Astral Pet Store Chapter 886

Chapter 983: Taboo Mountain (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Hearing Su Ping's words, Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna, who had just ended the battle, were shocked. Looking along Su Ping's eyes, they immediately saw several figures galloping over, a total of eight people!


"Reply immediately!"

Seeing the number of people clearly, both their complexions changed, and they turned out the healing medicines and took them quickly, regardless of hiding their clumsiness.

Soon, the aura of the two returned to their peak again and flew to Su Ping's side.

"It's Heller!"

"This guy is the best in the sea selection, climbing up to 12th in the hot list, it's a hard bone!"

Kleishabai's face changed. When he was about to ask Su Ping how to respond, he heard Su Ping speak, with only one word:



The roar that threatened the sky suddenly sounded, and the huge body of the purgatory candle dragon beast galloped out, as if to cover the world. On the red-purple dragon body, thunder flashed on the purple scales, and flames and golden divine light throbbed on the red scales. Shrouded, looks extremely brave.


The two were shocked, a little confused, they just grabbed it without saying anything? !

Ibetta Luna reacted. As the strongest inheritor of the Knight King family, although she is a woman, she has a **** blood in her bones that is not inferior to her. She brazenly drew her gun and shouted, "Kill!"

Beside her, Mo Ying Zhuo Zhuo, several demon-type battle pets appeared. As the ancient family of knight kings, they mastered the special secret skills of restraining the demon-type monsters, and were able to pack the demon-type to be subdued.

With the fit, Ibetta Luna exuded devilish energy, and took the lead.

Kleishabai was startled, his face quickly became serious, and he also called out his own battle pet, came first, and caught up with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.


On the opposite side, Heller led the seven to gallop, and the sudden roar shocked the eight of them.

When the reaction came over, I saw several figures that were killed on the face.

"That's... a student from the Amir Royal Academy?"

"That's right, that is Kleishabeth, the third guy in this year's emperor's list, and he was also the first batch of people to enter the ten wins!"

Heller, who was standing in the center, looked calm, and said coldly: "Give this guy to me, that woman and that dragon beast, you can clean up, there is a guy watching the battle in the distance, who cant see who it is, but no It's in the way, since I don't dare to do anything, I should be a coward."

"it is good!"

When the seven people next to him heard him say this, they all breathed a sigh of relief and immediately agreed.

If Kleishabeth, who was most frightened by them, was dragged by Heller, it would be more than enough for the other seven to besiege the woman and the dragon beast.

Although they have Heller as the core, it does not mean that they are all young people. At any rate, they are the ones who can accumulate ten victories to enter the promotion match. Isn't it time to wait?

Seven battles and one, even Heller could not bear it!

The battle broke out in an instant, Heller merged with his battle pet dragon beast and rushed towards Kleishabeth first.

The following seven rushed towards Ibetta Luna and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, but at this moment, there was a roar like a dragon roaring out of the abyss.

An immense dragon will rule over the world and suppress everything.

Heller, who was rushing towards Kleishabeth, his face suddenly changed, and there was a moment of loss and fear in his eyes.

The other seven people were even more unbearable, caught off guard, all dumbfounded.

Although this deterrence only lasted for a very short time, Ibetta Luna had seized the opportunity and instantly killed one person and defeated him. When the spear was about to penetrate her body, the latter was transferred and disappeared, leaving only the identity card.

The others reacted with shock and anger. They didn't expect this dragon beast to be so terrifying.

Just now, they seemed to have seen the sea of blood on the corpse mountain and the giant dragon standing in front of the sky, covering the sky and the sun. This deterrence contained the unique spiritual impact of the dragon clan, and it was extremely deterrent to other lower creatures.

"As expected of Brother Su's strongest battle pet!"


Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna were also shocked by the power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, but they were very excited soon. With Su Ping swept in the back, they could fight as much as they wanted.

You know, this purgatory candle dragon beast is a master at the level of the dragon demon!

In this entire competition, the Dragon Demon belonged to the first-class level, and the only ones who could overwhelm him were the top evil spirits of the Dragon Emperor and the descendants of the Sword God.

"What a strong dragon beast!"

"This is the favorite of that boxing champion?"

"I thought the boxing king would take the shot himself, but I didn't expect to only send my own pet to the battle."

Through the live broadcast, countless people who followed Su Ping saw this scene, shocked and excited.

On the blue star.

Ji Yuanfeng, Qin Duhuang, Xie Jinshui and the others were all excited when they saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon shot.

For this dragon beast, they can be said to have grown up.

Used to be the mascot and watchdog in front of the Suping shop.

Now in this vast cosmic federation, there is also the power of roaring the stars to deter geniuses and evildoers!

"Following Boss Su, this Tier 9 dragon beast can actually reach this point!"

"Boss Su actually didn't abandon it and replace it with another battle pet. The relationship between them is too good, right?"

"Boss Su runs a pet animal shop. Have you noticed that the few battle pets that Boss Su used at the beginning seem to have been following him."

"Can't bloodlines limit the strength of a battle pet? No wonder I heard someone say that when the emotional bond between the battle pet and the owner is high enough, the battle pet will have a special evolution, which can surpass the bloodline barrier!"

Everyone was very excited and sighed, and they also had a different understanding of the pet.

This purgatory candle dragon beast is a local battle pet of Blue Star. They all know that it is only a ninth-order bloodline. It is not worth mentioning in the starry sky. Even as legends, they have no interest in this kind of battle pet, but Su Ping took it out in this top event in the universe, giving it a dazzling brilliance.

Fighting broke out everywhere in the void continent.

Su Pings battle here only attracted the attention of some people, but this part of the population is also extremely large. After all, people in the entire galaxy pay attention to the entire event. Only certain adventurers are still exploring the dangerous places in the universe day and night, and there is no time to pay attention to them. .

A few minutes later.

Heller, who was fighting fiercely with Kleisabel, suddenly roared, bursting out a group of dazzling divine power, forcing Kleisabel to retreat. He looked at the seven defeated people next to him, his face was extremely ugly, and said angrily: " I will remember this account!"

At the same time, he turned and fled without hesitation.

It doesn't make sense to stay here. That woman should not be underestimated. Although her combat power is not as strong as Kleishabeth, she is also very strong, and the dragon beast is even more terrifying!

Kleishabai's face changed, and he roared: "Stop!"

He wanted to catch up, but Heller tore the void and broke into the third layer of space in an instant.


At this moment, time suddenly stopped. Heller, who had drilled into the third dimension, stopped unexpectedly. His pupils stared extremely wide, full of fear.

At the same time, a figure appeared in front of him, silently, just like this stretched out his hand to press on his face.

That hand contains extremely terrifying destructive power, it seems to destroy his body, that is the aura of rules!

Heller's heart was beating wildly, and he was about to scream out in horror. He felt that his own rules were melting away, and he was suppressed!

will die! will die!

His brain keeps reflecting this information!

But he couldn't act, and the surrounding space was solidified. This is a rule force that crushes him, and it is an extremely difficult space rule to comprehend!

The next moment, Heller's body was transferred. The moment Su Ping's palm touched, his body disappeared, and then an identity card fell into the void.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, picked up the identity card, and then returned to the outside world.

"what happened?"

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna were shocked. They only saw that the space was imprisoned, and then the Heller was transferred. Only when he suffered a mortal attack would he be transferred, that is to say, just shrouded. The power of the Conferred God in this continent, judged that he was bound to die just now!

"Is this his power, so strong that I can't understand it?" Klei Shabai's heart was stormy, and Su Ping's figure in his heart became more and more majestic and terrifying.

"Let's go, continue to find people."

Su Ping raised his hand and put away the identity cards of this place. With the addition of the previous ones, he had already accumulated ten identity cards, plus one of his own.

Simply put, he only needs to plunder the identity cards of nine people to qualify!

But Kleisabel and the others followed them, and they also helped a little earlier. Su Ping felt that they could help them by the way and collect enough identity cards.

Kleishabai was stunned, and hurriedly responded.

Thinking that Heller, who had just fought with him for hundreds of rounds, didn't even have the power to escape in front of Su Ping, he couldn't raise any thoughts of questioning Su Ping's words.

This is definitely the most ruthless character here!

The posture of conferring god... as if it were!

As Su Ping took the initiative to solve Heller, this scene was seen by countless people. Suddenly, countless people watching the live broadcast were boiling, which made some people who pay attention to other contestants also attracted.

Heller's previous performance was very good, and he was also a figure on the hot list. At this moment, he is in front of Su Pian and has no strength to fight back. This gap is too exaggerated!

Moreover, many people discovered that this time Su Ping did not punch, but used power that they didn't understand.

A star master stood up and analyzed, saying that Su Ping used the rules of space and had a very deep understanding. Only then could Heller who escaped be restrained and crushed.

With the end of this battle, Su Ping's name appeared on the online hot list, ranking eighth!

Su Ping's previous battles were all done with one punch, showing a very strong foundation. At this moment, he revealed a terrible space rule, and he was immediately ready to win the championship!

Soon after Su Ping was on the hot list to win the championship, his ranking dropped several places to 11th.

In other parts of the mainland, several fierce battles broke out one after another, which soon attracted the attention of most people.

Those who had won easily in the sea elections at this moment have shown different strengths in this survival battle. In one of the battles, the two top strong players on the hot list gathered and fought earth-shattering and released. The battle favorites and their own secret techniques quickly raised their worth to the forefront of the championship hot list.

The endless explosions made countless viewers excited.

time flies.

One hour later, Su Ping had already encountered five waves of enemies, and one of them was a lone traveler. He was extremely powerful, not much different from Heller, but was forced by Kleishabeth to escape. In the end, under Su Ping's shot, he didn't even have a chance to escape and was directly suppressed and kicked out.

In terms of combat power alone, this person definitely has the hope of being in the top 100.

No matter how bad it is, it will be at least in the top 200.

But now, he was kicked out less than an hour into the survival battle.

"Your identity cards are enough."

After several snatches, the identity cards accumulated by Kleisabel and Ibetta Luna have also accumulated to ten dollars. All three of them are considered complete and qualified for the survival battle. The next step is to survive the 180 federation.


Hearing Su Ping's words, both of them nodded, a little excited and delighted.

Although they spent a lot of battles several times and received some minor injuries, they were still very relaxed in general. When encountering dangerous situations, Su Ping would help them, and they had no worries.

Just an hour after arriving, they collected enough identification cards, and the two were quite happy.

Like Heller and the proud lone traveler, the fighting strength is not inferior to Kleishabeth, but they were all thrown out of the game early, which also made the two feel fortunate that it was right to follow Su Ping.

Otherwise, although the two of them are good in strength, they may be kicked out early when they encounter other ruthless characters.

Especially when encountering the Dragon Emperor and the descendant of the sword god, or the holy king of Xiumia, these are the guys who are hostile to their Amir Royal Family Academy, and they will never be soft here.

"Find a place to rest."

Su Ping said.

He saw a mountain, not high, four to five hundred meters, quite steep, green hills and green cypresses, and flew past.

When he came to the top of the mountain, Su Ping wiped his palm, and the rocky and weedy mountain top was smoothed, as if it had been cut by a blade. The cuts were extremely neat, exposing the smooth rock of the mountain.

Su Ping floated down and sat down to rest on the top of the mountain.

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna were both startled, and looked at each other, unexpectedly Su Ping chose to rest.

With Su Ping's combat power, if you plunder everywhere, you can definitely collect a huge number of identity cards, and it is possible to accumulate hundreds of dollars!

"Are you going to reserve your strength to win the championship..."

The two of them quickly guessed, glanced at each other tacitly, and silently followed Su Ping to sit down on the top of the mountain.

Anyway, the ID card has been accumulated enough, and then just wait for the time to pass.

"Brother Su, since I am here for a short break, I have some good wines and delicacies. Would you like to try it?" Kleishabeth saw that the top of the mountain was barren and desolate, smiled and took out some comfortable cushions, tables and chairs, and a large portion. Grilled meat and fine wine.

Su Ping took a look and said with a smile: "You are fully prepared, so drink some."

Seeing Su Ping's consent, Klaishabai smiled more heartily, and immediately sent Su Ping a pot of fine wine from his own collection.

Ibetta Luna next to her raised her eyebrows slightly and said: "I also have a good wine, which is made by the master of our family-run wine shop. It tastes mellow and I wonder if Brother Su would like it."

After speaking, with a wave of his hand, a bottle of fine wine flew out.

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