Astral Pet Store Chapter 888

Chapter 985: End (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Seeing Su Ping's return, Klei Shabai was a little confused.

Within a few minutes, the previous group of more than 30 people was actually destroyed by Su Ping alone?

Moreover, Su Ping still uses a sword to shoot, not his previous best fist...

In other words, who can say now that Su Ping is best at boxing?

"Could it be that he used boxing before, it was just that his opponent was too weak to use swordsmanship?" Klei Shabai had guesses in his heart, becoming more bitter and sighing, the same genius, the same realm, is the gap really that big?

There are countless viewers who have the same idea as Kleisabel.

When the battle broke out, Su Ping's situation here immediately attracted the attention of countless new audiences. As the battle subsided, Su Ping's ranking quickly climbed on the championship list, and he climbed to the first place in a blink of an eye!

too strong!

The group of 30 people will be destroyed if you say it is destroyed, and everyone can see that Su Ping still has more energy!

"Boss Su is as horrible as ever!"

"Lord Lord is invincible!"

On the Blue Star, people all over the world watched this scene with enthusiasm. Even Ji Yuanfeng and Qin Duhuang's eyes burned red, full of excitement and excitement.

"Boxing king? I think he should be called the King of Swords!"

"What sword king, don't you see that the sword he uses is condensed with star power? It means that he doesn't carry a sword at all!"

"Damn, who knows what he is really good at?"

Countless people who noticed Su Ping were discussing fiercely with unprecedented enthusiasm.

During the dispute, a star master stood up and said: "This sword contains twenty rules of power. It is a multi-rule system, but it is very delicately integrated. This hand control shows that he has not reached the limit. I believe After he becomes the starry sky realm, he can hit the star main realm in a very short time!"

At this point, countless people were in an uproar.

You know, these geniuses who can accumulate ten victories to advance to the ranks are almost the limit of the Destiny Realm.

Wanting to break through to the starry sky is just a matter of thought, it is all about restraining one's own cultivation base, jumping horizontally on the edge of the limit.

This means that as long as the competition is over and Su Ping loosens his restrictions, he will immediately become the starry sky limit, and even soon, he will be the star master realm!

For other destiny realms, let alone the star master, even becoming a starry sky realm is far away, the gap is too big!

"Is this the genius who stood out from countless planets?"

"Sure enough, compared to these monsters, we don't live in a universe."

"As a starry sky, I can only say that I can't beat him..."

Su Ping's overbearing power has attracted countless attention and has also gained countless fans. In the era of the Interstellar Federation, any planet advocates the strong, and Su Ping's overwhelming posture has conquered many people.

If Su Ping endorses any product at this moment, even if it is 100 billion copies, it will be sold out instantly!

"Su, Brother Su, why did you throw away those identity cards?"

On the top of the mountain, Kleishabai swallowed in his throat, and he became cautious in speaking.

Su Ping said casually: "We don't need it. If others pass by, if they want it, we should give it to them."

Klassab was dumb, and if it was his words, he must have kept them all by himself. When the settlement was settled, he took out a large string, which was absolutely eye-catching and attracted countless lights.

"Come on, keep drinking."

Su Ping sat down and said with a smile.

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna looked at each other, sat down and accompany Su Ping to continue eating and drinking. Although this place is dangerous and there is no cover, there are ruthless people like Su Ping sitting in town, as long as you dont meet the guys on the hot list. Encirclement and suppression, there should be no threat.

"Brother Su's combat power is really far better than what I'm waiting for." Kleishabai sighed after taking a sip of wine.

Ibetta Lunas eyes flickered slightly, and she looked at Su Ping. As the blood of the Knight King family, she was always cautious and arrogant. Even if she faced people like Osron King, she would not bow her head, but The power displayed by Su Ping just now shocked her deeply, causing her to have some strange thoughts.

"Cultivate well, you can do it too." Su Ping encouraged.

Klaishabai smiled wryly, and didn't say much about this. If there is time for cultivation, what is the meaning of the word genius?

He used to comfort others in this way, but today it is his turn to be comforted.

as time flows.

Before long, someone came through this mountain and noticed Su Ping.

Some people saw Su Ping, the boxing champion, and ran away in fright, but some people were planning to suppress Su Ping because of the large number of people.

With the battles, more and more identity cards were accumulated at the foot of the mountain, like nails, stuck in the foot of the mountain.

At the beginning of the survival contest, contestants in the mainland could not enter the virtual world, and all communications were blocked, so their knowledge of Su Ping remained at the previous sea election.

But before the live broadcast, countless viewers were shocked to watch.

The identity cards at the foot of Suping Mountain have accumulated into a mountain.

There are also four to five hundred!

After all, there were seven or eight groups that came to attack Su Ping before, large and small. Among them, the larger group had more than 70 people. Among them, there were seven or eight outstanding geniuses, and three were on the hot list. The top 20, such a lineup, is definitely the top team in the survival match, and it can sweep many solo players and small groups.

But after meeting Su Ping, he was defeated without any suspense.

One person, one sword, one dragon and one dog, kill them to the point of throwing away their armor and destroying them all!

On the top of the mountain full of identity cards, Su Ping was still drinking and eating meat, chatting with Kleishabeth and others, and talking about interesting things about each planet, which enriched Su Ping's knowledge of the Federation.

"There are 120 hours left, only one-third of the time has passed."

Kleishabeth took out a mechanical watch to check the time, and said, "There seems to be significantly fewer people here now, and they should all learn to hide and hide."

"Yes, no one has been here for five hours."

Ibetta Luna nodded, and had encountered people successively before. Most of them chose to avoid after seeing Su Ping. There were enough people who were self-reliant and chose to attack, but they all paid a heavy price.

Many of them, in her opinion, definitely have the strength to enter the top 100, but at the moment they are defeated in the hands of Su Ping and are out of the game early.

"Let them pick up the identity cards at the foot of the mountain. They have to grab us and ask for trouble." Su Ping also shook his head. He had met several waves of people before, and he had asked them to pick up the identity cards at the foot of the mountain, but those people thought I was deceiving and trapped, and I insisted on rushing them, so that he had to make a move.

Klaishabai smiled bitterly. How would those contestants know that Su Ping really didnt want these identity cards. They all regarded them as frauds, and some were even more arrogant. "Wang" suppressed and made a name for himself, but all of them lost their identity cards.

When they were talking, in the distance, a young man in a purple robe was speeding along with three figures. They were a four-person team, but at the moment they were flying high in the sky, feeling a bit rampant.

"Unfortunately, I didn't meet that guy."

The young man looked around, with regret in his eyes, he wanted to find Greos.

He defeated that guy before. This time he wanted to kick the opponent out in the survival match. He couldn't understand that the opponent was a prodigal dog, and he dared to calmly pretend to be in front of him.

"Someone ahead."

Suddenly, a woman in the team said.

The woman's pupils are golden, and there are a pair of vertical pupils in the pupil, which is very strange.

Hearing this woman's words, the young man quickly asked: "How many people do you recognize?"

"Three people, one of them is the boxing champion who has been on the hot list before, and the other two are also in the top 100 on the hot list." The woman said quickly.

"Boxing champion?"

"Is it the guy who always solves the opponent with one punch? Master said that the opponent seems to be from Tianquan Mountain."

"It's a bit tricky, but if the four of us work together, can we solve it?"

All three are thoughtful and want to challenge.

But at this moment, the woman suddenly paused and stopped abruptly.


The young man in the lead was startled, and then stopped.

"No, don't go there." The woman's face changed, and she was a little shocked. "The three people have a problem. There are many identity cards under the mountain where they are..."

"A lot of ID cards?" The leader young man was taken aback, and said: "Isn't this exactly what we need? We grab all of them. Although we have enough ID cards in our hands, the more cards we grab, the more we can go back to settle the settlement. You can also let those guys see who is the strongest destiny in this galaxy!"

"Yes, there are hundreds..."

The woman's throat tightened, and her voice was a little unstable. At this moment, her pupils suddenly shrank, and her face showed incredible horror. In her golden vision, the young man drinking on the mountain suddenly Turning his head and looking at her, the young man's eyes were particularly indifferent and calm, but there was a touch of indescribable indifference and murderous intent, and his eyes were separated by thousands of miles, but they seemed to be close to her. Focused!

The other party noticed her!

How can it be? !

The golden light in the woman's eyes shrank, and the vertical pupils in her pupils suddenly disappeared, returning to a pair of brown eyes. She was shocked and hurriedly said, "Go, that person has a big problem!"

After speaking, the first one turned and rushed.

The other three people were taken aback, a little surprised, it was the first time they saw this woman was frightened like this.

The three of them didnt have time to ask more, and quickly followed them. When they ran hundreds of miles away, the leading young man couldnt help but said, What did you see?

The woman stopped then, gasping for breath, turned her head back and the golden light flashed in her pupils, and when she saw no one was chasing, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's terrible, that boxing champion is terrible!"


The three looked at each other and realized that something was wrong.

"The boxing champion is sitting on a mountain peak, piled up with identity cards under the mountain peak, at least four or five hundred! They were drinking and chatting, without any cover or avoidance. They clearly just waited for someone to hit the door and just cut it. Kill, and the other party has found me, and has noticed me from the extreme distance of my vision!"

The woman said in one breath, her tone was quick, and she seemed a little incoherent.

Hearing her words, the three of them were all stunned. The leading youth frowned and said, "Are you sure?"

With four or five hundred identity cards, could it be said that that person defeated four or five hundred people?

Even if it didn't, it would be amazing to accumulate so many identity cards.

"I am sure!"

The woman nodded with great certainty, and her face became extremely serious, "If we had just passed by, we would definitely go through a hard fight, even if we can win...it will definitely pay a heavy price, at least someone will be beaten out!"

Seeing her saying this, the three of them were silent for a while.

Can plunder four or five hundred identity cards, such a person is indeed qualified to fight out of them.

"I didn't expect that boxing champion was such a hard bone to chew. Forget it, let's take a detour." The leader frowned slightly, a little unhappy, but he chose to focus on the overall situation.

They robbed them all the way and never gave up, but at this moment they looked at Su Ping from a distance and then turned and fled. This scene was seen by countless people before the live broadcast, adding a bit of Su Ping's fierce power.

as time flows.

Those who can survive to the back have learned to avoid and hide, and move forward cautiously.

Su Ping made fewer and fewer shots, and many people saw the identity card at the foot of Su Ping Mountain from a distance, and they were scared to flee.

Those identity cards are like bones buried at the foot of a mountain, making people fearful.

In a blink of an eye, the survival game came to the end.

The last two federations.

At this time, the number of active people gradually increased. Many people hiding in the dark were unable to plunder enough identity cards. When the countdown was about to end, they had to choose to take risks.

Soon, someone looked at the identity card at the foot of Su Ping Mountain.

"It's still two yuan!"

"With only two dollars left, I can advance!"

A young man is hiding in a second space, in a group of gray shadows in the second space. This shadow is extremely vague, covering his figure, even if others fly by in the second space, it is difficult to notice. To him.

At this moment, his gaze peered at the mountain in front of him through the split pinholes.

Under that mountain are densely packed identity cards.

Struggling appeared in his eyes, hesitated again and again, his eyes looked towards the top of the mountain.

I saw the three people on the top of the mountain, all practicing cross-legged, and no one seemed to notice here.

But he knew that the identity cards at the foot of the mountain were mostly traps.

Otherwise, who gets the ID card and throws it outside and does not receive it in his pocket?

Seeing the countdown of time, the young man finally couldn't bear it, and suddenly shot. Once he shot, he broke out with all his strength, entered a state of fit, and inspired a forbidden secret skill he had mastered.


His figure flickered, like a ghost, and instantly came to the foot of the mountain, grabbed three identity cards, then turned around and flashed quickly, breaking directly into the third space.

Thousands of miles in a flash!

After he moved thousands of miles away and completely separated from the mountain, the young man switched to the second space, and his body was covered by a dark mist surging.

He looked at the three identity cards in his hand, a little shocked and unbelievable, he actually grabbed it.

There is a special energy on the identity card, which is not counterfeit at first glance.

He felt around and found that the three people on the top of the mountain hadn't chased him. He couldn't help but ecstatic. He didn't expect that he really succeeded!

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