Astral Pet Store Chapter 892

Chapter 989: The source of time and space (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Another two days passed.

The selection of the top 100 has officially ended, and the top 100 geniuses representing the Sylvie galaxy under the stars have been released. Their names have resounded across the starry sky for a while and have entered the field of vision of countless hundreds of millions of people.

All small galaxies and planets have remembered their names. This leap in fame has made everyone a sweet steamed bun. Numerous endorsements and business cooperation are waiting for them, and there is no need to worry about cultivation resources anymore. , Its value even surpasses the star realm of some lone travelers!

Although exaggerated, this is true.

Some well-known ordinary people are worth far beyond the ordinary destiny. The pet master is the mainstream representative of the times, but it is not the only way to get ahead.

After the confirmation of the top 100 battle, it is still the usual three-day rest time.

Three days later, there will be a double duel, a round of competition, the top ten will be selected, and then the top five will win the Asian quarter and so on.

Above the mainland, outside the palace, Hai Tuo, You Ying and others are sitting here. There is a burly old man beside them, who is an old boxer from Tianquan Mountain. He has white beard and hair, but his lips are red and his teeth are white and his complexion is ruddy. Full, his eyes full of overbearing and wild sharpness.

Next to him is a woman wearing a long black gauze dress, with a thin gauze on her face, which cuts off all visits, but her exposed eyes are like a sea of stars, which makes her intoxicated.

At Hai Tuo's invitation, they all took a seat and drank.

"I wanted to see that little guy's shots, but he was promoted directly." Hai Tuo laughed dumbfounded when the game was over.

At this moment, I have already asked the genius who led him to come here. I have not concealed it. After all, the matter has been exposed. The old boxer and the old lady next to him must already know what Su Ping looks like. , Maybe even the source of his identity, family background, and where the ancestral tomb is located can be clearly investigated.

These are not difficult for the conferred gods.

Even if Su Pings news has never been recorded and has been destroyed, they can use Su Pings projection to find out his past information from the long river of time.

It's just not that detailed.

"Even if they make a move, those people will not let him expose his full strength." The magic hunting **** next to him said indifferently. At this point, he didn't bother to cover Su Ping, anyway, he was already secretly prepared.

"That's true."

The old boxer next to him nodded, but his eyes were still a little pity. He had already watched Su Ping's previous battles at a hundred times faster, but he knew at a glance that with that level of power, he couldn't pass the entire series of Illusory Monuments. Yes, this little guy has hidden at least half of his combat power!

The Black Phoenix Palace girl next to her did not speak, but quietly drank tea.

Hai Tuo was about to say something. Suddenly, his brows moved, as if he was in a trance. It took a while before he recovered. He frowned and said, "The stadium is going to advance..."

"In advance?" You Ying raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

Hai Tuo saw the slightly surprised gazes of other people, and nodded: "Just received the news, it seems that some changes have been made in the Shenhai Secret Realm, so this year's competition date has been advanced, not only for our small galaxy trials. , The format of the finals may also change a little."

"According to the original date, at the end of the competition, those enchanting evildoers who won the top ten can just be arranged in the secret realm of Shenhai to obtain the seed of the god, but now it must be advanced, otherwise, if you miss it, the final big prize of this competition It's gone."

"What's the change?" Magic Hunter asked immediately, somewhat surprised.

The Shenhai Secret Realm is an SSS-level cosmic secret realm. The top secret realm has been very stable after being opened up, and there is a supreme God Realm seated in it, and it is a key federal supervision area. How can there be fluctuations?

"I don't know." Hai Tuo shook his head and said: "600 years ago, the last federation meeting called me and other galaxy lords. At the meeting, I heard from the Supreme Divine Realm that the walls of the universe have shrunk inward recently, and the deep space has become There is some instability, especially the deeper the space, the more chaotic. You must have felt this too. I dont know if it is related to this."

"That's true. I went to the seventh space to hunt down an ancient dead body not long ago, and I was almost involved in a deeper space. At that time, I thought I would enter outside the universe. The aura in the deeper space was terrifying. , I feel that if I really want to be involved, it is estimated that I will die forever!"

The old boxer next to him looked solemn and said in a deep voice.

When the others heard this, they were all surprised and glanced at him.

"It seems that the theory of disorder mentioned by the sage wise man may be true..."

Hai Tuo's eyes changed and he sighed lightly. He shook his head and said, "I won't talk about it for now, so I don't need to spread it out and cause some unnecessary negative effects. Maybe it's fluctuations caused by other reasons, or even good ones. Fluctuations are also possible, anyway, since the time has advanced, our rules must also be changed."

"The top 100 has been confirmed, and the rest is our own ranking of the galaxy. First select the championship and the second quarter, and then set the top ten. Even if the others are not long, no one will remember it anyway."


You Ying and others have no objection. For them, it is all about watching children fighting and messing around, which is very boring. If they really want to recruit students, they will only be recruited among the top 100. Now they choose the championship season first. The competition will inevitably become more intense, directly on the main event, so that they will not have to wait bored here.

The night when the top 100 decided to win.

All galaxies and planets on the Internet are enthusiastically discussing the top 100 contestants. It is very lively. At this moment, the game has just ended, just when the heat is high, the top 100 will represent them in the Sylvie Galaxy and go to the star area to compete with the genius of the whole universe. under!

If one of them can make it to the final universe contest and show his face a little, it will be the glory of the whole Sylvie!

After all, even though Sylvie is a large galaxy in the entire vast universe, it is only equivalent to one of the "cities".

During the discussion, a message was suddenly sent out on the Internet that the rules of the game have changed and the game will be advanced, starting tomorrow morning.

The news caused a sensation, and countless people were in an uproar and discussion, but the audience watched the game with a smile, and they were more excited and looking forward to the ensuing game.

The only distress is the forces behind the talented players. Some of them know how their children are in the top 100 battle. They are seriously injured. How can they recover in just one night?

But the competition system has been announced, according to the official statement, this is fate.

Luck is also a kind of strength.

The foundation is also a kind of strength.

The competition system is for everyone, and this is the relative fairness of the competition system.

In the face of the same format, others can come to the end, why can't you? reason? There is no reason!

The forces behind those players are mostly star-level forces, and they are in charge of a small galaxy. Under the rule of Sylvie, at most they close the door and breathe out fragrance at home, but they dare not show the slightest objection.

As for those who are entrusted with gods, their apprentices or students come here to compete, and they dont feel much about this rule. Those who hold gods take these less seriously. Secondly, they also have their own arrogance. Under the same rules, others can do it, but you cant. What can you complain about?

Early the next morning, everyone gathered in a waiting area.

Seven or eight star masters stood in front of a hundred players and looked down at the crowd. Although these star masters had already condensed their auras, the seven or eight star masters standing together still gave people a huge sense of oppression, like a giant beast.

But the Destiny Realm that came here was all able to easily crush the existence of the same level, with one enemy and ten thousand words, so the performance was very calm, but some injured people, their eyes were full of indignation and helplessness.

"The Universe Contest will be held ahead of schedule. The hundred of you will set off tomorrow to go to the Golden Star Zone to fight against the geniuses of other galaxies and planets in the entire universe!"

"So, today is our last decisive victory. Your champion, runner-up, third runner-up, and top ten will be determined!"

"Due to time constraints, we have made small adjustments to the competition system. First of all, we will make a championship decision!"

With the words of a star master, although everyone knew in advance that the competition system would change, they didn't expect it to become so big, and it was only the last day of fighting today, leaving tomorrow?

At the same time, the whole galaxy is boiling on the live broadcast network.

Countless people were so shocked that they couldn't speak. This competition system is too fierce, right? Just come up and choose the champion from the top 100? !

In the crowd, many people's complexions changed and they were a little surprised, but soon frowned, and each swept towards some figures. Those were their opponents by default.

There is only one champion, and that means defeating everyone!

"Because of the adjustment of the competition system, in order to compensate, Hai Tuo Domination has given a special reward for the championship. Those who win the championship will get a source of time and space!"

The star master spoke again, and the players in half of the crowd suddenly changed their expressions, their faces full of shock and disbelief. And the remaining half, including Su Ping, showed doubts.

"The source of time is a very, very rare treasure, and it is also a breakthrough treasure that the starry sky realm needs when it is promoted to the star main realm. It can greatly increase the probability of breaking through the star main realm. It contains the time rules mastered by the star main realm without any Side effects, so if you want, this champion position, everyone who is consciously capable, must not miss it."

Hearing this, the remaining half of the people were also shocked. They did not expect it to be a treasure of this level.

This kind of thing, even if it is a conferred god, may not be able to easily get it!

For the starry sky realm with extremely poor aptitude, this treasure is attractive enough to increase the probability of promotion, but it will still fail. But for geniuses like them, the probability of their promotion to the star realm is inherently better than Ordinary people are much higher, coupled with this time and space source, almost equal to 100% promotion!

This also means that once they have won the championship, after the game is over, they can quickly accumulate and practice after breaking through the star realm, and they can easily and directly promote to the star realm!

From the destiny realm to the star main realm, unimpeded!

Although there are all geniuses present, becoming a starry sky realm in the future will be an ironclad thing, but to become a star master, half of them are a little uncertain.

Only top players like Dragon Emperor and Wooden Sword Youth can say that they can be promoted to the Star Realm.

But their potential is only enough to reach the Star Master Realm. If they want to be a god, unless they get a great opportunity, it will be difficult to cultivate on their own potential, even if they don't lack cultivation resources.

This is why, Su Ping has the posture of being a god, so he is so eye-catching.

"The following are the rules for selecting champions."

The Star Master Realm waited for the following voices to be slightly lower before speaking again, and said solemnly: "The rules are very simple. If you think you have the ability to win the championship, get out!"

When this was said, everyone was stunned and looked at each other.

Soon, someone stepped out of the crowd, and then more people stepped out.

Sage King, Dragon Emperor, Dragon Demon and other outstanding players all chose to go out.

Among them, some injured people also stepped out, wanting to win.

Su Ping did not hesitate, and he also went out. The source of time and space is so precious that he certainly wants it.

Soon, among the remaining crowd, only about twenty people remained hesitating.

When the star master saw this scene, he sneered and said: "Very well, first of all I have to praise your courage, but if you want to be a champion, there is more than just courage. If it is just blind self-confidence, it is stupid!"

"Release it!"

With a loud drink, another star master next to him suddenly threw a bottle and shot a black light beam from the inside, tearing the space out of a vortex, and suddenly jumped out a dragon beast covered in black flames, on the back of the dragon beast. There are also hideous skulls and three dragon tails, which look extremely vicious.

When many people saw it, they all changed their colors and recognized this dragon beast as an extremely fierce evil-winged skeleton dragon!

As an adult, he is the top dragon beast in the starry sky, extremely violent and bloodthirsty, and has excellent combat power. It is difficult to defeat the powerhouse in the late stage of the starry sky, with many of his own battle pets.

This is a natural wild A-class aptitude battle pet, capable of sweeping most of the late stage monsters in the Starry Sky Realm.

"Kill it and you will pass the first test!"

The host star said coldly.

Hearing this, many of the more than 80 people who had just stepped out of the queue took a cold breath.

But those twenty-odd people who were standing still were grateful and relieved, and at the same time they were extremely comfortable.

"If you want to give up now, go back!" the star master shouted.

As soon as these words came out, many people immediately came back to their senses, and most of them immediately retreated. Those who were still holding the mentality of taking a go are also desperate.

"As a battle pet master, I believe you can also see that this battle pet has not been tamed, it is a wild monster that has just been captured, and no one is restrained!" The star master said coldly and said:

"This time, Lord Hai Tuo will not rescue him. If he has a high self-esteem and is defeated and killed, he will only be blamed for his clumsy eyesight. As a supreme genius, if he doesn't even have any eyesight, he will be killed blindly because of greed. , Its better to die as soon as possible, so as not to absorb a lot of resources, and I dont know where to die in the future, its worthless!"

As soon as this remark came out, many people suddenly changed color, and seeing the cold expression on the star master's face was obviously not a joke.

And these geniuses have indeed experienced some **** cruelty along the way. Infant geniuses, not to mention reaching the top 100, may not be able to pass even the ten victories in the sea election.

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