Astral Pet Store Chapter 887

Chapter 984: Paichengshan (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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With a bang, Su Ping flicked the bottle of fine wine, unceremoniously, and poured a glass for both of them.

"It's so fragrant!"

Kleisabel drank it in one sip, with endless aftertaste, and his face was intoxicated.

Ibetta Luna next to her looked at Su Ping, and when she saw Su Ping's satisfaction, the smile on her face became more charming.

The three of them occupy the mountain as king here, eat and drink, and enjoy fine wine. This scene was broadcast live to the entire galaxy, which immediately stunned the countless people who watched them.

This is a survival battle, these three guys, even if they accumulate enough identity cards, they should hide carefully!

"Do they think this is stable?"

"I'm too courageous. Look, someone is passing towards them on the east side. They can't detect it!"

"There are also people on the west side, and they will run into them soon."

The audience can jump to the screen to see the battle on the entire void continent, grasping the "God Vision", and immediately see that Su Ping and the three are about to fall into crisis, and they still don't know it, they are still talking and laughing, making people watch Frightened.


On the top of the mountain, Su Ping, who was eating meat and drinking, suddenly raised his eyebrows. Looking to the west, he saw a dozen figures galloping forward. Two of them seemed to be injured. There was a **** smell on a group of people. Obviously they had experienced battles before. .

"There are enemies!"

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna stopped quickly, pulled out their weapons, and looked to the west warily.

At this time, the people on the west side also saw Su Ping. One of them seemed to recognize Su Ping and immediately raised his hand. Everyone's speed dropped sharply and stopped far.

"That guy is the champion on the hot list!"

"I didn't expect to meet a tough guy here, boss, what should I do?"

"There are only three of them. If they really want to fight, we may not be afraid!"

"Look at them, they are actually setting up a banquet here, eating and drinking, who are the other two guys, are they wanting to die?"

"It's too arrogant. Sure enough, the rules of this survival battle are right. Those who have power are just brash men. They dare to be so high-profile here. I don't know how to write death words!"

More than a dozen people are calmly looking at Su Ping, some are jealous, but some have sharp eyes and want to fight.

The young man in the middle frowned, thinking for a moment, he shook his head and said, "Forget it, the survival battle has just begun. These guys dare to eat and drink here. They must have some cards, and spend their great efforts to **** their identity cards. not worth it!"


"Even if you win, there are only three identity cards, not enough to stuff your teeth."

When other people saw this, they quickly weighed in and quickly agreed with the young man's statement.

Rather than gnawing on these three hard bones, it is better to find a soft persimmon. At any rate, he is a boxing champion on the hot list. No one has seen his true strength in the previous games. This kind of hard-boned identity card, there is no need to go. grab.

After discussion, a dozen people, led by the youth, turned and left, and flew in other directions.

This scene fell in the eyes of the audience in front of the media, and countless people were dumbfounded. They did not expect this group of people, obviously the number of people to dominate, and actually chose to give in!


Soon, those boxing champions who had been attracted by Su Ping's performance suddenly burst into excitement and cheers.

This is the deterrence of the champion!

Not long after, another group of people flew over to the east. The group also saw Su Ping and recognized him.

After all, they are the top ten people on the hot list. Almost all contestants know the top faces of the hot list and regard them as strong enemies.

"It's the champion!"

"It's so arrogant, I actually have wine and drinks here!"

"Did they have accumulated enough ID cards?"

"It is estimated that it is. Otherwise, if you see us, you will definitely take the initiative. In this way, the three of them have at least 30 identity cards..."


"It doesn't matter whether he is the best boxer or not, because we are crowded, we are all in the destiny state. I don't believe that the gap can be so big!"

Soon, the thirty-member group on the east blatantly killed Su Ping.

Su Ping raised his brows slightly, swallowed a bit of juicy dragon meat in his mouth, and said, "It's a bit troublesome."

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna also saw the group of people on the east side and stood up nervously. At this moment, they heard Su Ping say the word "trouble", and their hearts sank, and their faces were slightly ugly. As expected, Is it still too careless?

"You stay here, don't let the dust in." Su Ping said to Klaishabeth.

Claesabeth, who was about to ask if he had escaped, was stunned, and said in error: "I, am I here to stay?"

It's all in this situation, so let him stay here to guard the wine and meat?

"I will come as soon as I go." Su Ping said.

In fact, he doesn't want to move, after all, the identity cards have accumulated enough, and then collect more identity cards, and there is no extra reward, on the contrary, he has to waste his hands.

But since the trouble has come, it can only be solved.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast rushed out of the whirlpool beside Su Ping, and roared out first.

Suddenly, a wave of regular power emerged on its body, forming a huge shield and golden scales, covering it.

The defensive use of this rule comes from the two dogs who stepped out behind the whirlpool.

Its figure followed closely behind and rushed out together.

Su Ping summoned the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, merged with it, and then directly killed it head-on.

After condensing the first three star map, the star power in Su Ping's body far surpassed these destiny realms. Only from the force field induction brought by the star power, Su Ping was able to judge the general level of these people.

It can be said that the combined star power of these thirty people is less than him alone.

This is the terrifying transformation brought about by the Three Gods Star Chart!


Su Ping stepped out, and the void vibrated. His feet smashed the void directly and entered the deep fourth dimension. There was a wave of spatial chaotic blades immediately around him, but these chaotic blades seemed to be guided by special forces, approaching. At that moment, Su Ping suddenly slid away around his body.

For a moment in the fourth dimension, Su Ping came to the group of people.

Breaking out of space, the sword in his hand condensed by the combination of rules and star power suddenly cut out.


Sword energy swept across, the light between heaven and earth seemed to be swallowed in an instant, surging rule power surged out, splitting and merging the space, and thunder, hurricane, destruction and holy light emerged in the surrounding space, the rules contained in this sword. , There are twenty ways!

Sword out, shocked!

When the group was about to challenge, they were shocked when they saw Su Ping appearing like a ghost. When they were about to resist, they saw Su Ping drawing a sword.

This guy, known as the boxing champion, actually uses a sword?

When that sword was slashed out, the eight people who were the first to feel the breath of death instantly felt the breath of death on their faces. The cold hairs all over their bodies were erected like scales in an instant, and the blood and bone marrow in the body were frozen, as if frozen. Extreme, I don't know if it is cold or hot.


The sword light passed, the void broke, and the fourth dimension was revealed, and there was power in the fourth dimension to relay the pictures inside to the outside world.

I saw the power of the wandering space flying in the fourth space, all shattered, and the place torn by that sword formed a short dark road, empty.

A dozen figures on both sides of Jian Qi disappeared, not being obliterated, but being turned away in an instant, leaving only a dozen identity cards in place, shaking in the air.


"Wha, what the hell?!"

The remaining dozen people were all shocked, their pupils shrunk to the extreme, almost split apart, with just one sword, there was the power to kill a dozen people in an instant? !

A dozen geniuses can be killed with a single sword, these are the top geniuses who have accumulated ten victories!

Throwing away, they are the objects of countless forces wooing them, and they will surely become the starry sky in the future, and they are expected to become the star master on the side!


Ibetta Luna, who was brazenly following Su Ping's arrival, was shocked by the horrible sight in front of her. She was stunned on the spot, and for a moment she forgot what to say.

Is the enemy's illusion attack?

She was a little dazed, suspecting that her spirit had been invaded.

In the outside world, hundreds of millions of viewers who watched the live broadcast were silent at this moment.

They knew that Su Ping was very strong. They used to solve their opponents with a single punch, and even the weapons were useless. With the mysterious boxing skills that were lost, they managed to win ten victories all the way.

But unexpectedly, Su Ping's power created by his sword at this moment is even more terrifying!

Could it be said that this is Su Ping's real ability? !


Above the Void Continent, Hai Tuo's eyes moved slightly, turning to a certain area, and when he saw the situation inside, his eyes were a little surprised, "This sword is a bit delicate!"

"Indeed, although there are still many flaws in the integration of the rules, the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm can comprehend so many rules and complete this degree of integration, which can be called first-class!"

Beside, the quiet shadow also narrowed her eyes, her expression became a little serious, staring at the place.

Although they hadn't paid attention to this place before, they were conferred gods, and their spiritual thoughts covered extremely wide, and their thoughts could turn thousands in an instant. When Su Ping broke out, they were alarmed by Su Ping.

You Ying didn't expect that she would have a moment of missteps.

However, it doesn't count as if he missed his eyes, he could only say that this little devil's head was hidden too deeply.

Compared with this sword, the previous boxing skills were obviously a deputy.

"It seems that this guy is not a student of the old boxer."

"The old boxer will never allow his students to be distracted. If you let him know that his students practice other swordsmanship or swordsmanship, I guess they will be choked to death on the spot."

"Unexpectedly, among this group of people, there is such an interesting little guy. This qualification, if it is thrown into the golden star area, it is estimated that it will be in the forefront."

Both Hai Tuo and You Ying were full of praise for Su Ping's performance.

With the cultivation base of the Heavenly Fate Realm, this step can be completed, and if it is cultivated well in the future, it is very possible to become a strong person in the Star Master Realm. If you get some more opportunities, you will have some luck, and the Conferred God will have such a glimmer of hope!

Beside them, the Magic Hunter had a very calm expression, frowned slightly, and sighed secretly in his heart. After all, he couldn't contain himself. The light of this little guy is too shining, even if only a small part of the power is exposed, it is enough to cause trouble. Little attention.

Hearing Hai Tuo and You Ying's compliment, his mouth curled slightly. If these two guys knew, this little guy could be far more capable. I wonder if he would immediately rush in to accept his disciples, regardless of his face?

"No, I have to find a way to promise him something better. By the way, I heard about what cultivation materials he is collecting..." The Hunter's eyes flashed, and he had an idea in his heart.

at the same time.

In the Void Continent, Su Ping's swordsmanship slashed, and immediately stepped out again, swinging his sword to kill the person next to him.

His figure was extremely fast, surrounded by rules, approaching a young man in a tough and brutal manner, and the rules were against the rules, directly crushing and destroying the opponent's rules, and then the sword light was like a rainbow, and his head was cut off.

The young mans eyes shrank, and even the battle pet was too late to summon, and at this moment he felt that even if summoning the battle pet was meaningless, with this terrible sense of oppression, he felt that he was not facing the same-level Destiny Realm, but the top star realm. Old monster!


The figure of this young man disappeared, leaving only an identity badge in place.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, before thinking about it, turned around to change to the next target.

The others had recovered at this moment, and their hearts were broken. Anyone who saw Su Ping's sword turn a dozen people away, leaving only the horrible scene of identity cards, would feel terrified.

But after all, they are top geniuses. In addition to their combat power, they are not badly trained in all aspects. At this moment, someone roared: "Can't retreat, join forces to kill!"

The other people's brains tightened and they all wake up. If they retreat at this time, it will only be worse, and they can only fight!

They can only hope that Su Ping's previous sword is a big move, and they can't use it anymore.

But soon they were desperate, and Su Ping waved his sword again, like autumn water, like golden flames, like a divine thunder that opened up the world, and the light of the sword instantly shone in the sky hundreds of miles in radius.

The sword light passed by, and another eight people were transferred away, leaving only the identity cards.

At this time, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou had already pounced, and Su Ping followed them with a sword to kill.


The mentality of the remaining few people collapsed, and they ran around in a panic. They didn't choose the same direction, but went their separate ways.

Su Pings expression was indifferent, and he stepped into the fourth space as if strolling in a leisurely courtyard. The space in the fourth space was deeper, only spanning tens of meters inside. When he stepped out, he appeared in the third space. In front of the young man several hundred meters out.

Seeing Su Ping who broke through from deep space, the young man showed despair on his face and begged: "I am willing to submit to you. In the next game, I will kill the enemy for you, help you charge, please go around me..."

"No need."

Su Ping refused directly, and then swept across with a sword.

The figure of the young man disappeared, leaving only a shaky identity card in place.

Su Ping took out the identity card from the third space, and then continued to hunt down.

Soon, the remaining few people were solved one after another.

There was a purgatory candle dragon beast, two dogs, and Ibetta Luna, but none of them ran away.

The previous small group collapsed in less than five minutes, and no one was left. With a wave of Su Ping's palm, the identity cards on the spot gathered together, a total of 32 pieces.

Su Ping glanced, and slammed to the foot of the mountain.

"Go, go back and drink."

Su Ping greeted him and put away the two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Ibetta Luna was stunned, a little stunned, looking at the identity cards inserted like nails at the foot of the mountain, and then at Su Ping, she couldn't help asking: "Are these identity cards either?"

"Aren't we enough?"


Ibetta Luna didn't know what to say for a while, enough was enough, but wouldn't she accumulate enough identity cards to show her power better?

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