Astral Pet Store Chapter 891

Chapter 988: No one should challenge (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Finally to him."

In the crowd, dozens of eyes suddenly fell on Su Ping.

This includes students from the Swordsman Academy such as Linghujian, and others also pay special attention to Su Ping. Although Su Ping only took out ten identity cards in the survival match, many students watched the replay these days. I saw Su Ping's performance in the survival match, and the taboo mountain piled up densely with identity cards.

It was an ordinary mountain. Because this young man was sitting on it, it became a forbidden place, and no one dared to approach it.

The decisive battle between Su Ping and the Saint King attracted the attention of countless people, and people from the other nine venues were also attracted. After all, these two duels were both nominated for the championship and qualified to compete for the championship!

This advance championship battle is about to start!

Just when everyone was looking forward to and watching, on the other side, the Holy King was sitting in a void, with his hands around his chest, indifferent.

"Why didn't he go in yet?"

"Do you want to wait until the last minute to appear? This guy was very high-profile before, and I guess he wants to pretend."

"Huh? The countdown has reached the last ten seconds, are you still waiting?"

Some fans who were attracted by Su Ping sneered on the Internet, quite uncomfortable with this posture.

If you have to delay the ink, and look like you are the boss, what do you pretend?

Soon, ten seconds passed, but at the last second, the Saint King remained indifferent, even closing his eyes, as if everything had nothing to do with him.


Countless people before watching the battle were tumbling instantly, shocked.

This is not a pretense, but... abandoning the game? !

As the countdown ended, the Saint King still did not enter the field. The two Star Realms sitting in the seventh field saw this scene and looked at each other. They were a little surprised, but they announced in the first place:

"The player Sheng Wang failed to enter the field in time and was deemed to have abandoned the game. Su Ping won the game!"

With the announcement of the results, countless people who were shocked came to their senses, all dumbfounded.

They thought that the Holy King was pretending to be forceful and wanted to pull the wind on the stage at the last second. As a result, depending on the performance of others, it was definitely not too late to catch up, but planned to abandon the game from the beginning!

Give up this battle directly!

"Damn, the holy king actually abandoned the game, is he afraid of the sword king?"

"With the previous performance of the Saint King, how can such a top-notch arrogance concede defeat? Is that sword king really so terrifying?!"

"It's too exaggerated. I actually abandoned the game directly. This is a player who has the hope of winning!"

"I thought it was a battle, but I was so lonely..."

"Holy King: MMP, do you think Lao Tzu will play? Actually, Lao Tzu is steady!"

"Damn, I bet the Saint King to win, this Nima, my mentality burst!"

"I seriously suspect that this man is manipulating the bet!"

There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the Internet. I thought it was a peerless battle. It ended in this way. Everyone couldnt accept it. Especially those gamblers who bet were red eyes. They were all very optimistic about the holy king, and they all vomit at this moment. fragrance.

However, this kind of thing is also very common. Many small galaxies and planets have held related betting activities from the ten wins in the sea election. Some people laughed and some cried, and only the losing players were sprayed.

"This guy"

Linghujian's eyes narrowed slightly. He didn't expect the Saint King to abandon the game. He glanced at the latter and saw that the opponent's eyes were closed, seeming to isolate everything from the outside world, and he couldn't help but snorted coldly.

The guy from Xiumia Academy is quite screaming, and he has a lot of abilities to shrink his head and tortoise.

In Dazhou, Su Ping, who was preparing to fight, was surprised when he heard the result. He immediately glanced at the holy king in the waiting zone, and saw that the opponent closed his eyes to isolate everything, a little helpless, so he had to return.

In the outside world, with the saint king abandoning the game, Su Ping's reputation suddenly skyrocketed.

A small number of people speculated that the Kings abandonment was related to betting, and the government also issued an announcement as soon as possible to investigate thoroughly. However, more people believed that the King was afraid of Supings combat power and was not sure of winning or not. Willing to expose his hole cards.

More people agree with this speculation.

After all, its a bet. Before the start of the game, the bets of the Saint King and Su Ping are similar. If you really want to manipulate, the Saint King will be able to defeat Su Ping, and you can still earn blood. There is no need to use your own reputation. Others act as stepping stones.

Geniuses are proud. This is the universal cognition of the entire universe.

This is thanks to those half-bucket geniuses who write arrogance on their faces, leaving a general deep impression on people.

On the blue star.

With the saint king abandoning the game, the world fell into a moment of silence, but what followed was an overwhelming excitement.

The Saint King is definitely a ruthless character. Many people are still worried that Su Ping will lose. As a result, they did not expect that their lord seems to be far stronger than they thought. Before they started, they let such a ruthless character surrender.

"This Saint King player's previous combat power is not inferior to Boss Su, and he would admit defeat. I can't figure it out."

"This person probably has other plans, right?"

While Ji Yuanfeng and others were excited, they were also a little puzzled.

On the Void Continent.

After the Saint King abandoned the game, the game in the seventh division continued as usual.

Other players have played.

Su Ping was also present in the appearance battle, and the geniuses who were able to get to this point had amazing performances, almost universally capable of overpowering the early stage of Starry Sky Realm.

Some of them are extremely eye-catching, and they have powers comparable to those in the mid-Starry Sky Realm.

With rounds of battles, the challenge on the first day ends.

Su Ping accumulated a win.

The next day, the game continued.

The first to accumulate three winners advances, and the game will last for five days.

Everyone has two chances of losing. Everything is matched randomly. It is possible that very strong people will be matched to other top players one after another. At this time, luck has a certain element.

This may seem unfair, but according to the explanation of the gods, if luck accumulates to a certain extent, it is luck, and genius needs luck. If there is no luck to stand out by strength in this kind of competition, it would be unlucky. Extremely, the possibility of death in the future will also be quite high.

Su Ping unexpectedly got another acquaintance the next day.

Dragon Demon.

Su Ping was a little surprised.

On the other side, the Dragon Demon was about to cry.

What kind of luck is this!

He was defeated by Su Pings dragon beast on the Mount of Illusory Tablets. If he was still a little unconvinced at the time and wanted to avenge Su Ping for another battle, then I saw Su Ping ascend the entire line of Hundreds of Illusory Tablets. He completely extinguished the flame when he was in the middle of the floor.

In his eyes, Su Ping is more terrifying than Dragon Emperor!

In the academy, the Dragon Emperor always crushed him, like a big mountain, no matter how much he writhed, he couldn't beat him, let alone fight with Su Ping.

"I lost a point in vain, **** it!" The Dragon Demon was full of resentment, feeling extremely unlucky.

With the start of the game, Su Ping and Dragon Demon were assigned to the ninth division. After a group battle, it was soon Su Ping and Dragon Demon's turn.

With the saint king abandoning the game, Su Ping's current reputation is rising. It can be said that he has stepped on the spine of the saint king to become famous. This also makes Su Ping's current battle extremely eye-catching and attracts countless people to watch.

Many people who were watching other competition areas immediately jumped to the ninth competition area when they heard that Su Ping was starting a battle.

"It's the Dragon Demon!"

"This is the top evildoer of the Dragon Tomb Academy. The battle pets previously summoned are all dragon beasts, and the quality is at least A grade, or even A+ grade!"

"Another ruthless character!"

"What a ruthless character, this dragon demon is not as good as the saint king, even the saint king surrendered without a fight, this dragon demon is also a gift!"

"Fart! How can the dragon demon be comparable to the saint king's externally strong and capable cartilage, even if he loses, he will stand upright and lose!"

"Who loses and who wins is not always certain. This sword king may be able to defeat the holy king, but it may be restrained by the dragon demon."

Many fans of the Dragon Demon are shouting and cheering for the Dragon Demon.

Soon, it was the turn of Su Ping and Dragon Demon in the ninth division.

Seeing that it was his turn, Su Ping didn't say much, got up and flew towards the continent.

On the other side, the Dragon Demon was still sitting in the void, with a posture of sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.

"Huh? Why isn't the dragon demon still moving?"

Many people frowned when seeing this scene, and suddenly felt a strange sense of uncertainty.

Soon, as time counted down, gradually, approaching the last ten seconds, and the dragon demon was still sitting steadily, even closing his eyes.


This familiar scene was immediately called out.

Isn't it a waiver again?

Just had this guess, ten seconds later, the dragon demon really did not move, and the two star masters in charge of the ninth division were also dumb and could only announce the result of his abandonment.

The Internet is boiling again!

Abandoned the game again? !

"Huh? Who just said that your dragon demon is not comparable to the cartilage of the holy king?"

"Holy King: When you talk about the Dragon Demon, you just talk about the Dragon Demon, don't talk about this king!"

"Dragon Demon: I will never admit defeat unless the opponent is too strong!"

"This is called a dignified loss? It's really tough!"

"Where are the dragon fans that I called before, are they dumb now?"

On the Internet, many fans of Su Ping took advantage of the situation to fight back in an instant, and the Saint King fans on the other side were also helping, and were quite unhappy with the Dragon Demon fans. Just because of your Dragon Demon, you are also worthy to compare with my family's Saint King?

Even if you look better, will you dump you 800 streets, okay?

The fans of the Dragon Demon were all dumbfounded. I didn't expect that the Dragon Demon, who had been unruly and unruly, also withered in front of Su Ping. Is this sword king really so terrible?

Su Ping was speechless when he heard the abandonment of the game and had to come back.

He even wondered if these guys were playing with him-making him run for nothing.

Also in the ninth division are the Queen of Bihai and the Saintess of Chiba. They attract 90% of the attention in the waiting area. Other players also frequently look sideways at them. They are two beautiful scenery lines.

Seeing the dragon demon abandoning the game, the two goddesses are calm and there is not much turmoil. They have expected this scene, unless the dragon demon really has that iron, and even Su Ping was a favorite in the secret world before. However, even though he has been cultivating for several months in the secret realm, it is absolutely wishful thinking to rely on these months to get closer.

"I don't know who will be the first to let him do it and force his true ability." Empress Bihai's eyes flickered, and she hoped that person would not be herself.

Saintess of Chiba also did not expect that Su Ping, who was sitting next to her at the time, would now become a scary monster. She felt in a daze that the time she was on the top of the God of Stele Mountain seemed to be the closest she was to Su Ping.

From now on, I might be separated from this monster.

The strength gap between each other is too far away.

In addition to the waves of Su Ping's match, there were also several amazing duels in the battles of other regions. The top players in the hot list were fighting each other, attracting a lot of attention.

Among them, the wooden sword boy Linghujian met a purple-armored youth. He drew his sword for the first time. The sword shone on the continent and was as cold as the water of the deep sea.

As Linghu Jian drew his sword, a terrifying battle unfolded, and countless people also saw the terrifying succession of this sword god.

For a time, Linghujian's ranking on the championship list quickly jumped, surpassing Su Ping and came to the top three.

And Su Ping only ranked seventh.

This is because the saint king and the dragon demon surrendered one after another, which made his fame soar. After all, Su Ping has not really made a shot. Although his previous performance in the survival match was amazing, many people evaluated that based on the strength shown at the time, Can only enter the top ten at most.

It was the third day in a blink of an eye.

The old rule is that everyone draws lots together.

Su Ping searched for his name and quickly saw his opponent today.

He raised his eyebrows, hell, he was an acquaintance again, and he still followed him, Ibetta Luna, the descendant of the Knight King family.


On the other side, Ibetta Luna was also dumbfounded when she saw the draw.

She has already accumulated two wins, and she did not expect that she would meet Su Ping in the third win.

Her good luck seemed to be over.

"Brother Su..."

In the third division, Ibetta Luna came to Su Ping with a bitter expression, and said: "Meeting Brother Su, it seems that I had bad luck today. I had to abandon the game."


Su Ping was a little silent, and he was the first to accumulate three wins to enter the top 100. So, if he didn't do anything, he went straight to the top 100?

"I believe Brother Su will definitely win the championship, and will be rewarded by Lord Hai Tuo at that time, and the future will be boundless." Ibetta Luna smiled at Su Ping. Although she was lost in her heart, she was relieved. The Holy King was even more unlucky than herself. I met Su Ping in the first game, and she only met on the third day.


Su Ping nodded.

Several players nearby stared at this when they heard this.

This Nima, still cheering for the opponent after giving up? You're afraid it's not a shaking M!

Soon, Su Ping was on the battle line. This highly anticipated third battle once again ended with the opponent's abandonment. Countless people were a little speechless when they saw the result.

Soon, someone discovered a blind spot, that is, Su Ping was the only one who entered the top 100 without doing anything.

Was it so simple to enter the top 100?

The other players were upset and complained.

With the end of the third day, more than 40 people have accumulated three wins and qualified for the top 100.

For the next two days, it had nothing to do with Su Ping. He continued to practice in retreat outside the viewing area of the Void Continent, delving into the second star map.

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