Astral Pet Store Chapter 889

Chapter 986: Conferred Gods Gathering (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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On the top of the mountain.

Klei Shabai, who was cultivating, suddenly moved his eyes, turned his head and looked around, and saw that the identity card at the foot of the mountain was missing two pieces, and a white flame appeared in his eyes, looking into the void in the distance.

"Someone has stolen two pieces? It's really courageous."

He looked at Su Ping next to him, saw that he was still immersed in the cultivation, did not feel, and immediately did not pay attention, since he can detect, Su Ping can naturally, but Su Ping did not chase, indicating that he really did not Care about these identity cards at the foot of the mountain.

"Time is almost over. These people can only take risks. It depends on who has the courage to come here." Kleishabai's eyes flashed, and he suddenly felt that the identity card at the foot of the mountain was a symbol of courage. Those who dare to come here. People are bound to be able to take the identity cards they need, depending on whether they have such courage.

Before the live broadcast, countless viewers saw it and talked in surprise.

"The boxing king actually ignored that person, didn't you notice it?"

"What kind of boxing king, it should be called the king of swords."

"Hey, how do you know that people use swords? Maybe swordsmanship is just his ordinary method."

"The Sword King should be too absorbed in his cultivation, so I didn't notice it."

Over time, three or five figures emerged one after another, stealing from the identity cards at the foot of Su Ping Mountain, and grabbing the identity cards they needed.

These people don't dare to be too greedy. They are already nervous and half to death if they take a shot. How can they dare to take more?

After waiting for the last hour, Su Ping, Klaishabai and others all woke up from the practice, and did not retreat, but quietly waited for the time to end.

This last hour is also the most intense moment.

Outside the mountain, some figures appeared one after another, hiding in the deep space.

"This is the forbidden mountain?"

"Sure enough, all under the mountain are identity cards. It's terrible!"

"No one can be found now. Those guys are hiding. Those who dare to sway outside at this time are all perverts. They can only come here to take risks."

"I heard that someone saw the Dragon Emperor and the descendant of the Sword God. When they approached here, they all chose to take a detour. Can they really get the identity card under the eyes of this guy?"

All kinds of peeping eyes, full of fear and tension, are looking and thinking.

As the Su Ping on the top of the mountain woke up from cultivation, most of those peeping gazes disappeared, and many people had already given up and turned directly to look elsewhere.

Maybe if you try your luck, you can find it.

Grabbing something under Su Ping's eyelids is tantamount to dying.

Looking at the number of identity cards, you know that, in addition to being strong enough, Su Ping is estimated to have an extremely strong ability to retain people. Even if others want to escape, they may not be able to escape.

Comparing speed with this kind of guy, seeking a dead end!

These geniuses are not mediocre people, very alert, and retreat after thinking.

If Su Ping continued to cultivate, they might still dare to try and steal while he wasn't prepared, but now Su Ping has woken up, and this is completely taboo!

An hour passed quickly.

There are constant fights and fights throughout the Void Continent. The previously formed groups are also falling apart at this moment, fighting and robbing each other. After all, the identity cards allocated in the previous team are not enough to make them all advance. They can only plunder each other.

These temporary groups have no credibility at all. They are combined for profit, and they are divided for profit.

When the countdown ended at the end of the countdown, countless people before the live broadcast seemed to be relieved. When watching, they felt an immersive feeling, nervous for the participants inside.

"competition is over!"


As several stars in the main realm appeared, the entire void continent was trembling. Then, the protective array on the continent dissipated, and the figure of Hai Tuo appeared high in the sky.

He raised his hand and the space shook. All the figures in the mainland who had been qualified for promotion disappeared and were transferred to the high air in front of him.

The rest of the people stayed in the mainland.


Su Ping felt his eyes flashed, and a force majeure enveloped his body. This force was extremely majestic and majestic, making him feel like he couldn't shake the slightest.

Su Ping's heart was dark, this is the power of the Conferred God Realm, and Joanna's deity is this kind of cultivation.

However, Joanna should belong to the top class in the Conferred God Realm!

After all, she is a pure-blooded protoss, and is the oldest group of sacred people left over from the Primordial God Realm, plus many years of fighting in the demigod land, the combat power is definitely better than many Federation Conferred Gods.

"582 people!"

"Congratulations, you are eligible for the promotion. In the final trial, you will decide to win the top 100. On behalf of this galaxy, you will go to the golden zone to participate in the battle and face the top talents of all star zones in the universe!"

Hai Tuo looked at the people in front of him. They were all arranged in a square. He was like a general in a military parade, majestic and kind, with a smile on his face, demonstrating the dignity and compassion of the galaxy ruler.

When everyone heard this, they all shuddered with excitement.

These words came out of ordinary people's mouths, and they didn't sound sensible, and they even complained, what's the matter?

But speaking from the mouth of the Conferred God, the inspiring effect is definitely inspiring!


It is a very rare opportunity for the vast majority of people inside to look at a conferred **** so close!

After all, not everyone can be like the descendant of the sword god, with the master of the enshrined god.

And even if it is a descendant of the Sword God, you don't necessarily see your master casually.

Su Ping glanced left and right. He didn't expect that tens of thousands of people would be eliminated at this moment, leaving only more than 500 people. The cruelty of this survival battle can be seen.

He defeated many people. It is estimated that the other evildoers, in addition to plundering the identity cards they need, also massacred a lot of them.

Although those contestants who were slaughtered will be transferred away, the loss of qualification for promotion is also a great loss for them.

"After the ID cards are counted, you can rest well and compete for the top 100 in three days!"

After Hai Tuo smiled and said, he faded away and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

At the same time, several star masters flew around and appeared, with a calm complexion, helping everyone to count their identity cards.

As the palms of these star masters flipped, a mysterious force affected the identity cards, and the identity cards collected in everyone immediately flew out, suspended above their heads, and stacked high.

Most people have 10 identity cards, which are highly similar, but there are many people inside. The identity cards above their heads are like bamboo poles, stacked extremely high.

In this, many people looked at Su Ping, who were from the five major academies. They wanted to see how many identity cards Su Ping had plundered.

But at this sight, they were all shocked.

Su Ping's identity cards turned out to be ten.

No more, no less, just 10!

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna beside Su Ping were looking at the others. When they saw the heads of the Dragon Emperor and the Wooden Sword Boy, their expressions changed slightly, and the secrets were true.

These two are obviously not good stubborns, the identity cards on the top of their heads are stacked extremely high, and a rough sweep is one or two hundred!

However, besides them, the Saint King and Bihai Queen of Xiu Mia College are more conspicuous, with the identity cards above their heads accumulating to a height of seven or eight hundred, and the two stand together, feeling like a standout.

"These two guys really joined forces. There are thousands of people who fell under their hands!" Everyone was shocked to see, these two people are too cruel!

In the crowd, there are two identity cards, which are similar to those of Saint King and Queen of Bihai, and even higher than the two of them. They are also particularly eye-catching.

With the statistics of identity cards, a list was soon listed, and this list was also included in the live broadcast list.

"Damn, the No. 1 Wuji actually has 1292 yuan. I think he has been chasing and killing others, but he has killed so many?"

"The Gemini of Xiumia Academy is also scary. Together, these two guys are invincible!"

"The Sword King didn't bring out the identity card? His name is all at the end, **** it!"

"This sword king is too cunning, this is deliberately hiding!"

"If you dont understand, dont talk nonsense, okay? Theres something concealed. Those contestants look back at the live broadcast and know whats going on. Can they hide? People obviously disdain to plunder, and they didnt see those who robbed him. Does he bother to chase the person with the identity card at his feet?"

"That is, the real masters are low-key, maybe there are a lot of evildoers in it, like the Sword King, they don't bother to be high-key!"

As the list came out, the discussion became more intense.

The Wood Sword Boy and Dragon Emperor glanced at Su Ping, frowned slightly, suddenly felt that the identity badges stacked high above their heads were a bit dazzling, and they felt uncomfortable.

As the ID cards were counted, the two quickly left.

"Huh, the twin stars of Xiumia Academy? Mixed doubles are not allowed when waiting for the top 100 to fight!" In the crowd, a thin young man stared coldly at the Saint King and Queen Bihai in the crowd. The person is full of radiance, standing in the crowd is extremely eye-catching, like a natural protagonist.

Others also looked sideways at the Saint King and Queen Bihai, very jealous, and remembered them.

The gazes of the Saint King and the Queen Bihai were on Su Ping, the Young Wood Sword and the others. After a round, they didn't say anything, and left hand in hand, as if they were a couple of gods and goddesses.

But in the academy, the two of them are rivals.

"These little guys are interesting."

On the edge of the crowd, a woman with 10 identity cards on her head, her eyes flowed, her face was hazy with a thin gauze, covering her face, but a pair of autumn water-like eyes seemed to cut the autumn wind and lovesickness, which was deep Entrap, this veil is a secret treasure that can block the detection of the stars.

She looked at the Gemini who was leaving, then looked at the Wooden Sword Youth and a certain woman in the crowd, chuckled, turned and left, silently, no one noticed.

High in the sky.

Hai Tuo returned to the hall and sat down and sighed, "I thought there would be a thousand people left, but I didn't expect this little guy to be so hot!"

"For the sake of fame and fortune, it's not worth wasting this energy." The Hunter Hunter said indifferently.

When he saw that Su Ping had only taken out 10 identification cards, he was quite relieved.

"Heh, it's not like you can say it, don't you usually like high-profile?" You Ying glanced at him sternly, and said with a sting.

The Magic Hunter raised his brows and said indifferently: "What is the situation and what to do, I have the capital and ability to be high-profile, do these little guys have it?"

You Ying was noncommittal and did not refute. After all, his own temperament was low-key, and because of this, he was quite uncomfortable with the high-profile Magic Hunter, but he did not expect that this time, the other party's thoughts would actually be close to him.

"I hope that our galaxy can give birth to a few who will step onto the stage of the universe. If it can be regarded by those supreme beings, it is the honor of our galaxy." Hai Tuo did not insert their topic, but said with some expectation.

Overall, he was quite satisfied with this survival match. Many of the good seedlings seemed to him to hope to be on the stage of the Big Universe.

The magic hunter's eyes moved slightly and calmly said: "Don't be too happy. I heard that this time, some old guys have also participated. Let your reincarnation participate in the competition and compete with the juniors. It is estimated that the final big universe stage will still be those The old guy performs."

You Ying drank a cup and squinted: "I also heard the news. It seems to be related to the Shenhai Secret Realm."

Hai Tuo frowned slightly, and said: "I have heard about this, but the news is not complete, and the news is blocked. Let's not talk about it, otherwise it will be affected by the Supreme Lord. You had better not rumors."

The eyes of the two flashed, and they didn't speak, but they were a little surprised in their hearts. Judging from Hai Tuo's tone, could it be that the rumored news might be true?

When they were talking, suddenly, the starry sky shook.

An ancient majestic mountain, torn apart from the void, appeared above the void continent, pushing away the aircraft carrier in an area, and came to a high altitude forcefully.

Said to be a mountain, in fact, the height of this sacred mountain is several times larger than that of the next planet Leia.

"It's an old boxer!"

"He actually came? Is there a heir to this time?"

Both Hai Tuo and the Hunting God looked up, and the Brows of the Hunting God frowned.

Hai Tuo's figure flickered, and he came to the sacred mountain and said, "How come the old boxer is free to come over?"

"Lord Hai Tuo, the old man is here to pick some apprentices, don't you have any opinion?" An old and loud voice came from the top of the mountain, and a huge star power projection appeared on the top of the mountain. It was an old face with but brow bones. The strong old man looked extremely majestic and domineering.

Hai Tuo smiled and said, "Of course, you can pick whoever you like."

"That won't work."

At this moment, a light and fluttering sound suddenly sounded in the vacuum starry sky. It was as ethereal and ethereal as the sound of the Nine Heavens. Then the void split, and a phoenix full of black flames flew out from inside. A palace, in the palace sits a majestic figure.

This black flame phoenix was extremely huge, with wings covering the sky, and the phoenix body stretched out to cover an area of a continent.

"The Palace Master of the Black Phoenix Palace is here too!"

"Two more Conferred Gods!"

"I rely on rely on it, it's a shame not to be there!"

Countless people before the live broadcast were excited and shocked to see this scene.

When You Ying saw this scene, her eyelids twitched slightly, and a gloomy flash across her face.

Hai Tuo stunned, and said with a smile: "Palace Master Yan is also coming to accept disciples? I remember that your Black Phoenix Palace only accepts disciples of the Phoenix-blooded warrior. It seems that you haven't seen a few women with the Phoenix-blooded warrior this time."

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