Astral Pet Store Chapter 895

Chapter 992: Can be served by someone (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Go ahead."

Looking at the eager candle dragon beast of purgatory, Su Ping did not restrict it.

The current combat power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is comparable to most of the late starry sky. After all, there are various rules taught by him, combined with the pure star power that has been condensed hundreds of times in a tribulation, and the explosive power is extremely strong.


The purgatory candle dragon beast roared suddenly, thunder and fire soared all over, showing extremely strong power, and slew towards the evil dragon.


"This dragon beast is a destiny realm?"

In the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and others were taken aback, somewhat surprised and surprised.

The cultivation base of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast can be concealed from others, but it cannot be concealed from the visit of the Conferred God.

Although there was news from the Magic Hunter, they expected Su Ping to be very powerful, but they did not expect that his battle pet was also so weird. As usual, the other contestants were all pets from the early stage of Starry Sky Realm, and they were extremely cultivated. Intrepid, as a result, Su Ping's side only used a pet of the same level as his own.

To say that he is big, but the posture of this battle pet is not inferior to the evil-winged skeleton dragon!

"What kind of dragon breed is this, this aptitude is a bit scary!"

"I can't tell, it seems to be a mixed breed. The universe is too big. Every year some weird mixed breeds always pop up. It's just that the bloodline reaches such a top level, but it is rare!"

"The aptitude of this pet is already comparable to other top talents in the competition!"

Several Conferred Gods were very surprised. If this dragon beast had a very high bloodline limit, it would definitely be an extremely rare and precious pet beast that could be directly used in the Star Master Realm.

In addition to them, among the countless viewers before the live broadcast, there were also some star masters and cultivators who had venomous eyes, and at this moment they could see the dragon beast's cultivation.

Others thought that this dragon beast was in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. Although this outbreak was terrifying, it was only slightly stronger than the other people's battle pets, but they saw that it was the Destiny Realm cultivation base, and this increase in combat power was very scary!

"Is this his hole card?"

"The Destiny Realm War Pet actually has such a cultivation base. This is definitely the top dragon favorite. Record its appearance and data immediately. Later, if you find a close relative with similar data, you can sell it for a big price!"

"It's really monsters that control monsters."

With the emotions of those star masters and cultivators in the live broadcast, more and more people knew that this dragon beast was the cultivation base of the destiny realm. For a time, countless people before the live broadcast were shocked.

In the continent, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is fighting with the evil-winged skeleton dragon.

But Su Ping, on the contrary, was snarling the formation next to him, seeing what he looked like, taking this trial as an opportunity for him to pet the beast to practice his hand.

"The dragon beast..."

Out of the continent, among the contestants who retreated, the dragon demon's eyes were suspicious and complicated. He felt that this dragon beast was stronger than what he had encountered at the time, or in other words, in the secret realm at that time, the dragon beast did not explode at all. He heard this point from his teacher later, but he didn't expect that there are so many hidden powers!


With a roar, the deterrent power of the Inferno Candle Dragon actually suppressed the evil-winged skeleton dragon, shocking its body. In this top-notch fight, even a single instant is deadly enough. This is also the powerfulness of the dragon-type pet beast. Place. Its big wings flew close in an instant, and the dragon claw burst out with divine light, violently tearing apart.

A crack was caught in the fifth space, and he shuttled in an instant, tearing apart the wings of the evil winged skeleton dragon with a pop, and even tore the shoulder blades.

The scales and blood flew, and the twenty rules gathered on its dragon claws, and swung them one after another, defeating the evil-winged skeleton dragon.

Su Ping was by the side, distracting part of the evil-winged skeleton dragon. At this moment, he saw the infernal candle dragon beast's proficient use of the rules, and he was quite satisfied. If he could absorb the many rules he taught it, the purgatory candle dragon beast would completely Have the ability to easily suppress this beast.

Roar! Roar!

The two dragon beasts roared angrily and slaughtered each other.

Flames erupted, thunder fire flickered, and four or five minutes of fighting, the evil-winged skeleton dragon was finally beheaded, and the purgatory candle dragon beast bit its neck, swallowed flesh and blood, and overeated. This brutal scene shocked countless audiences.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the Dragon Emperor, the Wood Sword Boy, and Greos all changed. On the other side, the Haiyalim who hadnt seen Su Pings shot also had a serious face and stared at him. The dragon beast in the field.

Only the young girl named Su Jin'er was still smiling, but her eyes showed a rather curious look.

"The monster beast tested, even us can't be the enemy, was actually killed by his battle pet."

In the rear, those contestants who dared not fight for the championship were shocked and inexplicable.

In their opinion, the dragon used to test is already extremely cruel, and even the enchanting evildoers such as Queen Bihai were killed. This guy, who was as terrifying as a mountain to them, was actually solved by Su Ping's favor.

In other words, if they play against Su Ping, they don't need to do anything at all, they can do it with the pet.

at this time.

After Su Ping had eaten enough, he put away the candle dragon beast of Purgatory and returned to its original position outside the continent.

Xiao Bai on his body also untied and returned to the petting beast space. The whole person looked very relaxed. After all, he didn't make much effort during the whole process, just interfering on the side.

"Your pet beast is really good!"

As soon as she stood still, Su Jiner next to her turned her head and her eyes were strange and authentic.

Su Ping was taken aback, then smiled and said, "Yes, they are very good."

"They?" Su Jin'er moved her eyes, and the interest in her eyes became more intense.

On the other side, Dragon Emperor, Linghujian and others saw Su Ping, but their eyes were complicated. How could this be compared, is it necessary? The test monsters they worked so hard to defeat could be solved by battle pets alone. If they met Su Ping later, maybe Su Pingduo could send two battle pets similar to the dragon beasts to solve them.

This will not only lose, but it will also be ugly and aggrieved!

"Very well, I didn't expect six people to pass the test. You are very good!" The star master saw Su Ping returning to his position, his eyes flickered slightly, and he calmed down and said calmly: "Change to another big galaxy, Your talents are all qualified to win the championship, but this galaxy is full of talents, and you still need to continue to compete!"

"Before than before, I have to ask one more question, who of you wants to give up?"

Everyone looked at each other, but no one quit.

The star master said indifferently: "Very well, then I will pick the generals, the first one, Linghu Jian, go out!"

Linghujian frowned slightly, but he stepped out, but when he stepped out, he subconsciously glanced at Su Ping on the left.

"Now that Linghujian is the champion, but someone has objections?" The star master's eyes were cold, with great majesty, sweeping across the faces of the remaining five people.

All five of them were taken aback. Is this game rule so simple and rude?

"It has been heard for a long time that the sword **** is descended from the people, with one hand of swordsmanship, and there is already the exquisite sword intent of the Beihai predecessors. I want to learn it." In the silence, the Hayalim stepped out, his tone soft and tactful, but there was a cold war. meaning.

Linghujian looked calm, glanced at her, and said nothing.

"I've long wanted to discuss with Sword Sovereign Academy for a while, let's practice with Brother Linghu." Long Di also stepped out, his voice was very calm, but his words were extremely wild and unrestrained.

"Then I'll have fun, too." Su Jin'er smiled lightly, revealing the white teeth under her red lips, and said quite easily.

Linghujian's face changed slightly and stared at her.

Su Ping didn't know what the rules of the competition system were. If he gave up, it would not be good to just treat it as a knockout. He also said, "I also want to ask for advice."

As he walked out, Linghujian's face changed slightly, a little gloomy, and his eyes became cold and full of cold light.

Among the five people, except for Greos, they dare to challenge him!

The star master raised his eyebrows slightly. Obviously he didn't expect the name of the descendants of the sword god, and he couldn't suppress these guys. However, thinking of the previous performances of these people, he was relieved and said: "Okay, you go back first. Two, Dragon Emperor is out."

The Dragon Emperor was taken aback for a moment and took a step.

"Who refuses to make him a champion?"

As soon as these words came out, Linghu Jian was the first to step out, "I."

"And me." Na Hayalim also walked out.


Su Jiner didn't say anything, but she also took a step forward, showing her attitude.

Greos snorted and walked out as well. He was not sure about the Linghu Sword, but even if he was not sure about the Dragon Emperor, he would never be willing to give in like this, and he would have to fight for it if he couldn't beat it!

Upon seeing this, Su Ping also stepped out.

Suddenly, the attitude was clear, and everyone... refused to accept it!

Seeing this scene, Longdi's face was a little ugly and blue.

"Let's go back."

The star master said indifferently, and then said a name again, still the same words.

This time it is Hayalim.

Facing this woman, Dragon Emperor, Linghujian and others seemed to have investigated, and there was a bit of jealousy in their eyes. In the end, only Su Jiner, Su Ping, and Linghujian stepped forward and expressed dissatisfaction.

Next, Su Jiner.

This time, four people expressed dissatisfaction, namely Su Ping, Long Di, Linghu Jian, and Hayalim.

Finally, we arrived at Su Ping.

"Can someone disagree?" The star master said indifferently.

This time, the crowd fell into a brief silence.

Dragon Emperor, Linghujian and the others looked at each other. They still remembered the magical and mysterious realm. The other side suppressed the audience alone, and the points were far ahead, which was exaggerated.

After a brief silence, neither of them came forward.

The Hayalim's eyes flickered for a moment, and he didn't move forward.

But one person walked out of the crowd, it was Su Jin'er, with a smile on her face, and said, "I want to see your other battle pets."

Su Ping nodded.

"Okay!" The star master said, "It seems that you all have your own judgments. Now you are going to assign. Su Ping is the candidate for the championship. The remaining five of you will compete for a spot. The winner will be with Su Ping. Decisive battle, competition for the final championship throne!"

He said: "Of course, don't worry about unfairness. The winner of your competition will have Lord Hai Tuo take action to heal all injuries. Even if your pet is killed in battle, you will be resurrected and you can fight to your heart's content!"

Hearing this, the faces of several people changed slightly. They did not expect that this was the reason why they were allowed to go out.

The rules for this selection are really simple and rude.

And the countless spectators outside were also boiling and shocked, resurrecting the dead pets? Does the Conferred God have such a terrifying ability?

Su Ping was also surprised. He encountered creatures beyond the level of the Conferred Gods in the Chaos and Undead world, and he was unable to resurrect other creatures, except in the situation of the undead, but what he is talking about here is obviously not the resurrection of the undead. Rather, it is completely restored to the original state. Is this really something that the Conferred God can do?

"The system, come out to answer!"

After waiting for a while, Su Ping said silently in his heart.

After a few seconds, a deep voice from the system came: "The rules of your universe are less restrictive. Even the Conferred God can master the way of time. Besides, this is in the small world of the Conferred God, the small world. All the rules and order within are set by the controller, which is the case in any world."

Su Ping was taken aback, they were in the small world of the Conferred God?

He looked at the vast continent in front of him. Could it be that this is the small world of that Hai Tuo Conferred God?

This is too vast, comparable to the area of hundreds of blue stars!

"So, the Empress Bihai can also be resurrected before? By the way, it must be that the reason why it has not been resurrected now is to let others realize the seriousness of the matter, but it will definitely be resurrected afterwards. After all, the Empress Bihai is also a genius. Its no problem to enter the top ten, its a pity to die in vain."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"Are you dissatisfied with this rule, are you dissatisfied?" After the star master finished speaking, he looked at Su Jin'er and other five people.

All five of them looked at Su Ping. Obviously, if there was any dissatisfaction, it was the reason that Su Ping was able to directly enter the finals, but... thinking of Su Ping's previous performance, they couldn't disagree.

This guy is so terrifying as a war pet, who dares to guarantee that he has no abilities?

Soon, someone looked at that Su Jin'er, and suddenly thought, if this woman hadn't been in the lead before, wouldn't it... This time, the championship will go directly to Su Ping, right?

Thinking of this, their hearts couldn't help shrinking, and they were a little grateful, and they all expressed their gratitude to Su Jin'er for a while.

"The two of you are all dissatisfied. You challenge each other, and the winner may be eligible to continue to challenge." The star master pointed to Dragon Emperor and Greos.

Both of them all came out and expressed dissatisfaction.

Hearing the words of the star lord, Long Dis eyes flashed with extremely heavy anger. He has been a top from childhood to most. In a place like a cloud of genius like the Dragon Tomb Academy, it is also a place beyond the reach of people. At this moment, he is at the end. He feels the shame of the mixture of such things as Greos.

"Dare to challenge me, you will regret it!"

Dragon Emperor looked at Greos with gloomy eyes, and said in a low voice.

Greos said coldly: "Please make me regret it soon."


Dragon Emperor makes a fist.

The star lord ignored them and turned to Su Jin'er and Hayalim and said: "You two will be a team, and the winner is to be determined. If there is no one to challenge you, you will face Su Ping."

Su Jin'er was a little helpless, and said: "Okay."

The star lord looked at Linghu Jian and said, "Wait a moment, among the Dragon Emperor and Greos, the winner will fight you, and the winner will fight with the winner among them to compete for the spot in the finals."

"it is good."

Linghujian nodded and had no objection, but he knew that if it were to maintain absolute fairness, this champion... it would be difficult for him to compete.

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