Astral Pet Store Chapter 885

Chapter 982: Dread (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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The entire void continent was trembling, and the ten vast and boundless continents were controlled by a mighty force at this moment, gathered together, and gradually, from ten to one, became a whole continent.

There are endless seas outside the continent.

Countless people before the live broadcast of various media were shocked. This is the power of the Conferred God that they have seen with their own eyes. It is terrible!

In front of the Conferred God, the heavens and the earth are renewed, and the planets are destroyed, it seems that it is just a matter of raising their hands!

"This is Fengshen Realm!"

"It's no wonder that I am called a god, and I call myself a god!"

"The gods in the mythology, right? God said that there must be light, there is light, and God said that there is land, so he raised his hand to create land..."


It was not only ordinary people who shocked them, but those pet masters in the Star Master Realm were also awed in their hearts, admired and looked forward to in their eyes.

This is the realm they are pursuing!

With ten continents united into one, a new round of challenges has begun.

Through the official rules announced in advance, everyone knows that all previous advancers will appear at the same time and fight in this merged continent!

This time, 90% will be eliminated directly!

Decide to win a thousand people, and then compete for 100 places to play!

This is a cruel knockout, extremely harsh. Compared with the previous 15 rounds of audition, it can only be considered mild, fair and orderly, but this time it is pure chaos!

Even a genius with strong combat power, if he is besieged, will be out early!

What is being tested here is not only combat power, but also connections, hidden skills, and comprehensive abilities in all aspects!

After all, the geniuses selected from here not only have to be strong enough, but these geniuses will only step out of these mild and fair arenas in the future, explore the universe, and explore some dangerous mysteries.

Until then, where is fairness?

If you don't know how to survive, you are not worthy to live!

"In the survival battle, each person receives an identity card and can plunder other's identity cards. For each identity card, one point is counted to reach 10 points, and if you survive to the end, you will be considered to have passed the test!"

"Survival test time, 180 federal hours!"

"Everyone, please line up to receive it."

As a star master stood out and read the rules, a series of star master realms appeared in front of the area where all the advanced players were located. They followed the starry sky realm around them, like attendants, holding the identity card box.

"Sure enough, 9,000 people will be eliminated this time!"

"Maybe more, encounter some ruthless characters."

No one has any objections to the rules of the competition system, and they have been used in the past.

Countless people before the live broadcast were extremely nervous and expectant. Some people still took part in betting, but the players they bet on may be popular in individual matches, but in such chaotic battles, everything It's all variables.

"Finally started moving!"

"It's time to clean up the trash."

Waiting for the competition area, some geniuses shot cold light in the eyes, and some began to move their muscles and bones, quite satisfied with this competition system.

Soon, everyone stepped forward one after another to receive their own identity cards.

This identity card is a silver sign with their respective names on it, the material is extremely special, and it is covered with a special power that cannot be detected.

Su Ping felt that the power on this brand seemed to be the power of faith.

But it seems that through a special technique, the power mode has been slightly changed. With this power coverage, this identity card is extremely hard, and it is estimated that even if he hits it with a punch, it may not be able to destroy it.

"Now, enter the competition zone!"

As a star master spoke, a thick mist suddenly spread across the Ten Continents, covering various places. Soon, the entire continent was shrouded in the mist, and the mountains and rivers were covered, making it impossible to see clearly.

Throughout the Ten Continents, there are passages that can be entered at will.

Su Ping was about to enter. He put the identity card into the storage space, but found that he could not put it in. The power covered by the identity card prevented the identity card from entering other spaces.

Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he suddenly understood that at a certain moment, this identity card would probably release something like a signal to stimulate the battle inside.

Sure enough, this format has begun to move.


Suddenly, two figures flew over. It was Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna. The two came to Su Ping, Kleishabeth immediately said: "Brother Su, can we be together?"

Ibetta Luna also looked at Su Ping expectantly.

Although the two of them are strong, if it is a personal battle, they are confident that they can squeeze into the top 100, but this is a mixed chaos. If they are besieged by other colleges, they are expected to lose quickly.


Su Ping glanced at the two of them, did not refuse, only said: "If you encounter danger, I may not protect you."

The two looked at each other, and Kleishabeth immediately said, "Brother Su, don't worry, we will never hinder you. If you really encounter a danger that you can't resist, you can just leave."

He thought to himself, if someone could even threaten you, then we can only surrender.

Ibetta Luna thought the same way, without disagreement.

Su Ping didn't say any more when he saw this, and chose a passage with them to enter.

In the distance, several people from the Amir Academy gathered around King Osron. At this moment, seeing Su Ping and Kleishabeth enter, they all looked at Greos.

"Go, let's go in too."

Greos' eyes flashed and he flew to another place. Although the Ten Continent Continent was currently covered by fog and could not see the situation inside, he still subconsciously wanted to stay away from Su Ping.

Although very unconvinced, very upset, but now is an important game, he does not want to eliminate early.

On the other side, the wooden sword boy also noticed the passage that Su Ping had entered, frowned, and immediately moved away from here, entering from another entrance.

At the same time, in other places, Saint King, Queen Bihai and others gathered around a group of people from Xiumia Academy. After seeing the direction Su Ping had entered, he hesitated for a moment and chose another channel.

"Although we can join forces to fight him, it is not necessary." The Empress Bihai whispered.

"This kind of hard bones should be kept till the end." Saint King agreed.

This time, he and Bihai Queen, an old opponent in the academy, were able to join forces, enough to sweep the entire competition area, even the dragon emperor who met the Dragon Tomb Academy, or the descendant of the sword god, were not afraid at all, but only I was a little afraid of this mysterious guy with the posture of a god, and he didn't want to face it head-on.


In the distance, the Dragon Emperor noticed Su Ping's movements and other people's movements, and suddenly snorted, but still led the people of the Dragon Tomb Academy to avoid their sharp edges.

This scene happened quietly between the five colleges. Someone who watched the live broadcast noticed, but ignored Su Ping. Instead, they thought that the five colleges were afraid of each other and chose to distance themselves.

After this detail was discovered, it quickly became a hot topic.

Before long, all the contestants entered the ten continents. At the same time, the countdown to survival began.

The fog that permeated the mainland gradually dissipated and began to reveal the appearance of the mainland.

The previous fog cover is to avoid those who enter first, seize the advantage, and attack those who enter later, which is also a kind of fair protection.

"it has started."

Hai Tuo flew back to the outside of the hall from a high altitude, and said with a smile.

Both the shadow and the phantom Hunting God looked calm, watching the situation in the continent.

After the fog dissipated, the actions of the people who entered the mainland were all clearly shown in the live media.

But when the continent merged, some strange areas appeared. In some places, dark cracks appeared, like deep space, and in some places, there was red mist, which could isolate and detect.

In addition, there are more monsters on the mainland, all of which belong to the starry sky realm.

At this moment, these monster beasts were flying around in the mainland. They were released from space by Hai Tuo, just like getting out of a cage, facing the surrounding vast area, they were obviously excited, and they flew around.

"So many starry sky realm monsters are too scary."

"This is a game, it's life-killing!"

"It's difficult to fight against these monsters alone, and beware of other contestants. It is a comprehensive test of combat power and character!"

Before the media broadcast, countless people were both worried and excited.

Somewhere in the mainland, Su Ping, Kleishabeth and others stood in the void. As the mist dissipated, Su Ping immediately released perception. Previously, the mist completely blocked perception and could not penetrate. This was the method of the Conferred God.

At this moment, with the release of perception, Su Ping found that his perception was hindered. Although there was no fog, the surrounding space seemed to be compressed. As a result, the range of his perception was significantly reduced dozens of times, barely more than what can be seen by the naked eye. A little bit further away.

Of course, this is also because of his extremely strong physique and his visual vision far exceeds that of the same level.

But its not always the case.

"Sure enough, perception was blocked."

"This is to blindfold our eyes and let us fight each other!"

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna both tried, and they couldn't help looking around, their perceptions were more compressed, and it was better to observe them with the naked eye.

"Since time is limited, let's go find someone." Su Ping said.

Since it is destined to be a Gu refining game, he can become the Gu King among them.

"Will it be too dangerous to walk around?" Kleishabeth was a little bit worried, "Before outside, I saw many people have formed cliques, some people formed groups, as many as hundreds of people. They want to kill the other contestants first, and finally solve them internally."

"Stay here, you will be hit, if you can't beat it, just run." Su Ping said.

Klassabeth erred, and smiled wryly.

Ibetta Luna next to me said: "I agree, anyway, there will be competition sooner or later. Even if you hide to the end, it won't help if you don't have points. If there are too many people, we will withdraw."

Seeing that she said so, Kleishabeth didn't say much, and he knew that the decision-making power of the three of them was in Su Ping's hands.

"Then go."

Su Ping said.

If he really wants to escape, he feels that he should be able to get rid of a lot of people, so he is not afraid of crowds.

Just when they were about to leave, Su Ping suddenly saw several figures flying in the distance, he immediately stopped and said, "Here is someone, ready to grab it."

Klassabeth and Ibetta Luna were both shocked, and immediately followed Su Pings gaze. They quickly saw a figure appearing in their vision. Both of them were shocked. They saw it with the naked eye, but before and after It took a second or two to see that Su Ping's perception was stronger than them by at least a second or two.

Combined with the opponent's speed, this range is a bit larger!

"Snatch it directly?" Kleishabeth asked.

No one can see clearly, what should I do in case of severe stubbornness?

But as soon as this idea came out, he suddenly thought that Su Ping next to him was a stubborn dog!

This is the domineering character of a ruthless character, you can grab it when you see it, no matter who he is!


Ibetta Luna next to her reacted very quickly, and when she could see the face of the other person, she started directly.

She saw that those faces were not the powerful characters she had noticed, and immediately took the initiative, wanting to show her value.

Kleishabeth was taken aback when she saw her outrageously, and quickly put aside the mess of thoughts in her mind, and followed her out.

He can never lose to a woman.

As the two broke out, the people rushing across from the other side also noticed them and felt bad, but it was obviously more dangerous to escape, and the movement caused by the escape would attract more enemies.

"Damn, that guy seems to be the top ten boxing champion!"

"Damn, really, we are too unlucky!"

"Are we going to hand in the ID card directly, let's keep the status, and then go elsewhere to plunder?"

The few people who were preparing to face off saw Su Ping standing still, and their faces became extremely ugly.

Although Su Ping had only played ten times before, he defeated the enemy with one punch every time, showing invincible strength and becoming a popular character. Such a guy is obviously ahead of other geniuses by a big margin.

At this moment, there are two others beside Su Ping, which makes their number advantage disappear.

During a brief period of thought, Kleishabeth had already rushed in front of them, and several people could no longer think about the matter of surrendering.

"Come out."

Su Ping did not do anything, and called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, let it help.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast just flew out, and under Su Ping's order, it followed Kleishabeth and killed them.

The dragon roar shook out, and a wave of regular power accompanied the dragon's claws to tear apart the void.

Seeing Su Ping directly summoning his strongest pet to fight, Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna were both surprised, and then they were surprised. They saw Su Ping defeating the Dragon Demon with this pet. But a pet beast stronger than them!


Cooperating with the suppression of the dragon beast of the Purgatory Candle Dragon, Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna seized the opportunity and quickly defeated the opponents. Just when they were about to kill, a mysterious force appeared and turned them away. , And the identity cards on several people were also thrown out, floating in mid-air.

"They are eliminated."

Kelashabai knew the rules and looked up to the sky, where the Conferred Gods watched the battle.

This continent is covered by the power of the Conferred Gods. If the contestants are mortal, they will be transferred out. At the same time, they will lose their identity cards and lose their qualifications.

"Here is another person."

Su Ping saw that the battle was easily resolved, without any accident, suddenly frowned and turned to look at one place.

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