Astral Pet Store Chapter 893

Chapter 990: Died in battle (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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At the end of the star's words, seven or eight people left the queue.

In a blink of an eye.

Of the seventy to eighty people who walked out earlier, only seventeen were left.

Among these seventeen people, the five major Shenfu academies accounted for nine. Although many geniuses have been promoted through the sea election, most of the geniuses of the entire galaxy are still concentrated in the five major Shenfu academies.

However, the five major Shenfu academies belong to the five forces, and each academy actually only leaves one or two.

In addition to Su Ping, Amir Academy only left Greos.

In the academy, the fighting power was slightly inferior to Greos' Apocalypse. After seeing both Greos and Apocalypse stayed behind, he knew that he had no hope of competing for the championship, so he simply retreated.

On the other side, the Goddess of Light, the Dragon Demon, the Sword Soul Madman, and others have all withdrawn one after another. They are the second-in-commands of their respective schools. At this moment, seeing that their own leaders are there, unless they can exploit the loopholes in the rules, they will not have a chance to compete for the championship. , After all, this time, only the champion is selected!

Obviously, it is almost impossible to get into the loopholes in the rules of this kind of multi-billion-dollar competition.

"Very well, you all have the confidence to kill this evil winged skeleton dragon, so let me start one by one. Once the war starts, you can't quit. You will either die in battle or kill this monster in the middle, nothing else. select!"

The star master looked cold, and said, "As for others, there is still a chance to quit before they challenge. This is also kindness to you greenhouse flowers!"

Everyone was silent, and some of them had a cold look in their eyes, and they were quite dissatisfied with the final evaluation.

"Next, who will come first?"

Regardless of everyone's attitude, the star master said in a cold voice.

Everyone was silent again, some people looked around, waiting for others to take the lead. Since there are so many people left on the scene, the battle in front of them is obviously only a test, and there will be other tests or competitions in the future.

After a moment of silence, no one said anything.

No one is willing to go first, wanting to let people test the fighting power of this evil winged skeleton dragon.

Although some people are confident that they can kill them, they also want to retain their combat power. After all, the game system is so urgently changed that most of them have no chance to rest after the battle. There are other battles. If you can retain one more point, you will retain one point.

"Since no one dares, then draw!"

The star master snorted coldly and saw that everyone was thinking carefully, but did not despise, but rather approved this behavior in his heart. At this time, he stood up and publicized, even if the talent is amazing, the possibility of future fall will be great.

Soon, someone came, entered the identities of the people, and randomly selected them.

The first person to be drawn out was the Queen Bihai.

Seeing that it was herself, Empress Bihai was also stunned. She glanced left and right, and found that everyone was watching her, and there was a clear expression of relief on her face, and some smirking chuckles.

Empress Bihai was silent for a moment, and then accepted this fact. She hummed slightly and went out first.

"Be careful."

On his side, the Saint King whispered.

Hearing his words, Queen Bihai turned her head and glanced at him. Except for their cooperation in the survival match, they were all competitors. The other side cheered for her at this moment, obviously something she hadn't expected.

Nodding slightly, Empress Bihai didn't say much.

"It's too late to quit now." The star master said coldly.

Empress Bihai said indifferently: "I can do it!"

"it is good."

The barrier of the continent exiled from the evil winged skeleton dragon opened, and the Empress Bihai immediately flew in.

The evil-winged skeleton dragon was banished, and it hovered around the continent like a joyous roar. It seemed very excited. But soon, its attention was attracted by an intruding breath, cold and cruel. The eyes turned slightly to lock the slender figure.

In its dragon view, that is an ugly bug.

And this kind of ugly bug is the guy who imprisoned it!

The worm in front of me is obviously not as powerful as the guys who imprisoned it. It came just right, it can vent its anger!

As soon as Queen Bihai entered the continent, she felt that she was locked in by a murderous intent, and her heart was horrified. Her pretty face was cold and she didn't dare to neglect, she quickly called out her battle pet, and the pet beasts flew out, and her body was as large as a mountain. Some crashed to the ground, swaying all over the vines, forming a jungle of thorns around.


The Empress Bihai made a phoenix cry in her throat, and a dark blue phoenix bird galloped out. This phoenix bird had two heads, and the phoenix crown shook out of crystal clear ice and snow. The surrounding air dropped rapidly, and snow fell out.

With the fit, phoenix feathers appeared on the forehead of the Empress Bihai, her body became more slender, and her figure that was protruding and curving became more and more attractive.


A dragon roar suddenly struck, and the evil winged skeleton dragon hovering in the distance near the sky quickly approached. Its dragon roar had a greater deterrent, causing the empress Bihais face to change slightly, and she couldnt help feeling frightened. This also caused her body to contract instinctively, and her momentum was slightly slowed down.

At this moment, a breath of cold white dragon flame covered it like a cannonball, and it approached in a blink of an eye, and the speed was frightening.

The Empress Bihai quickly shot, and a giant rock ape-like beast suddenly rushed out behind her, pulling with her hands, and countless rocks rose on the ground, piled up to form a wall, and strange waves appeared on the wall, which is the blessing of regular power.

With a bang, the regular ripples above collided with the dragon flames, but they melted like ice and snow. Although the rocks were strengthened by the elements, they were still ordinary substances. There were no rules to bless them. They instantly collapsed and burned into black charcoal. Yan Zhu was like a mad fist, breaking open the rock wall and smashing at the rock monkey.

There was a dragon beast rushing out immediately nearby, spouting the dragon's breath and colliding, but the two dragon flames were the difference between Haoyue and Starfire, and they were quickly pushed back into the dragon's mouth by the stream of flames.

The Empress Bihai's face changed. I didn't expect this evil-winged skeleton dragon to be so fierce. Is this the overlord of the same level who swept the top monster beasts in the starry sky?

She bit her silver teeth slightly, and the cold phoenix flames rose up all over her body, and used secret skills to quickly kill them, and then an extremely deep freezing rule was shot to freeze the dragon flames.

The surrounding space solidified and seemed to be locked by the ice, and the dragon flame also showed signs of extinguishing. The power of the rules attached to it was actually destroyed by the freezing rules of the Queen Bihai!

"This woman is so strong!"

The sixteen people watching the battle outside all had their eyes surprised. In the previous battle of the Bihai Queen, although her own freezing rules were revealed, it was far from so terrifying. It only showed the initial stage of the starry sky, and at this moment, the freezing rules. It is definitely the late stage of the starry sky, and is about to become enlightened!

Once you become enlightened and get some more opportunities, you will be able to step into the realm of the overlord-level star master on that side!

"Unexpectedly, the twin stars of Xiu Mia Academy, that saint king is not the strongest, this woman is." Longdi's eyes narrowed, and a little jealousy appeared in his eyes.

On the other side, Linghujian's eyes flickered slightly, and a white sword shadow flickered in his eyes.

Within the continent, the Empress Bihai, who had exerted all his strength on the rules, no longer retained it, and directly stimulated the battle body and shattered the frozen dragon flames. Just as she was about to lead the battle pet to counterattack, all of a sudden, gaps were opened in the void. , From the inside suddenly stepped out a dense group of withered bone monsters, these monsters are all accompanied by special rules of destruction.

As these monsters swept through, the dragon roar sounded again, and the evil winged skeleton dragon swept in the fishy wind and directly attacked.

"There is no dead thing here, where are so many skeletons summoned from here!"

Empress Bihai was taken aback, and immediately understood that this was mostly directly opened in the deep sky to the door of a certain undead world and called out from the inside.

This is definitely the top level skill of the Undead Department.

But she is not without precautions. The battle pet that was previously summoned has set up a pet formation as early as the first time. The plant pet beast that has landed on the ground is rooted in the ground, and numerous sharp thorns are shot out in the large forest formed around it. Contains highly poisonous, although facing this summoned dead object is somewhat restrained, but the pure lethality is still there.

In addition, the violent winds in the void are mixed with thunder and fire, which is a skill brewed by another pet.

A large number of dry bones were involved in these skills and shattered. Although these dry bones were also surrounded by regular power, they were still somewhat invincible in the face of the powerful skills of these pets.

The two dragon beasts met and fought with the evil winged skeleton dragon, but they were quickly injured. The aptitudes of these two dragon beasts are very well cultivated, and they are both A+ level. Although it is the early stage of the starry sky, this is what the Queen of Blue Sea can sign The cultivation base of the pet beast is limited, but the increase in combat power is extremely high, and it can barely compete with the ordinary late stage monster beast in the starry sky.

But at this moment, in a two-to-one situation, he was quickly injured by the evil-winged skeleton dragon.


When the two dragon beasts were repelled, the evil winged skeleton dragon seemed to be irritated and roared suddenly, glowing with red light on its body, spreading out, radiating like a domain.

In this domain, red light suddenly appeared in the withered eye sockets, and the regular aura of the whole body increased sharply, out of those skills, and surrounded the Empress Bihai.


Empress Bihai was shocked, these summon dead creatures are so strong?

Soon, the battle pet next to her was injured and was pressed by the dry bones to retreat. She gritted her teeth and did not care about hiding anymore. She broke out. She is a top-notch ice-type combat body. According to the rules she understands, she can Push the freezing rule to the extreme, close to the point of Tao!

This is also her real trump card.

Click! Click!

A large number of withered bones were frozen, and then swept by the battle pet skills, breaking countless on the spot.

A bone whip suddenly appeared in the hand of the Queen Bihai, like a spine drawn from the back of a certain monster. There were bone spurs on it. There were several rules of power surrounding it, and it was in perfect harmony with her, towards the evil-winged skeleton dragon. Kill it.

The evil winged skeleton dragon roared and swung its claws, fighting with it.

There are two kinds of rules on his body, both of them are extremely deep. They were not frozen by the Queen Bihai, but they were beaten up.

Seeing such a fierce battle, countless people before the whole galaxy live broadcast held their breath.

This kind of top-notch battle has never been seen in previous sea elections, and has never been seen in survival battles.

Although there are also several top players who have met in it, the fights between them are endless, but even so, it has opened the eyes of countless people. At this moment, the strength displayed by the Queen Bihai is completely since the beginning of the selection battle. The peak of combat power shown!

It's hard to imagine that this woman who was fighting with the evil winged skeleton dragon was actually a fate!

Before watching the battle, the countless starry sky realms all had sweat on their foreheads and looked ashamed.

Those in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm also had solemn expressions and some blushes. They realized that if they were themselves, they would probably have to lose their lives when they encountered this woman!

While everyone was watching the battle, the situation in the continent gradually changed. The evil-winged skeleton dragon became more and more fierce as it fought. The dragon gas erupted all over its body. The dragon blood spewed out was extremely corrosive, even the Queen Bihai. The top armors made were corroded and lost their color, showing signs of penetration.

In addition, the body of the evil winged skeleton dragon gradually changed. The dragon scales all over his body changed from reddish to pitch black. Finally, in the pitch-black dragon scales, there were strands of red scales, which formed a complicated and strange pattern on its body. , So that its power surged, and in accordance with the rules and a brutal dragon power, the Queen Bihai was actually suppressed!

"Oh no!"

Outside the court, a few people's complexion changed slightly, and their eyes became serious.

Sheng Wang also changed his eyes and clenched his fists.

Su Ping kept frowning and watching. At this moment, he couldn't help but shook his head slightly. It was already at its limit. The evil-winged skeleton dragon is indeed wild. This wild starry realm monster is extremely cunning and will never be inferior to human beings. It has been hiding awkwardly. .

This woman is probably...


Empress Bihai spurted blood suddenly, her face was as white as paper, her eyes changed from anger to fright. By now, she was a little frightened, but she knew that there was no way out at this moment. Her body buzzed, suddenly, war body Erupting with full force, burning his own essence and blood, once again killed the evil winged skeleton dragon.

After fighting for a few minutes, Queen Bihai was exhausted again, and the evil-winged skeleton dragon was also injured in many places. The dragon's wings were frozen and crushed several huge holes, but at the moment of an encounter, its sharp claws Caught the Queen Bihai.

A dragon's breath spit out suddenly, cold light emerged, but the void just frozen, it was burned out, and then the flames passed.

A piece of nothingness.

Looking at the dragon's claws, there is no figure of Empress Bihai.

Beyond the continent.

The faces of many players have changed.

Everywhere in the galaxy, on countless planets, countless people who watched the battle also opened their eyes instantly.


This amazingly talented and incomparable woman, died? !

And he didn't even leave the body!


In Xiumia Academy, a teacher stood up suddenly, with a shocked expression on his face, unable to accept this fact.

On a certain economically prosperous planet, in a big family, the whole family was suddenly dead, followed by countless shocked calls.

Queen Bihai, defeated, died in battle!

Within the continent, her wounded pets all had their eyes dull, and stopped attacking for a while in the same place, and were soon surrounded and killed by those withered bones.

At the moment when their contract broke and their thinking was chaotic, they all died.


The evil winged skeleton dragon uttered a long roar, as if in a demonstration, a pair of dragon eyes looked at the people outside the continent, and then turned directly towards the dragon corpse on the ground, biting and devouring it.

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