymore. He didn't bother to offend such an arrogant Conferred God, but he also didn't bother to get in.


Hai Tuo turned and returned to the outside of the hall, sitting back in his position.

"It seems that Lord Lord's face is a bit useless." Next to him, You Ying said with a rare chuckle.

Hai Tuo squinted at him. Just now their conversation, the two guys had heard it, but they didn't mean to be angry, and they were obviously a little jealous.

After all, in this world, some conferred gods dare to be arrogant, and they all have capital.

"You fellow, still fear that the world will not be chaotic, or will you go to meet?" Hai Tuo said in a bad mood.

You Ying chuckled lightly and didn't say more.

The Magic Hunter's eyes flickered slightly, and his mind turned a little. He thought of his own investigation. The little guy named Su Ping came from Origin Star, a barren planet that had long been abandoned, and there were still creatures on it.

Without any background, on such a barren planet, it is possible to reach such a high level. There must be someone behind it, but he did not find out.

And the Conferred God who had never seen it before came, could it be that he was coming to the little guy?

The more he thought about it, the more he realized it was possible, and he became a little wary. If the other party is Su Ping's master, it would be really difficult, but if the other party said it was just a friend, then he still has the hope of accepting a disciple.

"Being friends with the gods, it's no wonder that the invitation to me can be rejected indifferently." The magic hunter became more confident in his heart.

When meeting Su Ping for the first time, Su Ping's behavior was definitely not like seeing the Conferred God for the first time, on the contrary, it seemed to be seen often and commonplace.

With the arrival of Bixianzi, another wave of craze has been set off online.

In addition to the illusion hunting god, there is another conferred god, and he is coming from controlling the planet!

For friends? Who are his friends?

Soon someone stood up and guessed that this friend was definitely not the ghost and the hunting god. This can be seen from the movement of them when they talked, and only those contestants were left.

This speculation is extremely shocking, and it has made countless people boil.

A destiny realm becomes friends with a conferred god, this is simply a beggar calling brothers to the emperor, what is the legend?

"My planet..."

Somewhere on the planet, a burly middle-aged man couldn't help groaning and groaning. He didn't expect his planet to run so far and went straight out of the Void Continent.

"Haha, now your planet Leia will become famous."

"Unexpectedly, that Conferred God took such a serious attitude towards Brother Baitian, wherever he went, Brother Baitian really had an extraordinary background!"

"You deserve to be Brother Baitian, who can think of such a prestigious title, how extraordinary?"

"Brother Baitian really has the power of defeating the sky, and now he can be called a brother to the conferred god, will he be able to do it in the future?"

On this planet, other people from the Star Alliance are also there, all gathered together to watch Su Ping's game.

Xingyue Shen'er sat in the center with a strange expression. There was an old man behind her, so she could be unscrupulous. He didn't expect that Su Ping also had such a close relationship behind him.

"My lord, the last piece of material has been found." At this moment, one of the starry sky realms suddenly received the news, his face was taken aback, and he said to Xingyue Shen'er in surprise.

Xingyue Shen'er's eyes lit up and smiled, saying: "Very good, I will remember your credit, and I will explain it to him."

"How can we give these materials to our defeated brother? He is currently playing and can't come out."

"We can only wait for him to finish the match before giving it."

"These are training materials. With the current combat power of Brother Tian, it is safe to stand out from Sylvie, and this material is not in a hurry."

Others said one after another.

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