Astral Pet Store Chapter 890

Chapter 987: Scramble (seeking subscription seeking subscription)

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"Rules are only used to sort out rubbish. If you really want to meet good ones, my Black Phoenix Palace may not be able to break the rules."

A voice came from the palace above Heifeng's head, and said Dan Ya.

Hai Tuo was startled slightly, a little surprised, the Black Phoenix Palace actually wanted to break his rules of accepting disciples?

He has been watching the game, and he hasn't seen any little guy worthy of the Black Phoenix Palace breaking the rules that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Could it be that he has missed it?

Outside the hall, the magic hunting god's eyes changed slightly, his expression became dignified, and he thought in his heart, could it be that the news in the secret territory leaked? This is indeed possible. After all, geniuses from various forces in his secret realm came to exercise. Previously, Su Ping sprinted a hundred-story phantom monument, which happened so fast that he hadn't had time to cover up the news.

"These guys..."

The eyes of the phantom hunter were gloomy, and his mind quickly turned. At this moment, he had faintly guessed that the other party came from Su Ping. Besides, he didn't think that among the other little guys, it was worth breaking the rules of the Black Phoenix Palace. The existence of disciples.

Thinking of the materials mentioned by Su Ping, Magic Hunter's eyes flickered slightly, and his mind instantly connected to a distant place.

When the Magic Hunter was sneaking into action, the old boxer on Tianquan Mountain snorted coldly, rolling in the void like thunder. It was obviously a vacuum universe, but it made people hear clearly.

"The Black Phoenix Palace is full of women. Do you have to break the rules and accept a male student this time? Isn't that afraid of ruining the reputation of the women in the palace?"

"This is my Black Phoenix Palace business. It's not your turn to take care of the old man, right?"


The two were tit-for-tat, and the old boxer didn't say anything further, but his temptation had already produced results. The other party's target was indeed men, and he basically knew the whole story.

Hai Tuo stood in the void, blinked, and was a little puzzled. These two people seemed to have come with a goal. They had already started fighting before they started watching the battle. Although their relationship in the past was normal, they werent going to meet. Pinch it.

"Which little guy did the two have fancy, why should I ask him to come out and meet the two?" Hai Tuo asked curiously. At this moment, he already wanted to know who could get these two guys out of the mountain to fight. .

"Didn't Lord Lord see it? Oh, yes, it is estimated that the previous audition is not enough for people to show their full strength, but since the magic hunting **** is here, he must know it best."

The old boxer sneered.

The magic hunter's thoughts moved, and he calmly said: "The two are well informed."


The shadow on the side raised her eyebrows, what enchanting guy is really hiding in this game?

He recalled the previous spectators. There were indeed a few good seedlings, but they didnt seem to be vying for them. After all, they are all gods with a long life span. They have seen too many geniuses, even if they are. In their eyes, some evildoers who are expected to become the peak of the star master realm are only qualified to accept disciples.

As for the effort to solicit, it's really not enough.

After all, no matter how many pinnacles of the star master realm, they are just ants in front of the Conferred God.

"what happened?"

When Hai Tuo saw the illusion hunting god, he immediately moved in his heart, and faintly guessed something, "Did you test out some unworldly talent in your illusion and mystery?"

The previous phantom hunting **** took the initiative to come, which made him quite puzzled, and he understood at this moment, it was obvious that this was bringing the target.

"There is one with good talent, so I will come over to see his performance. If possible, I have plans to accept disciples." At this point, Magic Hunter didn't intend to conceal it. He looked calm and said: "This The little guy fell in love with me, and when the game is over, I will accept him."

Hai Tuo smiled and said: "It should be quite good for you to come here in person, at least not inferior to the little disciple of the Beihai Sword God."

"It's more than not inferior, it's a complete spike!" At this time, a sound like a natural sound came from the Black Phoenix Palace, extremely sweet but indifferent: "With the body of destiny, break the record of the entire system of the 100-layer phantom monument, even It is the achievement of the magic hunting **** back then, but this is also the case, this little guy has the posture of the gods!"

"Heh, I am going to make love with you, how did I hear that you had thrown out the olive branch before, but people didn't care about you at all?" The old boxer snorted coldly.

Both Hai Tuo and You Ying were stunned, a little stunned. Is there a guy who broke the entire series of Illusory Monuments?

The Black Phoenix Palace Master is right, this is indeed the posture of Conferred God!

If cultivated properly, the probability of stepping into the Fengshen Realm is not low!

And if there is a Conferred God apprentice under his command, this weight in Conferred God Realm will instantly double. After all, the relationship between master and apprentice is extremely heavy in the Federation, not inferior to parental affection, most of the strong Parents have long died of old age, even if they use some resources to send them to the starry sky, they will not live for tens of thousands of years.

But the Master and Disciple of the Conferred Gods... can be accompanied for millions of years, as long as they don't step into danger, they can live a universe era!

"Unexpectedly, the old boxer also likes to sneak in on the gossip." Magic Hunter squinted and said coldly.

Hai Tuo came back to his senses with a strange look in his eyes. He said, "Since the three are here for the same person, it is better to watch the game first and then talk about it. After the end, whoever can accept the opponent depends on the ability of the three. ."

"Does Lord Lord also participate?" Palace Master Black Phoenix said indifferently.

Hai Tuo smiled and said, "If the little guy you like is willing to worship me as a teacher, I won't refuse. Of course, I won't **** it from you. Don't worry about that."

As the lord of the big galaxy, he is not without a disciple of the gods, so he doesn't care too much.

"The lord is broad-minded and admire."

The old boxer said a word, and then stopped talking.

The Magic Hunter breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid that Hai Tuo would also come to fight, after all, in terms of resources, the three of them were not as many as Hai Tuo, and it was difficult to compete.

"Who is this friend on the planet?"

The Black Phoenix Palace Master shifted his attention to the next planet Leia, and felt the power of the Conferred Gods above.

"A friend from an alien system may be a friend with the apprentice you want to accept." Hai Tuo smiled, don't say so deeply.

With the arrival of the two Conferred Gods, not only the countless planets in front of the media boiled, but the many contestants in the Void Continent were also excited.

Those who accidentally eliminated them all sighed, and they had no chance to perform in front of the Conferred God.

But those who have advanced, are shining with excitement in their eyes. If they can be favored by the Conferred Gods, and if they are interested in their own characteristics, they will be able to worship them.

There is a man who is a master of gods as the backing of the teacher, isn't he walking sideways in this galaxy?

"There are quite a lot of Conferred Gods." Su Ping also saw the two Conferred Gods in the starry sky. If you count the deans of the Five Great Palace Colleges, there are a lot of Conferred Gods in this big galaxy. It can be seen that the Federation is in the whole The forces in the universe are very terrifying, and they will never be inferior to demigods!

"It seems that the overall combat power of the Federation is estimated to be equivalent to three or four high-level cultivation sites." Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he secretly estimated in his heart.

As for the top cultivation plane.

Then the difference is too great.

Lets not mention Su Pings deepest impression and most fear of the Chaos Undead World. Even in the ancient Golden Crow world, all the elders of the Golden Crow clan are in the realm of gods. The ancestor of the Golden Crow clan seems to be sleeping, If he regained consciousness, he would be beyond the existence of the Supreme Divine Realm, and it was estimated that he could easily suppress the entire Federation.

Unless, there is also an existence beyond the Supreme God Realm in the Federation.

But with the clues Su Ping currently has, the Supreme God Realm in the Federation is already a God of War figure, with only one hand reaching the sky, belonging to the top big figure in the Federation!

"No matter, it's too far away from me anyway. When the game is over, maybe you can go to the Golden Crow World to find the remaining Golden Crow God Demon Body training materials."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

He already had a plan in his mind. After he went to the Golden Crow World again, he would accompany Joanna to the Primordial God Realm to complete her reward.

Joanna has been in arrears for a long time, and Su Ping feels a little sorry.

Fortunately, during this period of time, Joanna worked for the store and could still accumulate employee points to redeem for the next opportunity, but it only postponed the time to enter the Primordial God Realm for the first time.

time flies.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

The eliminated contestants have been transferred from the Void Continent. In the entire huge continent, there are only a few hundred qualifiers left. They will decide to win the top 100 on this vast expanse of stage.

The rules of the game were announced online a few days in advance.

Return to the original lottery mode, and the rules will only be changed after the top 100 is determined.

"My opponent is... Holy King?"

Su Ping was a little surprised when he saw his match, but he didn't expect it to be an acquaintance.


Saint King also saw his opponent, his face turned black on the spot, it was actually Su Ping this monster.

He would rather face the descendants of the Sword God, or the arrogant Dragon Emperor, than encounter this enchanting evil that sprints to the 100th floor and suppresses a vote of people.

"You may have to lose." The Queen Bihai stood beside him, her green hair draped on her shoulders like waves, and her muscles were like snow. At the end of the survival match, she and the holy king returned to a hostile state, and even managed to do a good job. The preparations for encountering the opponent in the game really met. She would never keep her hand, but she didn't meet it at the moment, and the opponent was about to finish.


The corner of Saint King's mouth twitched, "I won't waste my energy to fight against this kind of guy. You all want me to be a pathfinder and see what this guy is capable of, but I won't charge you."

Although Su Ping made a shot in the ten wins audition and survival match, he also looked through Su Ping's battle record, but he can determine that this guy has not yet used his real power.

After all, the kind of power shown in the survival game, although powerful and terrifying, can never reach the height of a hundred-story phantom monument.

"Are you going to give up? This is not your style." Empress Bihai raised her eyebrows and said indifferently.

"Then what is my style?" Sheng Wang sneered, and said: "You don't need to irritate me, instead of fighting with him to defeat, defeat the state, and light up the hole cards, it is better to retain the strength and stay behind. Now the top six is sealed. The gods are watching, maybe in the starry sky, or elsewhere, and there are also gods who are watching, so I wont be ashamed in front of these big people."

"It is also a kind of ability to see the strength gap of the opponent clearly, and to stop in time. The man who can bend and stretch is the man!"

"Let your men say anything, huh." Empress Bihai smiled contemptuously.

"Let your women do everything!" Saint King also sneered.

In the crowd, Long Di and the others gathered around a few Dragon Tomb Academy students, among them the Dragon Demon. He looked at his opponent who was drawing lots, and then his attention shifted to the other side, his face suddenly showing a cold smile, said "It's the arrogant guy from Xiumia who got him, huh, I want to see if he can solve it this time with just a battle pet!"

"Let the holy king try his water." Long Di squinted, and a flash of relaxation flashed in the depths of his eyes. Before the draw, the thing he didn't want to meet at the beginning was the guy who didn't know the depth. I don't know what method he used to reach the 100th floor.

At the Blue Star.

People all over the world are paying attention to Su Ping, the lord of their planet. When they saw that Su Ping had actually drawn the Holy King, everyone was shocked and was a little silent for a while.

The previous performance of the saint king was extremely strong. He has excellent performance on the hot list and the championship list. He has always been ranked high. In the previous survival battle, he has accumulated a lot of identity cards, which are announced on various platforms. In the list, candidates who have the hope of winning will definitely be in the top ten even if they cant win.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping would encounter such a tricky guy in his first battle.

"Boss Su's luck is a bit memorable."

"I don't know if Boss Su can win. I have seen the previous battle of the Saint King. The two strong combat styles are very scary and the attacks are very overbearing!"

"Even if you can win, it is estimated that you will have to pay a lot of money, revealing your hole cards, and the subsequent battle is guarded, it is difficult to win the championship, but with the strength of the boss of Su, it is safe to enter the top 100, unless you meet all of them. It's so hard to gnaw at the bones."

Ji Yuanfeng, Qin Duhuang, Xie Jinshui and others are very worried. Nie Huofeng is also sighing. He hopes that Su Ping can amaze the entire Sylvie galaxy, so that the development of Blue Star will erupt like a rocket, and Blue Stars High-speed development will drive everyone on the planet to grow rapidly and quickly become a developed planet.

At this time, the Void Continent was again divided into ten continents.

Ten divisions are fighting at the same time.

Hundreds of people are allocated to ten competition areas, with an uneven number of 50 or 60 people in each competition area.

Su Ping came to the seventh division and saw the holy king.

He didn't say anything, and waited quietly in the waiting area.

At this time, the previous battle began.

The wooden sword boy named Linghujian also played in the seventh division and played in the third group. His opponent was a rather strong player, but his performance was still so arrogant and he did not draw his sword. With a peculiar secret skill, The opponent defeated.

Linghu Sword, who had finished the game, looked at Su Ping, frowned slightly, and calmly returned to a student from the Sword Sovereign Academy.

The game continues.

Wonderful duel after round, with players constantly promoted and lost. This duel is obviously several times more fierce than the ten wins in the sea election. During the sea election, there are a few starry-sky battle favorites that will attract peoples attention. But here, the players who don't have any favorites in the Starry Sky Realm are actually the scaly phoenix horns, and I hardly see them.

Soon, Su Ping and Sheng Wang were mentioned in the newspaper.

Su Ping flickered and flew directly to the continent.

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