Astral Pet Store Chapter 884

Chapter 981: Xingfeng's name (for subscription and monthly pass)

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In the fifth zone.

Su Ping looked at the huge planet above his head. Although compared to this Void Continent, the size of the Rhea planet was not as big as a competition area, but the distance was relatively close, and he could still see quite clearly.

Seeing that Fairy Bi had no conflict with the Conferred Gods who was sitting here, Su Ping felt a little relieved. If there is a real disturbance, he can only let Fairy Bi leave first. Anyway, there are shops sheltered, and these Conferred Gods cannot. However, if you really dare to attack the door, once you step into the store field, you really can't tell who will die...

Without any worries, Su Ping continued to practice.

Even if his name is called later, he is too lazy to participate, and will be sentenced to abstention when the time is up.

Su Ping called out the little skeleton and merged with it.

The small skeleton is small and exquisite, and it hasn't caused much movement when it is summoned. After all, its aura is very low.

With little skeletons to guard against, Su Ping can immerse himself in the practice with peace of mind.

"The first star map was outlined previously. The three gods star map focuses on killing and killing, which can make the star power contain terrible destructive properties. This destructive power can even cause general rule powers in the absence of rules. Destruction, it seems that the pure star power already contains some mysterious rules, even more terrifying power than the rules."

"The second star map is the eight or nine star map."

Su Ping's mind was immersed in the cultivation. The Chaos Star tried to be the first exercise given by the system. The exercise was also the core of the practitioner, and the foundation of the foundation would not be changed easily.

Since the system wants to cultivate him, most of this technique is very top-notch, beyond Su Ping's imagination.

Su Ping has long felt the difficulty of this cultivation technique, and now he has mastered the first star map, the star power in his body has exploded dozens of times, and once again rises above the limit of the Destiny Realm, reaching an unbelievable point, purely from the star. In terms of strength, Su Ping felt that he was one of the best in the universe in the same order.

If he can master this second star map, Su Ping feels that his combat power will be doubled again, not even simply doubled, and will reach a more terrifying point. It is estimated that even if it is the star master realm, he will be Have the courage to face it!

Even if the power of the Star Master Realm is an extra-dimensional blow to him, he can still catch it!


Su Ping placed a star power barrier around his body to isolate all detection, and sat inside to practice.

The cells in his body rotate like stars, pushing out extremely strong energy, and slowly outline the star map under the control of his mind.

However, the speed of this outline is extremely slow. This star map has a very strong repulsive force. It cannot be completed by arranging the cells in the body into a star map. It is necessary to understand a certain balance in this repulsive force. When the balance is reached, the star map It will be stable, even if he doesn't need to maintain it with his mind, it can be as solid as gold.

When Su Ping was practicing.

The outside game is still going on.

As the eleventh round of the game began, more people accumulated to ten victories and got tickets for promotion. Among the 639 first batch of ten victories, dozens of eleven victories emerged. , The record is far ahead of others.

"He really didn't sprint."

In a certain competition area, the Wooden Sword Boy looked at the game that was about to end and saw Su Ping's matchup. Su Ping's name today is bleak, indicating that he has lost.

But the young wooden sword knew that Su Ping would not lose, and should have abandoned the game.

After all, the opponent that Su Ping matched today was just an eight-win guy. His performance was quite satisfactory. From the perspective of the Wooden Sword Boy, he could easily solve it by drawing his sword by himself.

Such a person cannot defeat Su Ping.

"Did he care about 15 wins?"

Others in the five major colleges also noticed Su Ping, and immediately guessed Su Ping's thoughts, all sighed and regretted.

They still want to see how Su Ping sprints to 15 wins. They believe that Su Ping has this ability, unless Su Ping is very lucky and encounters the top genius here one after another and consumes his state.

After all, if this guy with the posture of the gods can't win 15 wins, then who is okay here?

"Does he want to retain his strength and win the next championship..." Someone came up with such an idea, and it became more and more possible.

Su Ping is saving effort and wants to get the reward of the galaxy champion.

After all, there are substantial rewards, and 15 wins are just a gimmick.

"Maybe he just doesn't care about such a gimmick, so he doesn't bother to participate?" There are also people who speculate about Su Ping's mentality. Before Su Ping could hold back the apprentice of the Magic Hunter, such a person would not be easily shaken by fame and wealth.

When the minds of the people in the five major colleges fell on Su Ping, the other geniuses who were promoted in the audition were fighting with each other and collecting information about each other.

Although they are geniuses, extremely proud and conceited, they are not stupid.

What's more, there are Conferred Gods watching from above, the lords of the galaxy are sitting here, blindly showing strength, and may not be favored by Conferred Gods. The greatest enemy of genius is not danger, but arrogance!

time flies.

In a blink of an eye, the fifteen rounds of sea elections ended one after another.

There are 32 players who have won 15 victories. These 32 players are also considered to be the top players in this competition, and they will definitely be able to enter the top 100.

The Wood Sword Boy, Long Di, and others were not among the 15 victories.

Seeing that Su Ping has not sprinted for 15 wins, they are also lacking in interest, as if they feel that this title has no gold content.

"Good risk, almost lost."

In the Fifth Division, a young girl looked a little pale. Just today, she barely won ten victories and qualified for promotion.

She turned her eyes and looked at somewhere in the competition area, where a nest of star power silk was floating, and she knew who was inside.

"He easily won ten victories, but I was almost eliminated. I want to enter the top 100, basically hopeless, is this our gap..."

Yuan Linglu had a bitter face. She walked out of Blue Star, and detected that her Thunder System combat body was an extremely rare type in Xiumia Academy, and was cultivated by the Academy.

In this game of geniuses, the instructor of the academy also told her that she was just here to hone her. Don't have too much pressure. It's the best to be promoted, and it's okay if you can't. After all, a momentary victory can't determine a lifetime.

But she still didn't want to lose.

Compared with the geniuses in the academy, she started very backward and wasted too much time on the Blue Star!

But she is still ahead of many geniuses in the academy, which is also her proud capital.

However, the moment she saw Su Ping, all of her pride fell apart.

Also growing up in a barren place like Blue Star, Su Ping was also delayed for a very long time, but after entering the starry sky, she walked to a place out of reach of her in a short time.

Only then did she realize that the so-called barren environment cannot limit genius.

In other words, limit monsters.

This guy is a real monster, a monster that is hard to come out for thousands of years!

"I can't compare with him. Fortunately, I'm considered the starry sky..." Yuan Linglu's eyes flashed for a moment, and she withdrew her gaze. She had given up the idea of comparing with Su Ping, the only thing that made her feel better was Compared with other people, she is still very good, being able to enter the ten thousand names, has exceeded the prediction of her mentor.

15 rounds of audition are over.

The long audition competition, fierce competition in ten divisions, has temporarily come to an end.

Next is the people who advance, really fight, and compete for the top 100 trials.

Those who can enter the top 100 will receive great rewards and benefits, and will be completely famous in Sylvie, because they will represent the galaxy and go to battle to compete with the top geniuses in the entire universe.

In the end, the one that stands out will be expected to enter the total arena, which is the entire universe and the federation, covering every galaxy!

Even if it shows up on it, only one percent of people remember it, which is countless hundreds of millions of people.

This fame is extremely terrifying. In any era, fame can be transformed into wealth.

And when the wealth accumulates to a certain amount, it is even stronger than the combat power, and it can hire and drive some strong people to fight, including the Star Realm can be sent!

After all, star owners also need to cultivate materials, and wealth can be converted into various exchangeable small resources, and then use these hard currencies to buy some scarce resources, but the conversion rate is low, and a lot of money will be wasted, but the money is too large. Are you still afraid of waste?

You are not polite, if the wealth of the entire federation is gathered together, even the life of the gods can be bought!

"The next selection, is the first level a survival battle?"

Su Ping woke up from his practice. In this silent practice, he was still groping for the second star map. Although there were some small gains, it was impossible to outline the second star map in one go.

During a virtual online tour, Su Ping learned about the rules of the next game.

At this time.

Above the Void Continent, a figure appeared. This figure was as bright as the sun, attracting all eyes.

The special breath that exudes seems to have a very special ability that can make everyone look at him involuntarily.

"First of all, congratulations to all the candidates, your performance is very good, you did not let me down."

Hai Tuo stood high in the sky with a smile on his face, and said, "The next selection will be held in three days. To ensure fairness, you must not leave this continent. You can have a good rest these three days."

Hearing the words of this ruler in charge of the entire galaxy, countless people looked in awe.

They knew about the rules of the next game a long time ago and didn't care too much.

On the contrary, being able to admire a conferred **** made many people feel excited.

"Next, those who have passed the promotion will leave their names on Star Peak, and your names will be spread throughout Sylvie!"

"Xingfeng will not fall, the legend will not end!"

Hai Tuo raised his hand and pointed, a gap suddenly cracked in the sky above the mainland, and a huge mountain peak slowly rose from it.

This mountain can be much higher than Mount Everest, the mountain is majestic, towering like a pagoda.

There are smooth stone walls everywhere on Xingfeng, with names recorded on them. Each name contains a special power. When you perceive your mind, you can see the virtual figure revealed on the name, which is exactly the person's appearance.

Seeing this sacred peak that carries countless honors and past geniuses, the eyes of all contestants light up slightly.

Those who lose the election are all regretful and envious.

Those who have only won nine wins are saddened.

"let's start."

With a light push on Hai Tuo's palm, Xingfeng came to the center of the mainland. At this time, the seals of the continents of each competition area were loosened, and those who were eligible for promotion were free to fly away.

Those who have not obtained the qualifications can also fly out of the continent, but no one dares to fly to Xingfeng to leave a name.

No one has the courage to engage in a ghost under the eyes of a conferred god.

Su Ping didn't feel much about this ritual, but it was a grand event in a huge galaxy after all, and some ritual things were also normal. He flew out and headed towards Xingfeng.

With regard to the matter of leaving a name for Xingfeng, countless people in the entire Sylvie galaxy have a special sentiment. At this moment, seeing those who are promoted go to leave a name, they are all excited, as if they are themselves.

In all parts of the continent, there are transmission channels, which can directly come to the front of the star peak.

Su Ping came to the Xingfeng, and randomly found the stone wall and engraved his name, feeling that the Xingfeng seemed to contain special rules, and it should be the power of the gods.

Perhaps this mountain is immortal, or it is something similar to a secret treasure.

After leaving his name, Su Ping returned to the competition area and continued to practice.

Others were far less calm than Su Ping. They chose to find the best place when they left their names. They were also quite excited after leaving their names, even if it was the Dragon Emperor and King Osron, when they left their names. It also changed from the past calm, or smiled coldly, or his eyes shone slightly.

When everyone was left with their names, Xingfeng glowed with a divine light and was taken away by Hai Tuo.

Next comes the three-day rest period.

Although the Void Continent does not alternate between day and night, these three days are calculated according to federal time.

The audience outside, these three days can only watch the replays of the game, these replays are all contest fragments of the selected candidates.

In addition, all platforms are speculating and analyzing the favorites around this matter.

These things have no effect on Su Ping. He just wants to go back to the shop to practice, but the mainland is blocked and he can only continue to practice in the competition area.

Most of the other contestants, who failed or advanced, were in groups and discussed together.

Some are recuperating.

"It's finally over. Although I failed, I feel less pressured."

"You are under the pressure of wool, and you only win five wins. You already knew that you were going to be eliminated."

"I don't know who won the championship this time, so hurry up and bet. I feel that there are a few guys in our region who have the potential to win the championship. They didn't show real strength at all, and even the hot list ignored them."

"In the following games, we can only be spectators."

With the end of the audition, many of the failed students were sent out one after another by the star masters in charge of each competition area, allowing them to leave the Void Continent.

Each back to each house.

In the Void Continent, only those who advanced were left.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye. On the third day, Hai Tuo flew over the mainland. He suddenly raised his hand and swiped. In an instant, the entire continent trembled like the sky and the earth.

Su Ping, who was practicing, woke up, immediately looked outside, and suddenly found that the fifth division below, or the fifth continent, was moving!

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