Astral Pet Store Chapter 894

Chapter 991: Su Jiner (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Next, who will come?"

When the star master saw this scene, his eyes were cold, without any sympathy, he said to everyone in front of him again.

As soon as these words came out, everyone who was in shock was brought back to their senses, and many people's expressions changed and they hesitated.

The star master sneered and ignored it. Instead, he ordered a star master next to him: "Put another one!"

The star master responded. Although they were both star masters, they were obviously different in height. She flew into the continent, raised her hand, and put away the ferocious evil-winged skeleton dragon, and then took out a vial. Inside again flew out a evil-winged skeleton dragon, just like the previous one, in adulthood, and it seemed that the body was a little stronger!

Seeing this scene, someone's face suddenly changed.

I was still hesitating before, hoping that I would not be able to draw myself in advance, so that others could consume the stamina of this beast first, but now in this situation, how can there be loopholes?

Although this dragon beast is rare, it is trivial to find tens of thousands in the entire Sylvie galaxy, and it is impossible to be exhausted by them.

Soon, seven or eight people in the crowd voluntarily withdrew, and they thought they were not much different from the Bihai Empress.

When the king saw this scene, his face was ugly, and he also chose to quit. He didn't expect to compete with him all the time, and the queen of Bihai, who is irrelevant, would end up like this. In the future, she has great expectations to become the star master and sit down. The existence of a small galaxy.

Seeing the death of this old opponent, he felt a little uncomfortable, and he also realized the cruelty of this world.

With the methods of those star masters outside, there is absolutely no time to save.

There are also the Conferred Gods sitting on top of their heads. It is only a matter of thinking to save them, but they can watch a genius fall.

This also made him realize that these so-called geniuses are regarded as treasures in the eyes of the teachers of the academy, but in this vast universe, in the eyes of the top men, they may not be much different from the ants.

It's just ants with nice patterns.

On the other side, the Saintess of Chiba, who had placed all the hopes of the Sacred Ying Academy, also gritted her teeth and withdrew. In addition to fearing the dragon beast, she was even more afraid of Su Ping, the Dragon Emperor, and the descendant of the sword **** who were still here.

Just like the test, she has no hope of competing with these evildoers.

Instead of this, it is better to retain the combat power and strive for runner-up.

No matter how bad, the competition for third place is still famous in the world.

As one player withdrew, there were only six players left in the field soon, namely Su Ping, Greos, Dragon Emperor, Linghu Jian, Su Jin'er, and Hayalim.

"Who will come first?" The star master asked again.

Linghujian stepped out first and said coldly: "Me!"

The star master glanced at him and nodded slightly.

Soon, the Great Continent barrier opened, Linghu Sword carrying the wooden sword on his back, flew in alone.

Everyone stared at him. This legendary disciple of the Conferred God has a very high hope of winning in this genius battle.

Soon, fighting broke out in the continent.

This time, Linghu Jian didn't use the wooden sword to respond to the enemy, and directly summoned the battle pet to fit together, and the three-headed battle pet cooperated to contain, increase, and assist, and then fight with the evil winged skeleton dragon beast.

He drew his sword. It was a silver shining secret sword. At first glance, it was a very powerful secret treasure. The body of the sword was accompanied by several rules that tend to be perfect. Each sword can tear the void and easily cut to the third. The space can be directly torn into the fourth space with a little bit of swordsmanship, and even the dragon's breath of the evil winged skeleton dragon can be cut off.

One person and one dragon fought madly, and gradually hit the fifth space, where they quickly played against each other.

The whole galaxy live broadcast, countless people were shocked and silent.

Too strong, this is the disciple of the Conferred God who has been hiding his combat power before.

Those who were defeated in Linghujian's hands were still unwilling and felt humiliated by the other party before, but now they know that the other party did not draw their swords in front of them, and that was tolerating them.

If they draw their swords, they can't stop them with a single sword, and they can't die again!

"This little disciple of the North Sea Sword God has some talent."

Outside the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and others are sitting here, watching the battle.

Seeing the young man fighting with the evil dragon, they nodded slightly. They could cultivate to such a degree in the Destiny Realm, comprehend such a deep sword intent, and their talent is quite rare.

"Taking a good apprentice, only in the Destiny Realm, I realized the sword intent of the North Sea Sword God, after stepping into the starry sky, there are rare opponents of the same rank!" You Ying's eyes flashed.

The phantom hunting **** next to him glanced at him and said, "Have you moved?"

"Humph." You Ying hummed lightly: "It's not enough to make my heart move. Unless it is the posture of the Conferred God, no matter how many star owners, it is also a dust ant."

At this time, the battle within the continent has ended.

In the fifth deep space, Linghu Sword displayed a series of sharp swordsmanship, showing the power of the rules to the fullest, and the swordsmanship was powerful, and the dragon was finally beheaded.

This battle also changed the eyes of the players outside. Some were jealous and some admired.

"I come!"

Next, the Dragon Emperor stepped out, this time it was another evil-winged skeleton dragon that was just released.

The dragon emperor exploded with all his strength, and his battle pet was a full dragon formation. The ten dragon beasts flew across the sky and were extremely magnificent, and each dragon beast was a rare species in the starry sky realm. Among them, the three main dragon pets are the top A+ level. Although they are in the early stage of the starry sky, they are comparable to the monster beasts in the late stage of the starry sky!

Accompanied by the ten-headed dragon beasts, the dragon emperor fought brazenly. His attack method was fierce and domineering, but he was extremely controllable. He had deep attainments in wild and subtle aspects.

Soon, after paying the price of the three-headed dragon beast, the Dragon Emperor himself suffered some injuries and finally defeated the evil winged skeleton dragon.

Following the victory of the Dragon Emperor, at the Dragon Tomb Academy outside, the whole academy cheered, and countless people breathed a sigh of relief.

After the Dragon Emperor, Greos also took action. Nearly half of his battle pets were dragon beasts, and the array of pets was also not weak. With the combination of secret skills and battle pet secrets he mastered, it also broke out extremely strong. power.

Its just that he somewhat underestimated the evil-winged skeleton dragon. He didnt know if he didnt get started, he knew how terrifying the opponents rule power was, with strong destruction and corrosion, plus a vast dragon power. The pressure was retreating steadily.

In the end, after stimulating the battle body and exposing the secret skills, he barely defeated.

But the battle pet lost more than half, and he himself was seriously injured.

Looking at his state, if there is no recovery from the top secret medicine, it is estimated that in the following battles, there is no hope to compete with Linghujian and Longdi, but despite this, his performance is still respected by everyone in the audience, and there is definitely one in the top ten. ability.

After leaving the continent, Greos looked a bit lonely. He realized the gap between himself and the Dragon Emperor. Originally, he was a little disdainful of the guy who was good at using dragons at the Dragon Tomb Academy, but he was beaten in the face, and he was quite shocked in his heart.

"Are you going to go?"

At this moment, a silver bell sounded as clear and sweet as a silver bell next to him. Su Ping turned his head and looked around and saw that it was the woman named Su Jin'er who was talking to him.

This woman looks pretty old-fashioned in her dress, and she looks like an ancient generation from the blue star, with a beautiful dress and an unbroken heritage.

"I'm free." Su Ping said.

"Then I'll go on first." Su Jin'er smiled, and then spoke to the star master.

Soon, Su Jin'er entered the field. In the previous survival match, the woman had a mediocre performance, only accumulating ten identity cards, and she looked like a pass.

In the ten victories, he was undefeated, but every time he won, he was victorious in a circle.

No one thought that she had the courage to stay until this moment, and after seeing the performance of the evil winged skeleton dragon, she dared to play.

In the hot list and the winning list, this woman is an unimpressed person.

"Where is the girl who has come out, she looks pretty good, why is there something wrong with her IQ?"

"Look at what I said, how many IQs does a beautiful girl have right?"

"What are you fart on, women also have gods, you say this, be careful of being titled!"

"Ignore them, they are invincible here."

"Looking at this woman with a well-established appearance, she can accumulate ten wins and pass the audition. She is an extraordinary generation. Most of them have been hidden in the past."

As everyone discussed, the star lord saw Su Jin'er, his eyes condensed suddenly, and then nodded, letting her enter the continent.

As Su Jin'er entered the arena, the evil winged skeleton dragon found her soon, and the war broke out in an instant.

But this Su Jiner just called out a battle pet to fit together to increase his strength in measurements, and then slayed the dragon with bare hands.

"What a quick posture!"

As soon as he took the shot, Su Jin'er showed a very strong body, drifting close like a ghost, and slapped into the fifth space with a palm, shocked the dragon from the air, and extinguished the dragon flames. And left a very strong palm print on his body, and he took a picture of the huge dragon body like a mountain.

The evil dragon screamed wildly when suffering from pain, becoming more and more ferocious.

But Su Jin'er is like a dexterous butterfly, flying around him, holding out palms from time to time.

It didn't take long, four or five minutes later, the evil dragon was able to fall, with palm marks on its body, keel bones and internal organs, etc., all shattered and turned into **** bones.

"What a strong rule, what a weird attack!"

When the Linghujian and others outside saw this scene, their eyes condensed, and they were a little surprised. This woman's palm strength contains extremely strong rules, and she can isolate the rule protection on the dragon scales and directly hit the power to evil. Within the dragon body, and every time he attacked, he didn't waste a single bit of strength. It was just right, like walking in a leisurely courtyard.


Su Ping also looked quite surprised, and took a deep look at the woman.

The opponents fighting method, like a perspective scan, can accurately find every flaw exposed by the dragon, and launch a fatal attack. This kind of vision and control is extremely sophisticated, even if it is Linghu Sword. Swordsmanship genius, when they use swordsmanship, they are not so pure.

"The vast universe, there are so many geniuses." Su Ping has a solemn heart. Just a Sylvie galaxy has such an enchantment. I don't know how wonderful the top guys who can be on the stage of the entire universe will be.

However, he still has strong confidence in winning the championship in his heart, but it may be a lot of effort.

Su Jin'er came out, clapped her palms, showing a very relaxed smile, blinked at Su Ping, and then returned to her original position.

Su Ping found that this woman seemed a little different to him. He was a little confused, but didn't think much about it. He was about to go to the battle, but the woman next to him called Hayalim spoke and chose to go to the battle.

This woman once won first place in the previous sea elections. When she had ten victories in the sea elections, she barely made a shot, and her opponents fell one after another, attacking strangely.

Some people speculate that most of this woman's rules are fascinating or spiritual.

There are not a few such rules, just as extreme as this woman, but extremely rare.

As this woman went to war, the war broke out.

This woman called out her eight-headed battle pet, dealt with the dragon beast, attacked without rush, and was very calm, her commanding battle pet matched and skills matched each other, and it was seamless, with the bonus effect of converging into a tower, bursting out. With extremely strong destructive power, the battle pet alone caused invincible damage to the dragon.

Whenever the evil dragon wants to break through her pet formation, she will take action to push it back, and then continue the kite-style battle.

After more than an hour, the dragon was finally killed.

After this battle, everyone found that, apart from showing a very strong way of favoring the formation, this woman did not seem to be amazing in other aspects.

Although they are top-notch, they are not as stunning as the Dragon Emperor and Linghu Jian.

"Is it a mental attack, and has a deep will to oppress the dragon beast..." Su Ping narrowed his eyes. During the long battle, he faintly saw some eyebrows. This woman has extremely strong mental power. , And has extremely terrible willpower, that willpower is integrated into a certain terrible situation, and it greatly interferes with that dragon.

At this moment, he turned his head and took a look, and found that Su Jin'er beside him was also very interested, while Linghu Jian on the other side had a particularly solemn expression.

"it's your turn."

At this time, the star master said coldly to Su Ping who was the last one.

Su Ping retracted his gaze and nodded slightly.

He flew directly into the continent.

"Is this the kid with the 100th floor of the entire series of Illusory God Tablets?"

"I hope I can see something novel."

Outside the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and others also cast their eyes and were quite interested.

The previous performances of Su Jin'er and Hayalim also made many of them look very different, quite interested, and moved the idea of accepting disciples.

You Ying's eyes flickered, and he had decided to wait until after the game to take in Hai Yalim. The spirit and will power revealed by the opponent made him quite happy. This was his favorite genius.

From the oppression of the will, he could feel the extremely cruel power.

Although this woman is a daughter, most of them have undergone extremely cruel and terrifying **** training to develop such a terrifying killing intent.

In their wait and see.

Su Ping has already stepped into the continent, attracting the attention of the evil winged skeleton dragon.

This is a newly released evil-winged skeleton dragon, just like the previous ones, it lied and soared over the vast continent as soon as it ran out, enjoying the long-lost taste of freedom.

"Come out."

Su Ping whispered, calling out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

As soon as Xiaobai flew out, he noticed the dragon on the opposite side, and roared vigilantly like a demonstration. It felt a slight threat from the opponent.

Su Ping didn't say much, and he joined Xiaobai directly and stayed in Purgatory Candle Dragon to participate in the battle.

Originally, he didn't plan to ask Xiaobai to come out, but he thought it was a dragon beast, so it would be nice to let it come out and feel.

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